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  • A ray does not mean, nor was ever intended to imply a stream of particles, but as a descriptor on #2D space as a point is to the end of a line. Ignorance of descriptive geometry has concluded that a point is a particle, when it could be the point of a ray a billion miles long and you could instead be standing in the intersection of ray and look either way180 degrees apart and still see only two points, never seeing that you're observing the centerline of a ray.

    What we do know is that when a rotating force has an exterior force applied a resultant reflex vectored force is the subsequent response by the original rotating force. Such that any imagined particle could instead be a point on a ray.

    I'm just not too sure we can actually trust the ideas which have preceded us.

    FALSE! �� New 'FIFTH FORCE' discovery. ATOMISM AT WORK!

    @4:50 graviton particles
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    • something else to keep in mind,
      just because element 115 was created in a lab by current science, it does not mean that it is even the same isotope of a 115 created by some other civilization.
      there could easily be stable isotopes that we don't yet know of.


      • Originally posted by spacecase0 View Post
        something else to keep in mind,
        just because element 115 was created in a lab by current science, it does not mean that it is even the same isotope of a 115 created by some other civilization.
        there could easily be stable isotopes that we don't yet know of.

        That's a possibility. If it is possible it will be done. The question remains in my mind is why would it create a gravitational field? To accomplish that it would have to meet the criteria laid out by Ken Wheeler on how to modify gravity. As an example it would have to be capable of changing the surrounding medium.

        To be completely honest, I'm skeptical that element 115 has been created at all, and I think it's a lie that cannot be verified. I don't know a lot about it but like so many other claims there is no apparent way to validate it. I'd say it's existence is unproven. I simply do not trust these claims where validation is lacking by a quantity of independent sources.

        Regardless of whether it actually can be created I just have the idea that the whole thing was a lie they planted on him to try make him look like fool. Imagining that it would never be created or something similar and while knowing full well the means to create a locally modified medium lays in another technique.

        So maybe the physicists can say that the element could modify the local medium, and maybe they know that and told him that so that for the next 100 years people would waste their time trying to create a stable version of something they already know cannot be made stable. That's about what I'd expect out of the people that suckered him, because I feel that he was targeted and suckered in to play this role, and God only knows if they managed to get inside his head as well. It's hardly a wonder to me that he doesn't want to talk to anyone any more about this. I'm glad he has but I'm not surprised he left the radar for a long time.

        Anyways, how would element 115 work to create gravity and here there is no explanation whatever. To meet Einstein's view this material would have to be capable of bending space-time. I'd like to see that one explained with a lump of mineral.

        So to me saying that element 115 creates it's own gravity is a hoax, a lie, or a distortion of what really is happening.

        Now to return to radioactive materials in Joe Parr's pyramids, and what Joe Parr said was that a radioactive material was necessary to create a pinch off where the pyramid would be engulfed in an orb, and which he said that this orb shielded it from all known energies, including gamma rays and gravity.

        The problem is we don't have Joe to question on this topic. I don't know if he was talking about using a radioactive material applied to the inner rings of his #3D pyramid or elsewhere on his centrifuge set up that used #2D pyramid shapes.

        I'm assuming that he was likely referring to using it on the round ring arrangements he placed inside his copper tube pyramids. Reasoning that these rings formed orbitals planes which if excited by some means, and here I'm assuming the use of a radioactive substance would be applied to the round rings inside the pyramid, but possibly to include the frames as well, and that material would induce a fast cycling electromagnetic ray through the radioactive material, leading to this pinching off he talks about.

        Now according to city collegiate rays consist of particles, fast moving electrons, and are electromagnetic radiations. This implies that a radioactive substance should work as natural particle accelerators.

        Joe Parr mentions that using a radioactive material was a requirement for his pyramid system to create this force field which shielded it from all know forms of energy including gravity.
        Joe Parr
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        • Originally posted by Gambeir View Post
          Now according to city collegiate rays consist of particles, fast moving electrons, and are electromagnetic radiations. This implies that a radioactive substance should work as natural particle accelerators.
          All the elements having atomic number greater than 82 emit invisible radiation all the time. The phenomenon of emission of these powerful rays is called "Natural Radioactivity" and the element that emits such rays is called "Radio Active Elements".

          There are three types of radioactive rays:

          Photo-transmutation Neutralizes Radioactive Elements

          Radioactivity Neutralization with Paul Brown’s Gamma Ray Method

          What are "contrails" in a Cloud Chamber?



          • Originally posted by Gambeir View Post
            Anyways, how would element 115 work to create gravity and here there is no explanation whatever. To meet Einstein's view this material would have to be capable of bending space-time. I'd like to see that one explained with a lump of mineral.

            So to me saying that element 115 creates it's own gravity is a hoax, a lie, or a distortion of what really is happening.
            I am not saying that 115 is not some wild goose chase
            for all we know, it could easily be "discovered alien element #115" and nothing to do with the element with the atomic number of 115

            every element creates gravity, that is how it works.
            seems wrong to think that something might have some crystal structure that makes this effect larger than normal under some conditions is not possible. After all, things like iron conduct magnetism better than other things, metals conduct electricity, etc...


            • Thanks, a very interesting bit of information just judging by skimming over it, but until I find the time to really read it I cannot hope to see the connection you keep trying to show me. Can you be more descriptive/pointed?


              At this point all I can say is that I've suspected radioactive emissions are hyper-spacial in nature, and that minerals which emit so-called radio active emissions are natural conduits in the same way that a lode stone is a natural magnet: That is to say, that the geometry of the crystalline lattice of a specific mineral, when properly aligned in the same way as is required by a magnet, enables or facilitates a linear connection to hyper-spatial energies, and that the specific ray emitted is a product of the minerals ability to facilitate the free transmission of hyper-spatial energy: A rock is not just a rock but a type of prism when viewed in that light.

              That said, I jotted down some notes to myself the other night condensing what seem like key enabling concepts and some of which may be related to the information in the PDF.

              We now know that gravity is the product of a magneto-electric inductive process caused by an invisible and largely undetectable hyper-spatial dielectric energy field. This energy field is said to be hyper-spatial because the velocity of the dielectric hyperspace is on the order of 10 billion times our local light speed: Light being a product of rate of induction, and that any material moving at those velocities are beyond our range of conventional detection and are invisible unless condensed in to a coherent form of energy as represented by magnetism and radioactive rays, and at which point the hyper-velocity nature of an un-realized energetic medium is what produces a holographic like context of the magnetic field which is made visible through the use of a ferrocell where it's true #3D geometry can be seen, and that this same energy in an incoherent form is all around us at all times in every place.

              We know that this hyper-spatial energy is incoherent in nature, but that it can be formed into coherent energy, either as magnetism and or electricity, and that coherent forms of other hyper-spatial energy are known as radioactive rays. * One may note the nature of methods used in so-called refinement of these hyper-spatial minerals and how those methods are related to gravity/magnetism; further validating Ken Wheeler and also showing a covert occult science was actually in use for the refinement process.

              We know that a dielectric can become magnetic when either it passes over a magnetic field or a magnetic field passes over it. We can deduce from this effect that a dielectric material may be seen as a conductor of the hyper-spatial dielectric field: A magnet moving across the surface of a charged dielectric polarizes the electric field, and thus it would seem that the passing magnetic field assimilates the electric charge back into it's original state as non-stressed dielectric medium and which is a magnetic field, and that if that hypothesis is correct then a magneto-electric driver is the apparent outcome. Until we better understand what conditions produced Joe Parr's force field effect we are left with Ken Wheelers' maximum: That there can be only two types of anti-gravity; repulsine and false mass (mutual mass attraction).
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              • a change is imminent ..

                didn't want to bump the thread
                , so a reply to Spacecase0 below.

                If I knew of such a device or how to build it.... you would already know !

                and there would be no cost attached to the information.[PDF]

                IMO open sourcing such a tech is the only way forward .
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                If you want to Change the world
                BE that change !!


                • Originally posted by RAMSET View Post
                  I know people have been building prototypes for a while now,
                  is anyone selling this yet ?


                  • Dr. Greer's makes a subtle presentation which isn't blindingly obvious and that is; we have all been co-opted.

                    We all need to understand that with this technology the world we have known will fall apart,, but the payoff of what lies over the rainbow is far richer than anything we could dream. We are all going to suffer loss with this technology, our cars will become worthless piles of scrap, many homes will be abandoned, large portions of the economy will fail overnight, hundreds of millions will be unemployed, but there is no other alternative, save a slow death on an enslaved and polluted world, and if we do not now act then we are doomed.

                    At the same time, new horizons, instant success stories, real entrepreneurs and real free enterprise the likes of which have never been known, and the inability to be ruled by tyranny. Quite honestly what should motivate you the most is retribution. Yes, that's what I said, retribution. Just think of what you've lost already, what you will never live to see, and all because of what and for who?

                    Your life has been stolen as surely as if you had been murdered in cold blood and that should enrage you. It should enrage you to a war like passion. Dr. Greer cannot afford to alienate the ubber rich, but I have no such requirement, beside which I know who they are and how they live. You have no clue. No idea. Every day is a day that you're denied what that .0000001% knows and has access to. Believe it: When you see one of these machines as clearly as I have, be it a saucer, or a tetrahedron, or some other vehicle then you will know that truth. The only problem Earth should be facing right now is depopulation as humans set out to homestead on Mars and other planets in the galaxy.

                    I don't know if there's aliens but I do know there are machines which can cross this galaxy, that there are clones, and that the plan is to murder you and your kids, to replace all of us with sub-human Untermensch.

                    I was just reading a post on an encounter with an all female (ubber black ops) security detail by a now retired Sgt who said that the women they encountered were all clones. His CO who he was with him in this encounter said he had heard stories but until right then he never believed they were true. See if I can relocate that one for ya. It's over on Stolen History FYI. So~ We have no proof what the .000001% are doing with the stolen trillions of missing US dollars, but we have plenty of stories or eyewitness accounts.

                    So change will have be at a grass roots level. To even dream of making money off this is to invite a bullet, a car accident, a natural gas explosion, a frame up, or some one of thousand other possibilities. Abandon that delusion if you have any sense at all. For that reason, if for no other, self preservation requires that ye abandon hope of profit and just give what you can while you can. Remember all our days are numbered and the end often comes without warning. Do the right thing now while you still can.

                    We need to begin with recognizing that the physics which exists today in public and in education is a crafted lie created under the pretext of national security. If you can do that you will have removed the primary road block to understanding.

                    We should now be at a point where people whom are dedicated to this topic can use their own talents to begin conjuring up their own ideas and experiments. To quote Homeland Security "if you see something, tell someone." Preferably tell us here and in public; otherwise I doubt you're going to live long enough for it to matter.
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                    • The most obvious things are the hardest to see. Wheeler is right, the Universe is simplex, not simple.

                      Everybody who studied gravity that wasn't brainwashed with an education in physics has come to relatively the same conclusion. That a force exists which exerts a pressure, that it is invisible, that it is hyper-spatial, that is either a light or a liquid of some kind, and that when it encounters mass it penetrates that mass with an inward spiral.

                      Weight (Gravity) is one thing. Polarity another. Both are formed from the same medium. One flows inwards. The other flows outwards. One creates weight in mass. The other creates polarity in mass. Whether in a magnet, or in a mass, both have polarity and weight simultaneously.

                      AC represents an electro-magnetic incoherence of gravity as center of mass
                      DC represents the electro-magnetic coherence of gravitational polarity

                      AC is incoherent counter space under stress
                      DC is coherent counter space under stress

                      Magnetism is coherent counter space
                      Weight is incoherent counter space

                      Gravity is caused by induction of an incoherent counter spatial medium
                      Magnetism is formed by a coherent counter spatial medium

                      Gravity is caused by an incoherent form of counter spatial medium flowing inwards, in a spiral to the mass, and causing a magneto-electric inductive effect, before exiting back to counter space (hyper space) at the center of mass.*Induction caused by a rotational magnetic field

                      Magnetism enters our space from counter space though a point source in the center of the magnetic mass as coherent counter space. It is a hyper spatial medium producing a #3 Dimensional magnetic field.

                      Counter space is not another dimension. It's in our dimension right now. It's all around us right now. It's a 2D field of energy living with 3D matter, only it's also hyper spatial, meaning hyper velocity, giving it unfamiliar qualities. It's no more another dimension that what's outside the front door, only difference being that it's moving about 10 billion times the velocity of light so it might seem a little unfamiliar for a while. This is my present understanding of what constitutes hyper-space. It's like an ocean where the water is moving extremely fast in every direction all at once creating something akin to a very high frequency vibration. So the whole of our natural surroundings is like an entire ocean of teeny tiny liquid crystals vibrating as they collide with each other after being ejected out of some particle of mass; like some ubber super sonic fluid cleaning tank, or a universe filled with insane water picks trying to find the perfect mate.

                      Counter space either is made from or resembles a liquid crystal. So far as I know it is a type of liquid crystal resembling water. The smallest theoretical geometric shape of which is said to be a tetrahedron. There are no such things as quasi crystals because there are no other dimensions.

                      The only other type of dimension that could be considered to exist is the hyper spatial field which a high velocity medium made out of something akin to a liquid crystal.

                      All other theoretical dimensions are mathematical based masturbation fantasies with no more basis in reality than Bernie Madoff's book keeping records were.

                      A dielectric (PTFE Teflon) facilitates free flow of counter flowing counter space (Apparently Following Newtonian Laws) and thereby eliminates resistance which leads to breakdown
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                      • To better understand imagine that the Alexey device is a model of a flat earth. The Earth is a sphere, not a flat plate, whereas the Alexey device is a facsimile of sorts of a flat Earth. To understand all this better begin with realizing that what creates weight in mass is the inward spiraling of a counter spatial medium.

                        *This counter spatial medium exit's at a point we call center of mass where it returns back to being unperturbed in hyperspace and thus much happier. If you alter the position where this point of return is located you're moving the point source where gravity normally completes this return to counter space, effectively creating another point which is un-natural to the object itself. That new point is a false mass point. It's the place where counter space will now move towards and in so doing it will take whatever it's moving through along with it in that direction. The concept is very simple. Execution is only slightly more complex.

                        * Don't become confused. I'm only restating mutual mass attraction. Remember, this is still mutual mass attraction between two independent points only stated slightly differently. In the Alexey device it appears that the two points are overlaid with the secondary artificial point being only slight displaced above the original natural point of center of mass, leading to the Alexeys' weak lift. Alternatively, the weak lift could just be a product of the induction technology.

                        Now we have already determined that this counter spatial medium is an ubber high velocity medium, as well as one which is in disarray creating what is essentially a very high frequency. For that reason AC current of a high frequency is capable of mimicking the exterior surrounding counter space well enough that it can be employed to produce an artificial false mass when combined with a rotational magnetic field which acts upon the electromagnetic field to to pull it inwards, and so that we are producing or mimicking what takes place in mass under natural conditions.

                        In the Alexey Device the rotating magnets are achieving this effect of replicating the natural inward flux of the counter spatial medium by acting upon the the AC's magnetic field. So even though the AC is in flux it's steadily being pulled inwards. The Aluminum in the design is a paramagnetic. Somewhat similar to a dielectric it too becomes magnetic in the presence of a passing magnetic field. This means that there is a series of sweeping magnets inside the actual aluminum which we may call ghost magnets since they vanish the moment the magnets stop moving. Now one must assume there is a cross correlation between the induction of energy which is proportional to the velocity of the rotating magnetic field. So the velocity of the magnets is of significance as well as their field strength.

                        We shall return to the importance of this induction later. Right now, in the matter of the Alexey design, the magnets are creating a rotating ring of ghost magnets inside the aluminum. Above the aluminum plate is another metal plate. Also polarized with a DC Positive Field. Remember, per Ken Wheeler's notes, that positive is up towards outer space. Negative is down but it is not ground: Counter space is ground and counter space is where the incoherent influx of counterspace goes to in a mass. This is why earth seems like it's ground but really isn't.

                        In the Alexey design there is a metal plate over and above the aluminum plate, and the aluminum is now charged with a HV AC field so that it's now a capacitor, and which is now acting to draw in counterspace via it's attachment to it through a high capacity electrical AC charge. This induction is aided by the rotational magnetic field, and it behaves as a sort of super charged mass where it should, were it possible to measure, actually weigh more than it would normally. However, because there is another set of ghost magnets the magnetic field is now elevated a tiny bit so that there is now an influx of surrounding counter space which is being vectored upwards. The amount is very small by any reasonable calculation. This is further aided by the positive polarity of the DC field attached to the upper plate and it's connection to the rotating ghost magnets which are inductively activated by the spinning magnets beneath the aluminum plate.

                        So I now believe my first analysis on the Alexey device was in error and that the machine is, in fact, creating a false mass. Realistically it's a sort of general area ever so slightly above the otherwise natural location where center of mass would be.

                        It's now obvious that when viewing the video's of the so-called TR-3B and the glowing orbs of light that what we are seeing is an increased rate of induction of surrounding counter space. Like a vacuum it's pulling in counter spatial medium until light begins to be emitted. This shows that once more Ken Wheeler is right about this. Light is or can be caused by a rate of induction of counter space.

                        Notice in the wonderful patents by John St. Clair that he has a predilection for using a solenoid around a magnetic iron based ring constructed specifically from iron based transformer plate as opposed to simple steel like most are made from. In these patents the solenoid is said to fire off in sequence at the speed of electricity creating a spinning magnetic field. Inside of this field he says that the speed of light is slowed down (Einsteinian Physics).

                        The speed of light is not slowed down. Instead the rate of induction of surrounding counter space is increased as it is pulled in by the spinning magnetic field. At least it would be if there's enough velocity I suppose, otherwise a plate such as the one used by the Alexey Device and charged with an high frequency AC field would accomplish the task. In either event, that is what he states and lord knows he has the math to back up the supposed effect.

                        However, again, this isn't what is happening. Light is not slowed. Instead counter space is vacuumed in to the rotating magnetic field and when it's dense enough it begins to illuminate. Evidently it does this rather suddenly based off the video's of the TR-3B.* Light would seem to slow because guess what, you're now moving with a velocity close to light speed inside the rotating magnetic field as described by St. Clair. Notice how this fits precisely with Dr. Greer's description of how you would become engulfed in what he says is another dimension. It's not another dimension, it's just hyperspace, which is hyper velocity so obviously things aren't going to appear the same nor work the same, but guess what: You're still you just that now you're moving at a calculated 10 billion times the speed of light. It's not another dimension in the strict sense. If you're moving at a calculated rate of 10 billion times the speed of light then it's no wonder that the whole thing works at the speed of thought, which is how we have been told it works, which thus explains teleportation as having been caught up in a counter spatial field and thereby instantly being transported somewhere's you're last thought was location wise.

                        Now obviously this is not rocket science. It's simple logic, and when this happens you've attached the vehicle to counter space, and as we already know this counter spatial medium is a hyper velocity medium. It may be in disarray and all over the place but it's still hyper velocity. Compared to where we are anything would be an improvement evidently.

                        So we now have an explanation which is keeping with what Dr. Greer says in his video. Generally speaking that is, though it's pretty clear that many people have a very distorted understanding, and are still thinking about space as time and time travel and all sorts of stuff that was born out of the corrupted science of Einstein.

                        Nevertheless, Dr. Greer is essentially correct in the main, and when this all take place, when the TR-3B get's it's balls glowing and then the final interior center core comes online the whole vehicle is suddenly engulfed in a huge blinding ball of light and it's off ya go to never, never, land.

                        Now, I don't know that I've got this all entirely right. I'll re-read it in a couple days and see how crazy it looks. Right now though it seems pretty logical and sensible. Further, I believe that if you look at the ARV now there is a growing sense of logic to it and which can really only be understood by using the cosmology which Ken has assembled out of the historical record as well as his own significant contributions.

                        I hope this helps. I do not see creating anti-gravity as an especially difficult thing to accomplish technically. The most difficult part is now done and which was to understand what was really taking place. I really feel we have the basics to the true nature of gravity and the Universe in our hands and that we are now on the edge of a new era, and like the generation which struggled to solve the mystery of flight we have finally arrived where they also once stood, because like that generation we too now hold the keys to the fundamentals. There's no going back now. The doors have been swung wide and now the future awaits.
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                        • In any complex subject you need to have an overview which is simplified. From the simplified you can then progress in to the complexity of actions.

                          If the Alexey device is using a sonic sound emitter it would make sense as an aid to the creation of a hyper sonic vibration on the surface and space surrounding the machine. Logic tells us this would help facilitate an induction of the hyper-spatial medium. There is probably an optimal vibration frequency.

                          I would suggest referring back to the three patents Spacecase cited earlier and examining those with a jaded eye, as well as all the others such as the highly entertaining John St. Clair patents, and while bearing in mind the Wheeler maximum that there can be only two type of antigravity: Repulsion (repulsine) and a false mass drive (mutual mass attraction).

                          For example, keep in mind that there are no such things as gravity waves. Gravity waves are Einsteinian physics based concepts which we know are not right. There may be waves, they may be related to creating weight in mass, but there are no such things as gravitational waves per se. If they exist then they are something other than gravitational waves and it's not that hard to imagine what they might actually be.

                          Also I really do not know how the Alexey device is working. I've offered a couple hypothesis of how it may be working. What is clear are some of basic fundamentals required to create an antigravity vehicle. What is clear is that if you were to try to make an antigravity machine out of scrap laying about then that design is one which can be expected to work. It's logically laid out with a DC field crossing an AC field. Creating polarity and by magnetic rotation mimicking theoretical induction of counter space into a mass. One might expect that by shaping the aluminum plate in a saucer form, providing a curved dome in the center, aided with a positive polar field that this might also assist in placing the false mass at a more distant location. Sonic vibration and a dielectric such as PTFE (Teflon) should further assist in the induction of counterspace to the false mass point.
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                          • Gone by request
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                            • * A little note here

                              If you have access to the science channel or can find a clip from the Travel Channels series "Strange Evidence" Season 4 Episode #5 then watch the sequence on the the levitating shed that was caught on a video monitoring camera.

                              I cannot locate a video of it.

                              In the sequence a metal shed inexplicably lifts off the ground and is carried across a storage lot before being dropped on the ground and smashed. The investigators in the video come up assorted explanations, non worthy, but they do notice that before the shed becomes airborne there is what appears to them to be a cloud of fog rolling over the lot.

                              I'm drawing your attention to this for a reason: Invisibility primarily. Recall the video's of Invisible UFO's caught on FLIR and Thermal imagining cameras.

                              This may be one instance where we are getting a glimpse of telltale invisible craft which are coming too close to reactive matter such as a steel shed. It may be that chemtrail spraying could be correlated to activity by cloaked antigravity machines, thus eliminating the telltale warning of a shadow cast off by an overhead invisible machine.

                              Something to consider that I thought was important to pass along.

                              There have also been many inexplicable accidents involving automobiles and aircraft. Suspicious accidents involving single car wrecks such as the one which is in the PDF by Ramset.

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                              • Why Technology Favors Tyranny; by Yuval Noah Harari
                                I. The Growing Fear of Irrelevance

                                There is nothing inevitable about democracy. For all the success that democracies have had over the past century or more, they are blips in history. Monarchies, oligarchies, and other forms of authoritarian rule have been far more common modes of human governance.


                                This article is advisable reading, but it is of course in the Atlantic Magazine, and it's not about to cross swords with something as dicey as we are dealing with here.

                                True tyranny is only possible with consolidated power. One need only consult a brief history of our species to see this truth. No power exists which is greater than the one we are addressing here. It is of the utmost importance to realize this and to take seriously your own position in the world and how you will fit in to a world where they control this technology and your kids have no clue that it even exists, or is explained away as aliens from outer space.
                                "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."