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  • The important thing to me is that you see machines and not Alien Gods. It's technology and that's all it is. Now maybe you can entertain that these so-called elite scum have co-opted themselves into some scheme or other with a more advanced alien species. That's a personal point of view. For me I simply see a criminal empire that's been covertly created using stolen resources and knowledge and employing mind controlling educational schemes to make this technology appear as otherworldly.

    In my opinion it is no such thing. I will grant that the evidence does show that there must be some cross correlation to either lost, crashed, alien technology, or to a previous civilization which was far advanced over our own and that evidence is most powerfully demonstrated by what little is known about Joe Parr and the rationale behind his research into pyramids and shapes. That however appears independent and accidental from the path which the Nazi Scientists had clearly been on. These two events would naturally be brought together for a leap forward. Though I have to wonder if they even understood what they were looking at until Ken Wheeler came skipping down the golden path of knowledge.

    All of the facts, no matter the source, show a history of development covertly undertaken that manifestly has lead to the accomplishment of antigravitational machines, and that today we have enough knowledge to understand the fundamental concepts behind so-called antigravity machines, but only by abandoning the absurdities and errors which underpin our science in Einsteinian Physics.

    Adding it all up what possible logical conclusion is there other than this break away civilization is getting ready for some sort of global sterilization project and then the installment of themselves as the new supreme rulers.

    Our best hope is to remain armed even in the face of a real bloodbath created to terrorize us all into submission, and then to reformulate the core values of our political leaders by demanding a complete rejection of influences by NGO's and outside money, making our system of government one which is operated by ourselves and according to the pristine holy laws that are the Bills of Rights.

    All laws created illegally can be removed and we send the security and intelligence agencies to do the jobs they were lawfully created for in the first place, and neither the CIA nor the FBI should be lead by people appointed but rather by election as we do all our other lawful leaders. We need some house cleaning is what we need.
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    • Gone by request
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      • Dog Food for People.

        Dogs are actually smart enough to find out where dog food comes from. One can imagine a dog observing a truck delivering dog food and then a smart dog might decide to follow the truck back to the factory.

        The real question isn't whether or not a dog is capable of discovering where dog food comes from, but whether or not people are as smart as dogs? So if they are at least smart enough to know where the dog food factory is then the next question is can people operate a can opener to see what the factory puts in to make dog food?

        All the ingredients for dog food can be found in Wikipedia alone, it's a dog food factory, and having that knowledge the next question is; are dogs smart enough to find the ingredients and to put together a dog food recipe? Thereby eliminating the need for a can opener. Normally I might say no, it might not be possible for some humans to accomplish this because Wikipedia does not contain secret recipe's, it only contains non specific ingredients and some of which are part of a secret recipe's which no one knows except for the owners of the recipe.

        You can be positive that statement is true because only by choosing to remain stupider than dogs are you giving the right to rule to self proclaimed authority. It is therefore required that the knowledge be available, in public, and which can counter the self proclaimed authority. You have all the knowledge of world history to know that a disarmed society is a slave society. Some try to put collars on others, while still many others wish to help oppose dog catchers, but are too clumsy to do anything more than to unknowingly assist the slave masters, and still many more are leaping at the chance to claim a collar of their own hoping to gain a spot near the masters feet. The question is then, will you be the next one to choose a collar over freedom? Are you like some whom are helping the dog catcher? Trying to gain favor and as a simple expedient to what you think may be a better choice and to lie at the feet of your master?

        Firearms will not buy your liberty against this kind of technology. At best they are so primitive that they can provide little more than comfort and to make it more difficult for the slave masters. Only by making the choice to figure it out as opposed to pretending it's alien will you survive. Aliens or no Aliens it is your choice.

        Why Triangles/Tetrahedrons

        The Code Theoretic Axiom

        VIDEO 82 Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism. BISMUTH DIELECTRIC INERTIA DISCOVERY

        " the angles of the bismuth plate resemble the 2D projective geometry of the tetrahedron- the fundamental unit of the E8 lattice which derives the 8D quasicrystal when projected to a lower dimension like 3D. This crystalline lattice is considered the indivisible Planck pixel of the universe in a new theory inducted from quantum gravity research, called the Code Theoretic Axiom."

        Moving The Point Source: A History Of Phase Shifting

        "An analog delay line is a network of electrical components connected in cascade, where each individual element creates a time difference or phase change between its input signal and its output signal. It operates on analog signals whose amplitude varies continuously. An example is a bucket-brigade device"

        "A bucket brigade or bucket-brigade device (BBD) is a discrete-time analogue delay line,[1] developed in 1969 by F. Sangster and K. Teer of the Philips Research Labs. It consists of a series of capacitance sections C0 to Cn. The stored analogue signal is moved along the line of capacitors, one step at each clock cycle. The name comes from analogy with the term bucket brigade, used for a line of people passing buckets of water."
        TV set analog delay

        "Analog delay line technology had been used since the 1920s to delay the propagation of analog signals. When a delay line is used as a memory device, an amplifier and a pulse shaper are connected between the output of the delay line and the input."

        "Drum memory was a magnetic data storage device invented by Gustav Tauschek in 1932 in Austria.[1][2] Drums were widely used in the 1950s and into the 1960s as computer memory."

        "The performance of a drum with one head per track is determined almost entirely by the rotational latency, whereas in an HDD its performance includes a rotational latency delay plus the time to position the head over the desired track (seek time)."

        "Magnetostriction (cf. electrostriction) is a property of ferromagnetic materials that causes them to change their shape or dimensions during the process of magnetization."

        A magnetostrictive torsion wire delay line

        Magnetostrictive materials convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy quantified (quantified means mathematically reduced) by the magnetostrictive coefficient which may be defined as the fractional change in length either positive or negative.

        Cutaway of a magnetostrictive transducer
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        • The problem with just handing over answers is that most of the dogs are classically conditioned. No conditioned dog is ever going to accept their conditioning is designed to control their mind. It's called education in classical theater.

          I had one dog call what I said quackery, which is based on the quackery of quantum physics, unknowingly to him, raving that this kind of pesudo-science needed to be stamped flat the moment it rears it's ugly head. People said the same Sh*t about Ken Wheeler too, and yet low and behold, what's this <Blink...Blink> "Wheeler's simplex dielectric field theory, which incorporates and subsumes the 8D quasi-crystal as emergent complexity from a simplex substrate." there must be some mistake...

          Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian conditioning) is learning through association.

          Now of course I do think quantum physics is quackery because it's theft of Ether theory rebranded like a thief rebrands stolen goods or cattle; the goods and the cows are all still the same.

          If I tell you what I think you're going to have this preconceived idea planted. I don't want to do that. I only want to give out what I have too, and in the hopes it will guide and not impede, but I have not been able to do much recently, or to move forward because some dogs are just plain stupid. At least one likes to bark constantly here on this thread and ya know I'm sick of his barking distractions. He yaps and yaps because he's lazy and stupid and want's answers right now, doesn't care about anyone but himself is what I think. Ya know, I don't have to write this stuff. I don't have to tell any of you anything. You would think I could get a muzzle placed on this damn barking mutt wouldn't you? I mean is that really asking so much?

          It used to be fun to write this stuff but this yapping mutt is making it miserable and if it's no fun it isn't worth doing if no one else cares.

          No Ufopolitics, it's not you, it's not My spiritual advisor either, I appreciated the magic lesson a great deal, but I am sick of this other yapping mutt who is clueless. Every time I post something he's posting idiocy to try to paper over what I just said and to try, evidently, to make it appear he's a part of what I'm trying to communicate and that leads others just visiting for the first time to think this is just another useless thread on the internet. Can't tell you how much this stupid mutt pisses me off. So ya know I don't need the aggravation. If the site can't be administered enough to control or weed out vicious mutt's then maybe I will have to just stop.

          I think I now know enough myself that I can do for myself what this stupid mutt can't, and I've given enough links and suggestions that I believe anyone who has an open mind and some skill can do the same. I may or may not return as a result. I've only ever been on one site that was actually well run where people were openly warned and then banished for failing to respect boundary lines. I've repeatedly asked him to get off my thread. He won't respect those requests and seems to enjoy his self appointed roll of being a yapping mutt troll. I've had to waste my time re-hasing and re-posting information which is critical while this mutt continues to crap everywhere he can. He's a mutt who sh*t's on other people's work and who makes a point of doing it too, and then acts like he doesn't understand what's wrong with sh*ting on the front steps. So ya know...there are limits to how much of his sh*t I am going to put up with and I don't own this site. It's not in my power to put a collar on this mutt and ship him off to the dog pound.

          The physics of tomorrow is the physics of Ken Wheeler. The intelligent will realize what a privilege it is to live in the same time as someone like this. The stupid will be mutt's and yap and yap in opposition to howling winds of change and to run rings around their poles to put on a show for their masters. Now if I can just get a little cooperation just maybe we can move another inch or two forwards, providing of course that someone puts a muzzle on this yapping mutt.
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          • Why am I now being so nasty you ask? Because when I said little time remains, I was talking about how much time remains before you get this figured out, meaning the Anti-gravity puzzle before your masters pull the carpet from underneath you, and if I was referring to anyone's health it was mine and how much time I might or might not have. I can't waste energy with yapping mutt's.

            We have had so many telegraphed messages of what the next 9/11 will be that you have to be damn near dead to not know what's coming, and that will make 9/11 seem insignificant. Your futures are planned out already. Remember you're already considered a groveling dog by the real rulers. Who cares if it's 3,000 of you that die in burning buildings or 3 billion of you that die because of some other reason: That's how they think.

            "Remember Carol Rosin and project blue beam - remember what Reagan said about alien invasions being useful to galvanise humanity - and remember that a ww3 scenario could well be the catalyst to trigger the fake alien invasion via Niburu - just take a look at it all and maybe they are working on the ultimate narrative to fool humanity

            seriously - we have had Nasa announce a ninth planet - Elon Musk & Hawkins talk of ET invasions - add to all of these farcical global events a war of terror with 911 Operation Gladio false flag pre emptive warfare taking the planet to the brink - for 15 years

            this planet is getting really ****ing weird

            anyone seen my towel so i can hitch-hike off?
            "When Wernher Von Braun was dying of cancer, he asked me to be his spokesperson, to appear on occasions when he was too ill to speak. I did this.

            What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics That was how we identify an enemy.

            The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had "killer satellites". We were told that they were coming to get us and control us -- that they were "Commies."

            Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country "crazies." We now call them Nations of Concern.

            But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

            The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

            And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."

            Dr Carol Rosin

            captain wardrobe presents down with murder inc.
            down with murder inc
            Electomagnetic Weapons
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            • How about early magnetism? Do you agree? These
              craft depend on magnetism



              • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
                How about early magnetism? Do you agree? These
                craft depend on magnetism

                Thanks for asking.
                I just don't know, I would tend to agree with that idea for a probably not well recognized reason, but by 1933 Francis Bitter had developed his Bitter Solenoid Magnets. It stands to reason that the more powerful a magnetic field you have the less electrical energy it is going to take to achieve a similar result. Here we can look at Kens Video's on antigravity and his own gravity resisting toys he created to test his ideas, but there may be other reasons for development of powerful magnets.

                My thinking right now is that originally the idea of creating powerful magnetic fields might have to do with the business of phase shifting; to shift the power of the field in one direction. Did they depend on this? I cannot say right now. However, if you have this idea about phase shifting the field back and forth, oscillating, then can you get pulsed waves which can be reflected off a substrate, possibly aluminum or other paramagnetic and dielectric reflecting materials.


                If we assume there is an underlying cult, and which is not aligned with any nation state, then we can begin to get logical answers to inexplicable observations, such as the UFO photographed over Berlin in 1935, or how the FBI was informed that there was going to be a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor but which never went anywhere, or more recently how the so-called failures in intelligence branches were tied to 9/11. Many examples exist of these anomalies and so why is that because there is no sense or reason to them? They only make logical sense if you have a cooperative band of intelligence arms or elements which control them. You run into these curious inexplicable snippets throughout history.

                Splain this one?
                Spring 1951. South Africa: Near Paarl Cape Town, Ufonauts beg for water?
                What, they using a Bitter Solenoid or What?

                Magnetic Health

                Magnet field independent of the motion of the magnet.
                Allen Burges reports on Jerry E. Bayles findings.

                "Tetrahedra of Space" 1933 Sci-Fi

                Jerry E. Bayles solves the flying cow mystery.

                Real clip.

                Counterspatial Superflow behavior: Superfluidity of Dielectric Counter Space.

                Cropcircle being formed by spherical flying objects


                Space Ship Earth Lost in Space
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                • Consider that the Breakaway Civilization has at least an 80 year head start, and on top of that the resouces they have had available to them is beyond imagination. People ask what would they do with the missing? Hello? It's origins are from Nazi Germany, what do you think they are doing with them, giving them a welcome party on another planet? Civilizations are built upon exploitation because we do not have robots or AI. They are slaves obviously, slaves and entertainment is what I imagine, where do you think this hunting humans business come from anyways? It comes from where any gross abuse of power will allow it. Places like Soviet Gulags and Nazi Concentration Camps. You've been told this and you've been shown time and again movies based on this idea as well as people being dumped on foreign planets the same way fish might be dumped from a helicopter to populate a lake.

                  What pisses me off is the underhanded way these video's are treated.
                  To my knowledge there are only 2 video's that have emerged showing cattle being abducted. I'm sure there's more out there, but oufits like Wikipedia say stuff like the prominence of the video is not established. Like that's the most important part instead of the video itself. That way if you step forward you can be subjected to the same shills I get here but a hundred fold worse. I can just hear the *****s on TV laughing and making light of this. This is nothing to laugh at. This is real stuff. This is what is happening and has been happening to people, cattle, animals of all kinds, as well as property, and so now we have fools trying to disarm you too, and so you need to review this history. What's going to be your defense? What, your car keys?

                  These video's are so rare that we may never see anything like this again until we ourselves can replicate the Bayles tractor beam.

                  Now in this video you can clearly see there is a shrouded saucer shape. There's a light engulfing the machine and what I'm doing now is trying to deduce how to wrap an infared light around an object because you've got something like that going on with these machines. More recent video's of invisible UFO's have an exterior temperature around 700 degrees F. I want to point something else out here, and that's this business about 20 years back where there was these news media reports of people supposedly pointing lasers at airplanes and blinding the pilots. Recall all the hoopla over that? Then that goes by the wayside and is forgotten and the next round of manufactured news is heaped up. Do you really believe that for no apparent reason people were so irresponsible as to suddenly, without explanation, all begin to shine lasers at aircraft for no evident reason or purpose? Maybe they just don't want you shining laser pointers out in to space for another reason and this idea gets me into thinking the whole contrived laser pointer business has to do with how to detect invisible objects. So ya know maybe the way to go here is an infared laser light. See collimated light bends easily in another medium such as water for example.
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                  • Our generation has been exposed to some horrifying abuses and
                    then show us right on TV movies, gross. Payday around the corner.
                    1000 years is as a day so using this to find one hour= 40yrs.

                    That is the time period we have witnessed, it's done now, enough
                    already, the nations R angry yes, pissed as you put it.

                    Here is what I can say about the UFO craft that use phasing of
                    multiple fields. 16 is a special number and this is a starting place.

                    I know someone who worked on reverse engineered and non
                    so called reverse engineered craft. Both. We are monitored so as
                    not to say much publicly however has been okayed among friends,
                    always keeping track of the info.

                    The answer is yes. 16 phasing fields overlapping in a toroidal form
                    around an aluminum iridium bubble. You have just left gravity
                    behind. Of course there was a guy who showed us things non
                    metallic being raised up with a few frequencies, what was his name,
                    let me think.

                    A cult of scientist are far beyond our text feed by the govt controlled
                    puppy slop, the past 40 yrs. That zhit is over. The people are connected
                    and it is game over for those who would hunt us like dogs and so many
                    other crimes.

                    I am not an advanced student, just a lowly refrigerator repair guy
                    but even I ain't buying into the obvious mind tease this whole system
                    plays on us. Common sense works wonders. I hate being told what
                    to do when I can tell it is dead wrong. These schools are lying and
                    holding back critical information.

                    I really enjoyed the video's, we can learn from one another much
                    better for those who want more than pablo. I can't talk much about
                    the craft other than the 16 fields generator is only one of many
                    principles that make it possible to turn corners at 10,000 MPH.

                    The idea is to call upon energy available all around us using slight
                    amounts of energy to disrupt in a controlled way. Just like EMP devices.
                    More at the bottom and more at the front and you have direction.
                    Most average guys can't find the time to do the little things let alone
                    compete with the time 1000's of researchers working 70 hr a week
                    for 100 yrs.

                    One more things before I go, these movies of hunting humans or people
                    traveling thru stargates, cloning chimera and the list goes on are
                    what is being worked on so it is hidden in plain sight. The problem is
                    who's hands does this great knowledge fall into?

                    Let them hang themselves, there will be no extinction level event
                    regardless their wet dream. Those people are exposed.

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                    • The problem with the story of aliens is that allows denial of reality, and the reality is what I've shown, and if people want to pretend aliens are real but deny those factual truth's then what's that say about their mental reasoning capability?

                      The system does three or four things now when it comes to UFO's. One, it denies them in toto as weather balloons, swamp gas, and other imbecilic excuses. Second, it markets the theme of aliens. Third it say's you're too stupid to understand anyways. Forth it categorically denies any Nazi Germany links as fantasty and has even gone after people and corporations using covert means to prosecute that agenda. Primarily by labeling anyone or any toy/models as pandering to Nazism. Interesting No?

                      Ya know where there's smoke there's fire. Simple as that, and toss on the Nazi Doctors mind control experiments and perfection and now you have an explanation for pretty much everything that happens. It's real easy to make prophecy work when you can control people, especially people in power, and especially the "Lone Gunman." I mean just look at the potential of that ability. Whose to say that these so-called Hijacker's on 9/11 whom probably didn't even exist weren't the pilots themselves, or some unknown passenger, or maybe the whole fricking plane was filled with zombies?

                      Isn't it interesting that we have this Zombie meme floating around? I'm sure that's just accidental as all get out too. See, they tell us all the time. In order to become a lawful slave you have to remain willingly blind to reality. You have to pretend that aliens have Ufo's but that we are too stupid to make them, you have to deny reality wholesale by simply making fun of reality as someone else's delusions, and hence swap gas and birds. You have to ignore known proven history in toto.

                      Ya know Carl Sagan had to fight as the head of the Voyager program just to get that space ship turned around to take a picture of our solar system. Now why do you suppose that is? The first human vehicle we know of that left the embryo sack we exist in and there were people trying to prevent him from getting a picture of our place in the Milky way Galaxy. That right there should tell you something.

                      What I know is that Wernher von braun told Carol over and over the same story; that it was all a lie. Everything he said has happened just as he said it would. Trump says build a space force and then tells NASA they shouldn't be talking about going to the moon. Now how F---ing gullible are we? Is it a space force to fight an alien race billions of year's more advanced or is it going to be the next barbed wire fence? I think it's the latter of the two. OK, you and I are cattle, natural resources, and they think they own you.

                      Reverse engineering or another layer of the mind control scheme? You take someone whose classically educated in Einsteinian Physics, or conventional electrical theory, and put them in charge of supposedly deciphering a quote "alien space ship" and what do you think they will conclude? Nada, zero, zippers.

                      How can I say something like that? Because what have we ourselves done on this very thread but the exact same thing? You think I began with Wheeler's physic's, I never even heard of Wheeler, Steinmetz, or a couple others before I began this journey. So no, you're not going to figure out **** with conventional lies. So what's the big idea then of having some poor victim like Lazar sent to do mission impossible? Exactly for the same reasons that they want you to believe you're too stupid to figure it out. That it has to be alien because our best minds can't understand how UFO's work. I had that told directly to me by another expert in physic, runs a radio program BTW and is fairly well known, but you think you can get them to open their mind up just crack? Not a prayers chance in hell brother.

                      Our physics is wrong because it was intentionally created to be wrong, the same way any criminal plot will manipulate a story to try to make it appear they are right or are telling the truth. Scientist's today are mathematicians and that's not a good thing but they also aren't certified, qualified, or trained in criminal investigation and have about as much understanding of the science of discovery as a cow does of outer space.

                      Look at the Lazar story, look at what he said he was supposed to decipher, and of course he wasn't allowed to see but a fraction of the ship, and he was told how they thought this or that worked which related to his supposed job. So the poor guy is totally screwed from the get go. They already planted false ideas in his head, invented some complete bull**** about element 115 ect, ect, ect. Now of course he can't figure it out. From what I can tell he wasn't really involved with the propulsion system but rather a tractor beam set up. Providing of course that the story is true.

                      The whole point of this is to convince you that they do have and are trying to reverse engineer alien space ships. What a load of BS is my response, just a complete load of BS, because there are no aliens. They took this poor man and shoved him into a hopeless task, lied to him, gave him a space ship to look at, but not investigate entirely, and all this with the full knowledge that he was looking at a machine that had reached a level of development 500 years beyond where we are now. All made possible by our tax dollars and the use of a completely different set of physics and understanding of the Universe. It's bull**** plain and simple. There are no aliens, the whole Galaxy is devoid of intelligent life except for us. That's why they are abducting people. Think about it. Neil deGrasse Tyson said that there was so little evidence for alien life that he has no interest in the idea at all, and to call him when a dinner date can be arranged.

                      What we have with the reverse alien space ship stories are just that; stories and nothing else. Aka, lies, and on the opposite side we have tidbits of truth that have somehow made it to our time, and which tell a tale of the development of EM powered space ships first pioneered by the Nazi Scientists. I tell ya, you have to be on guard to the bamboozling liars. That famous photograph of the UFO's buzzing the Whitehouse in Truman's administration was our own covert intelligence branches, either to frighten and blackmail the elect, like the clown holding up a bottle of anthrax in congress was the same thing. OK, rule by terror, lies, blackmail, and murder. Simple as that and which leads us back to the Jeffery Epstein cult.
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                      "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                      • I know how much people want to believe there are aliens but this thread is intended to deduce what is supposedly a man made machine. I can't have it polluted with crackpot ideas born from wishful stories that are almost certain to be born from another mind control scheme directed from the Epstein Cult.

                        I am not going to allow that fantasy to wreck this thread. Address reality or get out and go your own delusional way and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Come back when you're holding some aliens decapitated head or some other novelty. Sheese...

                        Whether people like it or not, this machine, like the jet airplane, like ballistic missiles, was born in war and it was born in Nazi Germany. That's all there is to it so get over it. The evidence supporting that is overwhelming by comparison to any other explanation.

                        Suppose you had never seen a jet airplane. Then suddenly you see one, is that also going to be an alien machine? Come on, get real, it's technology you haven't seen and worse it's technology that's been hidden for almost 80 years now. Of course it's going to look alien. What, you're so smart you can't be deceived? Well don't go visit any magic shows then. You give me 1/4 of the US GDP and access to every manufacturer and 80 years and I'll show you another thingy that looks like it came from another world too.

                        Let's get on with reality then because I'm sick of this alien bull****. I want a flying carpet, not a pie in the sky pipe dream, so no more BS stories about alien knowledge without any proofs it exists, just another load of BS coming from the cult of perverts far as I'm concerned. There's only two possible types of anti-gravity ships and since we know that it helps a great deal to eliminate crackpot schemes so don't even try unless you know your **** really well, and if you show up here with Albert in tow I'm gonna come find you even if I have to row a boat to the Uk to do it because that joke and his BS are responsible for every single evil we are now suffering from.

                        The ARV's Central Column

                        In the ARV Illustration that central column does now appear to be part of an analog phase shift control system for the EM field. It appears to be using two wound wires going in spirals in opposition, and which are apparently surrounded by a rings which could be made of magnetostrictive material.

                        Here I'm taking my lead from the drawing Mark showed in videos where he had drawn the interior of the vehicles based off supposed abductee's memories. Ps; I don't need to hear anyone else's "memories" either. We got all the alien information on this compiled already. No more help is need on that or any other aspect.

                        Magnetostriction produces a low-pitched humming sound that can be heard coming from transformers when oscillating AC currents produce a changing magnetic field. This is a noted UFO sound.

                        Previous ideas which I began this thread with are now entirely refuted. It's not part of a power system as previously envisioned. It appears to be part of control system of the magnetic field.

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                        • Gambeir, did you read the following patents ?
                          if not, you might want to go do that now


                          • Originally posted by spacecase0 View Post
                            Gambeir, did you read the following patents ?
                            if not, you might want to go do that now
                            Thanks, no I haven't had time to go through them in detail. There is useful information in them. I glanced through this one.

                            This one looks a lot like the Nazi Vril and appears to be a patent for the flying beachballs

                            Yea, there's some good info in these. Not too sure about the official explanations such as gravity waves but put that aside and there is good information.
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                            • Room temp superconductor huh? Cough...cough...OK, sure it is, but yes we can use this info if you're careful and don't gulp too much pig swill down with the official explanation.

                              I hadn't thought of it, but this does stand to reason and explains quite a bit actually. Just hadn't devoted much time to thinking about quartz coated wires like I obviously should have. Hmm..reminds me of a Brikeland Current Flow actually. Makes a lot of sense since counterspace is a high frequency field.

                              "a wire comprising an insulator core and a metal coating, the metal coating disposed around the insulator core, the metal coating deposited on the core, and, when a pulsed current is passed through the wire while the wire is vibrated, room temperature superconductivity is induced"

                              Oh brother, what an explanation that one is....and shazam~ instant super conduction! Great information in this however.

                              Now was the piezo effect/quartz inside the ARV's so called capacitor plates or over and around them? Also, maybe it was using a Bitter Solenoid Magnet and this system of vibrating the plates might have been used to produce a de-facto super conduction effect on the rotating magnetic field via pie shaped plates.

                              Begging for water by Ufonauts in 1951, who were obviously humans, would be explainable if the machine was to use water as part of a cooling system for such a magnetic propulsion system.

                              Lonnie Zamora is said to have originally reported normal humans in USAF jump suits but quickly revised that story to be 3 foot aliens after some contact by offical doom. April 24, 1964.
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                              • Originally posted by spacecase0 View Post
                                Gambeir, did you read the following patents ?
                                if not, you might want to go do that now
                                Almost all necessary information is contained in this exceptionally well written patent.

                                I feel the other patent's are validations and which are useful if viewed through the lens of Wheeler's explanations of the dielectric counter-spatial field.

                                We are off to the horse races now folks. This thread is now pointless.
                                It's better to examine these patents and work forwards at this time.

                                There is of course no such thing as a gravitational wave, a dielectric wave perhaps, and there is of course no such thing as super-conductivity, only the flow of the dielectric field.
                                These patents are geared to explain reality in terms of the educated, aka mind controlled, and as long as you realize that and look outside of the official explanations for a better
                                understanding then you're sure to be better off.

                                I feel these patents validate and support what I've said about the history of Ufo's and that the McCandlish illustration will become, in time, more widely recognized for the pioneering
                                spirit of it's author. I believe that the information in these patents are groundbreaking and will launch a new era. They do show that the McCandlish machine is a workable design
                                especially considering it was rendered off the knowledge of Mark McCandlish and the eyewitness reports.

                                There is only one thing left to say; remember that no matter what, it took conventional science 80 years to arrive at the same conclusions others did a very long time ago, and that is what
                                the historical evidence does say regardless of whom may still wish to deny what is manifestly obvious.

                                In these patents the ARV and the Alexey are explained in the greater part. There is enough information which employees simple readily available materials
                                that the home experimenter should be left breathless with excitement. It's time to now end this thread and to use the information to create.

                                Come back when you've either got a dinner date or a sack with an alien head in it: One or the other.
                                I suspect what people will find is not aliens but rather the trail of a global criminal network.
                                Good luck and good hunting.
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