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How would you release a genuine perpetual motion machine?

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    Originally posted by a.king21 View Post
    I would crowd fund it . I tried to get this device into the UK and failed/; The inventor got greedy.

    You could try this company:-
    I've considered this but not seen anyone I know had much joy.... still is an option.....

    I think global development of any device on an open source basis would happen much faster than keeping it contained.


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      The best thing I can do is show the build when it's been modified and then post it and go from there.

      I'm just waiting for some prices to come back to me and some parts to be machined.

      Then i'll sort our a video.

      If it doesn't work I can shut up...


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        But I can't help feeling, nervous, excited, scared, adventurous, all manner of emotions at the moment.

        I can't wait for someone to replicate the device and replace the dominating adjustable permanent magnet for a kicker coil and make some clever control electronics for it.

        I think I've come up with an even better design now but its too late I need to do this one first and save the next one until I've seen how much power can be tuned out of it.

        The other one is going to be high RPM.

        Basically if this works.... it will make Bessler's wheel antique.


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          Bit of interesting research for anyone that hasn't seen it before:

          "What About the First Law of Thermodynamics?

          The impossibility of energy for free is enshrined in one of the most fundamental and important laws of physics: the First Law of Thermodynamics or the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change its form.
          In 1847, a 26-year-old German medical doctor, Hermann Helmholtz, gave a presentation to the Physical Society of Berlin that would change the course of history. He presented the original formulation of what is now known as the First Law of Thermodynamics, beginning with the axiomatic statement that a Perpetual Motion Machine is impossible.
          Axiom - A statement or proposition that is accepted as true without proof.
          No one had ever succeeded, he wrote, in building a Perpetual Motion Machine that worked. Therefore, such machines must be impossible. If they are impossible it must be because of some natural law preventing their construction. This law, he said, could only be the Conservation of Energy. But a profound reversal of reasoning has occurred in the last century. Helmholtz originally said "Because a Perpetual Motion Machine is impossible, therefore the First Law of Thermodynamics;" while in any physics text book today one will find the statement that "Because of the First Law of Thermodynamics, a Perpetual Motion Machine is impossible."

          Skeptics are quick to cite the Laws of Thermodynamics to disprove Bessler's claims. In fact, the argument is circular. The Laws of Thermodynamics do not prove that Bessler's machine is impossible. On the contrary, they are deduced from the "leap of faith" of first presuming it is impossible. "

          Willem Jacob 'sGravesande (1688 - 1742)
          Attorney, Mathematician, and Professor