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Figuera Device, Part G Continuum.( Serious Builders Only)

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  • iron rod

    Greetings all;

    McMaster Carr has iron rod:

    I went ahead and sprayed the toroid with motor insulating paint. Looked good until winding it damaged the fiberglass tape. Oh well, it protected the plastic wrapping on the toroid.

    Was cold here and the 6 gauge wire didn't wrap well. Next time, I'll warm the wire and wrap it around some 4 inch PVC to get a better spiral before winding onto the toroid.

    Will pick up a few more split bolt connectors tomorrow, and have a commutator and brushes coming from the place Cornboy posted. (Thanks CB!!)

    My machinist is also looking for a good source for iron rod. One will show.

    Good looking coils, MM. Reckon that winding machine is handy.



    • Statue


      Other than looking like an east German Weight lifter it is pretty cool. our friends of the family carved a bear out of a redwood tree with a chain saw..... very cool.
      i think your girl has a yeast infection......


      thanks, i do try my best at what ever i do. new bobbins almost done.

      as for the comment on cast, this is entirely true.

      comment deleted personal.

      any person that doesn't think the cores have to be together and insulated from each to stop eddy currants is quite nutz. if the primaries and secondaries are separated the flux leakage would be out of this world and would be cutting their own throats but some seam to be very good at that. a simple experiment at home would immediately squash this. while a couple of subtle details are true in the drawing, this fact is not one of them. the core drawn to show separation only as is the resistance in it's elementary form. POINT BLANK !
      it's quite easy to run the mouth without trying first the experiment. it seams to run ramped on this website. try the full core verses the separate then come talk to MM.
      what amazes me is the biggest ney sayers are the ones that never built crap and have NO RESEARCH TO BACK IT UP. nothing but mouth.
      imagine that.

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      • Bobbins

        The cold weather sure is effecting my bobbin curing. i had to bring them in and put them in front of the fire place to cure.
        i should be completely done and wound by this weekend, lets hope.
        Wall Mart was out of grey bobbin cloth so i had to get a mixed color 12 pack. i now have psychedelic Christmas bobbins.

        emmmm.... toasty warm bobbins.. built by my hands not my mouth..

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        • Bobbins

          Put final resin coat on bobbins then spray paint black and will finish all winding tomorrow. that will give me two complete sets of cores.

          with no data on cores to go by i will wind one secondary and observe output then adjust for second secondary for loop back.

          the whole reason to use known materials is that calculations can be made down to the inch or even the pound of material for a certain output of primaries and secondaries thus the recommendation to use laminated silicon iron.

          There are a few simple scientific facts about the Figuera device.

          1. man doesn't need to rotate a hug mass to achieve high output. he only needs to move the massless, weightless field to achieve the same thing as a wasteful present day gen.

          2. using two independent opposing same field electromagnets to achieve the same field reversal as a standard gen.

          3. using two opposing same field electromagnets, one increasing, one decreasing in unison occupying the same relative space in space causing a duel or rather one very strong E field since both induced are in the same direction. this fact has been proven by Maxwell, verified by William Hooper and others.
          this is a fact, as when unison is broken induction falls to the peak of the rising electromagnet, flat out proving the above statement to be completely true.

          4. the secondaries will never put out more then the primary induction thus the loop back feature Figuera designed into his device allows the power to be reused or recycled throughout the system. without part G's core/ inductor features and the second secondary loop back this device will never be self sustaining no matter how hard you try.

          Pics will be posted tomorrow of finished cores.


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          • Finished bobbins

            Bobbins are finally finished. i spray painted them black to match the previous bobbins. will start winding later and hopefully be finished by tonight.



            • I'm sick of this forum


              i almost laid this device to you fools on a silver platter and what the hell do i get in return. nothing but crap thrown back in my face. how pathetic can you be when you let a flamming ranting queen run you people that is completely unintelligent beyond belief. dumbest man i have ever met.

              i laugh in your face and spit on the very ground you walk on.

              i don't need you people at all, it's the other way around.


              • It don't matter!

                Please continue on with your device.............If it hadn't been for you and Doug1 we wouldn't be this far.
                STILL BUILDING!
                Thank you,


                • Sick and tired

                  I hear what you say shadow. i'm just sick and tired of peoples mouth, running around putting others down, talking trash behind their backs to say and the constant false accusations.

                  really disgusting especially since that person knows absolutely NOTHING about the Figuera device but is so unintelligent to even understand a patent.

                  the funny thing is through a program i have, i have found out where the prick lives down to the street address. maybe a person to person visit is in order in the future
                  i would thoroughly enjoy the expression on his face as i showed my gratitude for all the aggravation.

                  i had my roommate's grand kids over this weekend so i did not get to my coil winding. their father is in prison and their mother is a pothead/pillhead so i am the closes thing to a father they have so they always come first.
                  i am known as their special uncle so i like to keep the status quo. at 53 i still climb trees with them, tag, foot ball ect, to kids love goes a long ways and they express the gratitude through straight A's on their report cards.

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                  • Cones

                    How did you get your winder to hold the bobbins? I have a lathe and 2" or 2.5" aluminum bar stock. I would be happy to make you a pair of 2.5 inch to .85" bobbin holders to fit your winder if you would like. Aluminum looks bad but is not!
                    Can't remember how long I have had these aluminum bars??
                    Must have the size of the threaded rod on your winder.
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                    • Wood

                      I looked back through the pictures and found out you used wood! Good choice as the 2.5 aluminum I had was made out of Magnesium! Over heat and you have an unstoppable fire!!! I will still do it if you want.


                      • I'm good

                        Nice bar stock.
                        Thank you shadow but the wood seams to be doing just fine and yes i watched a Corvette with a high performance magnesium block burn to the ground like no tomorrow. he kept yelling for the fire department to put out the fire but if water was introduced as magnesium was burning it will explode. magnesium burns at 3 to 4,000 degrees.
                        needless to say by-by Corvette.
                        it worked especially good at getting even with people in high school as a small strip from chemistry class was dropped through the vent of their locker it would burn through every book they had.
                        i wasn't mean, i just got even.

                        not working today due to weather so coil winding is in order.

                        Edit; added later.

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                        • Cones3

                          Your coils could not look any better!
                          You work a lot faster than me.
                          I went ahead and made myself a set of 2.5" cones(Didn't burn down the shop or house!). I am looking for some 3" plus aluminum for 3" cones just in case.

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                          • Listening

                            I wish EVERYONE LISTENED as well as you do. this is a very good quality as do not leave no stone unturned when it comes to the Figuera device.

                            Skimming over important research that has been posted is not an option thus aiding the understanding of the Figuera device and operation.

                            to many people are skimmimg over research and missing very subtle details that are vital. each and every pic posted should be studied intensely and understood before moving on. this is not happening on the other thread at all.

                            now i know what you meant by cones.......very nice. mine are cheap plastic and shaft is 3/8.

                            the black knob above the handle is where i will be attaching a drill motor with a foot peddle. it is the same shaft as the bobbin holder is on.

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                            • Winder

                              Looks like the one I have.
                              Great idea about the drill motor!
                              I rigged a winder on my early 1950 metal lathe.


                              • Cores

                                Yep, i can get a good drill motor from the pawn shop cheap to.
                                Here is a shot of my iron cores after i resined them together. all i need to do is polish them up and slip on the bobbins. i will begin wiring up everything very shortly.