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Continued Tests of the 3 Battery System

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  • SSR module has a DC-DC converter in it

    Luc's Solid State Relay looks to be earlier model of this one, which has a DC-DC converter in it

    that's sort of neither here nor there as he's not using any sort of boost converter, but by pulsing the negative lead of the motor, it greatly increases what Bedini called "The Radiant" - and these sharp unidirectional spikes - PULSES - are what bring in the energy - "cold electricity" - of the Aether.

    The abrupt sparks, which he [Tesla] termed "disruptive discharges", were found capable of exploding wires into vapor. They propelled very sharp shockwaves, which struck him with great force across the whole front of his body. Of this surprising physical effect, Tesla was exceedingly intrigued. Rather, more like gunshots of extraordinary power than electrical sparks, Tesla was completely absorbed in this new study. These electrical impulses produced effects commonly associated only with lightning. The explosive effects reminded him of similar occurrences observed with high voltage DC generators. A familiar experience among workers and engineers, the simple closing of a switch on a high voltage dynamo often brought a stinging shock, the assumed result of residual static charging.

    This hazardous condition only occurred with the sudden application of high voltage DC. This crown of deadly static charge stood straight out of highly electrified conductors, often seeking ground paths which included workmen and switchboard operators. In long cables, this instantaneous charge effect produced a hedge of bluish needles, pointing straight away from the line into the surrounding space. The hazardous condition appeared briefly at the very instant of switch closure. The bluish sparking crown vanished a few milliseconds later, along with the life of any unfortunate who happened to have been so "struck". After the brief effect passed, systems behaved as designed. Such phenomena vanished as charges slowly saturated the lines and systems. After this brief surge, currents flowed smoothly and evenly as designed.

    The effect was a nuisance in small systems. But in large regional power systems where voltages were excessive, it proved deadly. Men were killed by the effect, which spread its deadly electrostatic crown of sparks throughout component systems. Though generators were rated at a few thousand volts, such mysterious surges represented hundreds of thousands, even millions of volts.

    From Gerry Vassilatos Secrets of Cold War Technology

    Free Energy Luminary, John Bedini revealing the telltale Blue Spark of Radiant Energy - Aether from one of his Bedini "Motors." He'll be the first to tell you that his "motors" are actually mechanical oscillators.

    I've known for a couple of years now from, as Mr. Spock would say, "pursuing the untamed aquatic fowl" of the fictional "Tesla Switch," how to make SSR's - so relieved that I don't have to rewire a Razor scooter motor!
    Gotta quit this for tonight and get some shut eye - but thanks again Luc et al - fascinating stuff.


    • Love this video Luc Me'thinks there are huge possibilities here I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone of the status quo , and I really and truly mean no diss to anyone but here's how I read it .
      The original 3BGS system thread was (as Luc points out) effectively locked pending further revelations ergo for the time being its hit the buffers would that be a fair assessment without squabbling over who's system it actually is, or for that matter who's motor does what and why?
      Luc freely admits he has never seem COP>1 accomplished well I think many here know he's going to now, and very soon, most of us have, haven't we ?
      The human brain works very differently from even the largest computer and can see things far ahead in a flash that would take pages and pages if not a whole book to describe . Most reading know I have issues with that motor and consequently the direction the original thread took. I also have deeper and darker suspicions as to why it did that. However better to let that sleeping dog lay.
      Do I need to remind anyone again that the root cause of the COP>1 in this system has never been explained ? Sorry that should be proved!
      Does anyone seriously doubt that to replicate COP>1 conditions and then understand why it happens at some level is the real ambition here ? If what has all been done before has led to stagnation can everyone see why there is little point in repeating it all again?
      I applaud what's been done previous even though I vehemently disagree with it and I might as well be honest I would drop kick that pulse contraption thing into the long grass that's just my opinion even if most disagree.
      What you have now centre stage is a very well equipped Lab with equipment on display most of us can only dream of.
      You also have an accomplished technician (and if you doubt that ,watch some of Luc's other video's and in this case I respectfully suggest everything associated with resonance and to be more specific series resonance because if I don't miss my guess its going to quickly come into play in fact it already has as soon as the current sniffer loop became involved with those overlapping waveforms). There is another thing I would like you to dwell on for a while and its this - When David first experienced this effect it was with two (yes 2) batteries and if I remember correctly a Windscreen wiper motor but I'm happy to be corrected on which particular bog standard car motor it was. The motor I ran was also a bog standard brushed car motor, it was a motor originally designed to vibrate the drivers seat . Why they want a vibrating seat I haven't a clue, perhaps they get their jollies driving along.
      The point I'm trying to drive home is simple whatever ( and of course like everyone else I have my own idea's on that whatever) but whatever causes that COP>1 effect that pulse motor thing is not an absolutely essential component is it ? It can't be !! Isn't that such simple logic everyone can understand it?
      If not go and bang your head on something until it clears and then think clearly. Instead of deeply and quite insane.
      So your looking at a very well equipped Lab and a proficient technician who's quite capable of paddling his own canoe. one who is willing to invest his own time and effort on his own thread to investigate this phenomena again and then, even more importantly broadcast his findings What's not to like?
      There is something not to like, at least from my standpoint, and that's folks trying to impose that which has gone before and not produced the desired result on a fresh pair of very capable hands.
      I respectfully suggest we let this dog have his day. As far as I can see everything is in place such as might crack this nut open.
      Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


      • Thanks for that David, old news or not it needed saying lest Luc diverted his attention. I Haven't had time to get into that thread David I've been pressured else where . Providing everyone's agreed and happy that modified motors are superfluous then all is well and good.
        Its my guess that Luc is going to start concentrating on the waveforms injected into those batteries and the effects produced, we can agree it really makes no difference what generates the waveform ? apart from its properties internal resistance, ect
        There are IMHO issues however, Impedance matching for minimum real power transfer and maintaining a high Q factor in a system that's constantly changing.
        I formed the opinion like you Satyam that the impulse wave is critical EPD goes into depth on this very different electricity here for anybody interested in revision
        For anyone in doubt that is an impulse wave that Luc is producing although its all relative of course
        one man's square wave could be another's impulse the time axis is arbitrary and relative.
        As EPD points out this form and type of electricity officially doesn't exist. It isn't taught, there's no text books on the library shelves to go and read. No formula and no ohms law. I also want to make it clear that there are forces that still seek to keep that information hidden. All you see are secondary effects which we try to interpret. quick tempting glimpses of what could be.
        There are some huge clues however , one enormous clue is provided by Luc almost as an aside in his resonance video Mathematically its possible to create any symmetrical waveform from a sine wave. The sine wave being harmonic in composure and the square wave overtones. Luc points out that the square wave can be made resonant. Resonant into a crystal structure with the right Q factor and impedance matching and Bingo. This is why the 'bad battery' played such a part. Extremely high resistance ensured a very high Q factor. As this has previously been accomplished with only two batteries you can take it to the bank that your watching series resonance as opposed to parallel
        To hazard a guess at what's actually happening though that crystal lattice you need to look at radio theory. I say Guess because as I pointed out the wave and its electricity doesn't exists officially so whatever your assuming in standard dogma is wrong.- your poking a secret with a sharp stick certain folks involved in the free energy circus don't want don't want revealed. IMHO
        The clues are here a/ in crystal theory

        The crystal (or in our case millions of crystals) follow a overtone progression ( overtone because its series resonance with an impulse wave) at resonance they all vibrate sympathetically and generate much in the fashion of piezo Quartz.
        and b/ in heavy power -This same progression can be found in armature reaction and PF correction non linear loads , (like switching armatures) or bedini energisers here it is
        Effects of Harmonic Currents
        do you see the progression ? 3 ,5,7,9 The 3rd and 9th overtone are a clockwise progression if I remember correctly. The mean of this seqence is of course 6 - If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, - perhaps Luc may have a bit of luck and also then be kind enough to show us ? lets hope so
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        Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


        • Hi Luc and the rest.

          Luc, I have no problem with you taking the motor apart to see what is going on. I suspect something has happened to it. I have not actually used it for about a year or more. Before I packed it for shipping, I ran it for only a minute or so to make sure it still ran. It seemed to be ok at that time.

          If you want to rewind a motor feel free to use that one as it will be much easier to rewind it than to start with a stock motor. Just for the record I have in the past run that motor for hours with a load on it and it only got warm. It is possible I may have damaged it is some way and not realized it with some of my last tests. I would suspect some shorted turns if it is using a lot of current and running hot. Also when you are done you are welcome to keep that motor. No need to send it back. I have several more I can rewind if I need to. I am currently pursuing a different avenue of research and don't need that motor.

          As Chet said I have very limited time and access to the forums. But I will check back when I can.

          Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone.


          • The below video is the Wh test results of recharging the new battery.

            Link to video:

            250 Wh consumed to recharge the 221 Wh load test = 88% recharge rate efficiency




            • The below is Carroll's Matt Motor disassembled for inspection

              Link to video:




              • Here are the results of Carroll's Matt Motor after cleaning

                Link to video:

                Can someone confirm if the coil resistance should be 0.4 Ohms




                • Originally posted by gotoluc View Post
                  Here is a demonstration of the gotopulse motor

                  Link to video:

                  BTW, the starting voltage of bat 1 was 12.99v, bat 2 was 12.98v and bat 3 was 12.85v
                  After the short demo and two hours of rest time bat 1 was 12.99v, bat 2 was 12.98v and bat 3 was 12.90v
                  I think most appreciate what you are trying to do here and are definitely going out of your way to try and follow up with what started out as a miscommunication.

                  Two things:

                  1. In vid it is stated the chopping effect to the "off the shelf" motor is doing the same thing as a "pulse motor". What is a "pulse motor" certainly not an SSG. I just want to make that clear. As JB's SSG also has very specific timing of the pulse which allows it to take advantage of the passing magnet to increase it's output. This setup does not take advantage of that. I think this may be what Matt is doing when he mentioned adjusting the timing via the back plate?

                  2. There is a missing part that is integral to the circuit. I think Dave listed it in the locked thread, can't find that thread anymore.

                  This being said, I don't think an SSG is integral to getting some results. I have used an off the shelf DC water pump, pulsed with an arduino triggering an SS SSG circuit that pulse powered the pump and did get OU results using Lithium ion batteries. I had to drop the pulses to thousandths of a second in order to get it to work. I filmed the beginning and end just as a test run but I have not got around to doing a clean test all the way through yet, stuff keeps coming up that prevents me.

                  Also, did I miss something in this thread, was the motor tested on 2 charged batteries to see how long they would last in real life? I saw some calculations based on numbers and letters that are written on the battery but no test to see if they would actually last that long...

                  Again, a simple add on but very integral part is missing from the ckt in all of these videos.


                  • Baseline

                    Originally posted by THEminoly View Post

                    Also, did I miss something in this thread, was the motor tested on 2 charged batteries to see how long they would last in real life? I saw some calculations based on numbers and letters that are written on the battery but no test to see if they would actually last that long...
                    I agree. Luc, please run what I referred to as a baseline test. I thought that was the plan. That would be with battery A1 or B2 and the motor at about 0.14A, the same C-rate as the 3 battery test. Note that running the 2 batteries in parallel would be half the C-rate although the same starting stored energy. Your starting tests confirmed the two batteries equal in Wh so a single battery test should suffice and we can just double it for baseline.




                    • was never the plan

                      since Day one an exact replication [or as close as possible ]
                      has ALWAYS been on the table.

                      not doing that would be a complete waste of time ! [in the vetting process]

                      as well as Control experiments for the batteries .[a moving target it seems]

                      very hard for one fellow to do everything by himself ,
                      also been very hard to get all info and components to Luc for these tests.

                      Carroll has been unbelievably burdened with his life for the last year or so
                      and I have only recently been able to help with behind the scenes assistance for Luc.[almost a year of eye surgeries and still more to go]

                      To Add.. Dave has been amazingly helpful all the long, he is quick to answer questions and offer all manner of support.

                      to be absolutely clear again
                      an exact replication has been on the table since day one [of Luc's recent effort here]
                      and to be completely clear ,Control experiments are mandatory for proper testing and have also been on the table since day one.

                      Luc has worked on tons of Lab projects ,years ago he was chained to a Coil Winding Bench at Ottawa university as an assistant to Thane Heinz .

                      he has been thru the fire and no rookie to proper measurements
                      plus he has a team of physicists EE's and very skilled builders at his disposal
                      24/7 365 [he hardly ever asks for help ]
                      and a very nice Lab at his fingertips where he is basically a volunteer
                      to this community.

                      I could write a book on the things he has done for this world No charge
                      gone to third world countries to help people in need , for huge blocks of time in his life.

                      he is truly a special fellow.

                      its just that we only have one Luc here working on this.

                      not trying to stifle contributions just to diminish assumptions.

                      and also not looking to fill this topic with all manner of conversations or unnecessary noise
                      the fellows who did all the original work here are assisting as much as they can.
                      its going to take some time.

                      Chet K
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                      If you want to Change the world
                      BE that change !!


                      • Originally posted by gotoluc

                        All those who are asking why I have not done the 2nd part of the test should read BroMikey's post:
                        Even he has figured out form all the data collected that it will prove no gain.
                        If you still think the data is wrong I can test one battery connected to the motor and see how many hours it will run.
                        Let me know if you still need that kind of proof and I'll do the test just to satisfy you.
                        Hi Luc,

                        I don't think any of the data is wrong. But I do think we need a baseline for the 3 battery test you did otherwise we don't really know whether there was/is an advantage in that type of system. BM's analysis shows maybe 15%+/- gain. Worth running a baseline to verify. Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate a scientific look at this system.


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                        • Originally posted by Matthew Jones
                          Oh OK so you have found a source of free energy
                          Never wrote or said that. Why would you write this

                          Originally posted by Matthew Jones
                          and removing energy from the system won't cost anything?
                          Look at the 2 video demos attached. This will answer your question.

                          Originally posted by Matthew Jones
                          I was under the impression you had not seen anything that developed a COP over 1 condition, or did you say that?
                          Yes, I wrote that and still true to date. Why do you ask

                          Originally posted by Matthew Jones
                          I don't have even one flyback converter on my shelf that puts out more energy than takes in, no matter how it reshapes it, no matter how you source the power.
                          That makes two of us. What's the point of this statement

                          Originally posted by Matthew Jones
                          You might be on to something.
                          Ya think so

                          To everyone

                          The 2 video demos below provide power measurements of my version of an off the shelf pulse motor.
                          For accurate power calculations the motor coil discharge goes to a separate capacitor and load resistor. However, it could be used to charge many small batteries in series but it needs to be isolated from the circuit like in a Bedini ssg circuit or else you get a short circuit if you try to connect it back to the source battery and or charge battery.
                          A separate Isolation circuit could be built to achieve this if need be.

                          Part 1 video:

                          Part 2 video:




                          • The DATASHEET BM is talking about is an earlier version, not done by me. .4 ohms is correct.


                            • Originally posted by Matthew Jones
                              .4 ohms is right on the money. Often the back/front plate need to be turned. They have a notch on them sometimes that stops this and that notch has to go or the tab that fits into it. As you face the shaft the back and front plate need to turn fully clockwise until the screw hits the magnet. Usually this results in higher RPM. The width of the magnet sometimes varies and this limit your overall results.

                              The intent was to have motor that bucked the voltage closer to the 12 volt bottom battery. I also wanted higher rpms with longer on time on the coils.

                              Voltage controls the speed of the motor. But the current on Free running motor should not go up within reason. Mine start to use more current at around 24 volt. The difference in mine is about .1 amp between 12 volt and 24 volt.

                              The higher Rpms were needed for the generator.

                              As you showed there is clear off time in the commutator, Pulse motor, even though the scope is fooled.

                              I am putting everything together to film and I'll show you what I can this evening after the upload and all that.

                              Thanks Matt for confirming the DC coil resistance is perfect and for the rest of the details.
                              I'll cut the tab and try to rotate as you suggest.




                              • 11/05/17 4pm Start of part 2 Testing the single battery Motor Run Time

                                Link to video:
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