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    Thank you, That man is amazing and one of the few inventors
    who gives away all of the details so everyone can succeed.


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      translation still needed !


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        Yeah Sure

        Tariel doesn't give away anything. He has his little black box that contains "knowledge" like everyone else in this game.

        Here is the translation by Wesley. Click Here.




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          Originally posted by tachyoncatcher View Post
          Tariel doesn't give away anything. He has his little black box that contains "knowledge" like everyone else in this game.

          Here is the translation by Wesley. Click Here.



          Thanks for the translation , it worth to be watched even if there's a black box inside, who know maybe we could grasp something


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            Interesting video also


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              I noticed in the first video that the largest coil had 8 turns. That was something I pondered before I saw the video. The ratio of turns on other builds are 6 to 30 to 90. If using 8 then the ratio would be 8 to 40 to 120. 8 ccw, 40 ccw and 120 cw. The earth's frequency is 7.83 hertz approximately. That rounds up to 8, hence the 8 turns. That is how Tesla did things, using naturally occurring cycles of frequencies.

              If I build one of these generators, I will of course use that guide line.
              I need to save a lot of money first.



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                Stage show

                I watched the video and made some simple observations, draw your own conclusions to my version of events. Regards Arto.

                Fools Paradise

                - The Jug base is already plugged into the power strip and never gets moved.
                - Kap's assistant keeps you focused on the earth lead and connection
                - He then shows no current in the earth lead
                - He puts his tongue on it to prove it has no power.
                - This keeps your attention on the Box.
                - The drama is now focused on the 9 volt battery
                - The battery toggles a latching relay (Magnetic Latching Relay)
                - He fills the jug with water and shows you the lights and its back
                - Now he shows he has 14.8 amps coming from the Box
                - They pick up the unit and the table proving no extra wires
                - They switch the fan and heater on/off to prove it is connected
                - Then a focus on the wires to the box
                - Kap then explains in pseudo-technical terms about the Box
                - He switches it off, the latching relay is now reset via an internal 9v battery
                - Now the unit is OFF


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                  Artoj - I watched this video elsewhere and came over here to write pretty much what you have illustrated so well already . you are probably electrically based from your language 'latching relay'
                  Many people have a deal of time and/or money investigating and even trying to build this stuff. In fact I got meshed into it myself for a while - its not a bad show is it ? but of course thats exactly what it is a distraction to keep determined researchers chasing their tails and well away from anything serious.
                  I do hope you wont mind me amplifying your post ? after all this Tariel story fills pages and endless pages across the free energy forums - 'The save the world' part of the circus troupe was particularly effective , I'm ashamed to admit it captured my attention and effort for a while! I do hope you haven't invested to much money in this particular show and the names of all the globe trotting arse holes are well burnt into your memory banks for future reference.
                  There are projects like this cobbled together and their purpose is to waste your time money resolve and patience whilst more importantly steering you away from useful research.
                  Simple logic should inform that there are plenty of folks scattered across free energy forums paid and tasked with doing the same thing. I have been at pains to point out one or two.
                  ask yourself this question Can you ever trust a liar ? Artoj also asks a question of you here and I would like you to read me as well and form your conclusion .
                  I am going to assume some reading me are not familiar with the European mains system. Into domestic properties it is nominally 230 volts single phase. The neutral and earth connections are usually bonded together as the mains cable enters the properties (and at every joint on the external cable) this used to be called PME (protective multiple earthing) however the modern idiom is T-NCS Terra (earth) neutral combined sleeve. suffice to say that bolt sticking out of the ground in simple language is the neutral.
                  you notice the attention to doing the nut up with a spanner and making sure its tight ? Coco's going to slobber his tongue on there as part of the act. He needs to be good and bloody sure thats at neutral / ground potential, otherwise he could well corpse his part.
                  Just as Artoj has got out of his way to inform that big box of 'tat' which in theater terms is called 'props and distraction' only contains one thing of importance hide amongst the building site odds and sods,bits of micro bore pipe, earth tape, and random connectors. that of course is the 'latching relay' nearly every motor has one as 'no volt protection' any apprentice electrician would be happy to explain the operation Its not to hard to grasp and I urge you to watch this short video simplified to a battery and bulb in order to grasp the simplicity of this circus act that have cost folks very dear.


                  There are some guys asking for a translation on the thread it starts off -- The giggle pin starts the flu flu valve thats connected to wibble coil - feed um rice - ham it up - give the suckers a show!

                  So you have got the neutral and understand that plastic box of crap from a Dumpster is nothing more than a switch what about the live cable ? as Artoj points out and I initially thought 'The Kettle base' It could in truth be any of those appliances apart from the lights which one of the oafs moves and you can see behind. from an appliance the live feed goes through the flex and plug top into the multi plug adapter and from there to every other appliance - a slang term any electrician would know at once 'back feed'
                  which appliance ? I had a little think about that from an electricians point of view . Its quite hard work clunking your way through a concrete floor and I doubted these oafs would have bothered for a one off quick matinée performance.
                  after all what do tptb (the powers that be) pay their hams and coco's ? I doubt TK wanted a hole in the floor of this scabby hut anyway. so I had a look at the wall ! there was only one place I could see where a cable or flex might be sneaked into an appliance - The fan leg, and so I gave that a very hard stare and I suggest you do too! a quick look on informs that over 1500 pages are dedicated to this hoaxer and his world wide troupe of clowns . thats a lot of people, a lot of wasted time,a lot of wasted money and material from what looks very much like a party trick

                  one of the oafs moves the fan slightly giving a better view

                  do you get the picture? being charitable you might put it down to plaster or some such,right or wrong I dont think I'll be concerning myself with anymore TK magic boxes and world wide saga's will you?
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