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  • Gambeir, That's interesting that you mentioned the Vril craft because one thing I didn't mention in my last post is that I believe the Vril-1-Triebwerk, ARV, and even the OTC-1 are all variations of the same principle. While I may also disagree with Wheeler's theories, I do agree that its best to take one's theories and develop something rather continuing to speculate. Now that the holiday season is over I'll have more time to finish mine. As I stated it'll be yay or nay. Best wishes for the new year to all.


    • Originally posted by phoneboy View Post
      Gambeir, That's interesting that you mentioned the Vril craft because one thing I didn't mention in my last post is that I believe the Vril-1-Triebwerk, ARV, and even the OTC-1 are all variations of the same principle. While I may also disagree with Wheeler's theories, I do agree that its best to take one's theories and develop something rather continuing to speculate. Now that the holiday season is over I'll have more time to finish mine. As I stated it'll be yay or nay. Best wishes for the new year to all.
      Thanks, I didn't know you disagreed with Wheeler and I agree that one shouldn't just gulp down what others tell them and that was why I created the little toy tetrahedron + magnets as a model to test the theory that magnetism was a pressure, and that if it were a pressure then that in itself was capable of explaining hyper-velocity travel through a same/similar medium (regardless of whether or not the medium itself moved).

      For that toy experiment the dielectric field (magnetism) served as a proxy for it's source of origin which is hyperspatial, Operating on that generality I thought tests could be experimentally worked by using magnets as proxy forms of the condensed coherency of the theorized hyperspatial medium, which as I understand it isn't Wheeler's theory at all but rather Steinmetz's. So I don't think Ken is really involved in this too much other than saying that the dielectric field was a pressure field and which is what tripped my mind in to creating an experiment to test that proposition, because if it was a pressure then it could explain a great deal.

      So to recap & because maybe it will be helpful to someone.

      Theory holds that the dielectric field is a hyper-spatial field of inertia (energy), which is around us here on earth as an incoherent form due primarily from the Star casting off an in~coherency of the dielectric field and which is theorized as the source for the construction of coherent dielectric force which we call magnetism. It should then (logically) seem that the hyperspatial realm could itself be represented by magnets for experimental purposes.

      Here a simple experiment was created to test both Wheelers' dielectric theory of magnetism as a pressure field (*an important concept IMOP) and which would, if proven correct & by extension, demonstrate that a possible error was involved in quantum field theory, and which holds that tetrahedron shaped particles & forming a crystalline matrix are what makes up our reality and therefore (by extension) constructs a so-called space+time fabric, and which then forms an updated Einsteinian view of reality. * If the magnetic field is shown (as it did) that magnets produce a pressure generating field, then by virtue of simplistic pressure producing gradient forms/shapes a tetrahedron would produce and be the simplest geometric form that produces the greatest pressure gradients.

      Graphite Glider-A.jpg

      Thus, the primary purpose of this toy like experiment was to show (to myself at least) that the hyper-spatial medium, were it to actually be a medium of dielectric pressure, should then be capable of being coaxed into creating propulsive effects using the logic any child would be familiar with according to shapes interacting with fluids and producing ordinary pressure gradients, and if that were the case, as it now seems clear it is, then these theorized tetrahedrons (the quantum theorized particles; Planck scale crystalline particles which form the matrix of our so-called dimension) that those would or could be seen not as particles but rather that just as geometric forms (which is also the fundamental simplest of platonic solids) and have likely been mistakenly theorized as particles making up the space.

      See, it is important to realize that no physical object need exist to create the tetrahedronal form in order to produce a differential pressure gradient. For example, a wave or crest of liquid produces such a tetrahedronal form. Something to ponder when revisiting the causes of wave actions or perhaps rouge waves, but the gist of what I'm driving at is that differential mediums which need not be physical solids to develop differential pressure fields, whch of course means propulsive force is the outcome; I hinted that such things may themselves be involved in light itself. How accidental can it be that light is itself subject to diffusion by means of the same tetrahedronal form?

      My conclusion is that space is itself made up from a hyper-spatial & incorporeal medium, and the tetrahedron particle along with those of fluids, and light, and or the hyper~spatial medium itself (something to think about) is only a form, a geometric shape which can be almost anything and yet it is capable producing a differential in pressure gradients; ie, energy and which is logically the smallest geometric form which would also produce the greatest pressure gradients from a hyperspatial pressure field, and therefore that form was probably misconstrued as being a physical material object making up space when it was, in reality, only the smallest and therefore most logical particle which would be interacting with a hyper~spatial pressure field.

      So apparently it's this hyperspatial field of energy which Joe Parr was researching way back in the 60's/70's. Which is something to ponder given Joe's recorded outcomes.
      The above image shows the little experimental apparatus I made from about 100 tiny little neodymium magnets laying under a paper guide tent. I cover the outer paper with pencil lead while experimenting with lead. Lead is diamagnetic, meaning it's a dielectric reflector, like copper is a dielectric reflector. Originally I was experimenting with paper tetrahedrons covered in pencil lead but I didn't realize at that time I had to check the lead to see if it was magnetic since some pencils have iron in the lead. Ideally you would buy some graphite sheet to do this with but I used aluminum in this experimental set up. later I used copper, sandwiched with plastic from a milk carton, and overlaid with another aluminum tetrahedron made from a pop/beer can.

      Now of course this has been an on~going educational tool. For example I noticed that the Nazi's had also almost immediately recognized that layering the tetrahedronal form magnified the resultant propulsive force, so overlaying one tetrahedron upon another also has a multiplying effect. The aluminum I ended up using in the first part lead me to understand or see aluminum as a dielectric accumulator of sorts, while copper was a dielectric reflector. The idea here being that you want to consider how these materials are interacting with the dielectric field in order to magnify and multiply their respective properties.

      Again remember here none of these will produce straight forward movement, at least ways not yet, but with some angle to the plate you can observe for yourself the various outcomes by using assorted materials and with various layering and so forth. Consider this little kids like experiment a sort of learning tool, something to do that gives you visual cues, and thereby a way to gain another understanding of what materials are about. This experimental set up may look really simple and it is, but what's going on isn't that simple; copper and aluminum are said to be conductors, but in reality copper is a dielectric reflector and aluminum is doing something else, and it is also said to undergo paramagnetic resonancem, or nuclear magnetic resonance (EMR) devices.

      The reality and truth is that copper is a diamagnetic reflector, it's capable of reflecting or deflecting the pressure field of counter-spatial pressure, whist aluminum, is supposedly a paramagnetic, only becomes magnetic momentarily and only in the precise part which is being covered by a motional/moving magnetic field. If aluminum can undergo so called nuclear magnetic resonance than what is copper doing? These concepts are important to understand outside of conventional notions of what they supposedly are doing according to pure electrical theory and here's why.

      The way to levitate is simple enough to understand once you have a clear understanding of why magnets work, why they seemingly try to move together, and so what this means is that to create a levitating device you need to create another mass, known as a false mass, which will then open another point source between the fake false mass and the real mass, and that then makes the real mass chase after this point which is between the fake false mass and the real mass.

      This the above is at least one way to go about it, but there are undoubtedly more, and I am thinking about this for a while now. So to simplify, the bottom line seems to be that you want to create another magnetic field, although I'm not entirely positive that it's a magnetic field which forms (another story) but this the main point here is that this newly created energy field cannot be physically touching the same vehicle as you're in; otherwise you've attached a fan to back of a boat and are now trying to inflate sails of the boat & which won't work, so this other energy/matter field (which will become the false mass), it has to be held apart by or otherwise insulated from the actual machine that's creating it.

      Now the Nazi Scientists went about this in a very unique way. It would take some experimenting to get the whole accurately worked out but I have gotten the gist of the Vril Saucer worked out.


      It may not be immediately apparent but this is really a model of the planet earth. It was called the Schumann levitator but really it's derived form the work of Karl Schappeller. Otto Schumann and the Nazi's took over Schappeller's work and Schumann apparently re-engineered it, brilliantly btw, and we have the word of the Eric Hartman (Blonde Knight of Germany) that this was real, we also have at least one account from a then 14 year old boy in Norway who saw a Nazi Saucer airbone standing still over an German Radar Station when it was attacked by at least 3 NorthAmerican P-51 Mustangs. Despite the denials of many it does appear that these saucers were really real, and by eye witness accounts we must accept that the evidence supports the eye witness stories that this design works and that it was real.

      This ball is double hulled, it's filled with a dielectric conductor, I think it was probably honey (yes that's what I said) but others hold many other ideas so something to consider, and the inner part of the ball has a piece of metal bowl like that is rung, beaten really, but a powered clapper, and the bowl called a bell attaches to the inner wall of the spherical ball. This creates a high frequency vibration which creates an magneto-accoustic electrical current in the conductive medium (the honey or possibly salt water or other) while the ball itself is spun/spinning.

      This forms an so-called implosion of the dielectric medium which we know more commonly as Sonoluminescence , and so what's really going on here is that each and every teeny tiny implosive bubble is carrying an incoherent (formerly magnetic) dielectrical pulse back to counterspace. It's not recycling but going to counter space, and because this is happening in a fluid medium it's also not really attached to the saucer itself, and this is all happening above the physical center of gravity of the machine which then makes for one mass above another and between the which they both want to move towards, but of course it's the real mass which moves (forever) after the false mass which is being created in the microbubbles of the implosions.

      Now there's more going on here. Like for example something similar to tuning forks acting upon the tetrahedrons which are apparently breaking up an making in-cohrent the magnetic field much like a prism does with light, and then those incoherent dielectric energies are being feed back to the sphere to be picked up and returned to counter-space by the implosive sonoluminescence generation caused by the interior bell device. This should then be generating a so-called false mass, which is exactly as theorized by Ken Wheeler BTW, as the cause of gravity would be matter seeking counter space (to state it in a nut shell).
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