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    *I wanted to go back to the central column once more because of possibility of potential fusion processes. Sketches by McCandlish featured in a video shows drawing which were based on what abductee said the interior of UFO's looked like. Those sketchs show what appeared to resemble the general arrangement of current flows inside a Brikeland Current. These currents are the proposed sources for Star and planetary formations resulting from Z-pinches, and a Brikeland Current also resembles the flow of energies in a tornado or EHD vortex.

    Today, the ideas involving fusion systems seem to not understand that this process creates matter out of energy. Primarily it creates metals, but can produce virtually anything element wise; gases, liquids, and solids, but fusion is by nature a process which also creates gravity. It would have to create gravity if a fusion process is at the very core of Stars. So a fusion process is a matter creation business as much as it is an energy creation business, and as this business may concern power generation inside UFO's because there are incidents where UFO's have been reported to be dribbling bits of what appeared to be molten metal, as if there were a breakdown going on inside the machine, but which could be seen as the dumping of matter created by a fusion process.

    These drawings, together with reports, and some trace evidence, does suggest that some type of similar activity may be taking place which mimics or is a hybrid fusion process that may be using a less complex means to produce a fusion result. The main idea is to see the cross relationships in energy systems because of a potential for gravity creation.

    For the doubters whom may not believe in alien abductions.
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      Originally posted by Gambeir View Post
      Pathways: Not one but many?

      First realize that there are many errors and misunderstanding which I undoubtedly have created in my own mind, and which I may unfortunately pass on. Think for yourself, and do not assume I or anyone else knows better than you yourself. The last thing I want to do is to obstruct free thought by guiding others under the illusion of knowledge, which is all that education is really doing these days.

      The path I chose to follow is generally focused on a single machine because other idea's and stories end up leaving us empty handed, and they do that because we are lacking an example of working machine. Whereas the ARV Drawing of McCandlish are backed by witness testimony as well as conventional knowledge. That drawing does seems to be about the most solid evidence for a real machine that we are going to get right now. Nevertheless there are many intersecting lines and accommodating them is not a problem as all of them play some part in understanding.

      As an example lets look for second at Hamel Cones, and notice too the time frames in which this idea arose. Hamel Cones are very interesting really, and despite appearing bizarre the ideas behind them are complex and forward thinking. I can see some interesting ideas incorporated in them. As an example, it is my understanding that: Hamel Cones vibrate, they don't spin, it's vibration that is energy. Again here we see a connection to quartz as a material which when feed energy translates that power into a vibrational plane via electrical power input, and that vibrational power is then transmitted to the surrounding space.

      This is the general idea behind how to engineer the vacuum, and which is explained greater detail in Harold E. Puthoff's paper:Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering

      So now, without leaping ahead to other cross connecting experiments and indeas, let us continue to follow the path of the Hamel Cones for a brief while, and while bearing in mind there are many similarities and cross connections to them from other thinkers and experimenters.

      A Hamel cone can also be seen to represent one side of a kind of accretion disc. Look at objects/drawings in 2D as well as in 3D, and if you look at the Hamel Cones in 2D, like a vivisection, or a cutaway, and then imagine you're only seeing 1/2 of that power system, then mirror the drawing so as to have a balanced image. Now the image is an image which is focusing vibrational power to a point from equal planes but on opposite sides. So that would be like pie shapes whose tips were focused upon a singular point; all energy being put upon a central part, and which resembles the ideas of Russell about gravity being the intersection of radiant light.

      Looking at the schematic of a black hole there are similarities to the Hamel Cone, and so the idea behind the Hamel Cones was to focus masses of vibrational energy on to a point to produce energy: A perfectly sound idea if truth be known. It's almost as if the cones could be seen as a kind of analog crystal, making up for frequency with numbers and mass to act as multiplying forces. Now it isn't obvious, but the ideas in the Hamel Cones are here inside of artistic images of black holes. Those ideas are found there, just stare at the images long enough and think about what's happening, and this then is supposedly a piece of matter so dense it sucks light in.

      Now personally I'm not sure black holes even exist, but that's neither here nor there, because ultimately it doesn't matter if they are real or not. What matters is that the system tells us things, and here the story of black holes were a part of very extensive system of complex story telling, and which is itself part of a comprehensive neuro linguistic programming system of the corporate political power system. In other words, real or not, they are telling aware people something. Just look at the very wording: "Black Hole." Down the rabbit hole? See there's more going on is the point.

      Now I could become really diverted on this whole topic since the Black Hole meme of 1979 contains themes which well demonstrate neuro linguistic programming and messages for the aware to take heed of, such as this iconic image shown in some of closing scenes from the Walt Disney production "The Black Hole."
      The Black Hole sent a generation of sci-fi fans to hell · Memory Wipe · The A.V. Club

      However, as much fun as that is for me personally to write about, I will attempt to restrain myself from great diversions in to the whole artificial intelligence and transhumanist agenda, and which is obviously being manufactured, and that image of the devil robot is a message to the aware about what the future holds because that's where the design is intended to lead to: That is, to the very image shown in the closing sequence for those whom believe that life inside a piece of rock is possible, that they will be the master or god inside this artificial reality, and the truth is quite the reverse. That's the reason for Disney making that film.

      Manufactured acceptance is an important part of the power control paradigm, and this fits into the post in the same way that science fiction television shows and movies of flying saucers have depicted alien vehicles through time, and which you may have noticed have changed slightly, but which fit with each period of time.

      Take for example "The invaders" and look at the shape of the vehicle, then look at the images of the photographs taken of the same period of time. There is a match to the story line being sold, and some of the photographed saucers. This cannot be accidental.

      In 1956 in Rosetta Natal, South Africa on July 17. a member of South African society produced 7 photographs of a ufo. One of the photos is pictured above. Her husband was a major in the South African Air Force, and she worked for Air Force Intelligence. There were also two witnesses to the incident. Taken in the Drakensburg Mountains, and now related to as the Drakensberg photos. The lady in question (Elizibeth) never changed her story. She died in 1994, at the age of 83.
      1965-08-03, Rex E. Heflin , drives his Ford truck along the Santa Ana highway (Los Angeles) to inspect the low-lying parts of Myford Road (in Tustin near Dyer Road?): Check if the vegetation has not overgrown the road. The ground underneath the UFO is clearly being disturbed. These are all famed photographs BTW.

      Provo, Utah
      In July of 1966 a pilot of a transport aircraft of the USAF, with two-cylinder engine model C-47 "Skytrain," immortalized in a photo of a reddish object while traveling at about 11 o'clock in the morning, just above the rocky mountains about 40 kilometers southwest of Provo.
      1966 photo of the ARV taken by the AF DC-4

      The history of UFO images match the McCandlish drawing in relation to the time the machine was itself created. It is a near exact fit to the most solid information available: First hand eyewitness reports and photographic evidence from the specific time period that the machine was undoubtedly created in, and in this same epoch of creation are these other bits and pieces like the Hamel Cones.

      Now in the 1966 UFO photo from Utah there are some faint teltail signs that we are on the right track. One side of the machine seems to have a slight blurring, as if the air was distorted.

      In conventional theory the surrounding space is altered by input of energies (*vibrations=energy). The only real question is how is the ARV accomplishing this warping of the surrounding space, and what then is the warping of the surrounding space (*spacetime) actually doing? Is it creating the so called Alcubierre Warp Drive, a kind of surfers wave in spacetime, or is it actually distorting time and thereby become part of entangled dimensions?

      Effects of UFO's upon people by James McCampbell*

      Interesting> This link now says the site contains malware: Yet again, just do a search by cut and paste "Effects of UFO's upon people by James McCampbell* and you're going to find an online pdf of this paper. So what's up with this change? A redirect? Someone doesn't want you reading this? Yet again this is the exact same link as the new one I just posted above, and yet the one below came back saying there was malware at the link, but now after posting the second link above, and revising the post it now appears both links go through normally? >>> If you're getting a malware warning to any links I'm posting I'd like to know, I'm sure the site owners would like to know as well.
      All of these links are being reported as malware by my browser.


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        Originally posted by p75213 View Post
        All of these links are being reported as malware by my browser.
        Wow...there is something definitely going on and not all of the monkey business is coming from inside of energetic forum some of it is outside of this site for sure.

        I've reported this to the moderator. It isn't just my thread evidently. It looks like all links from the site are doing the same thing.
        This is coming from Google which is claiming there is malware on the site. Their idea of malware is basically any information not
        officially approved.

        A work around is to do a cut and past to a new window.
        Highlight and copy, then open a new window and paste.

        Seems to be the only solution. Evidently someone doesn't like what's being posted.
        Something is going on, and frankly I don't think it's coming from inside the forum.

        Last night I located the image from the July 1966 image of a UFO taken by a pilot of a transport aircraft of the USAF; the twin engine military model of a douglas DC-3, called the C-47 "Skytrain," and which took the photo of a reddish ARV like UFO while traveling at about 11 o'clock in the morning, just above the rocky mountains about 40 kilometers southwest of Provo, Utah.

        I know what the site is supposed to look like, and it supposed to have a list of years on the RT side which then links to UFO images taken in those years.
        Well that's gone, or keeps changing, like someone wants to make others look crazy and paranoid, but right now I can't reach the real site. There's a phony clone site
        at the same web address now.

        This image was located at an obscure website. Now the only way to that blog is to highlight the link I posted, and then select go to, which leads then to a site which looks about the same, but it cannot be the same site. Impossible, all the UFO photo's by year are now gone and the site has a different layout. I do not believe this is the same site as last night. This is now a cloned site. If you try the link I previously posted it takes you to some similar looking site.

        Proof? Highlight and copy and then open a new window and then search. http://

        I've done this several times now myself. One time it took me to the image. Three times it took me to a google search page. This just cannot happen by way of malware. It has to be active denial in my opinion.

        Search by image
        1966 ufo provo utah

        Alternatively add the https:// to the below, or highlight copy then past to a new window, do not select got to because it won't.

        Only sure fire way to see the photo is to Copy this web address and then paste to a window. https://

        Try a pinterest media cache

        There is something seriously wrong and funky going on.
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          I thought the bottles in the ARV cutaway contained compressed air. Actually that's where I first got the idea from to try on my experimental model Coanda craft.


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            Originally posted by Allen Burgess View Post

            I thought the bottles in the ARV cutaway contained compressed air. Actually that's where I first got the idea from to try on my experimental model Coanda craft.
            Hmm, well that would be most distressing if that does prove to be the case (LOl!). Nevertheless, despite how damaging that may be to my all important self, we must follow all paths.

            "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"
            Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

            Considering your own thread, this is not out of the question, or is corollary to the ARV, but one thing now seems clear; that there is a history surrounding the ideas now contained in the two threads which I think begins with those ideas of Viktor Schauberger.

            Seriously I think there are some direct connections now to what you've been working on, and the things I think are going on with the ARV. In addition, I think now that your idea may hold water, or air as the case may be, and so I'm thinking about what you said and what you're also trying to accomplish, for we are both essentially on the same path.

            Could it be that compressed air is used to start the function of a synthetic tornado inside a closed tube, and which subsequently begins a more complex process: Acting as a starter of sorts, or could it be that the process begins as you've suggested and that the center column tube inside the ARV only then becomes a functioning part of an over-all energy system?

            As with all invention there is a path, with one thing built upon another, each of us standing on the shoulders of giants as it were.
            Dang interesting how this is all working out. Universe must have something going on to cook this right about now.
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              Plasma loop video 16x.


              Take a look at this "Plasma Loop" video by George Chaniotakis:



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                Vortex lift

                Pretty cool video on vortex lift:



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                  [QUOTE=Allen Burgess;301004]@Gambeir,

                  Take a look at this "Plasma Loop" video by George Chaniotakis:


                  [Pretty cool video on vortex lift:


                  Thanks for the links, will try to hold down my rants on your thread as well.

                  The plasma loop video by Chaniotakis is interesting. For example; in the bottom of UFO's the Center Column is described by the Abductee's as having a round metalic ring surrounding it (possibly a magnet?) and this part sits in a sump like hole with a walk around platform above that forms the deck. All along the edges of this sump like hole are what appears to be copper coils and which resembles a wireless transfer system.

                  So then it's significant to note that the descriptions from Abductees closely match those of the eye witness reports involving the ARV. We can expect then that the same technology will be employed where possible. This sump with the metalic ring, the surrounding wireless power transfer coils, and the deck are all included in the sketch I provided which is based off the drawing and descriptions given to Mark McCandlish. Similar drawings done by Mark can be seen in at least one video.

                  I agree with you that the similarities are significant. I have to wonder if then the next thing George should try is placing a wireless power transfer coil around one end? Looking at the arrangement in the video it looks like all the fundamental parts are involved. A plasma which is acting inside a magnet, and a coil pickup which seems to getting some energy from the arrangement.

                  If the sketchs are correct then George is almost there.

                  The ARV center column could/should have what could be a magnet surrounding an enclosed tube, probably with an electrically conductive gas like a mercury vapor or other nobel gas inside, and that gas would act to conduct a plasma inside, and this is all as shown in the sketch, and which then has a kind of wireless power pick-up surrounding that.

                  So here we get back to the whole idea of synthetic plasma vortex or a hard cable electrical vortex which is being used to induce a kind of synthetic tornado action inside the tube, but significantly the action, in terms of a plasma, are featured inside a magnetic hub or ring and this is replicated in the video by George.
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                    Originally posted by ethan
                    Focusing on changing or affecting the gravity field itself would be pointless. The change must come internally in the machine with an altered field interaction being a side effect. Something like the hutchinson effect. Increase the interal frequency of the atoms causing gravity to have less of a grip on them aka reduce mass density.
                    Thanks Ethan, I realize some people might not get where you're coming from on this, but I think I do. Almost all of which you've put forth is related in one way or another. Now in the above, the change you're referring to actually is part of the machine, it's just not recognized even though I've hinted at the basic concepts you're alluding to. You probably just didn't notice that either, but there is the alternative point of view that what is taking place has nothing actually to do with gravity per-say, rather it has to do with distorting the fabric of reality.

                    Put another way, it is simply that when a physical object in our dimension is time displaced, or dimensional displacement, which is what time really is, then there is no correlation to our space/dimension and the vehicle begins to appear weightless, among many other strange effects.

                    So you see, this idea of polarization of the vacuum is about the distortion of the fabric of our dimension, and this is functioning in the hutchinson effect. Notice that the crew compartment is a sphere, and this sphere has to do with torsions of warped dimensions which would otherwise tear the crew apart without this protection. A sphere being the strongest form against pressure, and this vehicle moves through dimensions. It is superluminal, but it's superluminal because it's jumping across time, not passing through it, so objects are no problem. They don't exist in the state of fluxing time that surrounds the ship.

                    Originally posted by ethan
                    Theroetically, You cant leave this solar system in this dimension. Travel at the speed of light and time stops for you but no one else. Travel 100 light years and your family on earth is gone. The answer would be interdimensional non-linear travel. Travel to an inner dimension in which time passes faster and everyone here pauses. Its like a gear wheel. The smaller ones spin faster, larger goes slower. Travel at the speed of light in an inner dimension then return to this dimension. Achieve the distance, not age a day and return to your family.

                    Originally posted by ethan
                    Not only that, you cannot avoid space debris. Therefore it must travel through you. No one generate or harness enough energy to warp space around an object as large as a space craft. The solution is not external its internal.
                    Umm...yes and no; you're contradicting your own beliefs with part of that statement. Yes, it travels through matter. The bottom line is you don't understand what makes up our reality and therefore you think that it's about energy. Yes the machine makes a lot of energy. It's 1940's technologically, you can't expect it to be that advanced. The fact that it works, and works well enough to work is amazing, and what you need to do is to research the crystalline fabric of space so that you can grasp what the machine is actually doing, and which is pretty much all the things you say that we need to be trying to understand.

                    Originally posted by ethan
                    Theroetically this is a holographic universe. Nothing is actually solid. Particals are waves, waves are vibrations. Change the internal subatomic vibrations and change the partical. Change the dimension like changing the station on a radio. A vibration is a crest and a trough. A 1 and a 0. A binary code. No different than a computer simulation.
                    Uh, no this is not a hologram deck on Star Trek next generation. The idea that this is a hologram is a complete misunderstanding of the nature of reality, and it's stated incorrectly for a specific purpose as part of an over-all long term agenda by the powers that be. I can assure you there is an agenda behind that idea and it's not a nice one either.

                    In fact it's a perversion of the understanding which is demonstrated by the premise behind the machine, and which is that the vibrations induced by the fluxing state of crystals can/do effect the surrounding space, and which then displaces the machine from the same time we are in, and when that takes place the machine becomes weightless, and when it becomes excited enough it's placement in our time becomes irrelevant to the matter which exists in the present. Thus it passes through the matter which is, nevertheless, still as real and solid as the front door.

                    Originally posted by ethan
                    Ive trained myself to wake up inside my dreams. I can fly in my dreams. I have felt zero gravity countless times. Its like inception. Inside my dreams I have the power of god. It is pure creation. When I wake up directly from a dream I see grid lines on my bedroom walls, clear as day. Much like orthogonal grid lines you would use to create an artifical simulation. Im also telekinetic. I can interally affect particles with my mind. Its a subatomic internal interaction because space and barriers make no difference. Which means it is not an external force therefore it is some kind of einsteins internal spooky action at a distance, quantum entanglement.
                    Now you're off talking about astral travel and of course you're flying, what you would walk? Your other thoughts are self projections, they are not images shared by others who do the same.

                    Spooky action at a distance is spook speak. Now if you really know anything then you know what that means, but those are the words of mumbo jumbo witch doctor scientists employed by the Tailsman for the PTB; probably from the Travistock Institute or failing that, then the Brookings Institute; aka, mind control central.

                    Quantum is a word which is another suspect to be researched: Reductionist thinking is what you've been indoctrinated to believe in, and that's where quantum comes from: Reductionist thought has to be that way because that's what the system programmed you to believe in. You're hard wired to believe what they sell you. It's like you're a junkie but don't yet know it.

                    For you this all makes complete sense, just like slamming another needle in your arm makes sense to a dope addict. How to reason what is logical has to be by the same pathway that you've been programmed to follow, just like pavlov's dog. So you're following the story they are selling and not thinking that this story might just be a criminally designed construct, but it is.

                    The only reason you've heard of quantum or spooky action at a distance is because they want you to hear of them. It isn't by chance that nonsense marketed as brillance falls upon our ears.

                    Originally posted by ethan
                    Fusion reactors are a mechanism to change to internal subatomic nature of the particals. Its just a method of adding and or subtracting one group of subatomic vibrational frequencies with another. Transmuting one particle wave into another.
                    Yea, I think my posts make it clear that I know better than most what fusion is and what it does.

                    Originally posted by ethan
                    The interactions we should be looking for are not ones which change our surroundings but ones which change ourselves.
                    No there's nothing wrong with humans. You have a distorted understanding if you believe that what's wrong in the world is the result of humanity instead of the result of perverted mental defectives, 99% of whom now account for nearly half the global wealth but whom number no more than a few hundred people. Like ya know, Gates says he's trying to give his fortune away. Really, well let me help because I'm pretty sure that I can solve that problem and the world will be a hell of a lot better off without him and his friends hording half the monetary wealth while trying to accumulate more.

                    You want to help solve humanities problems, then feel free to deliver a thermonuclear device to the next bilderberg meeting or the Davo's Bankster Ball in Switzerland next time; that ought to solve about 90% of the global problems in one feel swoop. Right now I'm busy trying to help people look at a 70 year old flying machine with more open eyes so that they realize just how badly those other people are screwing all the rest of us while parading around like they were some kind of kings instead of the criminals that we should see them as.
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                      "A" vector lift

                      Jerry Bayles:

                      "The test torus was mounted at the end of a sensitive balance beam so that the opening in the center has the center axis vertical, or perpendicular to the Earth's surface. The torus center opening was void of conductors or other material. When the torus was energized with pulses of current, the torus rose into the air. When the current pulses were reversed in polarity, the torus rose again into the air. The A-Vector pointing up caused the torus to raise slightly more than when the A-Vector pointed down towards the Earth. When the torus was oriented so that the torus axis was horizontal with respect to the surface of the Earth, only a slight rise was noted with both polarities of toroid winding input pulses".
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                        Magnetic vortex llft


                        I can't find the video I've been searching for so far. Perhaps someone can help? The demonstrator lifts the Rodin Coil neo sphere spinner up in a cup after disconnecting the power to the coil, and carries it across the room where it continues to gyrate around inside the cup.

                        Jerry Bayles spins an axially polarized disk that has no effect on the exciter magnets in adjacency at slow speed. The exciter magnets begin to agitate at a higher R.P.M. Then Jerry begins to reduce power to the prime mover, goes below the agitation R.P.M. and the exciter magnets continue to oscillate.

                        This demonstrates the "Flywheel effect" of the magnetic vortex.


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                          Magnetic wind.


                          The spinning magnet acts just like a fan blade. We can stop the fan blade and a column of air continues to travel through space. The challenge would be to direct the "Magnetic Wind" around a Hull the way we do air to create lift. It would be a lot easier to spin a large magnet inside a "Saucer" then it would be to spin a ducted fan blade!


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                            Hanebu MK III


                            Based on this saucer design concept below; I plan to glue my spiral bifilar neo magnet spinner and coil to the bottom of a plastic trash cover, suspend the cover from over head by the handle and place the whole thing on a pastry scale to see if any lift appears when the magnet sphere's spun up..
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                              Originally posted by Allen Burgess View Post

                              Based on this saucer design concept below; I plan to glue my spiral bifilar neo magnet spinner and coil to the bottom of a plastic trash cover, suspend the cover from over head by the handle and place the whole thing on a pastry scale to see if any lift appears when the magnet sphere's spun up..
                              Will be interesting to see what you come up with. Remember here, you're way out in front of me on these kinds of things. Rotorcraft, annular ducted fans, ram jets, and other primitive machines are more my bread and butter. I must confess that I found myself considering steam driven annular fans and wondering if I could stuff that in the middle of a model plane that I'm working on creating a mold for, and which just happens to be a Chance Vought F5-U and that's an ideal aircraft for an annular ducted fan project.

                              Just finishing up a plug for a paper molding process Im working on of an Embraer AT-27 Tucano and a Nakajima Rufe, but I've got the Vought framed up. My point here is I'm with you in spirit, even if not in math or electrical theory, possibly physics as well. LOl..snort... but the up side is if you can explain it, I can build it. Nevertheless, I completely agree with you that "It would be a lot easier to spin a large magnet inside a "Saucer" then it would be to spin a ducted fan blade!"

                              Hmm...will have to allow the grey cells to digest this more.

                              All is not lost however, reconsider the annular ducted fan arrangement for example. A twin contrarotation fan system which eliminates torque, and what are we dealing with here anyways? Possibly we have only half the solution in mind, and it's ever so interesting that you attached this fantastic image of the Hanabau MK III.

                              Maybe a little wink from Universe going on there.

                              I've saved that image since I enjoy messing around with photos using GIMP. This is the best image I've seen of the machine. I will be examining that in detail but I can say that this image matches what one could envision if they were aware of the effects you described happening with your own experiment.

                              I'm going to have to think about all this for a while; You people understand alot of how these ideas might work far better than I do and that's why I joined this forum. All I can say is that it's patently obvious that something works; otherwise we wouldn't have flying saucers. Not all of them are aliens, if any of them are at all, so something has to work and like any other machine there's almost certainly going to be more than one type, one motor, one model.

                              Part of the point to the ARV thread was to try to trace the history so that we weren't left with 70 years of assorted knowledge in a huge puzzle to try to find parts to and not knowing whether we were missing pieces or not. If you don't know what the history is then trying to eliminate the improbable while assembling an accurate logical chain of developments becomes a crap shoot. I'm well aware that there are links to other experiments which are much more recent and which seem to cross validate the information I've gleaned about how the ARV may work, but injecting it without laying out the history as a logical chain then creates doubts where to put ones efforts, whatever those might be, research, experimenting, whatever. All these things we've covered do that, they are consistant with what one could envision as a historical chain of development, for even the annular ducted fan research is in keeping with this thread since it's somewhat related to schauberger and tornado like vortices.

                              In a way this semi-reversion back to Nazi Germany is spot on.
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                              "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


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                                "A" vector potential.

                                I am testing the magnet spin lift by toppling the field axis end over end with a diametric tube magnet glued sideways to the axle of a synchronous wash tube pump motor; As Jerry Bayles does with his axial polarized disc. The field spirals outward along the "A" vector.

                                The "A" vector in this schematic below, is in the center of the poles along the axis of symmetry. The schematic makes it clear that the "A" vector is the portion of the magnetic field that is PROJECTING AWAY from the source!
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