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An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle

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  • Originally posted by Gambeir View Post

    I think it's safe to say that we now have the basics.
    We understand what produces gravity.
    Everything else is now open to the innate creativity of our species.

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    • Listen up Comrades, it's not enough to merely rotate the magnetic field, it appears the rotation of the magnetic fields has to form waves to create pressure modulations. Schauberger understood this business. After thinking on this I sense the Alexey levitator's somewhat flimsy plate that's holding the magnets is both what makes the device possible, as well as what is making it so difficult to get going, because if I'm right about this then the magnets need to follow a cam like movement which traces a wave, a rising and falling path as it transits around. I think a fortunate series of accidents makes the Alexey levitator possible because of the materials and somewhat sloppy flexing of the plate can fall in to some resonance and end up creating this wave as it spins: That's speculation of course.

      Notice in the illustration there is a totality of movement of the orbit through all Axis. There seems to be a vacuuming effect as well because this wave is again traced out but this time moving in and outwards.

      The cursed star, our sun, is constantly trying to ditch us in deep space by moving away because the planets face the star in a vertical plane. The planets follow in tow of the gigantic monster, which is I guess also rotating. Remember, this illustration is only for communicating the idea. I'm not an astrophysicist and haven't checked on the rotations of the solar bodies. I only wanted to bring this concept forwards first and deal with the complexity later. I'm sure there's plenty of you out there who might help in that area. It's important to know which direction the bodies are rotating and spinning.

      Now remember Wheeler does a lot of babbling about pressure. I tend to think in those terms to comprehend the actions.

      Tera's Orbit_II.png
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      • Yes, yes...I know for God's sake...well I sort of know.
        Great graphic BTW. Not sure who you ripped that off from but nice job. It's magical really: Perfectly illustrates the concept of form creating energy out of the Aether. Conversion/transmutation/creation

        Overlay them now and make a Dodecahedron. All joking aside, thanks, it really does prove a picture is worth a thousand words.
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        • This post by Aljhoa maybe the most important post in this whole thread. This is a key here: A big one.
          Aljhoa, to be honest I hadn't thought about this: Which I agree is pretty short sighted as it seems obvious in retrospect.

          Ok, so just to be clear here, and to fill in for others how this seemingly obtuse business fits together with this whole inquiry; the gist of this matching of opposed prisms is that by using this arrangement, known as a recombination, what we are really looking at with crystalline forms is power transmission via crystals utilizing prism/optical technology and what is specifically of interest is that we can bend the EM field to our liking using this concept. So at least this much is now another important part of understanding the role of crystalline forms in gravity power fields.

          In a nut shell, this is about bending or re~vectoring the EM/Gravity field.
          Recall in Ken's video that the idea here is to re-orient the EM field from vertical to elsewhere.

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          • So 3 years and 87 pages later we have finally arrived at a reasonable hypothesis to explain the Alien Reproduction Machine. I think it needs to be said that the reason we have a solution is due to Mark McCandlish sharing what information he had with me and which launched this thread in the first place.

            What should have been obvious was not seen. In the future this case will become one of most studied cases of group mind control ever demonstrated. Much lies ahead but we have succeeded and with it 70 years of criminal constructs have now been demolished.

            Material losing weight in mass and the association to crystals is explained with the realization of how crystals can be used to bend the EM field. This so called weight reduction/nullification is what finally explains the ARV's so called capacitor plates and enables a realistic understanding of how to create real flying saucers.



            I hope that everyone can now clearly see the connections. I hope that people in the future will give Mr. McCandlish due credit and remember him.
            "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


            • Originally posted by Gambeir View Post

              I hope that everyone can now clearly see the connections. I hope that people in the future will give Mr. McCandlish due credit and remember him.

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              • Originally posted by robur View Post
                Sorry, I guess I'm a little all over the place, the thing is that we are diverted with information put in to the matrix, such as Townsend Brown's gravitors, which was probably done to divert attention away from such things as Walter Russell's ideas about "Black Light" and Vortex's, Viktor Schauberger whose drawing of "Otherworldly Vehicle" is virtually a dead ringer for the Alexey, and now Ken Wheeler whose research has combined with the Ferrocell to show a new path.

                I been working in the direction of TT Brown's gravitons for a while now.
                You can't imagine how HARD it is to explain to some lifter fan to leave lifter and try something else.
                I tried so many times and always failed as none of them want even to hear about making a lifter out of anything then balsa wood foil and wire.

                Perhaps Spacecase0 might recall when we used to talk last year I offered to send him ready made disks for testing.
                I made some TT Brown effect disks and sent to friend who tested.
                That hasn't yet been published so I cannot disclose without permission any details.

                However, it relates to my mentioning sandwiches and high-spin materials.

                Other devices in your text Gambeir are beyond my means. They need a huge amount of money, tools and workshop to even get close.
                I would settle for any result as long as it is replaceable.
                sorry for the delay time,

                the test you asked me to do at first that you were going to send parts to is kind of pointless,
                I have built the same thing before and it works just fine....

                as to the second thing you asked me to build,
                tools vanished from my locked and alarmed workshop (with no alarm getting set off),
                previously built hardware was also gone.
                reproductions of very proven hardware that I have built in the past and had it work just fine failed.
                not sure what is following you, but building things for you seems to be cursed in some way.
                and that seems to me that nothing will mess with things like that if the idea is worthless.
                if the ideas were worthless, they would fail on there own.
                I still think you are on to something.
                it is just that reality seems to break around tests being done for you. and they do that way way more often than they should.


                • My thumbnail sketch of Wheeler's dielectric simplex theory of gravitation.
                  *Theory is; incoherent magnetic ray's pass through matter undetected producing a magneto~electric response (creating a magnetic field), which results in mutual mass attraction in matter due to an incoherent magnetic field in matter, and resulting in producing what we call gravity.*This incoherent field is a cast off creative product produced out of a coherent magnetic field such as our own Star.

                  In the year 1813, Professor Morichini of Rome discovered that steel, exposed to the violet rays of the solar spectrum becomes magnetic. Wondering about this he exposed only one end of a needle to violet ray to see if he produce a monopole, or needle with say just the south pole, and found that the violet ray magnetized the whole of the needle producing a uniform magnet.

                  Now we already know that aluminum is rarely found in nature in pure form. Nevertheless it is the most abundant metallic element on the surface of Earth and is said to be concentrated in the outer 10 miles of the Earths' crust, and according the encyclopedia Britannica is present in virtually all animals, plants, and minerals. We further know that aluminum (when polished) can reflect around 92+% of visible light, and 98%+ medium and far infrared radiation. Similar to a prism the light/radiation which is reflected is dependent on the angle of incidence depending on the ray.

                  However...*In nature aluminum reflects nothing and it is evidently partial to a specfic frequency of radiation.

                  Now we can notice here that there are gaps in the spectral color/frequencies

                  In 1964 a constant signal at the microwave wavelength of 7.35 cm was found that was evenly distributed across the heavens.
                  "Terahertz photons delineate a black hole because they come from deep within its gravitational well."
                  However a non religious reading has other meanings.

                  Now if you're pumping microwaves and or more recently terahertz waves in to quartz or crystalline material then it's going to get hot. You've got to be venting the selected crystalline materials and cooling it or parking places to allow it to cool. You've got have an afinity for H20, ice, lakes, rivers, and probably undersea voyages might come in handy too.

                  Inspired by the Grangemouth and Falcon Lake UFO incident another previous attempt at deciphering a UFO.


                  Falcon Lake Skeptics Review
                  The problem with the view here is it's refuted by the Grangemouth incident: The photo's and descriptions are of the same machine, and the skeptics view projects the whole incident as a story of another drunk Canadian somehow injuring himself. It paints a convincing story util you compare the two case descriptions of the so-called UFO.


                  Image of the Grangemouth UFO seen from directly underneath.
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                  • dielectric-light-spectrum.png

                    It appears to me that the geometry of, and composition of, the crystalline formations and or their ionic bonds are key to understanding ways to manipulate the aether. A clue here is to look at a prism as example of a crystal filter and matter is basically composed of crystal formations. Now, just as Ken explains in this video, with the color spectrum of light the same principle of the smaller the size, the greater the capacitance of light also applies, and so that violet light which can magnetize steel/iron is compact/shorter/ect.

                    Essentially all matter is composed of interlocking crystalline forms. How the crystalline composition of matter is arranged, and what shape it is, these are features which determine the degree of coherency of the dielectric counterspatial medium that passes through them. Recalling here that light is the result of induction and magnetism is the result of coherency. In short the crystalline forms and their geometry must then act as gateways to the dielectric medium. If you think on this idea of light containing energy, which is an illusion because that energy is all around us in totality as the dielectric field, but if you do look at it that way and then call up Isaac Newton using two prisms, one flipped, which is siphoning off a ray, then that is a pictorial image of the concept of crystalline formations acting as gateways in matter.

                    Matter which doesn't exhibit a manifestly coherent, ie magnetic field, is nevertheless producing an magnetic field. It may be considered incoherent because virtually all matter has a measurable magnetic field. Our public level of understanding of the cross correlations and interplay between crystals and the dielectric field is not well recognized, but understanding that these crystalline formations are what is determining the outcome of the surrounding counterspatial medium in matter is what does matter.

                    Now in this Daft Punk art we have color, we have colors specific to the people, we have two helmets with face pieces which are at 90 degree angles (perpendiculars). We have space in space we have tetrahedrons. Daft Punk may have fallen in to the rabbit hole by happy coincidence, but the people who managed and oversaw them were anything but accidental. We were being shown something and in a very big way which to this day remains. The aware need only comb through the thousands of images to see for themselves.

                    Daft Punk Tetraherons.png

                    Now there's a reason to this because we got these black lines within the spectrum. It's interesting too because infinity in counterspace is a plane whereas here it is a point and so looking at the color spectrum we have vertical dark lines, and in Kens' video he tells us that a black hole is a voidance of the dielectric field which results in a magnitude/volume without mass/weight.

                    Ok, so let's go back now to the beginning of this story to see if we recognize shared common features in vehicles/devices said to have been able to levitate. In other words, we are looking for corroborating cause and effect by cross validation of features shared designs, and which begin with the experimental Vril Saucer drawings, the Otis Carr OTC-X1, the ARV, and the Alexey Device.

                    The very first of these legendary machines uses a set of tetrahedrons and a rotating sphere. We know that it is the sphere which rotates because the design utilizes a counter torque propeller on the bottom. This is a trick well know to primitive simplified early model helicopters, both rubber powered and gas/nitromethane fueled ones. It's fundamentally no different than an anti-torque tail rotor common to modern helicopters so there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it is the sphere which is spinning.

           if we listen to Ken what's really happening then? It looks to me like the idea is to send this material collected by the tetrahedrons to a center point in the middle of the sphere.

                    So it's the sphere which is spinning and not the tetrahedron forms. I presume, perhaps in error, that those forms are made from a paramagnetic material such as aluminum, and that the feed points are placed in the middle crease of the form with a fine tip just hanging as closely as possible to the body of the sphere. The idea here seems to be that the spinning ball in the caged area is taking in the aether via the tetrahedron forms which are V-gates. So the idea appears to be that these tetrahedron forms act to both collect and to then focus the dilectric field in to the ball/sphere.

                    It appears that the sphere is hollow: It has to be hollow because the outside with the tetrahedrons represents space and the solar winds hitting the atmosphere of earth (*At least that's how I think this works right now), and that the inside is our planet, and so it seems you have to have an isolated/contained ball, a de facto planet, in order to obtain the same outcome as earth and hence gravity. The whole idea appears to be that it was understood that the earth was suspended in a flowing EM field/solar wind of the Star our Sun.


                    Now we have the so-called Karl Schappeller Device, but was it really Karl's creation, or was it derived from the Schumann levitator? Notice how closely the Schappeller Device is described by the theoretical projection of the earth in the image below. In fact if you carefully read over the description of the Schappeller Device it is amazingly similar, and the manner and way that the electret's are employed and described as energy producing collectors it makes a great deal of sense.

                    My question is what happens when you take the feeds from the tetrahedrons, shown in the Vril drawing, and instead apply those to the Schappeller device?

                    It's important here to remember that the whole reason for including the Schappeller Device is that it isn't all Schappeller, it's evidently missing the Schumann ELF Wave generator, which may have been this bell like thingy we see in other drawings of the Vril saucer cutaways. How important that is I cannot say at this time but it is interesting that the design has
                    a mirror of sorts in the widely know plasma sphere which can be readily bought


                    Donald Scott Illustration Sun Polar Flip.jpg

                    I can't find anything on the Schumann levitator, but I feel the Schappeller device either is the Schumann levitator, or shares some of it's secrets. So it looks to me like the Schappeller Device was originally known as the Schumann levitator said to have been developed by Maria Orsic of the Vril Society and Physicist Winfried Otto Schumann of the famed Schumann frequency. So the Karl Schappeller Device appears to me to make up the core of the first experimental Virl Saucers.

                    Comparing the Vril drawings with the Alexey device, the OTC-X1, and the ARV there's a certain shared commonality among them. See a sphere as a circular plate for example. I'm working my own way through this now that I can see a little more clearly.

          ;lpg=PA198&a mp;dq=Jensei tsflugmaschine&source=bl&ots=PM8AAyCoa-&sig=ACfU3U2l6IuDHq25NxCR0uYD4iJpHv30LA&amp ;hl =en&sa=X &ved=2ahUKEwi3oI_shO3nAhXMIDQIHQVeBAk4ChDoA TAI egQI CRAB#v=onepage&q=Jenseitsflugmaschine&f=fa lse
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                    • Bear with me here in this seeming slight diversion before returning to the crux of the issue. So I'm rooting about the other night when I discover a web site I don't recall seeing before created by Brian Fraser (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)


                      Everything is there in Brians' website for us to make sense of how various UFO's operate with one exception; Ken Wheeler's dielectric simplex theory of magnetism and ya know; "Mother Nature doesn't do math." ~Ken Wheeler.

                      See, the issue before us now is no longer what causes gravity. Ken just told us as well as explaining why UFO's are the way they are. The issue before us is how do we make it happen and happen reliably. The previous video tells us what is happening and the evidence supporting Ken's video on this is overwhelmingly supportive of his conclusions.

                      These blurry, dark banded, black outlined, or just plain black dark UFO's are that way because of what Ken has described in the previous video, and it is what is making them possible as well. Brian's site has a whole area on this as well. Notice as well that these also have a tint around them typically said to be bluish in color. The image below shows both despite being Flir


                      Before we move on to address the manifest proof of what Ken's video describes let's address the elephant in the room of why nobody else has solved this antigravity issue, because I am certain that the basic explanation is given in Ken's video previously posted; it fundamentally explains the whole.

                      Everyone has heard the meme that the first step to recovery is to admit there is a problem. A fundamental of discovery is that to find truth you have to be willing to admit when facts do not add up. Phenomena as an explanation is the exception, not the rule, and when phenomena become the rule you're dealing with a pathological condition; a sociopath with a pathological obsession with lying. Pathological lying is a domination game based on a belief in intellectual superiority.

                      As for or part, most all of us have been trying to fix a problem with tools that were put in a repair box by idiot savants and quite frankly that's problem one. In the context of anti-gravity the lies of conventional physics are so numerous, so illogical, and are so manifestly fictional creations designed to steer away from truth that only someone who is delusional can still remain convinced of the correctness of the stories. Indoctrination is brainwashing which is mind control. We are all mostly indoctrinated as opposed to being educated: Two completely different things.

                      This whole entire business of so called advanced physics, and beginning with Einstein, and now this completely wack`ed quantum, seems to be nonsense that has been an intentional and systematic disinformation operation. One indoctrinated in to peoples minds under the guise of education. Until we are willing to see that we are never ever going to get of the box because who but idiots would allow an idiot to fill their own tool box with the tools they need to fix a problem with?

                      History should always be your first guide and once you realize that another physics existed, something almost lost, and then realize that the Nazi flying saucers were not as fictional as they have been made out to be, then the whole of history since the fall of the Third Reich begins to take on another dimension. A dimension of lies and deceptions, so something the Nazi's would have been equally comfortable with no doubt, and so it's one thing to read Henry Steven thumbnail explanation of the theory of the Aether, it's quite another when you see the image below of the Nazi Scientists standing in the American wastelands with a sign overhead emblazoned with the Swastika painted on a flying saucer and flanked by oxen yokes. Scientists are beasts of burden, fixed to the yokes of whoever owns them, which in this case, for better or worse, turned out to be some apparatchik of the military industrial intelligence complex of the United States of America.

                      Yes, that is Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun standing under the oxen yoke third from the right. Supposedly somewhere in America's New Mexico Deserts shortly after being picked up under operation paper clip if I recall correctly.

                      Given the evidence, is it any wonder that President Eisenhower's departing message was about the percarious dangers our nation faced?

                      Allowing the thoughts of idiot savants to mold what you think simply because they agree among themselves as idiots about the way things work, and then to do that given that these same idiots are supported, if not altogether guided by a systematic slew of propagandized phony science organizations whom give awards and titles to these same guided idiots, and whom are then rewarded for being useful idiots with postions inside a so-called educational system as experts, is a case of either being an idiot yourself, or one of simply not being aware enough to realize the scope of and the rationality behind this system which has created the state of affairs that does exist today~

                      IMO this is the only rational deduction one could make given the evidence. Allowing people whom have been proven in some instances to have been involved with an intentional systematic scheme to idoctrinate lies and deceptions as truths under the guise of education is altogether insane.

                      Everytime these people attack Ken Wheeler with their hatred what they are really doing is plunging a knife in to your back and in the backsides of your kids and all future generations. I'm not kidding about this either. Whether intentional or not the outcome will not be to our benefit, nor our kids, nor to future generations. Science is not supposed to be a religion, and if these self proclaimed knowitall's haven't yet succeeded after almost a century then I susupect they never will: Don't you?

                      Having said all this, realize that when I started this freaking thread I was just like everyone else, and that I too was trying to figure this mystery out using so called convention, conventions which were filled with ideas created from idiot savants, only I didn't know that. Instead I was to find my own discovery of the insanity of their ideas and of their proposed solutions, such as planetary levels of power, which is an example that showed me they were brilliant but still idiots, so idiot savants, and these conclusions and ideas which they proposed are what really just broke the back of me believing any of their ideas any further.

                      Then when I discovered Ken Wheeler there again came these peoples fanatical insistance in the correctness of their own beliefs, which were conclussions they had been taught, that they were indoctrinated with, and I realized this is what has killed science and caused many to give up entirely, because these so called conventional priests of science had transcended science to form religious fanaticism and zealotry whose pathological and deadly venom was no longer interested in truth, merely in assuring that it's own ideals were the only ones dominating the thoughts of all others.

                      Eventually even I had to conclude that convention was flat out crazy as hell. It is, in fact, so crazy that I have now concluded that anyone who thinks otherwise is either crazy themselves, or so mind controlled as be dangerously indoctrinated with ideas taught under the guise of an education in physics that they are blind to rational thought, and that my friends is a literal definition of insanity as well as of dangerous people generally speaking

                      The audacity of the claims of these crazies can easily be found in the comments under nearly all of Ken Wheelers videos. Notes left by raving lunatics brainwashed with indoctrinations forwarded under a so-called professional education system as part of a so called science under rational physics.Those scribblings are often times filled with irrational venom which can only be matched by poltical, racial, or religious hatred. These are the footnotes left by the educated to insanity lunatics whose steadfast belief in the rightness of their cause blinds them to truth and makes them unwilling to admit there are problems.

                      "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" ~ Voltaire

                      Voltaire the chains of fools.png

                      Now the reason for me putting this here is that it concerns our lives and the lives of every living creature on this planet and it has been for that reason that I've been unwilling to pretend that aliens create Ufo's when the evidence is overwhelming that it's all been, as Daft Punk put's it; "Human after all."
                      People like Ken Wheeler need to be defended and protected from raving lunatics and so far as I know he is the only one who does actually need to be recognized as a lightning rod for these mental defectives.

                      Now let us get back to the issue at hand more directly.

                      The reason we cannot understand the fundamental simplicity behind the concept of gravity is that we are using the physics created by lunatics. Even something as seemingly crazy as this reconstructed image coming out of a report to the National UFO Center can now be looked upon with near complete understanding but only if you're listening to what Ken is explaining and in the way that he explains it. The guy that reported this was dumbstruck as we would be, but he wasn't crazy and neither are other people, but I seriously doubt this was the result of alien invaders: Criminals probably yes, invaders not likely.


                      Again, Brian Fraser's site has alot of information including a section on the dark banding surrounding UFO's. I don't need to repeat his fantastic work here. Go there and lose yourself for a few days or weeks. This all begins with George Piggot's experiments with electrogravity where it's noticed that dark bands surround the levitating objects. There's also a section on Tesla's screwing around that evidently left it's marks on the entire surrounding landscape for quite a while.

                      The dielectric accelerates inwards upon the Star
                      . Light exists because there is an incoherent magnetic cloud in the vicinity of a coherent magnetic field and to which either the dieletric, or the magnetic field, or both are in a state of motion; crossing each other at perpendiculars angles (induction).

                      Out of it in Oregon, aliens flee the backwards inhabitants and their miscreant livestyles of endless pot smoking and burlap clothing shops. The years was 1968 and the issue appears to be what are we dealing with; more lies and deceptions with people who have had their brains monkeyed with because these machines do not scream out aliens, especially given what we now understand, or seriously why would we have this primitive vagabond showing up then as opposed to now?


                      Whether aliens are a real problem is one for the Pentagram to deal with. As for us the issue is not how this form of levitation works; we now understand the concept if not the execution, and so to me the value here is to look at these reports with greater awareness of what they might be able to tell us about the machines and the abduction tractor beams.

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                      • Why can't Johnny understand what he's looking at? Well for one thing the physics he's been taught about gravity is bougus BS for starters. Here from Dec 2019 a still frame from a video taken in Costa Rica. Again with the dark energy....hint,,,hint. Look people they think we are dumber than a door knob, and we are all being made out to be dim witted dunces with thinly veiled jokes involving dark matter, dark energy, ect, and so the idea that people are gulping down this nonsense is proof to the people who control this technology that you are undeserving of anything other than absolute slavery. Never mind that they knew how it worked because of others that they stole it from, or that they lied to you, your parents, and now your own kids. To them this doesn't matter. In short you're dealing with pscyopaths developing a rationalization for what they have done and are doing.

                        Now of course not all UFO's have a distinctive dark underbelly or surrounding bands. Some are blurry, some appear to have a plasma sheeting, others are glowing, some captured on FLIR have a very high temp, and so forth. With time we are going to be able to understand the cause and effect in greater detail, but even so these artifacts are things which can be explained as biproducts of various methods which might be employed to do what Ken explained in the previously posted video.

                        Right now let's just focus on the basics and so this image and video (being more recent) is posted to help convince you how right Ken Wheeler really is about all this. Yea you can try to explain it away but you can't explain away the overwhelming amount of other images. The evidence is simply overwhelming.


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                        • Sorry for the delay.

                          The basic concept to gravity or weight in mass is that there is an acceleration from the outside counterspatial dielectric inwards to a center point. This takes place, or begins to take place, once enough matter collects and that collection is a product of all matter having an incoherent magnetic field. The degree of coherency is a product of the crystalline formations and hence the cross correlation to PZT Ceramics stemming originally out of an understanding about Quartz as a piezoelectric. My research showed that in the United States the study and classification of crystals wasn't officially undertaken until 1960, and until that time the efforts to find a suitable alternative to nature hadn't (apparently) been seriously undertaken, but which explains the ARV's so-called capacitors as made from Herkimer Quartz as described my Mark McCandlish. The use of a natural stone would date the machine to most likely be built somewhere in the 1950's.

                          Now apparently there's more going on than simply what form of crystals create a PZT material. It's not clear whether I am correct but I have a hunch that more is involved and because of the way a prism acts upon light because crystalline forms in PZT's are transducers of the dielectric counterspatial field but not evidently in the same way that prism acts on light. Further, what exactly is taking place with a prism may or may not be as described by convention.

                          Consider that a Star or Planet is such because it has a coherent magnetic field (*it has poles). This means by definition that there is a cycling dielectric energy cloud of hyperspatial dielectric just as we see in the Ferrocell lens, only on a titanic scale, and so with a Star plowing through space and it is pulling in surrounding dielectric materia from the hyperspatial field, while we here on Earth have our own little magnet and which is also generating it's own counterspatial dielectric field. Now what did the God Michael Faraday say about this business of crossing fields?

                          The light that exists inside our own Star's heliopause is logically a result of the interchange between fields crossing as defined by Faraday. First we have a coherent dielectric counterspatial field cycling around and through our own Star, and that field moves toward a center point in the mass, and forming a coherent cycling field present in the Star. While at the same time the Star is moving and the surrounding space it moves through contains incoherent dielectric counterspatial materia, and that material, the hyperspatial field, it is accelerating towards the titanic mass of coherent dielectric, and is apparently feeding the Star as it moves and that gives or replenishes the Star new dielectric material out of the hyperspatial materium and giving it an ability to continue to generate coherent magnetic field. At least this is what I hypothesize right now.

                          You know what Ken is telling you is true because of two forms validating this theory. One is the color of light at the surface and which is violent moving to UV, and the other is nearly absolute proof of this theory of Ken's, and that is there are from time to time....wait for holes on the surface of our Star. Hmm....seems ever so familiar ...don't it?
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                          • There's a site is called Ovaltech which has done a lot of work on Antigravity ideas and has quite a bit of useful information. So once again I recommend taking a look at their material.

                            I'm afraid I didn't explain what I think what Wheeler is saying very well. Not too satisfied with what I wrote earlier so I've been thinking about how to restate the issue. Essentially we have to ask ourselves a simple question. Why can a magnet weigh only ounces and yet be able to lift 40 pounds like a neodymium magnet can? See Wheeler has carefully thought this out: Ken even posed the same question in a round about way in one of his videos sticking a magnet to a steel table top demonstrating 40+lbs of relative weight and then lifting it off and holding it one hand demonstrating 14 ounces of weight.

                            As a magnets field become stronger and stronger, then the magnetic field itself becomes denser and denser, and as it becomes denser it's strength grows, but this magnetic strength comes with the cost of a collapsing range of influence as the dielectric is compressed inwards. The stronger the magnet, the closer and closer toward the center of the magnet the field moves, and so this inwards retreat is caused by outside pressure forcing the magnetic inwards. However, the outside pressure doesn't change so what's changed then has to be that the velocity of the dielectric moving through the magnet is changed: The cycling rate of the dielectric seems to be the cause for this change in the magnetic field strength. We already know that the alignment of crystals produces magnetism in some materials: What's that tell us about rare earth magnets?

                            Since the Ferrocell lens shows us that the black hole is the centripetal convergence point where all visible light vanishes back in to the materium of hyperspace, and yet has retained this ubber magnetic/gravitational field, then we can deduce that these holes we see on the surface of the sun as black spots are caused by magnetic field collapsing back in to towards the center point of the star at those locations; alternatively a point where the outside hyperspatial, or the *incoherent magnetic field pressure overcomes the internal outward pressure of the condensed coherent magnetic field. It should now be obvious that the Black Sun was a direct reference to this understanding about the nature of gravity as magnetism: Something understood 80 years ago and secreted away from humanity.

                            We can see that in the first drawings of the experimental Vril saucer that the Germans understood this concept of compressing the magnetic field inwards. This idea of exerting an inwards pressure is shown as being implemented by trying to push inwards a magnetic field by directing a vectored dielectric field via three dimensional magnetic V-Gates, and while also using a spinning vacuum chamber (spherical ball) with an internal arrangement that most likely is what Karl Schappeller based his prime mover on.

                            So much for Nazi Saucers being hypothetical fictions of creative neo-fascists huh? Looks to me like they understood all this very well. Pretty hard to refute the existing evidence now don't ya think?

                            It's interesting because my mind is taken back to Egar Fouce's story of 250 thousand atmosphere's contained in a pressure chamber. Well you might make a vacuum container capable of withstanding 250,000 atmosphere's but you couldn't make one that could contain 250,000 atmosphere's.

                            There's 33.89 feet of water to one atmosphere of pressure. Still Edgars' claim of 250 thousand atmosphere's is basically absurd because that works out to over
                            8,474,881.06 feet of water and air is 18 times less dense than water. However if what they told Edgar left out a few details, which I just can't imagine, such as telling him it's vacuum pressure and it's not atmospheric pressure but rather dielectric pressure??? Like oh yea, we forgot....

                            As I said at the beginning of this thread I had a brief exchange with the late Edgar Fouche. I have never felt Edgar was a liar so what they were probably telling him was another sort of truth. Probably some element of truth to what they told him, only of course they were never telling him the actual truth. If all we were dealing with was atmospheric pressure then Edgars' story could be disregarded, but if we include these other concepts then there might be some truth to that story, because we aren't dealing with simply pure atmospheric pressure now are we?
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                            • People you have to think for yourselves. We have come a long ways with more to go and In hindsight it is easy to see what should have been seen and was not. Thanks to Wheeler we now have a simple and rational understanding of gravity as pressure.

                              This link is to a superb website featuring a contemporary version of gravity being a product of pressure and orbital mechanics.

                              Remember to think for yourself: OK?

                              My thoughts on this;
                              The Universe is not likely to be comprised of a matrix of crytalline shapped tetrahedrons at the planck scale. Why? Well for one thing you can see what Universe is composed of using a ferrocell lens and a magnet: The magnetic field is the so-called quantum field. That's what it, our Universe, is made of. It is a dielectric substrate moving in hyperspace at hypervelocity, so it's not a crystal, it's not anything we know of in physical form, but it is the source of energy, it is what creates the so called particles that these idiots in quantum physics say pop in to and out of existence, it is what creates magnetism which makes electricity. It is therefore highly unlikely that the Universe is composed of tiny crystals.

                              Universe is likely to be comprised of an isotope, a fluid, and which we call dielectric and in condensed form we know and can now even see that this hyperspatial isotope is magnetic, and it is also hyperspatial due to hyper velocity, and any, repeat, any tetrahedron form will interact with that dielectric substrate because it (the tetrahedron form/shape) creates pressure gradients, which then creates movement. The fluid moves and the particles move. This is basic Newtonian Physics in action: The Bazooka Efffect.

                              The flaw in the otherwise superb cited website is that space is what Tesla said it was and that it is most probably as described by Ken Wheeler as a shadow, which is a privation, but one thing it cannot be is a fabric, a matrix of crystalline particles. A particle is matter by definition. Space is not a fabric, it's not a crystal matrix, and we are not reflections created from alternative higher planes of reality: Complete idiocy.

                              The alternate plane of reality is hyperspatial in the realm of the dielectric isotope which comprises the magnetic field. Ken Wheeler tells us with complete logic that by compressing the dielectric magnetic field back to it's point of cycling, the point source, then here at that point is where you or whatever else is being compressed will vanish and meld with the hyperspatial field.

                              This is where the mysterious smoke rings pop into existence, except they aren't smoke, and what looks like smoke is instead the event horizons of a black hole left behind where matter moved from here to the hyperspatial field where magnetism resides. It is the point left where a hyperspatial machine made the jump to hyperspace. Those so-called smoke rings are not smoke rings. Just do a search on "mysterious smoke rings" and then look at the same facts involving so-called UFO's invisibility, dark banding, ect. Whole giant light bulb should be going off when you think of all this and then put Ken's compression theory in the mix.

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                              • Originally posted by Gambeir View Post
                                People you have to think for yourselves. We have come a long ways with more to go and In hindsight it is easy to see what should have been seen and was not. Thanks to Wheeler we now have a simple and rational understanding of gravity as pressure.

                                This link is to a superb website featuring a contemporary version of gravity being a product of pressure and orbital mechanics.

                                Remember to think for yourself: OK?
                                The author’s article, The Cause of Gravity: A Concept [Phys. Essays 25, 66 (2012)], proposes a physical cause-of-gravity concept. An important element of the concept is that a subatomic substance—aether—flows into and is expelled from cosmic bodies. The present article further develops this aspect of the gravity concept as follows: It describes inflowing aether and expelled aether as two distinct states of aether—thanks to two-state aether proposals of Karim Khaidarov and Héctor Múnera; It uses K. P. Atkins's “trout stream” analog to help visualize aether flowing into cosmic bodies; It considers evidence which indicates that aether flows into cosmic bodies; It explains why inflowing aether exerts more pushing force on atomic matter than expelled aether. This accounts for gravity being a one-way force; It demonstrates how inflowing aether accelerates and does so in conformity with the inverse square rule; It offers evidence of the speeds of inflowing aether; It explains why the planets do not slow down and spiral into the Sun as a result of encountering aether in their orbital paths; It explains the illusion of gravity between the Earth and the Sun appearing to be instantaneous action-at-a-distance.


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