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Figuera Device, Part G Continuum.( Serious Builders Only)

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    Got my camera cable in today so i thought i would take a few shots.

    These two pics are my 12 volt 5 volt regulated 16 channel logic level NPN timing board with make before break timing adjustment that will switch 16 high power PNP Mosfets on the high side ( sepatate boards) to mimic brush rotation.

    the next two shots are my winder ( former addapters not shown) and my winding tree i am not finished modifying. i did not like the original one i built. notice the mount for the tree in front of the winder. the tree will be cut in half as i have low ceiling and hits roof. not perfect but functional within a very limited pocket. the spool will be mounted on top and be spring loaded as will metal pad below that being covered in thick felt for protection. this will keep wire from despooling.

    unfortunately my part G is not turning out as expected so i will wait a few days before pic to fix problems.

    stay tuned for more to come.

    ps. waited well over a week for one $4.95 lousy cable to arrive below

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      I have two technicals questions about the toroid as an alleged energy recycling device:

      1- How can you allegedly recycle the energy in the toroid and electromagnets back (--->) and forth (<---) through the same only wire without reversing the magnetic polarity in the electromagnets which are filling and emptying through just that only wire?

      2- Current always flows toward lower potential sites. If energy is going back and forth between the toroid and the electromagnets then if in one way is flowing toward a lower potential site, the reverse way is flowing toward a higher potential site. All this connected always with the battery at the same time. Is the toroid increasing and decreasing in potential in each half cycle? Impossible in my view.

      The toroid will work to regulate the two currents but nor it is mandatory neither it will recycle back and forth the energy. Current in this device always flow in the same direction to keep always the same polarity in the poles of the electromagnets.


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        After that disgusting display of attack on the other thread you three just did you have the balls to ask me ANYTHING. it doesn't matter what ANYONE says you are going to ARGUE with them. i will never post on that thread again trying to help out SO NEVER post on mine.



        now kindly get off my thread or do we have to play the moderator game again. sorry thread rules on my side and moderator.
        all i can say is figure it out for yourself.

        I will Apogigize to all my followers and readers of this thread for my harsh words but you have to realize i have put up with his argumentaive mouth, constant belittling attemps and chaotic behavior for over two plus years. that is why i have my own thread to escape this BS. some people just don't get it. i for one am not that person.

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          Sorry I forgot to post my picture of my proof of principle toroid. This was the first working toroid shown openly in those threads.

          This is the video to watch it running. Regulating 2 lightbulbs with a variac and a 12 volts battery:



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            No invite

            The above post was and is a complete lie. hanon is to ignorant to have EVER come up with this test. I was the one to tell him how to do it and what will be the outcome. he is seeking 15 minutes of pathetic fame on my thread and since the moderator will not consent to my wishes to remove this semiretarded individuals post i will have to endure his disgusting display of this sick nonintelligent self.

            From now on read first page.

            THIS THREAD IS FOR SERIOUS FIGUERA BUILDERS ONLY. all posters ( IF EXCEPTED) will be required to post a pic of work or devices in progress with in reason according to the patents that include moving or non moving control systems. at no time shall bad mouthers and known arguers be allowed. you will be asked to leave and will be reported to the forum administrator immediately.

            again this thread is about serious Figuera builders only, that want to share their real build ideas and the device as a whole, (Part G) and related technology on a professional but casual level.
            if it is not related to Figuera don't post it, if the words out of your mouth are not Figuera don't post it, if you come to run your mouth to disagree don't post it. abide by these rules or you will be asked to leave.

            study all patents, my research, view my profile pics, your research and related materials and start building or don't bother posting.


            This Thread was open in order to Distribute correct information and fully develop Part G as a Wound Toroidal Iron Core becoming the "HEART BEAT" which makes the Figuera device to fully work as a Self Sustained System. Since many Building and Developing Members were extremely opposing to my Part G development on the Part 1 Figuera Thread.

            Therefore, I, Marathonman, the Owner of this Thread Reserve the right to accept or not, a new incoming Member, even if he or she shows proof of their building.


            Pm me if you want to join like minded builders and we will go from that point forward.

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              Just because a rude, confused and very ignorant person is trying to interrupt this thread does not mean i can't give the wonderfull followers of this thread some good info. the following picks is an example of how and why the the continuous flow of currant is possible in the Figuera device.

              now you have to think to your self.... why did this rude, confused and very ignorant person miss this in the realm of patents. because of thinking like dogma science and complicating everything with no mental prowess to understand what he reads. instead of dissecting every line and graph, most people skim through in like no tomorrow forgetting all the parts involved.

              why Figuera did so forget this in his patent i haven't the clue. it threw most everyone in a tailspin. if one with the mental capability had studied every patent then they would of realized that Mr. Buforn in his over zealous attempt to repatent Figueras device revield more about the device than Figuera ever entended to.
              the loop back to explain all.

              the point of charge separation.

              TO BE CONTINUED.
              things that make the confused go....WHAAAAAT ! and the very reason the continuum says, i know.

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                Mental midget

                This thread was removed for reason i don't care to discuss.
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                  More insight

                  Continuing our saga into the mystery box where the positive goes to the brush and the negative goes to the primaries then on to part G that controls all currant flow through out the device.

                  in the days of Figuera and Tesla, no diodes were around so the use of magnetics or rather magnetic fields were used to block or allow currant flow. specifically Tesla's AC to DC patent comes to mind. using the magnetic field in a coil around a core to block AC in one direction but allow in the other coil/core while being opposite in the second core to the first allowing currant to flow in one direction thus giving charge separation.

                  now putting all this together you start to see that currant Never reverses in this device. as part G rotation is on set N the currant is high but low for set S leaving a low pressure in that part of part G. at the same time in the primaries set N being high and set S being low, set N shoves set S out of the secondary into it's own core causing a high pressure in that core. since the pressure in core is high and the presssure in part G is low guess where the currant will go. yep, you got it, in the same direction as the original currant flow into part G and stored in the form of a magnetic field to be used at a later time. this action happens every half turn of the brush and allows the device to continuously recycle it's egergy using the second secondary to replace losses from heat, core and wire which amount to very little.

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                    Thanks MM, for your continuous updates, of what you have learned.

                    My 3mm wire should be here this week and i will get on with winding G.

                    If my prototype device pans out, i have located a good source of insulated copper foil in China, for primaries, for future larger builds.

                    I really hope your silicon switching can handle the type of currents in this device, i just love spinning mechanical switching, hey UFO.

                    Best wishes and thoughts to John Bedini and family.

                    Warmest Regards, Cornboy.


                    • Primaries

                      So i guess that what i have been saying you understand. makes a lot of sense doesn't it when you think about it. why in the world would you not wind your primaries that way when part G controls the currant.

                      that is why i am glad there is intelligent people on this thread.

                      as for my switching, my timing board is fine, it's the PNP Mosfets that do all the heavy lifting. found cheaper heavy lifters, IXTX90P20P these should do the job quite nicely.
                      pic is PNP Mosfets on separate board. heat sinks (two) Mosfet board, (two) will be used to form cooling tunnel in a push pull fashion.

                      By the way a couple of days ago a very generous donation was recieved. I THANK YOU, i will use this to populate my timing board and supplies i need. the quicker i build this the faster the world will find out about Clemente Figuera, the faster the world goes green. thanks David.

                      all donations welcomed link below.

                      Yes i agree, Mr. Bedini was one of a kind.

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                      • donation

                        Another contributor has spoken. the world is ready for clean free energy and Mr Brooke has spoken. we need clean energy now, not 10, 20, 30 years from now when oil has completely polluted EVERYTHING and made those monsters FILTHY RICH..... we need it NOW!

                        The Figuera device can do this and a lot more. can you imagine driving from California to New York and back NON STOP. not in your dreams with ANY known fuels but with the Clemente device it is possible. the uses and implications of this device are utterly mind boggling.

                        in 1908 the patent office demanded a working prototype unlike present day patent office that will patent a French fart..... no offence to the Frenchman.

                        this device is REAL and was not covered up or destroyed by J.P. MORGAN so i thank you Mr Brooke for bringing this thread that much closer to a full build that we can give to the world.

                        I did not open this thread to get rich by selling BS books. i opened this thread to teach top builders the how and why of this device so they can experiece the joy of a REAL free energy device first hand. together we will ignite the world to the possibilities of the figuera device. sure i could of put it in a book and made million but that is set aside for people that are selling pipe dreams. i for one would rather increase the human condition than just myself. i think that is called greed. so please donate for one of the best causes in a life time and be a part of the betterment of the human race not just the filling of the pocket.

                        Thank you,

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                        • Hanon

                          Hanon has deleted his own last message.

                          Is there still an issue or did that solve it?
                          Energetic Forum Administrator


                          • About Last Night Tests...

                            Hello to All,

                            Last night I finished my 1800 VA Toroid winding with 8 gauge bare wire...

                            But I ran some tests with my new 600W (60VX10A) PSU...first I tested my Primary at 14 ohms...23 awg...and I could not raise amperage above 3 amps in the Max Mode...then I grabbed a couple of old stators from a test asymmetrical motor, with like 2.0 ohms each...I used a thick secondary core wound (just a few turns) with 18 awg...and run some tests...amperage raised up to 5 amps, I kept voltage around 20 something Volts...excellent magnetic field, and YES, the Induction at secondary was awesome!...I hooked an incandescent bulb...and it lit very bright...all three components were loose, so I was holding them with one hand...feeling the enormous shaking...while I separated the cores and it kept lighting...even with a pretty wide gap, while brightness just diminished a bit...Resistors started to smoke...and my roller bearing started to I stopped before fire will start...

                            During test I tried different speeds, and different input voltages/currents...awesome results when I obtained like 20 something V Out...and only spending like 8V and 4 amps...still this needs huge brush is NOT what I am looking for.

                            So, I wanted to share this Test for all the members building the mechanical rotary switch.

                            First off...Brush and Commutator Contacts MUST BE VERY, but I mean VERY ROBUST!!

                            Brush must contact TWO SEGMENTS when transferring from element to element, so size of brush must be at least 1 and 1/2 the size of a comm contact.

                            Brush AND Commutator must be rated for the VA we are working with.

                            This also applies for the slip ring must be very firm and robust contacts!!

                            If we have too much is not good...Magnetic Field could collapse during operation and we will get weird spikes at output.

                            Basically since we are working here with VERY ROBUST and "Currents Generous System"...related to Part G and Primaries of so low resistance...we need to have the mechanical switching ALSO VERY ROBUST!!

                            Fast Traffic of heavy fluctuating currents through heavy wires is always seeking to "burst out" at any weak point (Poor Contact) found in our system...just think about it like a "Current Leak".

                            The Vibrations are outrageous!! I am mounting everything very robust for final testing...we could use Brass Fasteners and rubber mounts, as very solid Spools which hold the coils (ALL)...My spools are made of Laminated Reinforced Fiberglass, basically at the ending walls where interactions take place and are bolted on between all three Primaries-Secondary.

                            I am going to rewind my Primaries with 10 gauge...since Part G Toroid is 8 I am replacing my comm by a larger one from a higher wattage motor...and to do that I have to Lathe a new shaft with reduction to fit within my rotary assy bearings...since new comm have a larger inner diameter bore.

                            This is gonna be a very beautiful project!!

                            THANKS MARATHONMAN!! for all you have freely shared here to ALL of Us...and not hear all those skeptics...they have no many are just "scared" to work on such simple but wonderful device...

                            There is an old Spanish an old book..."The Quixote"...and it says...

                            Deja que los Perros ladren Sancho seņal que estamos avanzando...

                            Dear Sancho, If you hear the Dogs barking too loud just means we are moving right and ahead...

                            Regards to everyone

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                            Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                            • Many Thanks

                              I thank you for your kind words and am glad you have so much fire when it comes to the Figuera device. it is a very special device and i to feel the same way as you do. part G is so simple yet complex at the same time. it is amazing what it can do and thus completely over looked by most status quo'ers. any person can say "no that is not going to work" that is when i say "really, did you test it" and of course the answer is always a big fat NO. imagine that. apparently it is easier to belittle and shame someone for their ideas than to do the actual research. sad but true as this is what is taking place. respect seems to be put on the back burner now a days.

                              and you would be correct in saying use thick wire. Figuera used thick wire to cut down on losses through resistance. part G controls all currant flow through induction so wind your primaries accordingly as i see you are doing. smart man you are UFOP, Figuera would be proud.

                              also as i have stated previously and with your observation, the interactions of the primaries, massive pressures are involved. if precaution to secure properly are not taken injury will result, bones will be broken and if hit in the scull, death can occur. so this is a warning to all builders, SECURE YOUR DEVICE.

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                              • Part G...Working Process...

                                Hello All,

                                Here is Part G 1800 VA ALPHA Core wound with 20 turns of 8 awg...Thanks God Photobroket is now working so far...fine!!


                                As you could see...I am using Bolted Split Connectors to wire the commutator...that way I would be able to switch from 20 to 10 elements (Comm is 20 elements, so, bridging every two) and that way expanding the time of contact...But am running first a 20 (full) elements test.

                                Plus another Zoomed detail...where I closed winding...


                                And here after all contacts are very tight-secure and tested...I will melt soldering with my 175 Watts Gun, to avoid vibration getting anything loose.

                                This is NOT the final build, as I still need to add all the extra insulated fiber glass paper and inserts between contacts and underneath. This is just for testing purposes.


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                                Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci