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Simulating Surges and Oscillations of Overunity derived from Eric Dollard's LMD

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  • Simulating Surges and Oscillations of Overunity derived from Eric Dollard's LMD

    Picking up from where I left off at ...

    ... I thought it might be time enough and over due to break free of that thread since I probably will have nothing more to say on that topic. And I'm spending all of my time simulating a derivative of Eric Dollard's LMD module used as a power supply. So, I'll begin this thread with Paul Falstad's simulator ...

    Circuit Simulator Applet

    I've taken the liberty of substituting the two inductors on either side of an LMD module with a transformer thus isolating this module from the other parts of the circuit built up around it.

    I use this link ...

    ... to load binary text files into which contain my saved handiwork.

    I'll start this thread with ...

    Sunburst Simulation of Free Energy from a Twelve Volt Battery giving Tens of Volts and Micro Watts

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    Lamentations of a Free Energy Rock Hound

    What would happen to the American work force stuck in rush hour parking lot traffic if EVs got their lunch for free? They'd quit their job and become an EV or else retire early as an American worker.


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      Surges and Oscillations : that's what my investigation into Free Energy is all about.


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        Phil Nelson & analysis public address systems. Anything can be made out of anything.

        The Theory of Infinite Anything is no different than Einstein's Theory of Relativity. If Ee equals Em times Cee squared for fusion and fission reactions at the nuclear level, then why not something similar for electrical and magnetic dynamics as well?

        Electrical and magnetic dynamics comes out of the copper and iron and dielectric plastic and glass and ceramic and what not within our electrical circuits. It does not come from the power source alone. That plays a significant role, but is only one player in this drama. Ultimately, the symphonic performance won't get played without its players. In other words, the orchestral conductor is not enough to make music. It is these copper and iron and ceramic (dielectrics within capacitors) who perform the electrical and magnetic presentation. The power source is the role of a symphonic conductor giving his/her own interpretation of the composer's work - but not creating it. So, although the power company bills us for its delivery of our appliances' daily performances, it is our appliances who are the real celebrities. Without them, electrical dynamics would never flourish.

        I say this because surges can arise from within a circuit resulting in oscillations which could escalate towards infinite values of wattage and amperage, etc. This requalifies the role of the material substances within the circuit as being more significant than the power source.


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          Free Energy, v.2 - Simulator Instructions

          I was prompted by two individuals to renovate my free energy simulation to include instructions for its operation not unlike the need to seek Driver's Ed whenever wanting to learn to drive a car. A potentiometer is included which allows for adjustment of resistance down or up which translates into the output of the simulation likewise going up or down. By playing with these modulations, it is possible to get a solid output to any degree of infinity desirable.

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            The Simplest Way to Create Free Energy for Ourselves is to Make our own Capacitors.

            Ever wonder why capacitor kits containing a stock of assorted sizes don't contain anything less than 10pF? That's because 1pF is the beginning of a free energy device capable of achieving overunity. If you come away with anything from watching all of my video simulations, then come away with this. It's time we made our own.

            It's not hard. I made mine from glass plates from the hardware store and aluminum foil from the grocery store. But it's not that hard to make efficiently plated glass by learning how to plate thin metallic films onto both sides of a pane of glass to produce capacitors of either a few pico Farads, or even less at around a few tens of femto Farads - essentially a mirror, but with both of its sides covered with metallic film.


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              Electrical Immortality Defines Free Energy, pt. 1

              Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Who says energy is not immortal?

              An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation
              An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation

              These presentations are predicated on these simple experiments ...

              ... and attempts to explain, in electrodynamic conventional terms, how it could be possible that my examples of free energy production cited below could produce infinite energy from a finite quantity of energy in which the power source acts as a mere spur rather than as a continuous supply. This redefines a power source as a permission to initiate activity. Once initiated, permission is no longer needed to maintain the circuit examples, below. They flourish very well on their own independent of any source including the source which initiated their active state.

              If this doesn't violate the Conservation Law of Physics, then maybe it's because the Conservation Law only pertains to certain conditions to which the examples, below, do not apply? Namely, the conventional condition of Wave Continuity within the context of capacitors exclusively acting as agents for the reflection of a wave and never for both reflection and transmission - especially within a closed loop transmission line between two transformers.

              The Delayed Lenz Effect is the result of this Wave Discontinuity, because the split waves never resolve and, instead, amplify between two juxtaposed transformers magnifying their continuous breakdown. Continuity is a byproduct of consistency over time. Repeated breakdowns of each wave - as they pass through each capacitor - worsens their discontinuity and delays resolution, indefinitely. If resolution is never allowed to occur, then power within these simulations can magnify to infinity!

              Stills and citations used in this presentation ...

              Examples of this presentation ...


              Loaded into this simulator ...

              Zipped simulation files ...

              “Renormalization specifies relationships between parameters in the theory when the parameters describing large distance scales differ from the parameters describing small distances. Physically, the pileup of contributions from an infinity of scales involved in a problem may then result in infinities.” - Wikipedia

              Multiplication of frequency, within these simulations, is the domain of 'pileup of contributions from an infinity of scales' resulting in an infinity of time for the existence of this circuit's energy. With an infinity of time with which to exist, this circuit has all of the energy it needs to spend in a potentially immortal state.

              All circuits expend energy during the course of their lifespan. This circuit's lifespan is no exception to this rule.

              This circuit manufactures its own time by the adroit manipulation of frequency and thus could live forever.

              It does not make energy; it makes time. Energy is its body existing in time. That's why a little energy has to be initially given to it at the user's cost to give it some life.

              But time is its existence.

              Time is increased within the domain of this circuit's consciousness. This domain is bounded by its energy.

              Energy is its manifestation of consciousness just as water is our physical consciousness since our bodies are mostly made of water. But electrical energy is this circuit's primary substance for the construction of its body. This circuit's simulation is merely its skeletal structure fleshed out by the addition of electrical energy which is its muscle and bloodstream and nervous system, etc.

              More energy is the result of more time to exist; not its cause. Free energy is the result while time is the cause. Without time, nothing could exist - not even an idea.

              Internalized Time Reference Created by the Frequencies of its Waves?

              I suspect that these simulations have their own time frame based - not on the simulator's clock, but - on the composition of frequencies undergoing constant alteration which effectively shifts time for the dynamics of these simulations giving the illusion (to the observer) of the creation of free energy when in reality the simulation may merely be speeding up its internal reference for time! If this is true, then a new variable enters the Laws of Physics: this being the primary alteration of time altering everything else including the alteration of energy as a secondary consequence.

              Reassessment of 'Classification scheme held for perpetual motion machines of the first kind' is the distinction that they purport to do work without the *continuous* input of energy. Exceptions to this class are perpetual motion machines of the first kind who purport to do work without an *initial* input of energy.

              a YouTube video
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                Electrical Immortality Defines Free Energy, pt. 2

                Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Who says energy is not immortal?

                An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation
                An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation

                These presentations are predicated on these simple experiments ...

                ... which exhibits discontinuity by splitting waves by way of reflection and transmittance using very low-level capacitors, then accelerating these shortened wave lengths by way of inductance, and adding surges via mechanical switching within the following simulations ...


                ... loaded into this simulator ...


                These surges add an element of randomness rendering the overall electrical picture into a sea of controlled chaos.

                Immortality is a function of frequency. Energy is the benefit of life. Mortality from lack of energy does not negate frequency. Rather, it is the other way around: a lowered frequency hastens the death of a circuit by reduction of its energy, because frequency equals energy. The higher the frequency, the more energy a wave contains. The lower the frequency, the less energy a wave contains. By raising frequency, each wave packs more energy at the expense of speed (also known as: amperage). That's where the two transformers enter the picture in these simulations. They re-accelerate sluggish waves which have been split by low-level capacitors of one pico Farad, or less, exercising the principle of Discontinuity of transmission lines (look it up on Wikipedia) ...


                What's the value of chaos? A tank circuit has a predetermined point at which it will run itself down, because the waves are all uniform and predictable as to what they will do next. Predictable waves have phase relations which are uniform, thus limiting their split clones into exclusively discrete, shorter wave lengths rather than a multitude of possible lengths as the result of chaotic surges. So long as all waves are harmonics (even divisors or even multiples) of each other, so long can these simulations either run themselves up to a meltdown, or just as easily lose all of their momentum to internal resistance and satisfy the Conservation Law of Thermodynamics by running themselves down to zero. But with the help of surges, chaos insures the existence of discrete plateaus at which these simulations can hang out at should the operator guide them there ...


                ... thus immortalizing these simulations to last forever and avoid either meltdown or rundown resulting from over-abundance or depletion of energy! Although surges are by their very nature chaotic, the reaction (on the part of electrical dynamics to the presence of surging chaos) is to respond with discrete plateaus at which energy can either gradually dissipate or gradually increase. These plateaus could be considered phase transitions in which the tendency for energy values to rapidly change (either up or down) is retarded rather than allowed to wildly fluctuate. This allows a little breathing room in which the operator can take a break. For without these plateaus, these simulations tend to alter their output rather quickly - too quickly to manage without the help of chaos retarding their acceleration to spontaneous combustion.

                Ultimately, it is time which determines energy. For it is frequency which determines the rate at which a wave of energy will decay to zero. But by constantly adding more waves of shorter wave lengths of mixed polarities using the discontinuity of extremely low-level capacitors of 1pF or less, and by accelerating shortened waves by improving their amperage with a pair of transformers in a closed loop, and by adding surges of chaos, the collective death of all waves within these simulations can be put off, indefinitely.

                BTW, the persistent overshoot tendency for these simulations to rise to infinite output (especially, in: is-this-realistic) is accumulative due to the discontinuity resulting from the use of low-level capacitors boxed into a closed loop between two transformers. Conventionally, overshoots would die down. But not here. Each overshoot is layered upon the prior before the prior has a chance to completely decay, thus insuring immortality for the accumulation of overshoots ...


                a YouTube video
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                  Electrical Immortality Defines Free Energy, pt. 3

                  What is Free Energy?

                  Free energy emanates out of a condition of phase conjugation. One of the additional benefits is limited immortality: we've managed to buy a block of time to semi-immortalize the electrical energy within our circuit. So naturally, it's going to have a little bit more energy to spend as well.

                  Three main points:

                  1. Wave Discontinuity and

                  2. Acceleration, Amplification

                  3. Within two Closed Loops

                  3a. An electrical loop composed of two weak capacitors and at least one toroidal iron core coils.

                  3b. At least one magnetic sub-loop composed of the iron cored coils whose magnetic fields remember the original torque of its parent wave and puts the torque back into its daughter waves at a value nearly equal to its parent's if we do this right with minimal losses due to inefficiencies.

                  Terse definition of free energy ...
                  Physics must be obeyed. Allowance is made for non-conservation of energy via Noether's theorem. Phase conjugation alters time for a wave of energy caught in a closed loop of discontinuity imposed by low-level capacitors and accelerated by toroidal iron core inductors.

                  Fleshed out at Scribd ...

                  a YouTube video
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                    Free Energy from only one Transformer driving Air-Core Coils

                    This simulation ...


                    ... is predicated on ...

                    And is a further development of ...
                    ... and ...

                    Whose instructions for execution are ...
                    ... and ...
                    ... respectively.

                    Unlike the prior simulations, though, this one only uses one transformer and exhibits a slower escalation rate towards infinity more similar to this earlier simulation ...

                    Which, of course, is not actual perpetual stability, but is very very slow at rising towards infinite output.

                    All of my best simulations are zipped up at ...

                    And the videos on trying to analyze why these simulations work at all, using standard conventional wisdom, are ...
                    Pt.1 ...

                    Pt.2 ...

                    Pt.3 ...

                    a YouTube video


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                      Time equals Energy - Synopsis

                      The reversibility of phase conjugation makes it possible to make more time from time and more energy from energy provided you have some time, or energy, to make time/energy from. I don't know how to make time or energy from nothing. But if you have some of either, more can be made from those fixed amounts with the judicious use of phase conjugation, wave discontinuity, magnetic hysteresis, inductive kickback and dissonant timing in a closed loop.

                      Dissonant timing results from time lags imposed by the ultra-low capacitors and the mass of iron in the coil of wire (transformer core). These two influences of electric and magnetic time lag incur an out-of-phase relationship among the parent and their daughter waves. This state of asynchronicity is ideal for boosting surges within the confines of these simulations. Oddly enough, nice neat and clean tidy sine waves resulting from tank circuit methodologies don't work, here. The oscilliscope should look like a wash of color as if someone had brushed a broad paint brush across the scope's window.

                      The ultra-thin dielectric of the capacitors causes waves transmitted through them to slow down just as light passing through denser material slows down and refracts. By comparison to the reflected portion of the split parent wave, the transmitted portion will lag behind the reflected portion to return to this same position a little late as both traverse around the confines of the closed loop encapsulating their travels.

                      The magnetic field of the iron cored, coil of wire also maintains a time lag for slowing down the magnetic component of a wave as it passes through its adjoining coil. And the more massive is the core, the more the wave will get slowed down. In the words of the Master - Nikola Tesla, "for every two hundred pounds of iron added to the device, one horsepower is increased" -- William Lyne, from his book: "Pentagon Aliens" in the chapter concerning Tesla's Special Generator, ...


                      ... also known as his Tri-Metal Generator for its use of aluminum, copper and iron.

                      These are my bullet points upon which is based my theory of infinite time, and for that matter - infinite energy, from a finite quantity of both as they are derived from my simulations.

                      Forget E = MC squared. That's a distraction to lull you into submitting to the sole authority of free energy derived from high powered physics, alone. We can do it from electricity; from the voltage difference between my nose and my toe. It doesn't take much - energy or intelligence - to "get it". It's really quite simple.

                      We don't have to invoke zero point energy from the vacuum, or the aether, or fraud, or whatever.

                      If you want to invoke anything, invoke Emmy Noether - not her whole theorem; ...


                      ... just a tiny portion of it ...

                      ... having to do with the exception to the rule of Conservation of Energy. The exemption that time shifts - time dilation - takes when it comes to balancing out the accounting of time in equals time out; or, energy in equals energy out. Time and energy are exempt from conservation of either whenever either are shifted in time.

                      a YouTube video


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                        Aerial Energy


                        Downloaded and saved onto your computer and then loaded into ...

                        Not much different from my latest simulations of free energy. Instead of an initial kickstart to the simulation using the nose (the front end; the positive pole) of a battery, I use an aerial. But most of the energy for running this simulation is supplied by the circuit itself.

                        There's one caveat, though...
                        My simulations are not being taken seriously since they appear to be violating the politically correct version of physics, namely: ignore time shifts (dilations) and ignore Emmy Noether.

                        Consequently, trapezoidal approximations within the simulator's calculations is being blamed as just one of many reasons not to take these simulations of mine seriously. They're to be considered a novelty at best.

                        Yet, they've taught me the physics behind these simulations by providing a training ground to help me know what to look for in science to help explain these phenomena. So, I don't take my critiques too seriously.

                        For a synopsis of how these simulations can create energy without violating the laws of physics, see ...


                        a YouTube video


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                          Infinity Mirrors Escalate Surges in LTSpice

                          I managed to get LTSpice to surge its output towards infinity, but only by using either 'modified trap' or 'trapezoidal' approximations. If I used 'Gear' method for approximating the results, then the simulation lost all of its luster. Or if I used LTSpice's 'alternate' method for sparsing its data, then the results were the same as not using any variety of trapezoidal approximation methods. Or if I removed one of the two central capacitors from between the two bookend transformers, then the results were a different waveform, but the intensity of output flat lined just like taking the more conventional approaches listed above.

                          This doesn't mean I'm a failure at getting LTSpice to exhibit free energy since I learned along the way that the persistent desire to use these alternatives removes free energy surges from our consciousness as a social convention -- not because we have to.

                          What's a perfect example of free energy surges? Infinity mirrors -- a pair of parallel mirrors setup on opposite sides of a room, and with adequate lighting, you get something similar to what I'm trying to convince people can occur in electrodynamics as well as in the field of optics. The important distinction is the additional phase conjugation due to the two bookend transformers insuring that the intensity does not diminish over time. So, this is not exactly like infinity mirrors. But they come pretty close to exhibiting this style of electrodynamic behavior in their own way.

                          The physics behind infinity mirrors tells us that Gabriel's Horn is at work, here. And Gabriel's Horn looks a lot like the Cornucopia Horn of Plenty ...

                          ... one of the four pillars of the Aquarian, Age of Enlightenment: the other three pillars being Peace, Inner Guidance and Cosmic Mind according to Charlie Lutes whom I like to quote as often as possible seeing as how he figured so much in my adolescent training.

                          The properties of a phase conjugate waveform - up close and personal!

                          This is what happens if an integration method other than some form of 'trapezoidal' is used to compute the data points which go to make up the oscilloscope plot, namely: the 'Gear' method ...

                          Gear Integration Method

                          The following graphic shows the difference between using merely one central capacitor versus two. This is very similar to having only one mirror versus two facing each other on opposite sides of a room creating the phenomena known as 'Infinity Mirrors' just as these two central capacitors face each other on opposite sides between two bookend transformers in the center of the circuit ...

                          Infinite Reflection vs NOT

                          This is the power supply plus its load minus the amplifying circuit ...

                          The circuit for this blog ...

                          Very short duration to see the waveform up close and personal ...

                          Infinite reflection vs NOT ...


                          Why do people take a dim view of my simulations exhibiting escalation towards infinity? Because of 'roundoff error' or, they fault the capacitor or transformer model as being unrealistic due to numerical oscillations.

                          Yet, in each of these cases, no error has occurred. Merely, their expectations have been tarnished since they were never taught in electrical engineering school who Steinmetz was nor the apparent value which I see in studying, managing and harnessing electrical surges.

                          This is the simulator used in the examples, above ...

                          a YouTube video


                          Postscript --
                          This topic is getting very interesting ...

                          In answer to a fellow YouTuber ...
                          Does "Free Energy" exist?


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                            Narrow Minds Limit our Understanding of Free Energy

                            I know. It sounds crude and rude of me to say it.

                            But how else do you explain our inability to think outside the limitations of conventional thinking, by our young people, if they're supposed to be our hope for a better and brighter tomorrow?

                            So, I chalk it up to our compartmentalization, aka specialized training, in which we've been divided and conquered by the shrewdest philanthropists on the face of this planet who are hell bent on keeping us ignorant of our destiny to have and to hold a bright and prosperous future just as free energy thinkers envision it: peace, plenty, self-revelation and cosmic mind.

                            But I say ...
                            No more of this Malthusian Doctrine of limited resources to support Manifest Destiny, nor its more recent incarnation: Imminent Domain, spreading around violent and legalized takeover of someone else's resources just because it's there ripe for the stealing. We have everything we need to support 10 billion souls alive on this planet at the same time. Buckminster Fuller said so. And if he said so, then that's good enough for me. He also said that the only thing standing in our way of a better life is distribution, or its lack. The haves have, and the have-nots do not, simply because the haves are in charge leaving the have-nots to do without.

                            Well, that's got to change. We can't enter into a technological Heaven on Earth and drag Hell in with us. Hell stays where it is and where it belongs: in the deepest reaches of insidious minds incapable of reason or reflection upon karma, dharma (the other destiny: the destiny of the soul; not the destiny of greedy little minds) and reincarnation. If a person can't believe in these three things, then what business is it of mine to try and talk some sense into a thick coconut (of a brain) concerning the topic of free energy?

                            The bottom line is that we've been hoodwinked into being made dumb where we could have been more effective and knowledgeable wherein we can't improve the necessities of life.

                            Take optics, for instance.
                            Who cares if we build a better laser?

                            Granted, we've got reflectors - retroreflectors - due to phase conjugation and wave discontinuity diverging away from our comfortable notions of limited resources enough to save lives during night time driving by reflecting our headlights right back to whomever sent them at whatever angle of incidence they were sent out -- even if not at a direct perpendicular of 90 degrees. Now, that's progress for ya!

                            But we could do better and I'm here to tell you how we're not doing so.

                            The field of optics has saved lives by the invention of the retroreflector, but optical scientists don't produce power supplies. Who ever heard of plugging in our appliances into an optical power supply? Get my drift?

                            In the field of electrodynamics, where power supplies matter most to us, young student engineers are not taught about phase conjugation like their partners in optics so as to keep electrical engineers dumb on the topic of free energy.

                            See my point? We're stupid by design and we have only ourselves to thank for it since we always get whatever it is that we deserve. So, collectively speaking: we're spoiled rotten on the one hand with a tremendously resourceful country and its peoples, yet ludicrously ignorant of our full potential. How does that grab ya? If you're not angry like me, you aught to be or else I just wasted my time!

                            a YouTube video


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                              Power Up!

                              A simple setup for accelerating the escalation of infinite power ...