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  • Here now is why the hat box cyclotrons are located where they are.
    I also said they were equal distances apart which is not correct.

    Also, read the comment below the video and which is posted on youtube.
    I called up the PDF mentioned by the poster: The Phaneron

    VIDEO 82 Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism. BISMUTH DIELECTRIC INERTIA DISCOVERY

    Posted Comment to the video.

    The Phaneron
    4 months ago
    The outcome is not unlike the shadows cast by the torus and the Euler spiral projecting the plane of inertia onto a surface. It's no coincidence that the angles of the bismuth plate resemble the 2D projective geometry of the tetrahedron- the fundamental unit of the E8 lattice which derives the 8D quasicrystal when projected to a lower dimension like 3D. This crystalline lattice is considered the indivisible Planck pixel of the universe in a new theory inducted from quantum gravity research, called the Code Theoretic Axiom. It offers a compelling third option free from the mathematical constraints and assumptions of QM and GR, and is fast gaining popularity, momentum and traction.

    This recent theory attempts to explain emergence (the loss of inertia) by unifying 7 primary variables including non-determinism, symbols and the golden ratio. While it is a fascinating attempt to either unify or entirely negate (falsify) the mathematical absurdities and pontifications of QM and GR... It can be further reduced to Wheeler's simplex dielectric field theory, which incorporates and subsumes the 8D quasi-crystal as emergent complexity from a simplex substrate.

    Your paradigm deserves more mainstream exposure.

    But if this were to happen then any research under your paradigm would be subject to peer review, a dirty cringeworthy abomination indeed lol.

    Wisdom is often and best derived from unpopular and unconventional methods and opinions

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    • Gambeir, in case you had not noticed,
      your ideas around the cyclotron have lead you back to the MAGVID


      • Originally posted by spacecase0 View Post
        Gambeir, in case you had not noticed,
        your ideas around the cyclotron have lead you back to the MAGVID

        You know me spacecase0, post whatever you see, however you see it. Time is of the essence. Bugsfly is trying to tell me something similar but I am not there yet, it's beyond my ability to see what he is trying to tell me, but you on the other hand would understand.

        The situation we are all in, no matter where you're living, cannot be more grave than it is right at this juncture in human history. My honest belief is that it will be almost a miracle if what G.A. Stewart say's and thinks doesn't happen. His track record is there.

        July 24, 2019 G. A. STEWART

        I'm just trying to understand all that I think I know well enough that maybe with some magnets, aluminum, and bicycle wheels I can cobble together some way to generate power which isn't dependent upon wind or water. When the lights go out, and they are going to evidently, that will be all she wrote for a very long time. Where are the books to pass what we have learned and what we think we know right now? There are none, we few have the fate of humanity in our hands, so if you have something that you think is important than say so.
        Do not allow it go by the wayside.

        Worth reading like everything G.A. does

        You can bet your last dollar with absolute certainty that the people who have engineered this fate which is impending will be sitting comfortably over head, high over head, plotting the next act in cattle herding idiots on earth.
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        • It does seem to me that a useful picture is beginning to emerge. An anology might be to comparitively match cause and effect with known cause and effect in recognizable machines such as aircraft and then to the enabling parts so that we can develop a mental image of what does what.

          One of these comparisons might be to say there is an evident minimal fequency which must be in effect, and which one might compare to having a minimal airspeed flowing over a particular airfoil before lift begins to be generated, which if correct implies that this concept of a required minimal frequency is modifiable by different means the same as it is in airfoils, but that as a generality a minimal HZ is going to be needed. Apparently in a flat aluminum plate that is somewhere around 24K HZ and explains the tesla HV coil input.

          It's an easy leap to then see why the next logical step forward would be radar waves, or microwaves, and that is evidently why we see the hat box cyclotrons on the montage of what is supposedly a Nazi flying saucer. It's for this reason that I imagine we all have microwave ovens in our homes today. Home microwaves also help to obfuscate the real intended purpose of the invention and it is always best to have another plausible explanation for the creation needed technologies.

          Another invention which robour posts relate back to is a high temp glue, and there we see another silica based high temp fexible glue. Previously we have talked about how stealth aircraft such as the A12/SR-71 used a special high temp glass which we know of today as Corning ware ceramics, but at the time I failed to notice that the shapes of the ceramics inlays in these aircraft are tetrahedons.
          Polyhedron -- from Wolfram MathWorld

          You can see this in the HD Cutaway Illustration of the SR-71. Locate description marker 137 *Inboard leading Edge Ram Wedges. Found on left wing inboard of the engines.
          RAM=Radar Absorbing Material=Ceramic
          Resistant to thermal shock.

          HD SR-71

          Animated Polyhedron Models

          It might be worth remembering that the SR-71 was commishioned by the CIA and not the USAF. Something to bear in mind considering UFO history.

          photosensitive glass

          borosilicate glass

          Not only is this amazing as an anywhere tabletop cooking appliance, but it also has an uncanny similarity in apperance to the dull circular glowing light seen beneath the flying brick like building. Just do a search in images using "vitroceramic"

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          • So we now have the idea that gravity is caused by an inductive process, and which happens when the energies that create weight in mass do so by moving inwards in a spiraling path, and that, if we listen to Ken Wheeler, then we should be able to use that understanding, along with the right hand rule, to revector the inductive energies to a point in space whereby the force of mass weight induction is now moving in a desired direction.

            Isn't it interesting then that the first people to venture into the science of radar absorbing materials also happened to be the Nazi's? Yes, that's right, they tried applying a rubberized coating of RAM to submarines in an effort to counter radar. That kind of application would be a natural off shoot of an understanding the aforementioned because if we put a conductor inside a RAM type material and feed a high frequecy energy into that material, like say radar/microwaves, then we should expect that this arrangement might produce a sort of suction like vortex which pulls in the hyperspatial energies which create weight in mass.

            That's speculation, otherwise called a dangerous arm chair theory, and sometimes a hypothesis. All depends on how scientifically you can support the idea without being soundly refuted as impossible. Now you would think that the radar absorbing material might instead soak up the energy, the microwaves, well yea but it's got to be doing something with that energy too, and so what it must be doing is feeding it to the conductor which is of course a shape. Now maybe this shape isn't just a spiral, it might make more sense to have concentric rings, and to then discharge the rings in sequence: Food for thought.

            So at any rate, just imagine you're like sitting outside gathering in the evening air, there's some cloud cover, it's damp and it's in the late evening hours, so it's dark but there are street lights, when suddenly out of a mist a block sized object, retangular in shape, with dull yellowish lite circles underneath seems to almost materialize out of thin air. Amazed and shocked, this contraption comes wafting overhead, totally silent, a bit blurry because it's dark and it's moving and well, hell this is new huh? What could it be? Blink, blink~

            Un huh...
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            • Well just try as I might I couldn't get the video to link to the last post. People, it is just exactly like Ken says it is, in theory the whole is simple, to explain it, to understand it, well that takes effort on your part, but over-all the fundamental concepts are straight forward and simple to understand with some basic knowledge. Should be no more complex than understanding how a steam engine works in theory.

              Gravity & Anti-Gravity. Fundamental principles via Platonic Logic
              "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


              • So much of the material in this thread needs to be completely re-evaluated. A lot of thoughts over these last few days and it's not just the laughable materials I've posted, but the whole of alternative energy which can now be looked at with a greater understanding, but which also needs to be re-hunk.

                Like this one for example: The Barbury Castle Crop Circle. What are we looking at here? Is this a blueprint for a levitation craft, or an illustration of the the "indivisible Planck pixel of the universe," or some combination thereof. With an off world civilization of highly dubious character, because why else have you told no one about it, and clearly not one allied with ours, could it be another smart ass joke designed to bamboozle us and keep us confused and in the dark?


                It now seems pretty obvious earlier ideas were grossly in error, and that instead there's a kind of montage going on in this crop circle; one where every outer smaller sphere is depicting one part of whole operation, and which is being done by way of individual schematic diagrams, each one of which is just one of the actions of one single sphere.

                Now picture in your mind that you're looking at a tetrahedron point on, that is with the sharp end facing directly at you. So that this point is where the microwave enters. In the diagram it is being depicted as a sphere, or point source in Wheeler vernacular. In the crop circle this point, the nose, is viewed from above, and in a profile view the nose is the overhead sphere. So you see that now? In this way the image can be understood as the forward point of a tetrahedron, and from that point these energies (in this case microwaves) are then carried down to each individual sphere by a wave guide which in this case is a tube. The circular center tubes appear to have no links and I think the triangle form is itself bridgework with no linking to the microwaves either. The whole now seems to say that this is a depiction of the formation of a magnetic field, a sort of how to, and using in this case microwaves to achieve that objective. Evidently the two ringed tubes in the middle which are clearly marked directionally for rotation are showing an induction process which creates a magnetic field.

                Now obviously if this is accurate, and I now believe it is, then it is important to realize that those inner rings which are forming the magnetic vortex are most likely showing a forward propulsion because of the disymmetry of the ring sizes. I read the size discrepancy of the rings themselves as representing a phase shift, with the shift being in a propulsion mode.

                I now think that what we have been given here is a ruff schematic of how a tetrahedron shape manufactures a magnetic field, which is actually one way that it is probable to link to the hyperspatial field, and which would explain the incredible mind boggling speeds of these machines, because it's not just making a magnetic field, it's attaching itself to the counter-space itself, becoming one with the interial field. That's my sense of it.
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                • go read the 2 pattens linked in this thread
                  remind you of something ?


                  • Ok, yes I posted the link which was perhaps picked up on, which is good too.


                    Yes, and as I point out in the post in the above links the explanations of how this works are, of course, not entirely truthful...hint...hint...

                    Wheeler somewhere's in one of his many video's already explained some time ago that there is no such thing as superconductivity.

                    When you read "Super Conductivity" it's a smoke screen. They don't want you to understand Wheeler Physics because that's too damned simple to understand. You're not going to have wast 100K at the University of Idiocy if you figure out how this works without their help.

                    So I don't think this is a matter of national security at all. It's a matter of retaining control over the minds of people first, and then through that the ability to continue to control our lives by controlling power/energy and transportation.

                    However, you're quite right about this looking Familar. I saw that too, but again, be warry of the explanations. It's poison.

                    Take the Barbury Crop Circle Drawing and then sketch out a 3D tetrahedron. Assign all four points on the tetrahedron with a round sphere. All sphere's have microwaves rotating counter clockwise.

                    Simple mechanics and or hydrodynamics shows that the induced flow of the center core of the triangular form will be first a clockwise rotation of a larger spherical form inside the outer spheres, and then that will produce the inner ring which is again going to move counter to the outer first formed ring.

                    It's very simple but explaining it makes it seem complex and confusing. I'll slap up a sketch and post it before too long.

                    See, just like everything else they know, and they know that this antigravity business is going to break and that they can't stop it, so then just like the Catholic Church has done for the last thosand years, what they do is run down to the next door and slam that one shut and now they will try to hold that door closed for as long as possible by insisting that all these complexities are going on; superconduction, quantum bits, and just about anything else they can tag to it, and of course they have done all they could to make Einsteinian Physics fit into their explanations.

                    So it's like well maybe we are going to have to cave in and let them have a crumb, but no way in hell are those apes getting flying carpets, hover boards, or God forbid space ships.
                    "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                    • So this is what I've come up with for right now. Am computing as I go along. Obviously the sooner this is cracked the safer everyone one on this planet will become. You're looking at a projection of microwave interaction with the Ether, otherwise known as Counter-Spatial Dielectric Field. Consider this food for thought. Certainly nothing concrete, but all things considered, in regards to these machines it is just as Ken Wheeler has said; there can be only two types of anti-gravity, repulsine types and false mass types, or some combination thereof. Deducing where this fits in seems to suggest that this is a false mass machine, but one which I am thinking is doing this by the creation of the core field inside the form itself and which results out of the spin states of the outer spherical shells, and which then translates, evidently, into a connection to the dielectric counter-spatial field, hence blindingly fast acceleration and galactic capability. Now obviously there's smoke here with all this because the push has been on for terahertz ect, and so that makes sense given a successful design which is easily cross applied.

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                      • So I've looked around and this is the only clip I can find that honestly gives you some idea of what I mean by the speed of these ships. You will understand this when one day you see one in the flesh. You will also then realize that this tetrahedron form chosen for the Star Destroyer's in Star War's is not accidental, cannot be accidental and then depict the operation of these supposedly fictional machines as precisely matching the Wheeler description of space being a posterior attribute of inertia. You can be 100% sure that the understanding of how these machines work has been known for a very long time as the reports on these black tetrahedrons/triangles go's back quite a ways. The speed of these ships isn't the speed of counter-space, it's just the best we can presently do, and undoubtedly there are others whom can do a whole lot better.

                        Put this clip in reverse, speed it up a few fold, replace the Star Destroyer with an all black sharply pointed tetrahedron and that's what I was fortunate enough to witness. I just want you to realize this stuff is real, it ain't alien, and they have had it for a long, long, time.

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                        • So now going back to the illustration of the tetrahedron with the arrows what you want to do is look at how frequency is thought to relate to spin coupling through twisting the dielectric field in to torsion tubes.

                          Again I like to refer people to David Lowrance for a variety of reasons.

                          This video record linked below on the Norway Spiral is ten years ago already. Look at frame 2:225 where they repeat a few second clip of the early stages of this spiral in real time so you there you can realize the true speed of development. There's a faint but clear center vapor trail which attaches to the point source and the rings are perfectly symmetrical. Slow motion at 3:06 for the full development, and of course why would anyone have video already established to record that specific section of the sky? I mean honestly, who does that unless you actually are expecting an amazing light show?

                          Watch the slow motion quality recording seen at the end of this and pay specific attention to the end because obviously
                          this is showing you something. I don't know what it is that this spiral opens on to but it's obviously not in Kansas where ever it is.

                          Skeptics slanderous pseudo-science claims to eat turkey in the future I'm quite sure, because failed rocket launches always open on to another world, right? Point being, among other things, is that in response to this video you've clearly got an active denial system telling you that what your lying eyes are telling you is false, and again it's all because it has to do with ether theory.

                          Another point to this video is related to the ether and which was/is actively denied as "real science." However the people claiming to be scientists are untrained and not certificed in the scientific methodology of truth discovery. Aka, the law and criminal investigation, which has only about 1,800 years more experience in the matter, so I'm willing to put my money on a conclusion reached by analysis and null hypothesis theorem over the opinions of people unqualified in the scientific methodoloy of discovery.

                          Skeptics Safety Blankets
                          This one is especially fun because the disclaimer seems to virtually describe the observed effects in the video.
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                          • Gone by request
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                            • Gone by request
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                              • Originally posted by robur View Post
                                You keep stating that all stuff is real and that it isn't alien. That none of it is alien.

                                I have told you about my experience in good faith and I cannot agree that alien aspect is 100% not present. I cannot and will not agree with it ever.

                                But I do not with to argue about it.

                                Version of science and events I have channeled do not match what Ken Wheeler says. I wish to make it clear 1 last time why I do not listen to Ken Wheeler.

                                ''Their'' version of Gravity science matches Ken's by only 20%
                                I listen to everyone equally, but reserve the right to follow what I have seen myself. If you have seen yourself what I have see you might also would want to follow their path.

                                I wish to write on this forum and report on things I do. Without arguing or slandering. I have gotten "toxic" as you put it once. That will never happen again. But I wish with all due respect to make it clear why I cannot follow Ken Wheeler or those 2 other people mentioned.

                                Thank you For reading.
                                I do sincerely hope I wouldn't have to return to this again.

                                Yes, but have also now already forgotten what I told you was also in good faith?
                                I am not required to believe that what you told me is real, only that you believe it was real, just so the same may be said for my own experiences.
                                No one is required to believe that what I say is true. I know it's true and I know those vehicles are no more alien than the Jeep in the damn driveway.
                                I've covered just about every possibility outside of witchcraft and there is only one explanation, a rational sensible one, and one which is explained by
                                ether physics, the same physics the Nazi's never abandoned. So what's more real? That aliens gave us this relatively simple straight forward knowledge?
                                Or that this information was put under national security and then hijacked by the Nazi elites? My money is on the last choice.

                                Everything you have said to me tells me you are a victim.
                                I recommend you read these links and think about them.


                                Mind control is ancient knowledge that's been kept secret and obscure and was only accidentally discovered. The Nazi's perfected this and could break a person in 1 &1/2 hours according to captured documents from the Nazi doctors, and we also now know that the foundations for mind control can be found in the ancient Egyptian book of the dead, and from that it's pretty easy to see the whole of human history has been written on bodies of people who have been made slaves through this technique. Where do you think these crazy kids with guns are coming from? These are classic mind controlled killers. There is no way this is accidental. No way people are going wacko on their own. Never happened before on this scale in this country. We know this, it's a fact, it isn't some movie script fantasy. It's a plot and UFO's belonging to Aliens are part of this plot, along with terrorism, mind controlled suicides, and gunmen.

                                There are no aliens and that's the real painful truth. That's why they want a space force, because the elites need slaves, they want to keep you from ever knowing that truth, and hence from escaping. They want to keep you and your kids from ever having a flying platform, saucer, or space ship. From ever having any knowledge outside of planet earth. If there are aliens you're never ever going to know until you stop believing this bull**** about UFO's belonging to aliens. Wernher von braun said there were no aliens. He said it was another giant Nazi lie. There is no higher authority or anyone else who would know that. Aliens are another giant Nazi lie. Get that through your head and think about the idea that someone may have messed with you at some time in your life because that's a hell of a lot more plausible than having received information from elsewhere.

                                There are only two ways to produce anti-gravity, both described by Ken Wheeler, and supported by independent researchers. I'm sure there are other ways to accomplish how to produce these same two effects, but we are only now grasping the basics, and still you continue to claim that these are also not right.

                                I believe I've demonstrated a history which shows clearly there is a reasoned history to flying saucers and which requires no aliens to achieve, and I've also given a theory of operations for two kinds of vehicles. Christ sakes doesn't that count for anything with you? Maybe you should realize you may be in need of serious professional help?
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