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  • One of the biggest mysteries of 9/11: "toasted" cars up to nine blocks away from towers. Many cars had the engine compartment burned out and the engine blocks melted. Almost all cars have cast iron engine blocks (magnetic)

    Only footage of first plane hitting North Tower (CENSORED by Youtube)

    Many vehicles inexplicably overturned as well along with numerous other improbable or entirely unexplained forms of damage.

    Strange Fires in Northern California
    Examine the photo's for yourselves. Do these burned building make sense? Or do they make sense in another ways like financially similar to the questions raised about the Twin Towers?
    Strange Fires in Northern California
    California Fires

    Santa Rosa McDonlds

    Global Warming huh?
    Obviously there was a fire along the boarder of the highway, but folks that's not uncommon and brush fires like that don't typically burn down buildings a half block away, not to mention how did the fire cross the highways in the first place, let alone if there even was a fire on the other side. Please, who are they kidding, a freaking freeway that's about a million times better than any fire break made by dozers in forest fires. You're not looking at nature here people.

    This is why we have to get this figured out because rather obviously the people in control have no qualms about using this technology to whatever ends suits them.

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    • Technology favors tyranny. Today New York, tomorrow Santa Rosa, the day after tomorrow the world.

      We all want to ignore these disturbing things. Makes it easy for the enemies of humans to pretend there are so many freak events, and of course aliens do these things.

      Now, why do we wonder why the politico's are nutters? Look no further than the truths shown in the links to explain why they are all doing whatever they are told whether we like it or not.

      We are all within a hairs breath of having the iron fist removed from the velvet glove and the reason for all of this is corrupted science.

      This is not even a scratch on the surface of what's been going on. Wait till someone you know and love disappears and then we will see if you're tuned up enough to care.

      First Published: October 6, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth
      The Missing 411 Conspiracies – A Case Study

      There are several Xtremely unusual vanishings. People who disappeared literally within a block of people going to meet them for example. Many cases involve phones left behind literally dropped on the ground, and then day's or even weeks later their bodies are found either in water or near water. Water cross correlations as a signature mark involved in suspicious cases.

      This one however involves more and has a cross correlation to the spider motif which the aware know is a hallmark signature of occult/black ops.
      Missing 411 Remote Viewing Project: Case #12 Why the case of Darwin Kenneth Vest should be a Missing 411 case.
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      • Why I'm bringing this here is that what follows may be of some assistance to others in trying to imagine how these people like Philo Farnsworth saw this energy we call electrons. Philo Farnsworth thought there were no such things as electrons but that they were instead rays. Supposedly he was pressured in to going along with the story about there being electrons.

        Well so I now find that room temperature super conduction cable shares in an explanation of this statement which may be useful to consider.

        Suppose that if what we are want to call an electron were to instead be called a point, a point spinning around a core fore example, and then suppose you applied tension/stress to this point and that it also happened to be stretchable, then you would have a ray extending down along a core and around which it would warp itself since it's in rotation.

        This is what Farnworth was talking about, that this electron would instead stretch itself out along a dielectric conductor and become a ray like a rubber band.

        If you have an aluminum disc with a bonded dielectric such as teflon (PTFE) and then spin that plate perpendicular to a magnets' polar field, the stated effect is that the aluminum can become quote, "super-conductive."

        The rub here is that aluminum is a paramagnetic material which supposedly becomes magnetic in a motional magnetic field. This implies that while there is a moving magnetic field across/along the surface of the aluminum it develops a "ghost magnet" inside the aluminum.

        The question is; is it a ghost magnet or are we instead making a connection to counter space and thereby becoming super-conductive?

        Aluminum is of course a conductor and which using convention says it will carry along an electron. However, the hypothesis of superconduction is there is no magnetic field inside a material when it becomes super conductive. Saying instead that in super conduction the Meissner effect is the expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor.

        Well which is it? A ghost magnet as in paramagnetism or a connection to counter space which we call super conduction?

        Now the holy grail has supposedly been a room temp super conductor, and yet here it has been all along with aluminum and teflon. The question is; what's actually taking place?

        A UFO Case from Nov 5th 1964 in Berlin, New York ended with the observers recovering a piece of cable whose description of the artifact sounds a lot like a that described in a patent on super conduction.
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        • Hope the following helps to make sense of this post

          I'm beginning to get to a point where I might be able to make more sense of the magvid. I Will have to review it once more.

          Simply put, AC has to represent our local space as incoherent counter space under stress, which just means AC is the disorganized incoherent counter space in it's electrical form brought about by being put in a stressed state.

          Stress must be either compression or tension induced by a secondary input. So by what means do we induce stress?

          Rotation, magnetism, applying a combination, and or the application of another electro`magnetic field/current: By inventive combinations.

          Walter Russel, Ken Wheeler, Henry Stevens and many others have concluded that gravity is the intake (induction) of an invisible energy which spirals inwards in mass, or otherwise exerts a pressure by various contrivances.

          Of all the theoretical notions of the causation's of gravity Ken Wheelers' is by far the superior one. Gravity is simply an inductive process of counter spatial energy. In so doing this inductive process creates a magnetic electric effect, or a magneto~electric effect.

          Secondary, we can show this induction is real by rotating two rocks around each other and creating magnetism in a rock. That two separate masses can organize counterspace so that the intake in one rock is more coherent and leads to an alignment of the crystalline matter such that a stronger magnetic field is now the resultant effect in one of the two rocks.


          Clearly there is a material which is invisible and undetectable, and which is being manipulated by mass such that the subsequent outcome is an increased magnetic field inducted into matter, and this is irrefutable evidence for the existence of counter space/aether.

          Counterspace is a dielectric medium and in unstressed form it can be magnetic, especially if put in rotation which organizes it into a coherency, a self alignment of the dielectrical field is the apparent outcome of rotation, and out of which comes a magnetic field. If that form of dielectrical counterspace is then stressed it becomes an electrical current in DC form: I forget, what exactly are atoms and electrons? Ya beginning to get why they didn't want ya understanding this rubber band notion of power? I can, but then I'm a big fan of balsawood and rubber bands.

          Static electricity is therefore a visible/detectable form of counter space in our local space. Static because it is AC resulting from disorganized counterspatial dielectric material which is in disarray and incoherent, and when it's stressed: Pulled on or compressed. the outcome is a static AC field.

          This is a logical outcome to the idea that countespace is composed of a liquid crystal, where in the forming of a static AC field, one crystal is stretched which conversely compresses another nearby, and results in a alternating compression expansion of the counter spatial medium.

          When the counterspatial medium is put in coherency there is organized flow, or DC current, where coherent flow exists and it establishes a polarity with a uniform flow and unchanging polarity. This is why you can extract a DC current from a magnet: The energy is there already only in an unstressed form.

          Two ways to store energy
          Two ways to store power, Capacitive electric and Inductive magnetic.

          A magnet can store energy. Now it's not obvious in Ken's first video but in his very first video he shows us that if we accelerate the magnet we can increase the dielectric accretion disc's inertial plane (speed it up) which should increase the induction of energy from counter space.

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          • Let's revist Rex Heflin 1965 UFO Photo's since these have since been proven authentic beyond any reasonable doubt. An extensive reanalysis carried out in 2000 leave no doubt that the photo's are 100% authentic.

            August 3, 1965, California: UFO photo of Rex Heflin
            There are 4 photo's, not 3, as many have been lead to believe.



            In these photo's we can see that there is a disturbance trailing the saucer. That the surrounding medium is disturbed. They refer to this as an apparent smoke trail, yet the saucer is silent, and in the final photo the vehicle leaves a signature dark smoke ring.

            The underside of the saucer appears pitch black without detail. Something repeatedly seen in UFO photo's. We know from the photo's of magnets taken from a ferrocell lens that the core of a magnet is a black hole. Strongly indicating an electromagnetic drive.
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            • I want to point out something significant in the Rex Heflin story, that negatives of his photo's were covertly acquired under false pretenses, and only later did there appear to be a series of altered photo's attempting to place a string in the photo's to discredit Rex. That backfired and was picked up on. The placement of string and fishing lines is one of the oldest tools known in counter intelligence against truthers. We have every reason to believe that any video's, whether of the Alexey device or others, will be attacked and will also have this cheap trick employed.
              You will remember this was the very first allegation made against the Alexey device.

              It's now nearly 55 years since Rex took those images. Images which have been examined for over a half century and verified. Does that flying hat that Rex photographed look like aliens to you? No? Well how about the propaganda that was launched to cover the images he took? Oh sure, for 1968 this was pretty futuristic, but today?


              If we now re-examine the ARV it appears that there are a series of pie shaped plates, over laid on one another such that there is a staggering effect, which would seem to be fired in sequence to create a rotational effect and while acting upon a composite matrix of either quartz or PZT, and which would seem to be assisting in a power production.

              * The primary reason for this piezo~electric grinder is to create a cloud of disorganized incoherent static electricity.

              The center column evidently acts upon the piezoelectrically generated field, and which is brought to a high state of flux by the elecromagnetic rotation of sequentially fired capacitor plates producing stress on the quartz/pzt, and is then acted upon by means of what appears to be a solenoid controlling a variable height rod at the core of the center tube and two counter turning windings. If I'm thinking right this should act to bend the incoherent piezoelectric field upwards and inwards at the same time. In other words, a vertical height adjustable electromagnet appears to be at the core of the ARV.

              Now lets consult the Holy Bible: I mean for God's Sake, whatever the true origins the Bible is at least 1,000 years old or thereabouts, and so are we getting a description of an alien vehicle, or a vehicle of the elites from a previous civilization? The evidence we have actually supports a previous civilization, and not aliens, but whatever the truth, the Prophet Ezekiel does seem to be accurately describing a type of machine.

              Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel almost reads like a description of the Magvid because by now you should have this idea turning around in your head about rotating magnetic fields and electrical power. In regard to how each wheel was engineered the JFB Commentary states that ". . . each wheel was composed of two circles cutting one another at right angles."

              The Abingdon Bible Commentary states the following.
              "The description is full of the splendor of flashing light, so brilliant that the details are minutely revealed, but so dazzling that they are not clearly seen . . . Textual corruptions have aggravated the obscurity in some points of detail"

              There are only two Old Testament scriptures that directly reference this strange heavenly vision of a "wheel within a wheel" observed by the prophet Ezekiel.

              "The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was the color of beryl, and the four of them had the same likeness. And their appearance and their workmanship was like a wheel inside of a wheel (Ezekiel 1:16, HBFV)."

              "And I looked, and behold, the four wheels were beside the cherubim . . . And their appearance was as one, the four of them, as if the wheel were in the midst of the wheel (Ezekiel 10:9 - 10)."

              One more wheel fact is described; the "rings were full of eyes" (Ezekiel 1:18)
              Well does this look like a ring full of eyes or not?
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              • Hopefully there's enough that's been made logical sense of to begin to see there is logic to SpaceCase0's thread on the Magvid.



                Dr. Greer says in his video that Harold Puthoff told him he could not say how this all worked because he would be killed and his entire family would be killed: Of that I have no doubt. In the past I stated that it is we who have failed the few, the few that have tried to tell us, because we weren't paying attention and that they had to use covert means to try to bring to truth to light; that covert attempts have been made, and that we in our gullible state have taken what they said literally without searching more deeply.

                Now right there in Dr. Greer's video you've been told that the physics of Einstein are wrong but cannot be revealed as being wrong because the danger is too great. I am putting words in Dr. Puthoff's mouth, but if this is accurate then really you can't get a much better authority than Harold Puthoff.

                What we do have from Puthoff are a plethora of papers utilizing the corrupt Einsteinian version of reality, whereby space-time is forced to be bent over a table utilizing electricity and an idiot theory of tensors acting on space. The concepts utilized in Einstein's version of reality are modified from those previously derived from the Aether/Ether Theories but because there is no such thing as space-time, or gravity either, then the manner in which mathematical calculations are utilized to prove solutions have no basis in reality.

                "Einstein was an idiot, neither space nor time are fields or forces, and nothing can act on nothing: "
                Ken Wheeler

                Ken Wheeler is of course right about this, and since Wheeler has defined space as an artifact of a deceleration of inertia, one logically derived at via a hyper-spatial medium composed of a liquid crystal matrix, then what Einstein had called space+time is, instead, a shadow caused by our position in a slowed plane of inertia composed of a dielectric fluid whose natural flow is a hyper-velocity of deep space, and if we accelerate to hyperspace speed then space ceases to exist.

                What one cannot debate is that the Rex Heflin photo's are authentic and that the machine is obviously of human construction and belonged obviously to one of the aircraft manufacturer's of surrounding Orange County, CA in 1965. It is almost certain to be the training version of the ARV as described in another video posted in this thread by, if I recall correctly, a former Marine Captain whom was the training officer and who came forward to reveal this story late in his life. The video is somewhere's in this thread, or was, that is if screw tube hasn't deleted it yet.

                So the point is we don't need all the energy called for by the mathematical calculations which are a product of Einsteinian idiocy. That should be obvious since we actually do have photo's of what is obviously a human made flying saucer. A silent one like all the others, and one which was flying in 1965, which also left a dark smoke ring, or something that looks like a smoke ring when it left the area. All this over a half century ago!

                We need to stop thinking about electricity as energy and to think about it instead as a manifestation of energy. An energy resulting from a dielectric counter~spatial & hyper~velocity medium, and then to understand the fundamentals about that medium in it's primary state of incoherence in our locality which creates gravity, and then in it's other form of coherence which creates a coherent magnetism, but all of which is magnetic in it's own right.

                I said it before and I'll say it again: Ken Wheeler has written the most significant scientific book in the last 100 years and quite possibly ever with regards to the true nature of reality.

                So those who can understand, the mathematical savants out there, you have to take this material which does exist, the stuff produced by people like Harold Puthoff, and which is intended to be useful and to apply it to the physics described by Ken Wheeler, and not John Wheeler's crazy world of quantum idiocy.

                If you're watching/paying attention, the mind control broadcasting system is now trying to muddy the waters and to obscure which Wheeler is the real Wheeler to listen to. The propaganda machines version of truth or consequences. If you're watching you will see them shill for this so-called mathematical theorist. Mr. Black Hole John Wheeler.

                Now if you're not familiar with who Harold Puthoff is then do some homework, because ...because...because...if he told Dr. Greer that the physics of Einstein isn't right then you can be sure it isn't. I'm quite sure Harold would take issue with that allegation for a host of reasons, but that is what I'm reading out of the exchange in Dr. Greer's video. Besides which, we have the photographic proof that Einsteinian physics cannot be right. We have the Rex Heflin photo's that prove it's wrong headed and it is that simple.

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                • Are you just yanking on my chain here aljhoa?
                  I couldn't address your post until now. Mainly because Universe blinded me to it until just a few moments ago. OK then, so,Luis Elizondo, an employee of the head of counter intelligence for the Defense Intelligence Agency is explaining how universe works huh? Seriously he sounds sincere, but he sounds like me ten or fifteen year's ago, back when I too thought myself quite knowledgeable, or alternatively in the words of another member here better described as a pompous ass. Well I know it's innate to my nature, it's just that I try to hide it when I'm aware enough, failing miserably evidently.

                  UFO Tech Deconstruction

                  Ya know I already feel like a crook using Ken's work all the time, but evidently people are so conditioned to this idea that anything of mystery must also involve explanations of complexity so vast and mysterious that any other simplex explanation is considered too remote.

                  Somehow contradicting in their own minds Occam's Razor, which most of them would normally insist upon with a logic that cannot be reasoned with, even when manifestly in error, and instead demanding simple instead of complexity where simplicity cannot explain a complex conspiracy, or here where instead of simple logic in an area of physics which is itself not complex, they insist on complexity over simplicity, as most all fundamental physics actually are straight forward.

                  OK, got that out of the way, now let's look at what those Russians shooting off their crappy failed missiles can do to enlighten us in the matter at hand.

                  Now we have already determined that our local medium is composed of a complexity of colliding hyper velocity liquid crystals, and creating an incoherence by way of mayhem, and which has lead to such theories as the Woodward/Mach Effect, whereby a high frequency vibration is conjectured to cause/induce the loss of weight in mass, but which I mention primarily as a validation supportive theoretically of the true nature of our surrounding medium as an incoherent counterspatial medium of high velocity.

                  Using that notion of incoherent hyperspatial medium, were we to project a rotating magnetic field through a dielectric mass energized of high frequency we might suspect that the subsequent outcome would be a a conversion of the AC incoherent field to a polarized DC coherent line, and that is because we are now using a coherent hyperspatial medium called magnets to project a polarized coherent counterspatial medium into the mass of incoherent hyperspatial surrounding medium, which in this specific example is represented by an AC field, and thus begin a self organization relative to the projected magnetic DC pole.

                  From those actions the induced effects might lead to the former AC field to begin spiraling in a now polarized coherent line, dragging along with it a core, and which we know as the point source/bloch wall, such that which is now being formed is a tubular magnet with it's point source extending the length of the whole, and through which, at every point along the way, is now cycling an organized coherent hyperspatial medium, and since magnetism is action at a distance we have rather surprisingly instantaneous transport across the galaxy, at least once the link is connected, because even the speed of hyperspace does take a few moments to complete an intergalactic link: We can't have everything I guess.

                  A description of a magnet pushed out into space is what this effectively is. That is, if it's right...sort of a big if I suppose.

                  Now I don't know what those Russians are using for propellant these days but I can say that rocketry just isn't in their bag as of yet. Intergalactic communication and travel they may have down, but by God their rockets are complete fails. Just watch, it's a complete disgrace, especially the final few minutes where there's some really good video of this thing wildly spiraling out of control. You can bet that wouldn't have happened with Stalin in control. Now if you think this is still a failed Russian missile then so be it because seriously they are far more competent than Western shills in the media would have you believe. Anyways, they aren't using missiles any more than they are using airplanes except when necessary to main the illusion and mind control over idiots. Pompous ass I might be, but in the words of the Onion News Anchor; it isn't easy trying to talk sense into mind controlled humans.

                  Norway spiral December 2009
                  [VIDEO] 7jKwyLMpO&index=23&t=0s[/VIDEO]
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                  • There is only one force in nature and it is magnetism. This medium we call magnetism is made from counter-space.

                    Now is this video we see sound being applied to form structures in water. This is possible because of waters ability to become or form a crystalline structure. So we may assume that a hyper-spatial medium would require something akin to this, which is probably why an ultra sonic aids Alexey Chekurkov Gravity Flyer.

                    [VIDEO] go[/VIDEO]

                    Now in the video of the Noway Spiral the question I'm asking is if this is Paul Dirac's monopole and is this then the means by which Universe creates action at a distance?

                    Further, is this a key enabling concept which is also working in the Alexey Chekurkov Gravity flyer?

                    I think the answer to those questions is yes, that what we see in the video of the Norway Spiral is a macroscopic example of a magnetic monopole being created, and I now think that the mechanizations in the Norway Spiral are also at work in the Gravity Flyer.

                    It would seem that for a magnetic pole to be extended into the void it has to have an internal structure: Something which is giving a structural form to the spiraling form shown in the Norway Spiral seems necessary in order to be able create a monopole magnetic field so that the form can become self replicating and pushing out to extend into the void. Naturally a spiral form would seem natural and normal to nature.

                    However, we aren't dealing with water here, we are dealing with the hyper-spatial medium which shares some apparent similarity with water. As noted previously in this thread aluminum absorbs the Far UV range and reflects all other light.

                    If we take the Alexey Gravity flyer seriously, as it should be taken, then we have a clue in this quality of aluminum. We cannot expect that sound can greatly influence a medium such as hyperspace and that it is more likely another related medium does, which in this case is light and the frequencies of light are almost assuredly giving structure to the hyper-spatial medium in the same way water is given a structure with sonic vibrations creating crystalline formations which create form in that medium.

                    We know that lasers can act as light tranducer's for sound so there is no doubt about there being a connection between light and vibrations. It is probably for this reason that the laser light drives proposed were ignored because it appears that by the time that proposal had been formed it was already understood what role coherent light could play. However that information may now be useful for serious researchers to revisit.

                    Such a theory of operation might be testable by using a rotating magnetic field, ionized water, DC current, and of course a sonic frequency. Maybe it's possible to make water climb vertically in a spiral column? If so that in itself might have some usable application.
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                    • The Magnetic Personality of Violet
                      "The mainstream has taken a strong dislike to Violet and excludes her whenever possible.

                      By reducing the rainbow to just six colours the Wikipedia Wizards now only have to make Violet vanish when they cast their magic spells over the colours of the solar rainbow.

                      "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                      • Totally to Kool video of water spiraling at 23hz, 24hz and 25hz.
                        Amazing, thanks. The rest is all chatter.

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                        • My mind has been on the same path as Phoneboys' post below.


                          Read carefully the RTSC Patent. It specifically says, "either aluminum or PZT Ceramic."

                          Therefore, you don't need a PZT Ceramic, only aluminum and...and....a dielectric such as...PTFE, or teflon. Teflon = Plumbers Tape from the hardware store for example, twisted to form a core, wrapped tightly with aluminum foil, then wrapped with a copper wire, or gold wire if you're game.

                          Light *specifically colors of light; has a direct correlation to the power of the magnetic field.
                          "There is only one force in the Universe and it is magnetism." Ken Wheeler
                          Coherent and incoherent hyper velocity medium/fluid: A liquid crystal of hyper velocity flow.
                          Jump into a raging river and be carried by it, verse's sitting on an innertube drifting about in the eddy currents of a slowly flowing stream and bumping into the rocks you're inner tube is swirlling about, and therein lies the difference between sitting behind a dam as opposed to the water flowing out of the bottom through the sluice gates. Matter facilitates the flow of the hyper spatial material/medium.

                          Question is, can electrons project power as theorized, because if that's the case where's the 4,000 Lbs of electron thrust that supposedly was coming off the Alexey device as calculated by Mantim Lee?

                          There's a mystery going on, hence my theorizing about what may or may not be happening. That's the kind of theoretical thrust to weight ratio which would explain the velocity of a Black Tetrahedron, except that there's a big problem (*never mind the G Forces), and that's this electron business: Where are they? Can't be happening as explained by conventional electron theory or something else is happening. That kind of power to thrust ratio is "officially unknown."

                          Now if aljhoa would only speak clearer...maybe....
                          so I'm also trying to decipher what aljhoa is trying to say without saying .....

                          I think he's saying that these things quantum physics are calling particles are rays, which I would agree with, and he might be suggesting that a ray is a coherent form of axial and liner flow of counter spatial fluid, while also suggesting that a wide range of factors influence how they behave, such as light and materials, and finally he seems to saying that it is likely that they all have a common ancestor as a hyper velocity medium, or the Aether/Superlight/Darklight/Radiant Energy/Zero Point/CounterSpace.



                          You have to read and re-read these patents, and then combine what you think you know pitted against with what "officially approved science" say's in explaining how they operate, so that you can try to make sense against observed effects of reality.

                          If the Alexey were giving off 4,000lbs of electrial thrust you would think it would be outside the atmosphere in the blink of an eye; something else must be happening.

                          Know and recognize the difference between Axial and Circular.
                          *Power and Axial Flow ...Axial Flow...not ....

                          ...repeat...not....Centrifugal or circular.

                          A spinning plate with magnets attached are not creating either a compression or dispersion, they are instead cutting out or forming a spiral screw like magnetic path, or axial flow pattern.
                          The rotation of the magnets, accelerating them, should increase their respective field strength by induction of counterspatial energy through the dielectric inertial accretion disc of the the magnet. Ideally, this would seem to include a helical axial forward movement and possibly around a dielectric core.

                          I've printed off all three and have been carefully going over them with a highlighter and making notes on the sides.

                          See, this is what I'm reading in the RTSC patent; a magnetic field moving along the surface of some aluminum (*Must Be In An Axial Manner: Like A Corkscrew and or Running Lengthwise) and...and...the aluminum, which is bonded to a dielectric, such as teflon/PZT Ceramics, or crushed high Q Quartz, will create a lossless & hyper velocity transmission of a polarized electrical current traveling in a pulsed condition or phase.

                          Now read the patent/s over and then over once more. Either a current passed through the axial wound exterior wire, as described, or...or...a magnetic field moving across the wire creates the lossless transmission of power, and what is a lossless transmission of power besides no resistance? Look at the Norway Spiral once more; there's a core and there's a corkscrew winding around it.

                          A magnetic field is instantaneous action at a distance. The axial wound wire moving through/over a magnetic field generates an electrical current and a magnetic field of it's own.

                          We now have three examples involving cable of an RTSC nature. The one where ...back a ways in this thread....there's the PDF about teleporting Naval Ships, and no it's not the one you're thinking of, it's the modern version. Then we have the 1964 Berlin, New York recovered cable, and finally the remains of cable from a crashed ...cough...Ufo in Russia.

                          Somewhat unrelated, but important, you're superconductive. you're a biologically superconductive being because thoughts happen at the speed of this medium under discussion, and if you're thinking you will notice that in these patents there are a lot of relationships to high frequency energy fields and so-called gravity. This is not something to take lightly. I invite you to ponder the possible implications of your present environment and the cross correlations suggested by these patents.

                          If something doesn't make sense it's not true, and the bamboozling intent of illogically derived quantifications postulating hypothetical fantasies of mathematically derived computation is not a measure of truth. Even Harold Puthoff said that if he were to say how this all worked he would be killed and his family would be killed, so you've been told outright that the explanations you're being handed are lies, and there is no better source to tell you that: Harold had the credentials, the history, the connections, but in all lies there exists a measure of truth since the lie is there to disguise the truth. To explain away an illogical or unknown the invention has to contain the known facts that cannot be disproved. A truth cannot be not be exploded with illogical reasoning's which do not make sense.

                          It's no longer Ken Wheeler's simplex dielectric theory; it's the simple truth of the construction of reality. Need to stop messing with games of liars.
                          because and finally...because some don't get it....after terrorism comes what? I forget...what was it that comes after terrorism? Rocks or was it aliens: something?
                          Remember that movie Star Ship Troopers? The one where it's giant bugs on far away worlds throwing rocks....
                          I shouldn't even have to point to the cross correlation to this patent and the testimony of Carol Rosin.
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                          • In this thread we tracked many paths and have gone a long ways. If there's one thing I've learned it's that there are clues in the development of materials, and it is the materials which "enable" technology to become real.

                            Now one of the issues we have is that a rotating magnetic field is problematic. For one thing spinning magnets on a plate is simply never going to be good enough, right Spacecase0?

                            So I had suggested revising John St. Claire's Bobbin
                            John St. CLAIR Patent Applications US2003209636 Bobbin Electromagnetic Field Propulsion Vehicle

                            However, let us reconsider our options. We are told that the spectrum of light has the ability to make materials magnetic that normally are not, such as steel becoming magnetic with a violet light.

                            Now having this idea in mind when we look back over the significant historical field of technologically enabling creations what things are related to light? Lasers of course and then fiber optics or optical cable. Noticing of course that the development of laser light has progressed into various colors and spectrum. Three colors Red, Blue, Green, with black and white as bases form all other visible colors.

                            Ok, so we also know that the magnetic field can pass through almost any material almost without regard, and therefore a fiber optical cable passing a coherent light through a magnetic field could have many uses including magnifying the magnetic field.

                            Consider that if all around us exists a material waiting to become light, as magnetism is also all around us waiting to be formed into a coherent field of recirculating lines of force, then what exactly is it that creates light?

                            If we are of one polarity and the space between us and another world is a vacuum, could we use counter-space as our a ground to form a connection between our world and another? If we are of one polarity and our star another and the distance between us is truly a vacuum?


                            These are some really interesting video's to watch closely. Light is a rate of induction of what?
                            [VIDEO] ogo[/VIDEO]
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                            • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
                              Totally to Kool video of water spiraling at 23hz, 24hz and 25hz.
                              Amazing, thanks. The rest is all chatter.

                              They don't mention it in the Ancient Aliens clip but I recall that the reason we know there's that much water locked in rock is due to the research done by Christian Science researchers looking for a logical explanation to the Biblical flood story. Again I remind people what the cross correlations might hold for a world like ours when it's subjected to ultra high frequencies. I can hear the ringing in my ears, I've asked others if they too hear it and they say they do. Are cell phones really worth the price?

                              This possible explanation for where the waters for a planetary wide flood could have come from actually matches the hypothesis that the core of Earth is powered by a fusion reaction process converting hyperspatial fluid into matter, which are primarily gases, but which then combine primarily in to water, and that this process is what keeps our planet warm and water filled, but which is also the basis for the Expand'0 Planet theory. Such a theory is necessary if one is to logically explain such artifacts as fossils of giant lizards when using Einsteinian physics that links "gravity to mass." Giant dinosaurs cannot survive in our present gravity. Either gravity was 1/2 to 1/4 of what it is now because the earth was smaller or gravity is not what we have been told and is variable.

                              In truth of fact gravity is the product of induction, and so the hypothesis of an expanding earth is not required to explain the extinction of giant lizards, a process that took a very long time, it wasn't a asteroid that wiped dionsaurs out. Dionsaurs died out over a very long period of time and involving what appears to be dramatic environmental changes. So we do not need an giant asteroid strike to explain their death, and in truth such a fabrication cannot explain their extinction, but in either case it is true that very large dionsaurs cannot survive in our present gravitational field, So the fusion core expanding planet model does remain a more logical explanation for general geological activity and an expected outcome for such a process of induction of hyper-spatial medium to create a so-called gravitational force but mass is not required for changes to gravitational force or vectors and so the expanding planet model is not an absolute requirement either.

                              At any rate, I doubt that the Earth is hollow because the core of Earth is logically explained as an on-going fusion reactor, one which evidently spends a majority of it's time doing little work as the history of earth is 80% planetary wide ice age. Evidently our planets' reactor is fairly lazy or else significantly influenced by other energies from space.

                              Understanding the basis of such a hypothesis as an expanding planet model along with Wheeler gravitation does shed new understanding on what these imbeciles at Cern are actually involved in, vers what they think they are involved in, and so weather modification and global warming appears to be man made alright, just that the people making it aren't us peon's.

                              Admiral Byrd's words and experiences mirror those spoken by Douglas MacArthur. However, military authority is among the most carefully selected of all. There's no telling what they knew or if they knew anything at all about advanced anti-gravity saucer technology. Certainly not many people would have had any clue without being directly told at that period of time. As for all the rest of the claims, the hollow earth for example, what we have to keep in mind is that there's no way of knowing if these recognized authority figures were, how shall we say it; of sound mind and not under the control of others, because after all, we inherited the fallout of Nazi Germany in many ways. Our so called intelligence branches in fact welcomed the Nazi's, and so by this period of time the other part of Doctor Mengele's, aka Dr. Greenbaum's trauma based fractured mind control was also in the hands of unknown powers. It is highly likely that persons under this form of mind control are almost assuredly (now days) standard tools of the ruling elites, and which explains why seeming mental defectives are ruling over all of us as supposedly lawfully elected powers.
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                              • the spinning magnetic field is a tad hard to make,
                                I keep having issues with the field changing in place as opposed to actually spinning
                                I know the trick is to make it more energy for the field to stay in place than to move. easy to do physically, harder to do with electrically switched made fields
                                had never seen that bobbin patent before, and that seems like a pretty good way to do it. also does not look to hard to build.

                                as to the idea of who has the technology already,
                                my guess is that "they" already perfected it and left earth, or will leave soon.
                                they sure are not going to stay once the economy falls and can no longer be taxed at current levels.
                                they used taxes to get a private civilization, and they are sure to move on now that they have it.
                                so my is guess that we are going to be on our own to figure it out again if we want this technology. and I also doubt they care much at all if we figure it out or not.