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  • Gone by request
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    • Gone by request
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      • Originally posted by robur View Post
        Only if you're imprisoned on the British Isle's it is.

        Yes, that's what I was thinking about. Usually I buy smaller amounts but hell maybe you're building a space ship or something.
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        • Originally posted by robur View Post
          I am sorry to disappoint you Gambeir about me never hearing about automotive Silicone.
          I don't have a car so I never heard about that

          EVO Stik impact was best glue I was shown before.
          I have a look on e-bay about That silicone glue.
          And if you got time pls read my replies.
          Copper is always the best gasket material. High quality head gaskets are typically copper. This is what I buy most times. I'm big on silicone myself.
          Notice this is 700 degree's and the other is 300 degrees.

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          • See if this helps to envision what I think is going on in the UFO HD Image.

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            • [QUOTE=robur;319776]Moreover, if one were to produce a circular track of magnets on a plate and were to spin the plate beneath the tetrahedron then that may itself produce a propulsive force, and finally if while projecting black light on to the tetrahedron we might see levitation if it had not already been produced by the rotation of the moving magnetic field. It would be highly entertaining if that also then resulted in the tetrahedron and plate suddenly becoming invisible as well. Just have not gotten round to fooling with these ideas, but maybe someone else will if I mention them.

              Originally posted by robur View Post
              I understand plate of magnets and tetrahedrone.
              What the deal with black light?
              By black light you mean exactly what?
              Light bulb painted in black so it would ''shine'' with black light?
              I don't get it.
              See papers by Fran De Aquino. Go to link.
              14 papers on correlations between weight loss and IR/black light radiation.

              Originally posted by robur View Post
              And regarding tetrahedron - can i ask why tetrahedron and not pyramid?
              Wasn't joe parr using pyramids?
              Because Germans don't use pyramids. Only inferior sub humans use pyramids, and because the Nazi Vril don't show Pyramids/ They only show tetrahedrons. Pyramids seem to be omni-directional in how they work. They are symmetrical shapes, where a tetrahedron is not. Yes, Joe was using pyramids, but just look what happened to his machines, all blown to hell and why, because of Juden Science is why.... snort....Ok so not really, it's more likely that the shape of a pyramid is evidently omni directional energy projection. That's my guess. If I wan't a thousand years old then I might wonder about repeating that experiment with tetrahedron shapes pointing inwards to the center of the shaft.

              Originally posted by robur View Post
              And when you say tetrahedron do you mean a full 3-d tetrahedron or just a flat triangle?

              Yes, 3D formed full real tetrahedrons. Not flat cut shapes.
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              • Gone by request
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                • Gone by request
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                  • First off I can't research for you. Joe Parr repeatedly suffered catastrophic failures with his machine which he attributed to the generation of some unknown and undetectable energy.
                    I also have repeatedly said I would not even try to spin 3D tetrahedrons and offered some alternates to consider.
                    Black light is not black but it is light.

                    You got fingers or what? Just google black light.
                    "A blacklight (or often black light), also referred to as a UV-A light, Wood's lamp, or ultraviolet light, is a lamp that emits long-wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light and very little visible light."

                    I swear that Wikipedia has re-written this piece on the properties of aluminum. Possibly I somehow misunderstood, but I seriously doubt that since I cited it more than once.
                    Previously I said aluminum absorbed LR UV radiation based on what I had repeatedly read from Wikipedia ( I think I actually quoted it verbatim) and now it says exactly the opposite!
                    I know I'm right about what I had previously read. Untrustworthy source evidently.

                    Instead consult this for the light reflecting properties of aluminum


                    I don't know how much research you've done but it's not enough.

                    "It took 3 years to develop the Pyramid Centrifuge and locate a DC motor large enough to drive it to the calculated speed. The first Centrifuge was like a Model "T" Ford, very basic. When 2500 RPM's was reached, on September 17, 1983, a loud explosion was heard. When the machine was shut down and cover removed, I discovered my arm was "wiped clean." Four Pyramids and a CS137 isotope were surgically removed. At the time, I didn't know what had happened. After 55 such experiments, I realize that was my first jump into Hyperspace."
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                    • Rewrote this about ten times now as a result of having to "evidently" make this as clear as possible.

                      I do think the Vril design spun the tetrahedrons. But if you're going to try this then instead think of making the frames that hold the magnets in combination with high frequency emitters rotate around the tetrahedron shapes, because you cannot get individually made tetrahedron shapes balanced well enough and moving without developing centrifugal force problems of very high power and which will be virtually impossible to control. There is no way the tetrahedrons rotated as individual independent bodies. Not even precisely machined parts with high quality bearing are capable of keeping that sort of system in balance. The load forces are huge. Any imbalance will destroy the whole arrangement in nothing flat. Do not even try that. I'm sure the Nazi's did not try that. It isn't logical at all. The only logical system is to link the tetrahedrons into a ring like arrangement, which is what the artist below shows, it's either that or else to spin the outer shell.

                      For this to work as rotating tetrahedrons the tetrahedrons would have to form a continuous ring as show in this drawing. Now look here at this illustration. This is very likely a correct 3D illustration of the design.

                      If you look at the Vril design the energy is being focused on to a sphere in the center. Now unless you have the design shown by the artist above, then you cannot have the tetrahedrons spinning because of the dynamic centrifugal force issues, in which case it would be highly likely that the sphere at the core rotates, not the tetrahedrons, and that the outer frames are what would then spin around tetrahedrons.

                      Do you understand or not? It's a matter of what is possible to build with your own hands. Have you got an aircraft factory or not? You're going to have to be creative is the bottom line and that comes with having some concept of what is taking place.

                      What Joe Parr was studying is how a large shape is a macro representation of a micro structure. Obviously he was doing that because there's something somewhere else on planet earth that suggests there is a reason to think that Shape power is capable of producing in large scale what a millions of crystalline forms produce when exposed to the some kind of energy. So the micro shapes translate across to the macro. That's the basic theory as expressed by Joe Parr. That idea cross validates the Vril design. In the Vril design notice there is an upper tetrahedron shape and a lower larger tetrahedron shape. I think the sphere may be copper or aluminum, which makes this very Alexey like in certain respects.

                      Probably with enough screwing around this thing works one way or other in a manner similar to the Alexey

                      The 3D artist's depiction looks very closely like the fabric covered versions shown in images and in a clip of it hovering.
                      Pretty sure this machine isn't a fictional construct (Vril 7) and the artwork shows a deep appreciation for the design.

                      So all facts added up does seem to suggest that these Vril drawings are not complete and total it lunancy. Other ideas which have been injected in to the Nazi Saucer stories, such as this business about mercury or the marconi ball being a ball filled with mercury really do not seem to have a rational scientific basis for existing and are garbled or purposely created disinformation. A Marconi ball is very likely some invention which springs from someone seeing drawings of the Karl Schappeller Device but didn't know what it was. I have absolutely no idea where the marconi ball business springs from. There's some cross over between the Schapeller device and the later discovery of the Schumann Frequency in how the device probably works, but that comes later on and was done independently in theory by Schumann whereas the Shappeller device is neither theoretical nor fictional and predates Schumann, so it's design concepts probably originate from Victor Schauberger.

                      The late great Rob Arnet's original publication on the Vril Saucers. Here's where some of this information crops up.
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                      • Well that was still pretty unclear. You'll figure it out once you try spinning two or three individual homemade tetrahedrons.

                        The whole idea here in the tetrahedron is the dielectric field is transmitted by this form such that one can understand how an invisible energy field (the dielectric field) can be feed into material to create a capacitor much like water flowing over a water wheel provides energy: That these shapes produce a resultant force is due to the dielectric induction which they seem capable of transmitting, but then to utilize this energy flow it must be stressed, per Wheeler, and which produces power. That stress is induced by the 12 volt DC field cutting through the electrostatic AC. The AC should be a source for sustained constant electrostatic power. Where the Alexey probably fails is in the unprotected motors which are driving the magnets and the upper steel plate and which is likely to happen when the electrostatic discharge reaches a high enough potential in an emp discharge.

                        Right now though, this area is outside of where I want to want to direct our focus, which is on the Alexey device, and which I do not think is very complex at all. If I'm right then understanding what is happening will make replications much easier.

                        The first thing is I'm pretty sure the Alexey is emitting an electromagnetic pulse wave; an EMP wave. I believe the discovery of the EMP Pulse wave was the enabling technology that made Nazi Saucers reality. We know absolutely that the Nazi's had developed an EMP defensive weapon system. That is fact and not fiction and which is supportive of the claims that the Germans did infact succeed in developing a saucer.

                        I think the concept is a fairly simple and can be seen in the Alexey machine. The hard part is explaining this to people who are used to seeing the world in terms of capacitors which become storage devices for energy by applying a charge. Energy is contained in space. The enabling tool is understanding how to make this dielectric field flow in where you want it to go to and then how to stress that dielectric field so that it produces energy.

                        All in all, I feel that what I've outlined as a method of operations is probably close to being accurate. I leave it to the experts to decipher the specifics.

                        For me, the important thing seems to be that the Alexey must be drawing in the ether, the dielectric field which is energy, and that the DC dipole field must be stressing that energy field so as to result in electrical power being supplied from surrounding space such that the aluminum plate becomes a de-facto capacitor. The magnets are naturally providing a steady flux of dielectric energy. Somewhere on Scrubtube Walter Lewin demonstrates that energy in a capacitor is inexplicably being held in what appears to be an empty container. In the matter of stressing the dielectric field one could look at the water droplet experiment.
                        Leyden Jar revisited.

                        So now a dielectric is also a mirror and which also alters the spectum of visible light too.
                        I think in considering UFO's and their lights you will want to look at this link and at the
                        little gif that is also at the link on the right side.
                        "The color transmitted by the dielectric filters shifts when the angle of incident light changes."
                        I theorize that the reason this machine takes so long to get working is it needs refining and understanding it is necessary to refine it. Another aspect to the machine is how the magnets interact to form a magnetic thrust chamber, or in other words, how by altering the diameter of the magnetic ring would effect the repulsion force produced on a given area. So there's lots to monkey with but I feel this explanation of operation is a good start towards understanding the machine.
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                        "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                        • Gone by request
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                          • This thread is now a couple years old. It has now followed virtually every possibility, and we have eliminated those possibilities, one by one, and what remains is the truth. We did not set out to prove that any single system could explain the machine, but instead sought to find an explanation, and we have used the tried and true way of the detectives credo. Consult this gentleman if you're not precisely familiar with the way this works.
                            Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle KStJ DL

                            The basics are now in your hands. Please use them.

                            The Nazi's did not try to solve the gravity problem. They already undestood the basics of it through ether theory. Instead they focused on practicality and developed an electrostatic reactionary propulsion system. In so doing they discovered how to produce an electromagnetic pulse wave. You think it's accidental that the original Star Trek series was constantly talking about crystals and impulse power?

                            People keep saying that the Alexey has a string. Believe what you will, but you do now have the fundamentals, UFO's from the 1950's to the 1960's should not be any more mysterious now than an airplane is. If you're still too mind controlled to accept the explanation then I cannot help you.

                            Mantim Lee nearly solved it, and would have done so easily enough had he known that copper and aluminum are magnetic reflectors, and if he happened to think how a magnetic field could then form a thrust chamber he would have had the mystery solved, or well most of it anyways.

                            UFO reports, especially from the 1950's through the 1960's talk about car motors shutting down and other effects obviously associated with an electromagnetic pulse. They talk about being burned by the bright lights of the UFO for those unfortunate enough to be too close to one. These are the products of a emp pulse wave reflected off a material like aluminum. It is that simple and all you people have to do now is to refine it.

                            I am quite done with this inquiry now. You should be able to look upon the ARV illustration by Mark McCandlish and be able to understand it without resorting to the absurdities of the idiot Albert Einstein. There are no other realites, there is only the ether and the 3D reality you're living in.

                            Everything is there. It's solved. The basic propulsion system is explained. The pusle wave containes reflected light, which explains the experience of sunburned skin, and the emp explains disruptions of electrical motors, lights, and car ignition system and so forth.

                            Re-watch the shill movie Close Encounters of the CIA kind for the hollwood version of those effects.

                            I am confident that whether or not the Alexey is a fraud, and it isn't, that this explanation is not, and that we can assume this type of system was the one used for vehicles from the 1950's through the 1960's. Go forth and do something with the knowledge, combine it with Wheelers teachings, but do something while time remains.

                            Thank You all and Good Night.
                            "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                            • If the ether theory is right then there is energy all around us and flowing through all matter. It is the only logical explanation for the production of electric and magnetic fields in biological systems IMO.

                              To obtain energy from this field it is necessary to stress the dielectric field. Understanding how to do that means understanding what the dielectric field is composed of. For me it was helpful to think of the flux lines in a magnetic field as Faradays' Tubulars, and where each tube held two lines of electric energy held in tension in opposition to each other.

                              It's not enough to simply have ideas about electrons, protons, atoms, and so forth. You have to have this idea that these things are part of a whole which is in tension and their actions are resultants from opposing fields of tension where the stress of opposition produces movement.

                              A conductor like aluminum is naturally a conductor because it can conduct counterspace, and counterspace is the dielectric field which should be flowing inwards centripetally in greater volume than it normally would in other substances, as well as also flowing centrifugally outwards. The same energy moving in two different directions but appearing to be opposited poles because tension produces movement.

                              However aluminum and other conductors are not like a magnet which focuses the dielectric field, which forms condensed flux flows of dielectric energy, because we don't have the production of a magnetic field in them just by their own nature, but these materials do make good magnetic fields when stressed, and so aluminum and copper must then be bettter at conducting incoherent energy than most other matter to be able to that, elsewise where is this magnetism comming from because natural magnets are nothing more than dielectric flux moving in opposition unstressed. All counterspace naturally is incoherent energy, a big jumble of mixed up dipole's, all incoherent and neither formed into magnetic flux lines, nor into polarized flux lines of electrical energy, and yet aluminum, copper, bismuth, silver, and gold must all be conducting the dielectric energy of counter space naturally since these are all conductors and yet none form magnetic flux lines.

                              So if you follow this sort of logic then it stands to reason that there should be a way to extract enegy form these conductors. Now think about the way the Alexey is arranged. You've got this AC plate, with a polarized DC field overhead and below passing, or cutting as you may prefer, across this AC field. That system should then be sorting the AC into lines of tensioned force. However, and at the same time we have a spinning plate with individual magents in proximity to the magnetically reflective aluminum plate. Now at some point, once enough tension is built up and the aluminum can no longer contain the tension there then comes a release of energy. The energy that's ejected off the bottom of the aluminum naturally follows the path of least resistance going straight down through the magnets which have formed a ring. Ideally you would at that precise moment switch the magnetic field so as to add another repulsion by flipping the poles of the magnetic flux.

                              The Alexey is then a repulsion machine, and electromagnetic repulsion machine, or emp producing machine.

                              So we have to assume that by applying another force at 90 degrees upon a conductor of AC energy can result in the production of distinct DC poles if there exists a magnetically polarized field on either side of the AC field. This is exactly what the Alexey has going on. If you think about this for a while it will become apparent that due to advantages of controlling the flux lines brought about through electric windings there is a distinct advantage to using electromagnetism instead of natrual magnets, but as with model planes, we can't always stuff a rolls royce merlin in our toys. This is why Ken Wheeler talks about applying the right hand rule to electrical energy.
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                              "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                              • I realize this isn't the easist concept to follow but try to envision how an electromagnetic pulsed wave could be projected off the lower half of an early saucer, and if you can do that it will begin to come together for you.

                                So hopefully there's enough in the idea to provoke others to think and to invent. I am as positive as I can be that early flying saucers were creating an electromagnetic pulsed wave, and which should not be immediately harmful or destructive at low energy levels, and which should be within the realm of the possible. All it really takes is understanding what's actually happening and from there it's a matter of refining ideas.

                                The idea shown in the drawing with the magnet in the center column, and then again with the colored sphere's, is intended to provide one concept of how by using a magnet in that location could produce a pulsating wave of electromagnetic energy releases by oscillating between opposite sides of a dielectric reflector such as aluminum; that as the magnet moves from one side to the other, it's breaking the magnetic connection to the electrical fields, and which are then no longer being retained by the magnets field and canot follow the magnet through the hole, and which then break's the magnetic fields retention of the electrical field. After that the electric field is reflected off the plate and projected in the opposite direction. So it's an analog mechanical system, something one might expect find in a 1940's/50's machine, especially if it were a toy.

                                However, recall that force multiplication is achieved by spin rotation, so the electromagnetic field is being spun in the Alexey with the magnets on the lower spinning plate, and then those same magnets also act to condense and focus the energy into a ring or donut when the plate discharges excess electrostatic energy.

                                However, the Alexey doesn't have the oscillation tube, and which might help it achieve a more reliable operation, but instead it has to rely on an electrostatic charge which must build up until it cannot be retained any longer, and which is assisted in being drawn off the plate by the magnets themselves. It's kind of amazing it works at all, but it does show that the electrostatic charge is being almost immediately replenished. It would seem then that the ability of this device to function does, rather strongly, argue for the existence of a dielectric energy field and not just simply static in the air.

                                Hopefully I've now described the fundamentals of operation accurately enough that replications can more easily be achieved.

                                Another thing to consider is are the DC polarized plates relationship to the AC field. There is undoubtedly a sweet spot, where space between the AC and DC plates is ideal. However, if you think about the way this works then what you would really want is a means to raise and lower the plate on the propulsive discharge side, the bottom, and which brought the magnets closer together as they approached the bottom of the AC plate thereby increasing the electrostatic thrust vector by bringing the magnetic ring inwards and thereby bringing the magnets inwards would then form a smaller circle increasing the focus of the thrust, and producing thrust more like a rocket than as a helicopter by doing that.

                                Now it's been noted that UFO's will sit a moment or two before suddenly blasting off at great velocity. Why do you suppose that is? Doesn't it make logical sense they are building up a static charge before suddenly applying the whole energy to a confined thrust vector like a rockets combustion chamber does, whereas hovering involves a wide ring of electromagnetic propulsion more akin to a helicopters rotor; so another mystery solved?

                                For these reason's I am confident that the electromagnetic pulse is the primary drive system an that the theory of operation has been in existence since at least the 1930's. All the evidence is clearly focused upon developing the understanding of electromagnetic propulsion as a viable space capable system. Very likely, if you can believe it, some machines probably existed before the 1930's, because you can trace all the development of the technology which would be needed and what is more, all the focus is upon those technologies which would enhance the operation of an electromagnetic pulsed drive.

                                Evidently the very first microwave design utilized a single magnet, however the patent owner would not sell his patent, or at least that's the story I read, and so a great deal of money and engineering was put into creating the cyclotron we have today which uses two magnets.

                                This image in the link show's you that there was a clear understanding by someone of the true magnetic field where the way to make a dielectric flow in a controlled form has to be by using opposing ends of two magnets, which was supposedly needed when a stubbon patent holder won't allow the use of his single magnet cyclotron design. Not too sure about that story myself, but the bottom line is that the whole idea is to actually capture a specific dielectric flow such that it is actually forming one single dielectic line moving in a curve and in a specific direction which dictates the vortex flow; precisely matching the manner in which dielectric counterspace moves when perturbed by matter, and so that it can then be injected into a suitable piece of material to create a repulsion machine, and that is what you see depicted as actually being the end goal of the cyclotron. Natrually it isn't explained as such.

                                There are no such things as charged particles, but there are flows of dielectric inertial force which can be coaxed to cooperation, and reasoning out how the dielectric forces intereact is what explains the behavior of energy flow, and which is more easily seen in the cyclotron. If you start thinking in this way you're going to start seeing springs and rubber bands instead of charged particles and absurdities like quantum nothings, just like all the greats also saw in their own minds how energy moves and works.

                                So lets think about this cyclotron business because if we go back to one of the supposed Nazi flying saucers, which is probably a model made for a wind tunnel, and then photographed against the sky, that model is clearly depicting three very early hat box cyclotrons located on the edges of a round disk.

                                Lets see here... ah we go.

                                With this arrangement we now have dielectric energy of a specific vortex, because I repeat there is no such thing as charged particles, and which are now flowing into the disk from three points equal distances apart, a triangle inside a circle is it not? How many times have we seen this image BTW? So in theory we now have supercharged the normal manner in which the dielectric field moves through matter, but doing so by introducing a dynamically asymmetrical flow. Are you grasping this concept or am I just a lunatic blathering to myself because you haven't been paying enough attention to Wheeler?

                                Notice here now that we are no longer blathering about electromagnetic pulse's, but are rather clearly talking about an asymmetrical energy propulsion system, evidently one not requiring electromagnetic pulses but one which is akin to some kind of rocket propulsion. Congratulations we have just moved up the food chain of understanding are approaching a new appreciation for that HD UFO image.
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                                "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."