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  • Originally posted by aljhoa View Post
    The author’s article, The Cause of Gravity: A Concept [Phys. Essays 25, 66 (2012)], proposes a physical cause-of-gravity concept. An important element of the concept is that a subatomic substance—aether—flows into and is expelled from cosmic bodies. The present article further develops this aspect of the gravity concept as follows: It describes inflowing aether and expelled aether as two distinct states of aether—thanks to two-state aether proposals of Karim Khaidarov and Héctor Múnera; It uses K. P. Atkins's “trout stream” analog to help visualize aether flowing into cosmic bodies; It considers evidence which indicates that aether flows into cosmic bodies; It explains why inflowing aether exerts more pushing force on atomic matter than expelled aether. This accounts for gravity being a one-way force; It demonstrates how inflowing aether accelerates and does so in conformity with the inverse square rule; It offers evidence of the speeds of inflowing aether; It explains why the planets do not slow down and spiral into the Sun as a result of encountering aether in their orbital paths; It explains the illusion of gravity between the Earth and the Sun appearing to be instantaneous action-at-a-distance.

    Thanks, have to read it of course but your brief fits well. However I skimmed over it. Thanks, it gives a nice historical background as well. Makes a lot of sense.

    For entertainment purposes in the meanwhile I offer this historical sketch.

    1850 - Many assorted light bulbs are being developed; none very successfully.
    1860 - Maxwell's theoretical mathematical models predict radio waves.
    1866 - Mahlon Loomis attaches wire to two kites, one detecting the other, and thereby demonstrated wireless telegraphy was possible: Almost no one notices.
    1880 - Thomas Edison finally bumbles his way to a somewhat practical light bulb with carbonized bamboo for filaments.
    1871 - The Coming Race is published anonymously in England. Also published as; "Vril, the power of the coming race."
    1871 - Darwin's secondary book is published: "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for life."
    1884 - William Henry Preece coins the phrase "Edison Effect" to explain thermionic emissions in Edison Light Bulbs.
    1886 - Heinrich Hertz experiments prove the existence of Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic waves demonstrating radio waves reflected off objects.
    1893 - Tesla demonstrates wireless power transmission before audiences.
    1895 - Alexander Stepanovich Popov creates a lightning (radio frequency) detector he calls a coherer; Hertzian wave detector.
    1896 - Marconi receives the first radio patent (British Patent) for a wireless telegraphic system.
    1897 - J. J. Thomson inadvertently invents particle theory with the electron to explain thermionic emissions.
    1900 - Rutherford & Kapitza begin work to develop liquid helium leading to subsequent isotopes of helium.
    1903 - Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur demonstrate controlled flight with an aeroplane. Takes a year before a local newspaper sends a reporter out to prove that the reports are bird sighting coming from drunks on a passing nearby train.
    1904 - John Ambrose Fleming creates a vacuum tube (a diode) after identifying light bulbs could detect radio waves: "Eddison Effect"
    1911 - Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes his Barsoom science fiction stories: Helium being a major kingdom on Mars.
    1914 - Diplomatic incompetence, or willful intent, leads to the First World War: At least 20 million people lose their lives.
    1917 - Czar Nicholas II is overthrown and put to death. Russia finally pulls out of World War One with millions dead.
    1918 - World War One ends; Germany's formidable Fokker DVII Fighters being specifically mentioned in the 4th clause of the terms of surrender.
    1919 - Treaty of Versailles sets the stage for mass chaos, suffering, and another global war with clause 231: Thank's League of Nations.
    1923 - Beer Hall Putch Fail: General Ludendorff goose steps through police firing line. Everyone else is either arrested or shot.
    1925 - Hitlers autobiographical manifesto Mein Kampf is published becoming a best seller throughout Germany by 1933.
    1927 - Polish radio enthusiasts Kowsky & Frost gravity nullification story appears: Later claimed to be an April Fools Day Joke.
    1927 - T. Townsend Browns' Gravitator Patent featuring a dielectric substrate and rotation as a key ingredients to the propulsive scheme.
    1929 - Robert J. Van de Graaffs' invents the Van de Graaff generator; remarkably similar concepts can be seen in Townsend Browns Gravitators.
    1929 - Wall Street idiots destroy the global economy and plunge the world in to misery. Bankers begin land grab. Millions starve or freeze to death.
    1933 - Pulp Fiction magazine features flying tetrahedrons incinerating brown skinned peoples for no apparent reason.
    1935 - A Flying Saucer is photographed over Swastika Flagged Draped Berlin Germany.
    1935 - Van de Graaff Particle Accelerators are invented.
    1939 - Germany invades Poland: World War Two begins for Europeans.
    1940 - John Randall and Harry Boot invent a cavity magnetron making portable radar possible.
    1941 - Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. World War Two becomes global. Even South Americans find themselves at war.
    1943 - The United States Supreme Court overturned Marconi's patent in 1943 in favor of Tesla's.
    1945 - America drops two atomic bombs on Japan. Faced with the possible loss of the mainland home islands, and with some minor ones already in the hands of the Red Army, Japan finally concedes defeat. At least 60 million persons lose their lives in WWII.
    1945 - Allied forces run wild carting off people, planes, rockets, and whatever else can be looted from liberated lands under the guise of national security.
    1946 - Percy Spencer receives patent for microwave cooking device.
    1947 - First Wave of contemporary UFO sightings begins
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    • Originally posted by aljhoa View Post
      The author’s article, The Cause of Gravity: A Concept [Phys. Essays 25, 66 (2012)], proposes a physical cause-of-gravity concept. An important element of the concept is that a subatomic substance—aether—flows into and is expelled from cosmic bodies. The present article further develops this aspect of the gravity concept as follows: It describes inflowing aether and expelled aether as two distinct states of aether—thanks to two-state aether proposals of Karim Khaidarov and Héctor Múnera; It uses K. P. Atkins's “trout stream” analog to help visualize aether flowing into cosmic bodies; It considers evidence which indicates that aether flows into cosmic bodies; It explains why inflowing aether exerts more pushing force on atomic matter than expelled aether. This accounts for gravity being a one-way force; It demonstrates how inflowing aether accelerates and does so in conformity with the inverse square rule; It offers evidence of the speeds of inflowing aether; It explains why the planets do not slow down and spiral into the Sun as a result of encountering aether in their orbital paths; It explains the illusion of gravity between the Earth and the Sun appearing to be instantaneous action-at-a-distance.

      Still looking this over but In my mind it has to embody the physics of the magnet as explained and demonstrated by Ken Wheeler to be a viable theory. Take a look at this because this understanding of the Joe Cell may encompass both Ken Wheelers' explanations as well as possibly explaining the gist of the concept contained in the PDF from Shaw.

      *PS: Sputin's asked once what I thought of the Joe Cell because there are reports of Joe Cell's causing levitation.
      I have a gut sense that the illustration embodies the whole of both. *Notice the coaxial cable like cross section reminiscent of the super conduction cable illustration shown in the patent on super conduction cable.

      I have to take a look at both of these in more detail but wanted to post the following for examination. *Reproduced in full from the link.

      ""The Joe Cell was developed by a man named Joe in the 1990's from Australia. The cell is by far one of the simplest devices to utilize a low electromagnetic pressure (spacetime vacuum) to run an internal combustion engine. It has also been considered to be one of the most elusive of inventions with over-unity technologies in the free energy movement, due to both the story of Joe and the unique simplicity to its design and application. It consists of concentric layers of tubular 316L stainless steel and restructured water. 316L is not only anti-corrosive, but it is the most readily available material on the market that has a very high magnetic susceptibility and is also thus paramagnetic. It can be slightly ferromagnetic like iron initially, but once annealed and quenched, it becomes very paramagnetic. This allows the metal to amplify the earth's external magnetic field in a receptive interaction. Paramagnetism is akin to a magnetic convex lens that self-aligns to the external magnetic field (while ferromagnetism is fixed in its alignment thus being internally driven), while diamagnetism is akin to a magnetic concave lens that self-aligns. Water is slightly diamagnetic, but once restructured (such as with alternating vorticular motions found naturally in streams with vortex streets), the property is much more profound. As long as the cell is mostly perpendicular to the earth's magnetic field, when mounted vertically in an automobile, the 316L will always magnify the magnetic field inwards toward the core of the cell. However, when the magnetic field hits the water, it diverges the field. This causes the magnetic field to go into oscillation as it expands and contracts, the convergence and divergence are amplified in effect with each consecutive layer. The diagmagnetism in the core of the cell is most profound after this non-linear magnetic amplification process, which causes the magnetic field to curve almost entirely around the core. A magnetic field is a standing waveform of torsion forces and consists of stored electromagnetic pressure. A high magnetic field attributes to work in the system in the form of centrifugal force. A low magnetic field, or magnetic vacuum, attributes to potential energy in the system in the form of centripetal force."
      Joe Cell.gif
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      • ??When the spark gap fires in an engine’s cylinder, it causes the air to destabilize in its high energy state allowing the earth’s magnetic field to rush into the air creating a massive implosive force. This force is what runs the engine. However, this implosive process is entirely vibrational and is directly affected by consciousness. This relates to the famous double slit experiment in quantum physics. Intention can affect the collapse of the wave function stored within the air effectively hindering this phenomena from occurring.??

        Keep in mind the "Spaceship



        • Originally posted by aljhoa View Post
          ??When the spark gap fires in an engine’s cylinder, it causes the air to destabilize in its high energy state allowing the earth’s magnetic field to rush into the air creating a massive implosive force. This force is what runs the engine. However, this implosive process is entirely vibrational and is directly affected by consciousness. This relates to the famous double slit experiment in quantum physics. Intention can affect the collapse of the wave function stored within the air effectively hindering this phenomena from occurring.??

          Keep in mind the "Spaceship

          Yes, my first thoughts were towards the direction of the earth being a series of shells and which has a surface being 75% covered in water. Locked in earths' rock is a considerably larger quantity of water. With regard to Shaw what I'd say is his paper has it's points and is worth keeping in mind. Shaw predates Ken Wheeler's work and some concepts, such as there being two forms of aether are mirrored in Wheeler's work, however I feel Wheeler has shown us a solid fact based theory; one of coherent and incoherent dielectric materium (magnetism).

          I feel that an important contribution in the pdf by Shaw is in his hypothesis of how the Aether's compressive nature results in a heat generation process. I think this is an important idea which is born out by circumstantial evidences. Shaw does not say fusion but this compressive process probably, if not logically, does result in a fusion process that takes place at the core of earth, and that this hypothetical explanation is further supported by factual observations and other evidences supportive of the contention that the Earth is an Expand-0 Planet undergoing cyclic earth changes. These earth changes resulting from spurts of excess energies creating planetary heating, resulting in weakened magnetic coherency, causing increased geologic activity.

          In the expanding planetary model a fusion process is the primary matter creation process, and it takes place in the form of gases, primarily oxygen and hydrogen, which naturally make water, the atmosphere, and muck.This realization has also resulted in a Mud flood hypothesis. Such spontaneous and unexplained muck floods have been observed in recent times and reported through the alternative press, which is really where there muzzle's over the mouths comes in to play in social media and video farms. More recently this includes UFO's being edited out of the discussion which is a new development.

          Naturally one would expect that in a planetary heating scenario arising out of increased fusion process there would be melting ice, which is/was happening and it happened from beneath the ice from below, one could also expect to see blow holes and sink holes caused by plastic mantel melting through to the surface and escaping gases, with a primary concern for planetary wide incineration resulting from unlocked methane deposits frozen on the sea floors. However such fears may be ill placed and possibly released methane deposits will self detonate or self combust before reaching the surface. There may be some evidence that such an incident has already taken place, regardless, the primary cause of rising seas would really seem to be more related to matter creation. Once enough of the natural protective sheathing is re-manufactured, then, results should return the planet to a relative calm, but one with a stronger magnetic field and hence sense of gravity or weight. One would expect that this now restored coherent magnetic field would be more powerful than previously and thereby cause increased space cooling by the cycling magnetic field. However this may not be the case since Wheeler shows that the stronger the magnetic field the more confined it becomes to the mass that's creating the coherency. Thus dielectric field strength in magnetism produces a range of reactive force which is inverse to the scale of mass (*think that's right).

          Consider what that means from the perspective of a person standing on Earth, now, and then one who is standing on an expanded Earth with a very powerful magnetic field at it's core, but without hardly any magnetism reaching the surface. We must ask why, for example, is Mars a dead planet, and why does it not have any significant atmosphere? Why does it not have geologic activity? Ultimately we have to ask why it's gravitational field differs? Oh yes, of course there's the official explanations but those are one shot one liners without a complete comprehensive overview of the totality which makes all possible.

          The point to this is that as a collective of humanity we all need to see what's really at stake.

          The evidence shows that these planetary expansion phases, and which do appear to have happened in earths' geologic past, that these have tended to decrease in destruction. This also seems to be supported by Wheeler's demonstrated model of increased magnetic strength resulting in an inwards compression of the range of the coherent reach of the magnetic field, however the simple fact that these evident explansion's have taken place, and may now be happening with less destruction could, in reality, be a not so good thing.

          If, as is the case in magnetism, heating causes incoherency and breakdown of the constant, then what takes place if that incoherency further retreats inwards inside the mantel? Do electron's so many here are so fond of still live? Will electricity as we know it still flow without some other sort of assistance?

          So it seems likely that global planetary wide changes have a cross correlation to the atmosphere's ability to ward off excessive induction, and that this ability is also directly related to the coherency of the magnetic field, and didn't Wheeler show us that as the magnets strength increases the range of it's coherency decreases? So there the atmosphere is itself tied to the magnetic field, after all oxygen is magnetic, and damage to or significant loss of the atmosphere is what seems to have actually taken place sometime in the 1980's, and resulting in the creation a crash program under an ecological salvation banner, which has now morphed in to a sort of Red Revolutionary movement with billions of brainwashed clueless, and which quite naturally includes a lot of idealistic youths sucked in to a false idealism. Not that it matters much, not in the end, but for us elderly and the few other aware it would probably be a whole lot less painful if they actually saw the earth for what it is; a speck of mud in space for starters.

          As most here already know, what we do think we know is that the geologic history of earth is one of an ice planet with more than 80% of it's geologic history being a frozen hell. Typically at the peak of every heating cycle there follows a crash to extreme cooling, and the earth plunges in to a few tens of thousands of years of being a frozen ice ball from pole to pole. This makes sense because the planet has re-created the natural environment that shielded it from excessive inductive energies, and with each expansion phase the magnetic field has grown along with the subsequent artificial sense of gravity, however, this changes at some point. At some point it can go the other way where the magnetic field is stronger but it's also now collapsing as it were back inside the mass, and clearly this has nothing to do with mathematical models of gravity which are delusional projections created on a complete misunderstanding of what makes weight it mass. So it's unpredictable, at least to us the public it is, but again could such a thing be related to the condition of planets like Mars?

          I would suspect that a solidification follows a stabilized magnetic field and which takes place after the oceans growth comes out of the gases manufactured and converted to water along with a repaired atmosphere; so it appears to be a somewhat self regulating process but not entirely safe just judging by surrounding planetary neighbors, and then there's the things that happen when the strength of the coherent magnetic field does return unmolested from high heat and excess induction.

          So if a fusion process is what takes place at the core of the planet, then, this is what creates an magneto-electric field, and it does this by way of induction of energies from space. In other words from the Aether. It's thought that this fusion process is primarily responsible for our geologic activity, and the earth changes we now have been witness to over these last few decades seems most likely tied to an inductive process. Shaw's Aether hypothesis is supportive of a core expansion process, which is further supported by factual evidence of damaged/lost atmosphere having taken place some time back, which allowed a greater inductive process than normal to take place, and creating planetary wide heating along with a disheveled magnetic field. See for example so-called ozone holes which appeared several decades back and which were, at that time, blamed on man made carbons. Staying with the "you're to blame carbon meme" the powers that be have attempted to use their real understanding of cause and effect in a propaganda barrage designed to twist and to brainwash virtually the entire population, and so as to create a taxation scheme, probably to fund a self preservation plan similar to the alternative three hypothesis. Since so-called UFO's are tied to aliens, then, antigravity enabling technology for select survival remains cloaked behind the warped teachings of willfully retarded education and the educated to idiocy.

          See the thing is saying Wheeler is wrong is like saying there's no such thing as microbes. With the ferrocell lens we can see that the dielectric field of the magnet is hyperspatial. We can see it's a #3D field and we can see it's in a spatial plane where we cannot interact, presumably due to our turtle like speed, now if that's not the Aether then what else is? What Shaw speculates about regarding the nature of the Aether is now something we can at least partially view in it's condensed form with the ferrocell lens. Shaw says, and rightfully so in my view, that the Aether compresses and creates heat. Well so it does but it also makes magnetism. Now correct me if I'm error but don't we already know how to use magnets to heat steel: I thought we did? Has something changed? See, it's more logical than it seems at a glance is my point.

          I think Ken Wheeler is exactly right in that matter has form due to dielectric induction giving rise to a magneto-electric field in matter which is itself incoherent. The result of an incoherent dielectric field in mass is nevertheless magnetic and results in mutual mass attraction. Coherency is not required for mutual mass attraction to take action at a distance since the aether is the conductor. In Einsteinian Physics they claim that gravity never actually gives up it's grip. The real reason is of course now visible to us, and that reason is the dielectric hyperspatial field is an all pervasive energy field, and it is the conductor because it is the medium which does, itself, create the coherent magnetic field, and this means that all matter is connected via an incoherent medium now visible to us as a hyperspatial realm of the materium. The same materium to which Quantum Physicists say particles pop in to or out of existence: Isn't that actually just another way of claiming cold fusion?

          Ok, so now let's think about this business of retreating magnetic fields. If a Joe Cell can cause a car to levitate than it's doing something involving the dielectric which binds it's molecules together. I'm not sure what but it's something to ponder. The mass of metal has a passing incoherent dielectric field. The Joe Cell seems to be taking up this incoherency as part of itself and forming a new point for it to cycle towards, one which is obviously much smaller than the earth's.

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          • My first thoughts with the diagram of the Joe Cell previously posted is that this explains vacuum polarization in crystals. Further it's interesting how that drawing is really a cross section of a sphere or cable such as the super conductive cable patent. Further, I have thoughts of an improved electret that pops in to mind. It's interesting how many things now seem to jive with the idea presented, such as wave plates and John Searls creation.

            Compression and vacuum seem to be enabling concepts to levitation. We can now look at the illustration of the Joe Cell above in a different light with a renewed sense of understanding I think. Back some where's in this thread, maybe back around page 60, and where I regurgitated the flying box thingy, what I can recall of that brief sighting is that it had large round dull yellow circular shapes on the bottom. I seem to remember these having outlines looking a lot like the illustration.

            This is a testable hypothesis offered in the illustration above. I also can't help but notice how well it fits the half round sphere's seen on the bottom of almost every early UFO, nor the relationship to UFO's predilection towards H20. I would think that a sphere is not required; which might explain tube UFO's. One could consider replacing the materials with aluminum as opposed to stainless steel. A diamagnetic replacement might also be considered or considered along with water for cooling of the diamagnetic.

            A lot of stuff seems to now be falling in place. I hope it's the same for others out there whom read this stuff.

            Now I know this is distracting as all get out, but guess where this giff came from, and ya know this triangle thing is probably telling us something. Really need to slow it down to observe it better. If you don't look directly at it you get another perspective. That and squinting are tools of artists BTW.

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            • To bad that this, as well as, the 2020 Energy Conference thread, started on 01-28-2020 by Aaron with 111 views so far, are not frequented.

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              • Originally posted by aljhoa View Post
                To bad that this, as well as, the 2020 Energy Conference thread, started on 01-28-2020 by Aaron with 111 views so far, are not frequented.

                Bringing up the Energy Conference fits right in here because I watched Aaron's video where he talks about the Bedini motor and gravity waves. This actually fits right in because this idea of gravity waves have been popular and which is apparently part of the operational theory behind the motor. Back in this thread I posted a number of links to Dr. Robert Bakers papers on gravity waves. Also there's a big back story to the Dr. Robert Baker papers/theories about gravity waves.

                Regardless, though I didn't realize it myself when I posted the links to Dr. Robert Bakers site and his papers, I do now realize that there are no such things as gravity waves. Whatever Dr. Baker and his associate think they are detecting are not gravity waves, which probably explains why his work was rejected: See the link above and then read between the lines: I can say no more, the involved officialdoom speaks for itself so far as I'm concerned.

                The Joe Cell illustration shows that gravity (as it were) really begins with the theory of Aether pressure, which is described by Shaw in his PDF; that is, the creation of focal point, what Wheeler defines as the point source for the magnetic fields cycling, and wherein the aether does itself begin a self cycling, which then also advances a dielectric vacuum effect with the magnetic field creating a self sustaining accretion disk, and creating the whole spiraling orbital magnetic field, all of which fits perfectly with Ken Wheeler's work.

                We have to re-think what Benini thought was going on because we now have information that he did not have: I can see no way for there to be any sort of gravitational wave to be created or to exist.
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                • We now have the simple explanations for cause and effect and so what remains are the execution of creative inventions. Before we discuss enabling creations lets talk about the fantasy of getting rich through patents, because it's one thing to patent the drill head for an oil well, it's another thing to patent an anti-gravity device, there's a difference. Patents appeal to our own innate greed which is fueled by an needlessly evil system.

                  With regard to the patent scheme I would urge extreme caution. For the lying share patents are a delusional fantasy, because first of all you have to realize that everything we are talking about surrounding the physics and mechanics of gravitational modification and manipulation are all understood already, and if you don't believe that then it's because you're naive with limited life experience. That is to say, that any operations or operational ideas are already patented. Of that you can be 100% positive. Whether or not aliens exist, what does exist are machines, machines made by human beings that because of ignorance, propaganda, and wishful thinking has lead to the delusional hope that other life from some where's else are responsible for UFO's.

                  Secondly, patents may, for any reason apparently, fall under national security, even if none actually exist they may suddenly be claimed to have existed and which supersede your own, such is the nature of the evil which rules. Regardless of whether back channel hijacking is or would be used to steal your invention, what would automatically follow is that your own patent would also vanish in to a black hole of national security. The advice from patent attorneys to avoid this is hijacking by crime inc is to first patent your creation outside of the United States. Regardless of whether or not you've done that first, and probably most importantly of all, you need to recognize that by those actions you will be placing a large target on your back, which if you think that's a joke or delusion you've got another thing coming, but even if this threat doesn't discourage you then the final roadblock might, because and finally, you have to write any such patents in the context of officialdoom's religion with regard to scientific invention. That means you must be able to explain the operation in terms of Einsteinian Physics.

                  Tesla and many others went to their graves taking their information with them, or did they, who really won, who really ended up owning their ideas? It's said that the FBI took over 80 crates from Tesla's apartment filling three trucks with papers.

                  All knowledge of evil is ancient to mankind. Which looked upon in another way is to say that evil has all knowledge of how to get it's way. People like Thomas Jefferson did not believe in this idea of privatized knowledge for profit because they had experience with that form of privatized rulership. Today we have pay wall's blocking what should be public knowledge because the public does fund almost all research. Even if you're willing to pay to learn that is no guarantee you're going to get the truth because the next deception behind the pay wall is that you now have a privatized police state controlling knowledge via this pay to know wall. We are talking in truth about the Iron Curtain imprisoning knowledge wherein, and in their hands, and out of public sight, anything can happen, such as monkeying with the facts. Even if the establishments themselves that profit off these pay to know walls do have integrity, there's the back door, or octopus whose reach is apparently unstoppable.

                  To change the world all you need to do is to change your own thinking. Don't waste time and money trying to get this criminal system to reward you. It's not going to reward you when it's sole objectives are to steal, rape, and murder. Anyone who lived through the civil rights riots, the JFK assassination, the rise of the new infidels, the criminal handling of Vietnam which should have become an American territory if not the 51st state in the Union, and then the 9/11 plot, the gulf wars, the real estate plot, the removal of the usury rate laws, the criminal renderings of the Supreme Court create a two tiered set of laws making corporations entitled to the equality of an individual, these and many more prove with absolutely no doubt that this system is not going to do anything to reward your good intentions, inventions, or anything else. Unrelenting taxations without authorization from the people is treason and yet this is on-going and apparently with no end in sight. If you think that blowing the brains out of school children just to get the people to surrender their civil liberties is beyond belief then you need to review the history of the powers that be whom have ruled over these United States of America.

                  If you're going to create something then put it in the public eye or else die knowing that you've only helped evil inc.

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                  • Nature has always been humankind's teacher. It is likely to forever remain so.

                    Vacuum polarization is what a magnet does. It is also what a crystal such as quartz does. Wheeler shows us that the magnet is a circular self cycling dielectric field derived out of the materium from a hyperspatial realm. A crystal differs from the magnet in that it too is deriving energy out of the materium of counterspace (the Aether) only it isn't creating a cyclic recirculating field as the magnet does. Instead it builds up a pressure internally before breaking down and which produces a linear, or stressed dielectric discharge, which means it is then electrical instead of magnetic. The two being the same with the only defining difference being self cycling in a magnetic field and non-self cycling or linear in electrical form.

                    It is now apparent that there is a traceable chain to the development of UFO's. In the first instance we have the prototype Vril Saucers. In those drawings we can see that a tetrahedron form is employed with the hope of aiding in creating a dielectric pushing pressure drawn out of the Aether. The Aether being a hyperspatial fluid like material. In this scheme there is a spinning sphere at the center. This sphere most likely is made from aluminum since it becomes a paramagnetic in a moving magnetic field. Here in this design the sphere is moving which could be aluminum, and the tetrahedrons aided with magnetic field are acting as injectors forcing the surrounding dielectric pulled from the Aether in to the sphere, which they are then accomplishing by acting as magnetic/dielectric V-gates which are interdicting the otherwise cyclic orderly magnetic field and diverting it to the spinning sphere, and which has in it another magnetic field. In this way these tetrahedron form a junction transferring the dielectric drawn out of the Aether and then feed to the sphere.

                    There may further be sphere's inside of the outer sphere which may be insulated from one another with a diamagnetic material or fluid. The innermost sphere either is a magnet, or contains an electrical arrangement similar to if not exactly the same as the one depicted in the Karl Schappeller Device; a de-facto rotating magnetic field in that case.

                    Evidently this scheme provided enough positive results to further warrant a more complex arrangement involving the use of three sphere's. That this original single sphere system can work is what is reported by the surviving eye witness accounts, and which describe a wobbly semi-controlled airborne contraption, which is what I would expect to see given that the arrangement is a bit like a balloon.

                    About a week a ago I began making a cardboard model of the original single sphere Vril design. This is SOP in design so as to begin working out a mock-up using physical layups in order to reveal errors and to aid in understanding the best configuration. What immediately became apparent is that with the Vril experimental design with a single central sphere is that it's almost impossible to put more than a quadrant of tetrahedrons around a sphere.

                    This means that if the Germans got this thing to levitate then even this primitive and space wasteful design can work. By all accounts they did get it to work and so accepting that means that this shouldn't be overly complicated. After all the available technology just isn't that complex. Intellectually advanced maybe but the physical devices cannot be that complex. The most complex they could possibly be is a form of Van de graaff particle accelerator.

                    Now my arts and crafts mock-up project was begun before these past revelations. So now it's like a pile of cut cardboard while I mull over this new found understanding of how to modify weight in mass while making sense for the first time of the whole of the early Vril Saucer drawings. When I started all I knew was what my own experiments had shown, and which validated the concept of projecting a hyperspatial dielectric in to the sphere using a tetrahedon made from aluminum was possible, to what ends though I wasn't entirely sure, but now when combined with Ken Wheeler's explanation of a compression of the magnetic field as a means to a lose weight this finally does make the Vril design all the more believable, because that explanation does provide a final rational basis for the design. Wheeler provided the explanation as to why they were set up to do that.

                    *Quite honestly, It's really all so simple that it's just stupid: How we could not have seen this to begin with?

                    I'm still doubting this Vril design but I went ahead and bought some aluminum to have on hand for making sphere's with, and which will require a lathe to spin the aluminum spheres; that's if I can't come up with a simpler scheme. It's still a little hard to believe that the Vril saucer will work but all the evidence actually does say it will work so long as we can figure out the requirements to compress the dielectric.

                    About this point in pondering the problem I recalled collecting this image posted on the Joe Cell, and then I recalled Sputin's inquiry about what I thought was maybe happening with Joe Cells that levitated cars, which I'm guessing my reply probably didn't much impress him at the time. Now I can see why he might have asked me that question.
                    This was all about 3 years ago when this thread first began: Silly isn't it? It's all so easy to understand now.

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                    • HUAC pronounced “Hawk”

                      Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
                      Found on the dark web


                      How to Build a Spaceship

                      This post is not to pontificate on why we’re being kept in the dark, why disclosure of this information is occurring now, or any religious/philosophical implications. It is simply to inform folks of the facts.

                      Please clear your mind of rockets and space shuttles. What were talking about is a completely different set of technological advances.


                      What we’re talking about is something called a

                      Hybrid Aerospace-Underwater Craft, (HUAC pronounced “Hawk”)


                      First you need anti-gravity. We have that now, (in case you missed it) It’s called the.

                      High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator

                      Handily, this device provides for the function of both lift and propulsion, but not requiring aerodynamics and thrust old technology like, let’s say and airplane.


                      Now, the above-mentioned tech creates its own (localized) gravity. This provides for speed and maneuverability with 0 g-force. However, these capabilities require shielding…

                      Electromagnetic Field Generator and method to generate an Electromagnetic Field (EFG)

                      The electromagnetic field generator includes a shell, an electrostatic generator, a power plant, a thermoelectric generator, and an electric motor. The shell has embedded polycrystalline ferroelectric ceramic material which is polarized such that the ceramic material exhibits strong Piezoelectric Effect properties thus inducing high frequency vibrations. The shell may be further doped with radioactive elements which under high frequency vibrations induce gamma ray emission. The electrostatic generator is for charging up the shell and is disposed within the shell. The power plant is to generate thermal power and is disposed within the sphere. The thermoelectric generator is to convert the thermal power generated by the power plant to electrical energy. The electric motor powered by the electrical energy generated by the thermoelectric generator, and supplies input voltage such that the shell spins at high angular speeds, vibrates at high frequencies, and generates an electromagnetic field.

                      Sorry for the copy paste above. I’m just not sure my layman explanation would be accurate. “Shields up Captain”


                      Obviously, its going to take more than a nine-volt battery to power this baby.

                      Fortunately, we have some new Tech here as well. Posting the next part probably won’t make the energy companies very happy and might enrage the populous as to why we’re still burning fuel for energy, but here it is.

                      The Plasma Compression Fusion Device

                      The US Navy has authorized the publication of a patent for a nuclear fusion reactor that can both generate enormous quantities of power and yet be small enough to be fitted on mobile platforms.

                      It is claimed in the patent application that this plasma compression fusion device is capable of producing power in the gigawatt (1 billion watts) to terawatt (1 trillion watts) range and above with input power only in the kilowatt (1,000 watts) to megawatt (1,000,000 watts) range.

                      By comparison, America’s largest nuclear power plant, the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona, generates around 4,000 megawatts (4 gigawatts), and the A1B nuclear reactors designed for the Navy’s Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers generate around 700 megawatts.


                      Note: this patent is still pending


                      We got the Tech, we got the power source, now we just need to store this massive amount of power. Well guess what. (this tech is so advanced; spell check doesn’t accept it…BUR!)

                      Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor

                      This “room temperature superconductor” is what would ultimately store the electrical power produced by the nuclear fusion reactor. The superconductor would also enable the HAUC and other mobile platforms to operate for extended periods if the nuclear fusion reactor went offline, and a back-up power supply had to be used.


                      Check the links for moar info.

                      Implications of this Tech goes far beyond building a spaceship, but the spaceship encapsulates the info into an easily deliverable package. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

                      Consolidated patents above and more here.

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                      • Good thing you brought this back to the front. Somehow missed BroMikey's reference to the possibilities of energy storage in the RTSC Cable.

                        This search link should give you a link at the top of the page to Salvatore Cezar Pais PHD Disseratation on so-called bubble generation under the following title.
                        "PhD dissertation Bubble generation under reduced gravity conditions for both co-flow and cross-flow configurations"

                        PhD dissertation Bubble generation under reduced gravity conditions for both co-flow and cross-flow configurations
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                        • Hmm...

                          Well I thumbed through the dissertation and it is interesting how it begins with a lengthy discussion about fluid and bubbles. It's presented couched in the religion of officially approved science, and yet the whole is essentially all about the Anther and it's behavior, but without having to mention the unspeakable.

                          Nothing here is intended to take away from Salvatore Cezar Pais. However, to take this convoluted, nearly incomprehensible, and boring as paint drying evidence to trial, and expecting that with this evidence, presented to a jury (who was still breathing) would follow along, understand, and then convict is begging fate. Your chances for success would be just about zero. In other words, the only people whom this means anything too are the piously devout (blinded by science crowd), and frankly that's scary since these people are the only ones the propaganda bothers to rubber stamp, everyone and everything else is crack-pot science.

                          Nothing going on there huh? The game is hardly rigged at all~
                          Makes me worry about future generations. Whose going to tell them there's another game?

                          Now I know I'm lecturing again but I can't say this enough; my advice is read it at your own risk.Officially approved science is a program and all programs come with risks of viral infections: Proceed with caution. If you're aware and an inventor then it may be considered useful. Primarily because it comes with a staged set of explanations and mathematical proofs which can be used as regurgitated scripture to explain cause and effect for acceptance by the un-aware (read; getting around roadblocks), and in this context it is useful; just so long as you yourself can remain relatively assured that it will not infect your reasoning ability. Something which I think is difficult to combat given the dedication to petrified in stone beliefs surrounding the educated, and which argues strongly that the potential for infection is great, and so be aware that being sucked in to that cult is a possibility: Counter NBC gear is recommended; always prepared isn't just for boy scouts.

                          Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

                          In the abstract it begins;
                          "A craft using an inertial mass reduction device"
                          "comprises an inner resonant cavity wall, and an outer resonant cavity, and microwave emitters."

                          As a single sentence you're being told that gravity is the result of "inertial mass." (Syntax can lead you and It can do this without being noticed). Words are not just words: They are the means by which human beings are programed, otherwise known as education, and which to the aware also potentially means possible indoctrination; also known as brainwashing.

                          Now think about this in terms of what we have ourselves concluded in this thread. That here, on this planet, the surrounding aether is in a state of chaos. The aether exiting mass colliding with other aether produces a chaotic, or vibratory state, and here we have the same understanding but presented another way, the officially approved way, by the way, and that the means to reduce weight in mass (Woodward Effect) is to create essentially the same state in a shell surrounding a vehicle. Sounds a lot like cloaking doesn't it?

                          Notice this explanation isn't going beyond that. It can't do that, it can't say there's this Aether that's producing this vibratory state, the explanation has to stay with the officially approved story of how things work. It has to invent another reason that this state of affairs exists. Now remember the Italian whom in 1915 invented a radio balloon aeroplane? It's in this thread. Might want to reconsider just how hip and modern this understanding actually is.

                          Out of order comes chaos, known more commonly in reversed form as; "Out of chaos comes order."
                          Certainly he should know.

                          Observe carefully this patent. What do we already know? Yes, it could be creating this shell, or cloaking effect, but there is more going on. Pull this form out lengthwise, make it dark, think Michael Schratt, and then observe the shell lining are tetrahedrons. Now, do you still think this tetrahedron is only doing what it's purported to be doing, least ways that and that alone? Fall back and punt, or refer back to the Das Punk gif, possibly some magnets and beer cans, but God Forbid we should think of resorting to physical proofs like a prosecutor might have use in a court of law to prove guilt.
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                          • One of Ken Wheelers' key insights lies ~in between~ what a magnet weighs compared to what it can interact with.

                            Form follows function: That is a fundamental of engineering design, and you can literally see that fundamental of engineering design encased in the Vril drawings, and that these design criteria are fundamentally the same ones embodied in the ideas of Ken Wheeler.

                            Wheeler has, in effect, said that by compression of the magnetic field you can produce a loss of weight. The form of the tetrahedron and it's interaction with the dielectric field can act as a mirror: That the tetrahedron form can by itself produce the effect. The purpose of these forms is to inject in to a sphere what amounts to a de~facto magnetic field. This is what those Vril drawings are aimed at replicating with these shapes; to hold a compression of dielectric field inside the sphere.

                            The sphere exists to contain the magnetic dielectric field in a ~dielectric~ compression chamber. An idea that may well take us back to T. Townsend Brown where it's been noticed that capacitor soakage effect may be due to dielectric compression. Who here now thinks that these people didn't crock this idea of compression of the dielectric Aether as a key concept to understanding the manipulation of weight in mass?

                            See, Ken Wheeler is right about this because some people understood or had some sense of it as far back as the turn of the last century, and you can now literally see that they did once you understand what Ken Wheeler has told us about the nature of weight in mass, and with that understanding you can now look upon their efforts and see that it was all directed towards those ends. Maybe they didn't have it all figured out, or maybe they did,quite frankly I think they did, what we have are the filtered bits and pieces and then the titanic lies constructed to obscure truth.

                            Don't waste your time following the pathways convention has laid out. They are not there to help you. Instead, focus on means to achieve what you already understand, such as dielectric compression. Focus on the thoughts of how the Aether moving through the ionic bonds in matter produces an incoherence which leads to weight by producing an incoherent magneto~electric magnetic field.

                            If you produce a place for Aether to move towards which provides it a point which is less massive in scale than that of the original body then you've produced a false mass. Think of a sphere inside another sphere and then inside another sphere. Each sphere smaller and smaller and towards which the Aether is now flowing would be creating a de~facto smaller and smaller piece of mass.

                            Thinking about this says that logically the inducted aether is bouncing around inside the ionic bonds of our carbon based bodies, and in so doing it is creating a state of incoherent reverberating vibrations, but more significantly every vibration is a result of collisions with other inducted Aether, each seeking a way out of the body, and showing that the Aether is trying to find an escape route, and in so doing it's retracing the ionic bonds and generating a greater magneto-electric field as it seeks a means to exit the body. This is equally true for all matter. I think you would call that resistance in normal electrical parlance.
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                            • This is something that's leaping way over where we are at but which I've wanted to bring forward for others to think about, and it has to do with ORMES and what at least some ORMES may be capable of producing, and what some other ORMES may be capable of producing.

                              ORMES are of course officially denied compounds because ORMES are delusional constructs of dangerous pesudo~scientific groups. I'm telling you this just to be fair least ye should become corrupted with the idea that there might actually be something to ORMES.

                              One of the more interesting claims involving orbitaly re~arranged molecules is that one type has the claimed ability to disappear when heated.

                              As evidenced by video's, UFO's can become invisible, and their invisibility is in the calculated heat range of the Far IR band range. If you have a mineral, or crystal, or other substance such as say the officially denied types, and which distorts in heat to only allow the infrared range of light, or EM band to be emitted or filtered out of the reverberations of surrounding incoherent dielectric counterspace, wouldn't this be a great material to apply to the hull of a vehicle which heats up due to say a state wherein, a pile of quartz crystals, laid out to produce a very high speed rotational piezo~electrical discharges has, as a by~product, the creation of high heat?

                              Another reason you shouldn't ever think ORMES could be real has to do with this idea that by compression of the magnetic field you can reduce weight. Stated another way, give incoherent dielectric counterspatial energy a place to get back to nature, and without the hassle of having to passing through ionic bonds, and you're likely to achieve the same results. In other words, this weight gravity problem is really a bit like a grounding issue. All the inducted dielectric counterspatial Aether wants is to get back to where it came from and you're the resistance in it's way.

                              What this means is that if you could say eat something, or wear something, and which itself acted as the conduit for the inducted Aether to return to the incoherent surrounding counterspace, and without having to do quite so much jocking around inside your own body, then ...then...well just maybe you could like levitate.

                              Isn't it interesting how we have these fictional stories about invisible men, usually drinking or injecting themselves with some mysterious substance, and isn't it interesting how we have these stories of people levitating and flying? Could it all be less fictional and more real than we know? Something to think about.

                              Finally, this business of rotating magnetic fields.
                              For whatever reason the night crew sometimes does work which I have not requested. Maybe they figure that by doing something I will shut up and stop asking for crap, so anyways sitting there not thinking too much when I realized that logically if you arrange a set of these tetrahedrons in a linear stacked line and arrange them around a circle you would be, or should be, projecting the dielectric polarity of your choice in a spiral or orbital. Hopefully you gather the gist. Just go back a few pages and see the graphic I did on the stacked tetrahedrons. Remember, these can act as reflectors of the dielectric field. Remember that by layering, or stacking tetrahedron on tetrahedron, the apparent resultant effect becomes greater. If counterspace is composed of matrix of crystalline forms it's not a fabric, it's not a frozen web of interlinked crystalline particles, rather it is a crystalline fluid whose form is that of a tetrahedron, and whose incoherent nature can self organize.

                              By arranging the tetrahedron in to stacked layers they become a somewhat flexible chain whereby funneling a directed polarity becomes possible. You can siphon off the positive or negative and direct them, such as in creating a pair of counter spiraling helix forms such as creates a tornado. Ok, well this is all pretty primitive steam punk like, but still cool, and of course once you understand this idea then other simpler, but maybe more intellectually challenging ones can replace these iron horse like primitive tools with others. For example, tubes, laser's, and liquids.
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                              • Every once in a while I try to touch bases with the UFO experience crowd to see what's been taken in recently. Two select one's I'm posting because one has a video that's been enhanced and is very telling, while the other is a photo which is also telling, not just in form but in the understanding of how fast these vehicles are moving inside our atmosphere, so fast that the human eye cannot detect them.

                                At 56 seconds in the video has a side bar close up enhancement. I have not seen one done like this nor video of this quality. You would be tempted to say CGI until you see the cropped blow up of the passing object. Both the video and the photo are now becoming comprehensible are they not?

                                Remember now George Pigott's levitating silver balls and the black banding.
                                This video was edited out of Reddit as noted in the comments left on Youtube.


                                Accidental photo capture in the image below. From Riverside CA. March 22, 2020


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