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  • Originally posted by bistander View Post

    Appears that the scope shows zero current. No delay because there is no current.

    Be careful from whom you take your lessons about the use of instruments.

    You think Thane is the boogieman? What a bunch of thankless people full of themselves. You are not different than the main cross section BYE. Feel better? You shouldn't. This is why an engineer won't try to help you peeps who think everyone is a bad person, trying to deceive. Of course they don't know because they themselves are not capable of engineering measurement so what? No one else can do it either? This is a brain dead bunch of haters of others and only lovers of themselves. The meters show volts and amps in each case a loaded condition, what is you comment?

    You conscience is filthy, certain of you When you bless the hearts of the gift givers around here we will all know who is who and what is what. Thane is not evil, nor is he an idiot, nor a liar. Most of you are like BYE, unwilling to step out on faith(You have none) you can't trust anyone not even yourselvesWhat a mess.

    Go read a book and come back when you have learned to set up a dual trace scope the way I mentioned (I am done repeating) Plus those machines Thane is showing you, are special reading JUS,T what you see. Volts, amps, power but how would you know that unless I told you. But you think it is fake? Or does not apply? Or is insignificant? Or evil? Or more like not within your intellectual grasp?

    Like I said an engineer has learned these simple measuring principles in his or her early 20's and you peeps want to argue and or ignore what is being given to you? Won't take the time to acknowledge the basic principles and will never commend your superiors? The less you will get. Aaron understands how to do all of this, he may or may not show this as the average guy really doesn't get it anyhow. Don't waste your time.

    Anyway I am right and so is Thane, be still and learn. Tomorrows lessen will be more on manners. I am not done.
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    • Got my high dollar RPM meters (both) today, these are heavy duty accurate measuring devices so now I need the magnetic pickup.
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      • Non Lab testing equipment. Toy Tacho / rpm junk floating 50-100 rpm at steady state (Joke) White marks, reflective tape. What a wild ride and yet people call themselves advanced researchers after
        buying one of these.


        • Watch the floating reading (Joke) anywhere from whatever to whatever. This is what is out here.


          • Researchers don't use low accuracy joke of a counter to measure with. If this is okay better check his other work.

            All they are good for is a fidget spinner

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            • Been trying to upload this for hours. Accuracy plz. China makes every thing but who knows where to look? Not ebay.

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                • Is that what they call perpetual motion?
                  “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
                  —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


                  • Originally posted by Turion View Post
                    Is that what they call perpetual motion?
                    Yes Sir


                    • Effect aluminum has when introduced into a magnetic field with rotors.


                      • High end RPM setup that uses one 60 tooth gear, a meter head and a probe. The readings off of the 10 pole rotor are most accurate for the time being. I went down to slow speeds of 170 (meter) X 6 = 1020 rpm and I am seeing how this equipment is dsigned where the way it is without the gear the probe is counting frequency in hz which is a 1 second measurement and why the 6 tooth gear is added which represents 60 seconds X the freq = RPM

                        Another medium speed shown a freq count of 220 X 6 = 1320 RPM normally the way you should be looking at the other number of 26 or 27 as it bounced for a single point on a shaft like a bolt head then X 60 because a 60 tooth gear is used to complete the system. So then 27 X 60T = 1620 RPM for a 270hz reading. This is a counting machine. Next I ran many other test and will show hard data. One test was max speed at 295hz so then we say 295 X 6 = 1770 RPM I used the number 6 as a multiplier this time because the rotor read 10 nodes already which are the 10 magnetic poles for a total multiplication factor of 60. Remember a 60Tooth gear is require to get the best accuracy.

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                        • Thane delivers hard facts fearlessly. Demons of fear do not rule over Thane nor is afraid of the word REDEEM. Redeem the time boys or go back and give up. Most of you will work all of your lives and give your work to another for free, they will reap YOUR harvest. That is what happens to a fool.


                          • This video is proof that the rest of you do not listen or know what you are talking about yet still willing to discredit Thane. Another foolish thought on the part of the ignorant. I hav been explaining this very nicely for 6 years, no more because most of you can't hear when people talk softly. Hard heads rarely learn, all they see is themselves, everyone else is wrong of course, another strike out king.

                            Sit down and listen, realizing you do not know the correct answer. Don't argue.

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                            • The average inventor came not see this idea so a video was made to help with brain freeze.
                              If you disagree now in the end you will. Not everyone has the IQ so it takes time. Hang in there and you will be riding in one soon. You will probably shake your head then too but it will wear off. A vehicle so equipped parked out front of you home could be used to lower your bill.

                              “The ReGenX generator’s load current delay reverses and eliminates 100% of the negative effects of generator armature reaction. Because generator armature reaction is removed, 100% of the input power required during electricity generation is also removed forever!

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                              • Fly-back study, THX DOUG this is the EXTRA in the REGEN-XTRA or whatever you would like to call it is fine with me. Do call it something ole bean.

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