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    This is interesting, he may have figured it out
    Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question

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    Originally posted by Dave45 View Post
    This is interesting, he may have figured it out
    It seems to confirm that vibration plays a role in disrupting the inertial and perhaps gravitational lines of force that surround an object. Seems so simple and brilliant.
    Nice find.

    Edit: It seems to show molecular bonds being broken by vibration as well. Whether these are intermolecular or intra molecular - who knows? But it reminds me of Eric Dollard's reference to someone who was dissociating the intramolecular bonds in water using dielectricity (in one of the panel discussions at last year's Energy Science Technology Conference). I believe EPD contended that a more efficient dissociation of water took place this way, which was not so much a brute force kind of electrolysis, but rather, an energy efficient method that seemed to yield strong results:
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