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  • Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers | Space News

    Very unusual behavior on Jupiter ??

    all comments welcomed and appreciated

    Chet K
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    Donald Scott was reminded that Lundquist's work on Birkeland currents is the same.
    Scott did acknowledge this in a lecture. Not an excuse not to try to further the understanding.

    I believe birkeland currents do belong in EU category (electric universe) however it is difficult to share commonality to
    conventional electrical science.

    Some will not be able to follow him and in general most do not have the background
    to relate the similarities. The cross field disciplines are numerous and not well understood.
    The telescopes and satellites has given just a glimpse at the shapes of fields.

    A question for a galaxy space laboratory.
    What about...A parallel RC circuit ?
    picture referenced from video on first post @ time 00:7:30
    planet component.JPG
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      The work of radio astronomer Gerrit Verschuur suggests that cosmic plasmas conduct electrical currents just like laboratory plasmas. The Electric Universe theorists propose that this is why we see stars forming like beads on a string, all at once. The process of Marklund convection is the electrical cosmology version of gravitational accretion, yet many astrophysicists to this day are not particularly fluent in the idea.

      The application for experiments on scavenging ions has promise.
      On the bench the event happens so quickly that we missed the significance.
      Fortunately these events happen slower in a very large scale.

      The filaments of plasma are found using many configurations.