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Continued Tests of the 3 Battery System

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  • Hi all, yes, that circuit is nice, just used it a few days ago to rejuvenate our tractor battery.
    peace love light


    • Capacitor Experiment

      Hi gotuluc,

      The circuit I use is very similar to that Re-EMF, the only advantage I see in my circuit is It will oscillate even at 0.7v potential difference (silicon semiconductor voltage drop make the circuit think there is no more potential diff.). see attach photo

      The small magnet is placed into a normally open Reed Switch, making it a normally closed and Is placed on top of the Coil, when SW1 is turned on, It will cause Transistor T1 to turn on as well allowing current flow, when the coil is energized It will cancel out the magnetic field of the small magnet making the reed switch open, circuit will open and the magnetic field will collapse. the diode is placed at the negative going to the start of the coil or at the emitter of T1.
      This will make it possible to capture inductive spike into batt. 3.

      I tend to rely on the Voltage of the Capacitor, I have to correct my statement before, the Actual Voltage / Ideal Voltage is the 95%, the energy transfer was only 91%..
      Ideal Voltage was calculated using V=SQRT(W/(0.5*(F*2)))


      In case of a Pulsed Brushed motor I could not think of a way to do it. since the coil is in the rotor.

      The circuit I provided will only work as pulse motor if the coil is in stator position, You can remove the small magnet and use a rotor with magnet as replacement...
      this is just a pulsing coil to experiment on Inductive spike.

      this is actually part of a series of experiments... I've created a new topic in case anyone is interested.
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      • Ice cold on energetics

        Richards there was a reason for the choice. there is an X factor involved as soon as the bifilar coil comes into play an x factor I am loath to try and explain still as I've invited Luc to use it I'd best try to find an explanation so with thanks to 'NRGF from the vacuum' for concept I offer this -
        Seeing and hearing two completely different types of sparks made by the same spark gap is pretty damn cool especially when one of those sparks is formed out in the room and pulled inwards to the gap. ergo concider this “These two reactions are called exothermic and endothermic. Exothermic means energy is radiated outward. Which usually generates heat or heating. Endothermic means energy is radiated inward which usually generates cold or cooling (which is what I saw) … When the voltage is raised high enough in this circuit It can cause frost to form on each end of the spark gap.” which is across the capacitor (or in our case battery)
        that promise might induce you to examine this simple “free energy” circuit I show a little more closely.

        L = 800 turns bifilar coil around a ferrite core, about 30 ohms
        C= 30μF, 4000VDC

        In the above example both switches are closed and opened simultaneously. During the charge phase the circuit would charge the inductor generating a magnetic field inside the ferrite core.

        When the switches are released the cold electricity would theoretically be appearing across the capacitor. In practice 170 volt arc's can be expected

        How does a voltage appear across C when there is no closed current loop? “Here is an effect that happens with electrical potential when it encounters a resistance before the current saturates that resistance…We are taught in school to close all the circuit paths, but this stops the flow of free energy.
        We are dealing with a completely different type of current generated by a completely different type of magnetic field. I offer two theories about what may be going on:
        1. With the switches opened abruptly we create a singularity because the change in current must remain continuous across the inductor. Before the magnetic field collapses it expands and voltage increases through the winding. The voltage potential charges the capacitor without drawing current from the battery.
        2. This is basically the ferro resonance effect and the ferrite core was saturated, the negative domains moved, the positive charges responded, a neg-entropic magnetic field was generated, the field was induced into the coil, and the coil charged the capacitor.
        When our society harnessed the negative charge (electricity) it made our way of life possible. We would still be riding horses and plowing soil had this not happened but we are still missing the other half of electromagnetic. Imagine what may be possible if we can harness the positive? and we are trying hard whilst others try to cloud the issue.
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        Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


        • happy to report I found this video on an old hard drive (I must have thought it interesting enough to record and also liable to dissappear) which it has! and so I've sent it back to the originator of the blog and webpage the circuit above comes from.
          In order that it can be re-instatated. So for your interest, and perhaps I should say 'particular interest' regarding anything that is 'removed' from youtube

          Kindest regards Duncan
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          Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


          • Originally posted by Turion
            As I believe Luc no longer has access to the lab where he performed his test of a 3 Battery system with the WRONG sized batteries and MISSING other components we stated are necessary to see gains, I doubt there will be ever be any “Further Testing of the 3 Battery System” as there hasn’t been any PROPER testing YET that has been disclosed to the public. So I would bet this thread passes on due to lack of interest. No great loss.
            I'm sorry to hear that David , Gotoluc has contributed much to this forum and the free energy cause in general. his lessons on youtube alone are university quality and - freely given.
            Batteries by their very nature (IMHO you understand). Are each and every one very different beasts!
            externally they look identical but each is as individual as a finger print . I know gotoluc worked for years and years with Thane Heins under very pressing conditions .
            In short the man knows how to drive the instruments he's using and knows what he's hunting down .
            what he's hunting down is not ' if the thing works' (I know it does) and so do many others. That isn't the question at all . Why does it work and where is the mathematical and scientific proof - thats the huge question that needs addressing.
            Only then can it be 'engineered' to suit any battery , any motor , any windings, - In short the whole has to be understood.
            Rather like JBs (bless him) energizers some work for some people some times, not a condition that can be 'engineered' and so like this contraption remains to this day in a 'scientific limbo' which as far as the scientific community at large is concerned is as much use 'as tits on a kipper' a limbo I might suggest some would like to continue - fore ever and ever Amen!
            Gotoluc no great loss ? I beg to differ . A gentleman who has contributed hugely to this forum and the investigations of free energy in general on this, and across many forums, simply regard the mans youtube teaching efforts you'll quickly see he video's and teaches with no hope of recompense - In short a decent human being, operating for the benefit of all.
            That he isn't using the specified batteries in the specified way is (again in my opinion) neither here nor there for -

            The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

            Perhaps the 'noise ' on the mans thread was overpowering . however if he has as you say lost the facilities of that wonderful Lab from what I already know of Gotoluc he has a sufficiency of equipment and support along with the determination to continue.
            Its a big frustrating question he's asking David No one can more aware of that, than you your self David - can they?
            Most guys on this forum seek a world changing energy source , patent free and open sourced. I'm sure thats where Gotoluc's heart is too. something that works sometimes for some folks for reasons unknown doesn't answer. eventually when he's reached his own conclusions he might well face the same situation of every free energy researcher who has a working system throughout the ages has confronted .
            Will Gotoluc come back on thread ? I hope so but he's his 'own man' with weaknesses like everyone. I owe him more than I can repay for he is if nothing else 'an honest broker' and they are few and far between .
            Kindest regards Duncan
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            Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


            • Get well soon

              Hope you get better soon. Didnít know you were having health issues.

              Iím still trying to buy and sell a home. So no testing for me.

              This is off topic


              • Dave
                Sorry to read you are out of sorts,nothing harder than being sidelined by health or pain issues...

                hope you recover soon and can get back to what you luv to do.

                regarding all that happened here in this investigation ,I absolutely agree that things got twisted up here .

                seems you fellows are on a good path for your future ,and I know you
                have no need to go over this again.

                However ,
                Luc still has total access to that lab ,some things which were deemed
                not needed were being liquidated ,so as to raise funds for other projects.

                **as a side note he is doing a replication there ATM on a fellows claim from Canada very high COP claim.
                also being done with support from the open source community [,not the labs project]

                The work done here on The three battery system was done at that Lab
                however it was just Luc doing the work when he could and not sponsored by the Lab
                some supplies were funded by an open source group with a VERY small budget.
                this was why we asked if working motors and such could be shipped [on loan]
                to cut down the costs.

                when You and I first started talking about this [a replication].... ,the tight budget was expressed and also keeping it Small [cheap]was thought a good path for the average builder to afford this
                and follow along if they chose without too much investment .

                we talked about a live stream of the whole affair so as to not leave room for
                errors or mistakes.
                the Vids that Luc did here were preliminary tests to establish baselines {private vids only posted here in the thread not on public channels.

                **I understand there was another Vid done prior [few years back ??]

                I had hoped for a clean start on this with checks and balances to oversee what was being done and insure it was all proper [a true replication]
                that is why the live streaming was agreed upon By Luc .

                However there were issues with the small batteries and things went south.
                I was and still am going thru eye surgeries, so it was hard to help sort this .

                I think it was not working on the tight budget [small scale] the way it did or does on a larger investment .

                if some day you wish to show the system ...even in a black box scenario
                [not divulging working MO]

                that would be great !

                and it could still be hosted at that Lab .
                we could try this again....?
                at the same lab and maybe raise some funds for the proper batteries ?
                the group of open source Talent is very deep in skill set [scientists, engineers
                etc etc ]
                not so deep in funds ,[spread thin all the time on many projects.

                Luc will host that and test
                or there are a few other open source Labs that would also host ?

                regardless how this goes..... or doesn't

                I do have great respect and appreciation for all you have done over the years.

                would Luv to shake your hand some day
                If you ever come to NYC
                give me a Shout...
                and Matt too ...he is one feisty fellow ,and a man of the land ...

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                If you want to Change the world
                BE that change !!


                • Originally posted by Turion
                  Luc may well have done good works in other areas, but what he did
                  here was discourage a lot of folks from PROPERLY investigating the
                  3 Battery System.

                  I can tell you that folks who have PROPERLY done it with a pulse motor and the correct sized batteries have gotten EXACTLY the results I said they would.

                  On one thing I said, I believe you misunderstood me. I did not mean
                  the absence of Luc was no big loss. I hate to see ANYONE who is investigating free energy fall from the group. I meant the loss of this particular thread was no big loss. If something is not going to be
                  PROPERLY investigated, why bother?

                  Matt and I have moved on.

                  I have some health issues right now, so have free time while I am laid
                  up to muck about on the internet. Otherwise I WOULDN'T be here.
                  Lying in bed all day long is BORING.

                  Peter Lindemann once told me that he thought the 3 Battery System
                  was the Holy Grail of free energy research.

                  My only purpose in posting here was to inform folks that Luc lost his
                  access to that particular lab, so I doubt if his tests will continue.
                  I hope all the best for LUC , however like I stated from the beginning
                  he was not following directions and I simply called him out for it. Luc
                  went to THANE HEINS lab and later debunked the REGENX video's
                  about getting extra energy systems to work, so what was I supposed
                  to think he would do with Dave's gadget?

                  The rest of you are very dishonest trying to defend video's and so called
                  research that goes against the inventors structural planning. Buttering
                  people is fine, just flip them over and get the other side playing personality
                  politics. Okay I get that, so hope all you want be my guest.

                  My son and I built a roll around test stand this week for his soon to be
                  up and running model. Even a young guy who follows the pattern laid
                  out by Dave and Matt can succeed.

                  The parts are coming soon. We have at least 2 motors and all the
                  nice batteries we need. Jordan is 14 yrs and is going to show this
                  bunch how to follow directions. Jordan does not have an oz of defiance.

                  Dave when the weather changes allergies and infections fly thru the air
                  and we are 60 years plus now so find some good herbs is what I do,
                  staying away from drugs.

                  I take many. I will pray for your recovery that God will raise you up off
                  of your sick bed soon. That dang flu put me down for weeks and all my
                  other demons of the past walked right in and jumped on me also.

                  It was hell but I guess you could say I deserved it for all of the bad boy
                  years I spend doing the wild thing. Still I always ask for mercy and will
                  do the same for you.

                  The cart is green and so far 2 levels, soon we will take pictures. It has
                  large casters so Jordan can roll the cart around and out the slider door
                  for drilling. His rotor is a little different but we get the Speed Up and
                  if all he gets is 2 coils on the gen side we will probably be well over as
                  you have pointed out.

                  We really enjoy your kindness to give an open hand to a fella and were
                  taught not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Old adage

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                  • ...Matt and I have moved on. At this point we feel like we wasted a number of years trying to show people a path they refused to take, and that's perfectly ok. We know the "potential" of this system, and intend to profit from that knowledge. ...

                    Dave, Best wishes for your full recovery. I look forward to the commercial availability of your future product(s).


                    • Luc Choquette - Liar, Thief and Charlatan

                      Luc Choquette is a morally bankrupt liar, thief and charlatan.

                      This fraud always like to portray himself as some humanitarian who isn't interested in money and just wants to help other people, but instead actually is only interested in helping himself to other people's work.

                      When I first wrote my Ignition Secrets book giving the simple A to Z on MY plasma ignition method, I was going to acknowledge Luc for his own contributions that were completely different than mine. I searched google to make sure I was spelling his name correctly and what's the first thing that came up in the search engine? A patent application with MY circuit and his name on it.

                      Why is this scoundrel's name on this patent with my circuit?

                      When Arvind approached him and asked if he came up with my plasma ignition circuit, he simply lied and claimed it was his development. This is an indisputable fact and anyone that thinks otherwise has allowed themselves to be fooled by his dog and pony show. He also doesn't understand the nature of circuits very well as he tries to claim - again - always taking other people's work as his own.

                      When I found that, it hit the fan. I threatened all three of them including their incompetent attorney who never even checked the #1 most blatant online history of the development of it, which was my Water Sparkplug thread that I started here years ago. After throwing their attorney around, the paperwork was completed to add my name to the patent, where it is shared with 3 other people that have ZERO to do with my circuit.

                      And when discussing what rights each person has, which are equal and undivided at this point, I have the email where Luc finally asked to have his name removed from the patent, which would take extra paperwork and money - we never pursued it. I've already done more with it than all three of them combined - that includes the past, present and into the future. It was sickening to see Luc who was always playing the "I have no interest in money - just helping the planet" while demanding MORE AND MORE AND MORE. I have all the emails. That is all just a facade - he is EXTREMELY GREEDY and again, I have all the emails.

                      Someone originally sent me a message asking me to check out a thread at I wasn't interested and finally checked it out. Luc and others were working on an ignition system based on s1r9a9m9's water powered car claims and the convoluted diagram showing the circuit. It was simply an inverter powered by a battery that charged a capacitor and put it in parallel with the spark plug gap - when the spark is made that capacitor discharges. I saw their experiments, the diagram and the basic operating theory they were all using and it was obvious that Luc and the others didn't have the faintest clue as to how the circuit worked. I tried to put them on the right path, explained that no matter how bad they wanted to claim the plasma effect was made possible because of the 110ac from the inverter it was wrong and my explanation was correct. I proved it.

                      Luc was clueless and did finally say that my explanation and theory on how it worked "sounded good."

                      Some of my first experiments were to simply prove that the plasma effect had nothing to do with the inverter and had everything to do with the capacitor. That is when I posted my experiments showing me charge up a capacitor with rectified output from an inverter, I REMOVED the capacitor from the inverter output to show that it was 100% isolated, then I connected the capacitor to the input of the ignition coil with the diode in the right place and got the plasma. I wanted to automate that process so Peter Lindemann showed me how to do it with a 555 circuit controlling a dpdt relay - that is where that relay circuit came from and why it was developed to begin with.

                      Not only did I prove that what I said was correct, that was the birth of my innovation also proving that a capacitor can simultaneously act as the power source for charging the coil to begin with to cause the hv spark and then act as the low voltage high current source that would follow over the gap. This was the first true innovation in plasma ignition systems since the 60's or 70's. Why? The method that Luc and others were doing were the antiquated way, which had already been patented by NASA, Princeton and virtually every auto manufacturer in the world.

                      My innovation allowed anyone to take any off the shelf cdi/msd, add it to the car and simply add the diodes in the right place essentially obsoleting millions of dollars in patents and empowering everyone to do it for a couple hundred bucks with off the shelf parts. And it was better because the initiating hv spark was even high voltage because of the cap discharge into the primary - can be used in higher compression vehicles, etc. it was and is the perfect, elegant solution - simplicity.

                      This is all 100% documented in both and also the multiple Water Sparkplug threads here.

                      On that patent, there are 3 inventions. My circuit, which I am the ONLY one who ever had anything to do with that circuit - Luc didn't even understand it, an ionization detection circuit developed by Arvind and Karthik and a coil on plug adapter with a built in diode also developed by them. Luc had ZERO to do with any of it and again, simple outright lied that my circuit was his development.

                      ALSO, Arvind and Karthik had a company Eco-Ignition, which was a Wyoming LLC. Guess what? Luc came on board with them and Karthik and Luc illegally closed that LLC without Arvind knowing!!! They both conspired and stabbed Arvind in the back. They took the Eco-Ignition circuits (developed by Arvind) and that is where a company got it from who is selling those cap charging modules for doing the plasma the old way. You can find Arvind's own testimony on this online. (It is in a thread that I have hidden but am considering making that and a second thread visible for the first time in years as a public record to Luc's thievery. Arvind at first believed Luc was simply duped by Karthik, but over time, it is obvious that Luc and Karthik are cut from the same cloth.

                      This is the REAL story of the REAL Luc Choquette and what kind of lying, thieving, low-life that he is. The above is 100% accurate and true - not only to the best of my knowledge but to thousands of witnesses who followed this all years ago. I have every email between myself and those three and their attorney, it's all in both forums, etc. Luc deserves his own thread in the Fraudster forum here.
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                      Aaron Murakami

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                      • Originally posted by Aaron View Post
                        Luc Choquette is a morally bankrupt liar,
                        thief and charlatan.

                        This fraud always like to portray himself as some humanitarian who
                        isn't interested in money and just wants to help other people, but
                        instead actually is only interested in helping himself to other
                        people's work.

                        Luc deserves his own thread in the Fraudster forum here.
                        Amazing how what comes around goes around. Well, Well, Well Luc
                        isn't the Lilly white home boy he let's on. The boy is condescending
                        corrective, a micro-manager who scolds anyone questioning him.

                        Now hopefully we can see more of the truth behind this huckster.

                        Aaron, you have been very patient for a number of years, smart.


                        • a reboot of an old problem

                          Many reading here have read or heard these events [if they have been around long enuff

                          Stefan's forum is an open source forum ,and it has always been an issue, this patenting
                          some have argued its the only way to protect something so it cannot be stolen by lurkers who rush to the patent office before the actual inventor.

                          I was told first hand that this was Why Luc went this route ,so as to always make it impossible for the "knowledge" to be taken from the community.

                          was the first thing I asked him about years back when inviting him to participate in open source work

                          A very Big concern IMO

                          Like others reading here ,I had watched Luc work for basically nothing at Ottawa University for years helping Thane as a lab assistant winding torroids until his Fingers bled
                          Like others here some were aware Luc had a strong conviction or belief where he was basically a volunteer for the planet,no interest in financial things, he often went to third world countries to volunteer to help however he could,always lived like this...and still yearns to go back and help anyway he can ... no care to own things or possessions ,some kind of belief where... how you live your life determines where you end up in the next life.... a "servant" of your fellow man some kind of assention belief ?? ,a thief comes back as a Gnat ...a "holy man" continues higher ??

                          I know he lives this way and has for as long as I have known him ,his friend Thane use to poke fun at him for this belief system ,"careful or you'll come back as a lizard" ??

                          His friend Thane did call him again recently to help again on some other project ,However Luc has chosen to keep on his path..

                          I do believe Luc did get involved in that whole patent thing because he felt it the right thing to do [to keep it from being stolen or kept from the people.

                          to this day this patent discussion keeps coming up at open source forums

                          and to this day it seems that we are forced to consider this as the only way to stop an open source work from getting stolen.

                          I can only go by what I am told,and what I see [about Luc]
                          he has lived in cars and boats by choice ,and always looks for a way to contribute to the welfare of others ,and is ALWAYS trying to get back to third world countries as a volunteer
                          that's Luc...

                          I have NEVER seen a greedy man ,and I absolutely believe his "belief system? or religion is why he does this.

                          maybe call Thane for an opinion
                          he probably knows him better than anyone
                          Or maybe Aaron could call Mike Nunnerly,he also has known Luke for a long time ,I believe Luc introduced Mike to these forums years back ?
                          I asked him again about this last night,it pains me to see conflict in this community,and attacks on Luc ...who will never really do anything in his own defense.... pains me very much

                          if his dedicated [decades long] life is truly an act...
                          it is the longest running scam of living like a hermit... to serve your fellow man ...that I have ever witnessed .
                          he's like a "brother Teresa".

                          if he's got a stolen fortune hidden in his shoe or the trunk of that Van....
                          I will be pissed , and he'll be a Gnat....

                          respectfully submitted

                          Chet K
                          a PS to add
                          I know this "Patent experience" is greatly regretted by Luc
                          I also know he will not read here or defend himself in any way.

                          if Luc ever happens upon a true over unity device
                          you will read about it here.... and everywhere,

                          he cares not for his safety or this life [in his world there are many lives]

                          just doing what he considers the "next right thing".

                          I have no interest in rebooting this or discussing it here
                          life is too short and the job is too big to go backwards.

                          not sure about tomorrow,working on today while we still can.

                          yesterday ??

                          just trying to do the next right thing .
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                          If you want to Change the world
                          BE that change !!


                          • One thing anybody who actually still build things should be left with is..How to be successful with this stuff.
                            This is not engineering, this is science. If you suspect you have a novel effect and you build till you see it, the next step is to modify or manipulate that effect. Once that part has been achieved then you can worry about measuring. But once your measuring a fundamental knowledge of what your looking at becomes pertinent. At the same time you have to know that you are NOT OBLIGATED to that fundamental knowledge but the answer must be within those terms.

                            The primary problem in this community and ones like it is that is not the primary source of direction. Measurement is always first and as such will almost 100% of the time lead to immediate failure. Even people with perfectly good effect will start measuring before they look to modify or manipulate. They settle for the engineering solution and look no further.

                            An engineer in all his talents are not scientists they work from a box rules with a box of tools. Although understanding engineering fundamentals is key to the end result they hardly yield any new ideas and explain very little. Do not fall into that trap, its hard to get out of. You end up making a bunch of pretty movies with pretty equipment and misinforming everyone around you.
                            Plenty of before mentioned examples of it happening.

                            ADD BROMIKEY TO YOUR IGNORE LIST He is a saboteur bent on the systematic distraction of every good topic on this forum and since he has been here most working threads have shut down. He is the enemy. If you have blocked him already add this to your signature and encourage others to block him as well. His onslaught of rambling in large text and his constant attempts to misinform at the excuse of being stupid should no longer be tolerated.

                            USER CP/Ignore list.


                            • Luc Choquette fraud

                              Originally posted by RAMSET View Post
                              I do believe Luc did get involved in that whole patent thing because he felt it the right thing to do [to keep it from being stolen or kept from the people.

                              to this day this patent discussion keeps coming up at open source forums

                              and to this day it seems that we are forced to consider this as the only way to stop an open source work from getting stolen.
                              Anyone that believes Luc lied to Arvind about being the inventor of my circuit in order to protect it from getting stolen is completely dedicated to self deception.

                              The answer is very simple - he is a liar and he proved this indisputably. He also proved that he has zero integrity. He was hoping to profit from the patent because Arvind and Karthik had told him a wealthy Chinese person may purchase the patent.

                              Furthermore, when I got involved in claiming my rightful place on the patent, since I was, am, and always will be the SOLE inventor of that circuit, Luc kept demanding equal percentages. He was very greedy even though it was on the table and completely known at that point that he had lied.

                              I have the emails of all of these discussions.

                              You may know him personally, but have been blinded by his sociopathicly induced facade of being some humanitarian. His volunteer work is simply for him to feel some value to make up for the fact that he is a pathological liar and thief. That is nothing more than his penance.
                              Aaron Murakami

                              Books & Videos
                              RPX & MWO


                              • in 2015 [I think] Luc was asked By a member at Stefan's about this issue

                                his response here, [ I had seen this question at the time ,but forgot about the reply...a member here forwarded this to me today.


                                Okay, I'll do my best to explain the basic events without going into too many details but I'll cover enough so those who don't know about the water spark circuit can understand.

                                On June 25 2008 while experimenting on plasma spark I happen to combine a high voltage of an ignition coil with a low voltage of a capacitor.
                                The combination of these two with a high voltage blocking diode on the capacitor created a very enhanced spark which has an even greater effect if sprayed with a fine mist of water. The effect is more light and a very load cracking sound which I thought could be a dissociation of hydrogen oxygen of the water mist.
                                At about 6pm EST on June 26th I started a topic on the Overunity forum and titled it: " URGENT! WATER AS FUEL DISCOVERY FOR EVERYONE TO SHARE"

                                Please note the Overunity topic is dated June 27th but notice the time is 12:01am which is Berlin time, so 6 hours ahead of my Eastern Standard Time. So the information was publicly shared at 6pm EST on June 26th
                                Here is the 1st YouTube demo video which is correctly dated June 26th.

                                It's important to know the date the information was first publicly shared and my intent.
                                On my first video above please listen to my message between 4:23 and 4:52 and ignore the theories I shared.
                                Message: what I'm doing is, I want everyone to start thinking about this (circuit) and trying to get this effect and Improve it. I'm not the best in electronics, it's not really my field. So I'm posting this so people can start working on it and get this working. So let me show you what I've got so far.

                                One week later on July 4th 2008, Arron of the Energetic Forum started a topic and titled it "Water Sparkplug"

                                On July 13th 2008 after participants suggestions of better diodes and me also using a single pole double throw relay to charge and discharge the capacitor, the effect was much better then the first video.

                                On September 9th 2008: Arron posted a video with Peter Lindemann demonstrating the effect of the spark which was titled: "Peter Lindemann's Replication of Arron's circuit based on Luc's (gotoluc) method"
                                Notice some recognition towards me in the video and title. Remember this when you read the below.

                                Around the beginning of April 2009, I was contacted by two individuals, one called Arvind and the other Kathik from a business they started in the US called Aquapulser.
                                They liked the high voltage diode blocked high current capacitor spark effect so much they decided to start a business and manufactured a ready made plug and play device so consumers could purchase. I was very happy they had done this as that would help to get it out faster and wished them the very best.
                                They told me they had been following the topic on each forum and from their research considered me to be the originator of the high voltage diode blocked high current capacitor spark effect.
                                They offered me a free sample of their device in recognition. They told me they couldn't afford to give more out because of their large start up investment which I understood.
                                Later on they contacted me again and suggested to patent the circuit since a bigger corporation could possibly patent it (even though it was open source) and could then prevent Aquapulser to manufacturing it.
                                They had a valid point as open source information is not as protected as some may think. So we had a written agreement that they can hold the patent only to prevent big corporations to use it and Aquapulser could not interfere with the open source community. Aquapulser paid for all patent and attorney costs.
                                Once again I wished them success and didn't ask for any profit as I admired their efforts and wanted them to have the ability to re-gain the huge expenses of the patent costs.
                                The patent included my name as one of the inventors along with Arvind and Karthik. This way they couldn't sell it without my consent because of the written joint ownership agreement. So even though I didn't wish to profit on Aquapulser sales, I was part owner of the patent document which secure it.
                                This ended up being good, because in early 2011 the two owners of Aquapulser were in disagreement. Karthik didn't agree with Arvind's new change of direction. He though Arvind was considering the sale the patent for profit and felt (rightfully so) this was not what we had agreed on.
                                Karthik contacted me and suggested we combine our ownership of the patent document to gain control of it and then together we could agree to dissolve it.
                                I had to trust Karthik's plan and be sure he would follow through once the first step was done. Karthik followed through as he promised. He also took care of all the legal details and the original patent was dissolved. However, "for some reason", it coincided Aaron found out there was a patent filed and on the Energetic Forum he started to publicly accuse me of steeling his circuit and so on.
                                I mostly ignored him as I knew my intent was good and was of no profit or benefit to me.
                                Then Aaron joined forces with Arvind and demanded a new patent be created and that there was no reason to have my name as inventor because it had nothing to do with my circuit.
                                However, the patent attorney did not see it the way Aaron did as I'm sure he had done some research on the first patent (before putting it together) which is now dissolved.
                                The patent attorney tried to reason with Aaron. However, after a few weeks and so many harassing emails from Aaron the patent attorney quit and said he would not ever get involved again unless there was a prior agreement reached.

                                What I didn't mention is, during the months this was going on, I was overseas in South Africa for 6 months at my travel expense and making no money helping a mission feeding and clothing the poor. So it was quite a challenge to get internet access and deal with all this fiasco.
                                Anyways, back to the story, Karthik said he would support me on what ever decision I made.
                                I was about to give it away because I just don't care for this kind of stuff but something in me said don't let this guy have his way and hold firm as inventor. In the end we all agreed to refile the patent with Aaron's name on the inventors list. This was the best I could do then to just walk away and let Arvind and Aaron file for a new Patent.

                                Last time Karthik and I were contacted by Arvind, he wanted us to pay for our share of the new patent. We both replied we didn't have any funds, so I don't know and don't need to know what the status is.

                                You be the judge of who's name should be on the patent!
                                Aaron's argument was the circuit the Aquapulser Team used in the patent was closer to the circuit he shared then mine. This is true as my circuit was basic and as I mentioned my electronic skills was minimal and why I did my switching by hand on the first video and 2 weeks later I used a relay. However, both circuits are based on the same effect and I think this is what the Aquapulser team had originally considered prior to the patent.

                                One way or the other I can tell you that profit or recognition are of no interest to me. I have never profited one cent from anything I've shared or ask for recognition and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.
                                It's always been zero in and $1,000. out of my pocket to pay for supplies and equipment.
                                Also, look at any of my video's, none of them have advertising.
                                I have over 950,000 combined views and 2,500 subscribers. Would this suggest I'm in it to make profit?
                                So why don't I want profit?... because I believe profit, gain and control is what causes poverty and prevents inventions to come out that would be for the good of all.
                                So my thoughts and way of life is, if I don't believe in it, why should I participate in it!

                                For you profit oriented people. You may want to reflect on how those actions will help others. As taking more for yourself then others have is contrary to the flow of nature or the universe.
                                If that doesn't make you think then, tell me which person was able to bring something from this world when their end comes?
                                Better chances for those who have helped others will be seeding for the next then ones money piled in the bank.


                                PS, looks like Arvind has continued the business and I still wish him success.
                                Aquapulser web site:
                                Aquapulser Videos:

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