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ReGenX Coils and ReGenXtra switching

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  • rosehillworks

    I would like to hear what you are thinking.

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  • JohnStone
    Hi, may I chime in?
    Unfortunately this test is incomplete. Conrad took as reference the condition that load is maximum (max. voltage and max. current).
    Please do not see this post as destructive but we need to get true facts. This is unfortunately one of those cases where a truly sincere experimenter fools himself.
    There might really be something to it but those tests do not reveal it.

    Here my penny to it: See delayed Lenz effect from Naudin lab: The Delayed Lenz Effect exploration and tests

    BTW: Are you fixed on self accelerating generators only? In the advanced handbook we learn how low drag performs. In case somebody cares I can elaborate on this.
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  • BroMikey
    Good ole Conrade thinks systematically. It is the small effects
    that his basic setup shows how we can get the extra energy.

    You will note that Conrade uses very long sections of wire in his
    coils constituting a high impedance. If these coils were made of
    short thick wire I suspect that the rotating magnet would put
    down the drive motor to a great degree before even connecting
    a load.

    Not all coils give the same result.

    All tests need to be done separately. Run a dc motor by itself
    measuring the energy used before bringing any coil into a close
    proximity with the magnet.

    Next bring the coil in question that you have wound near the
    rotating magnet then measure the DC drive motor watts again
    before and after loading.

    Conrade is a simple genius. Go Conrade Go!!!!


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  • BroMikey
    Motor Party

    Here is a great intro, Thanks A Million Thane.

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  • BroMikey

    Time is up, back to the bricks.

    Thane Heins has opened a new channel for the newest
    innovations with his work and more chalk board instruction.

    Happy learning

    [VIDEO] ELufZicub[/VIDEO]
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  • BroMikey

    With all due respect a Bedini monopole coil is not very different
    from a REGENX coil, though you are right in your analogy of the failure
    comparisons. Monopole coils are easy as all specs are listed.

    Not a REGENX coil.

    I think the Monopole coil and the REGENX coils overlap in
    some areas of operation. Such as the "SELF CAPACITANCE"
    brought about by winding coils in the bifilar, trifilar, quadfilar
    and so on way of winding.

    I think it is significant, that the Bedini motor could be
    fitted with REGENX generator coils very easily, in fact I think
    that John Bedini did make his generator coils long enough for
    a delayed lenz to occur. John Bedini also has shown his
    generator coils to be bifilar wound in some experiments so
    the coils resonant function could be reached at the needed

    The RMP being very slow, but none the less anyone with
    a monopole can assist rotor action thru the delayed lenz
    REGENX coil, if this is what we desire to call it.

    The term REGENX coil is only one set of circumstances that
    one man has enacted to bring about his effect plus name
    he put on it. That is fine I think he should.

    For this I am grateful. Thane has more definitively illustrated
    what I believe John B. generator coil did at the slower speed.

    Now concerning being lost without a compass John B did not
    do that as you pointed out and I do not think we should say
    that THANE has abandoned us either.

    There is a huge difference in what THANE is doing as compared
    to what John B. did. John showed us years of refined work with
    a step by step list of parts that he put together over a 30 year
    period. This was a side line. John B builds electronic gaming
    devices, John spent most of his life building amplifiers to pay the

    So what John has shown he has freely given.

    On the other hand THANE makes his living, solely off of
    the technology/research and development we see as REGENX
    or transformers with a delayed lenz.

    This is very significant to note. One has made very little
    money working in the field of building alternate energy products
    for his lively hood, while the other makes ALL of his money to
    pay the bills by selling his technology, so YOU CAN BUILD IT.

    When you see that, you see more clearly and you can
    understand why experimentation in the area of the REGENX
    technology becomes important. The monopole path was
    refined over 30 plus years and is no challenge to get it
    to do what was promised. I love it and we all needed that.

    Thank you John.

    The REGENX is an off shoot of the same tech, bifilar (Tesla Style)
    coils with the axial motor magnets hurling by. Some use hall effects
    triggers, some use an adjacent triggering coil to transistor or just
    a plain ole everyday commutator.

    These wheels with magnet passing by coils produce many things
    such as the magneto effects John B. gave us and depending we
    use these axial motors in a wide range of devices today.

    If all of you remembered the Bedini generator coil work you
    would know that the length of that coil was 5X longer than
    the hundred foot energizer coils were. The generator coils
    were intended to be used exactly the same way Thane uses
    these coils he calls REGENX coils.

    I looked back in the history of what THANE HEINS said about
    who he gives credit to for finding the answers to build his
    motors. Thane said he got the ideas from his work with
    the Bedini devices. This was a start but not to ignore his
    continued research and development with regenerative
    braking at the university.

    It doesn't surprise me, how about you?

    This message is only meant to stimulate and encourage others
    to think outside of the box so they may gain some insight on
    how they could proceed with their experiments and does not
    require anyone to answer the questions or address statement
    made for educational purposes ONLY.

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  • BroMikey
    The voice of experience is worth it's weight in gold. Yes I
    agree that we are shooting in the dark, however IF we
    generalize when we look at THANE'S rig we gain an idea
    that like you say a 12" rotor is in order to start a decent

    Next are your basic coils. One patent says to use magnet wire
    the others call for type 2 HTS wire for an infinity output. I am
    not rich so like the rest I will start with what I have and then
    if and when I get some results, the improvements can come.

    Yes I agree, based on what THANE (The grand Master) has
    pointed out about minimum critical frequency, to me means
    that the operator must wind the coil to run in REGENX
    mode at say 7mph on a scooter so that this same coil will
    not only begin recharging the battery as soon as possible
    but also charge the battery at higher rpm's on up into the
    upper limits of the bike.

    Once the frequency is reached the sky is the limit so we can't
    scrimp on wire length's. Why? Because Thane has shown us
    that a long thin wire will begin to operate in REGENX mode at
    a low frequency where shorter and or thicker wire will require
    much high RPM's.

    Everyone is a beginner and should not be trying to find REGENX
    mode at 10,000 rpm's with a 250 foot section of wire like we find
    on a conventional coil. Ding.

    Why would I make such an absurd statement? Because this is
    what people first think when they see a batch of coils pinned to
    a ply board rotating around. Just throw coil on and start it up
    right? No.

    This message is for the beginners. Turion is far advanced into
    this understanding as he has pointed out so many times.

    Running a bearing even at 5 grand with homemade magnet
    mounts is not only dangerous but will probably explode from

    Buy some dern wire or get a job so you can buy some dad gum
    wire Now we have the wire say a $100 spool to kick things
    off right? Now that wasn't so bad was it?

    Next 1" Magnets are not all that expensive either plus some $10
    sets of bearings. Thane started running rmp's of 50-300.

    Wind very long very thin wire coils. Wind it as a bifilar or trifilar
    so a great coil "self capacitance" can be reached. Don't use a single
    continuous section of wire if you are planning to follow THANE's
    construction guide.

    SELF CAPACITANCE and RESONANCE is key to optimizing and
    finding the "HAPPY SPOT"
    (The warm and fuzzy spot should be left left off as a personal matter)

    Common guys let's not mix business with monkey business.

    If anyone is serious about building an OU device in the form listed
    go back in the record of THANE HEINS video's and he gives you
    exact resistance values for a slow speed coil for beginners.

    A SLOW SPEED COIL is a REGENX coil that starts assisting the
    rotor acting at say 100 rmp's and used a 5X longer coil.

    5X longer than what length than what? Conventional coils. What
    is the length of a conventional coil? If you are not willing to sign
    up for class to study rocket science and come back in 8 years to
    answer THAT question, just unwind a motr to find the answer.

    For instance a Gerard Morin Pump motor for washing machines
    have 2 spools of wire on them, unwind them and measure.

    I just saved you 8 years of schooling so that should be worth
    something shouldn't it?

    More later, like Dave says I have to work for a living or in his
    case work for pleasure. Thanks Dave for any help.
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  • bistander
    Originally posted by wantomake View Post
    ... But I think Thane Heins ideas are worth the conversation and study. I've been following his work as much as possible. I can't build TH coils yet. Trying with smaller motors is my method, but to no avail.
    My issue is when I see a guy like BM making statements which are obviously BS. I don't believe Thane has used liquid nitrogen cooling therefore has not used G2-High Temperature Superconducting. BM implies he has and also says silver plated copper with Teflon is a G2-High Temperature Superconductor, which it is not. Such BS as comes from BM only confuses and leads astray would be replicators such as yourself. I feel it best to expose blatant BS when it is recognized, don't you?

    Then when confronted, BM will not back up his statements or address the technology. Instead he insults me and questions my character and motive. How about fact and truth? That is what I want to see.

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  • wantomake

    Thanks bi,
    Ok. Liquid nitrogen is way beyond my understanding at this point.

    If I may jabber a bit. I was a educator in Japan for five years. But only to fill a position that the school had. Upfront i informed the school of my education level. At the time was pursuing a BA in asian studies. But the American teachers are few in Japan so they asked to teach plus attend college at the same time.

    The facility knew my education level and helped me along. I learned to not be something above your knowledge level. Those around you will spot your knowledge and at times point it out. Especially this type of higher education level. I've been studying and trying to replicate here for six years and not ashamed my lack of knowledge. But some will post above their heads and others do notice. I'm 61 and just starting to learn and want-to-make as many free energy devices as possible.

    Stating all that I can't agree or disagree professionally here. But I think Thane Heins ideas are worth the conversation and study. I've been following his work as much as possible. I can't build TH coils yet. Trying with smaller motors is my method, but to no avail.

    Sorry for the long babbling. But the sad conclusion for this forum is the lack of passionate teachers to start a new thread with good organizational steps to follow. There are a few good ones. Ufopolitics, Turion, Madmack had step by step instructions. To name a few I followed.

    But just my thoughts and opinions,
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  • bistander

    Originally posted by wantomake View Post
    I missed something, what is 77K ? I missed the reference to this term or site.

    Thanks for your help,
    Hi wantomake,

    Sorry, I tried to detail it out best I could with references to the exact posts. But in a nutshell: BM for some reason thinks and seemingly infers that Thane Heins is using superconducting technology, specifically G2-HTS. I have been following his work for a while and suspect it is not the case. I was about to say something when another member chimed in and commented that it was nice to see Thane working at 77k. BM hasn't a clue to what that means even though several of his posts as recent as a few months ago on this thread contain detailed explanations of it. He thinks 77k means $77,000.

    77K (-196C) is the temperature at which liquid nitrogen boils. To use G2-HTS one must cool the conductors to 77K. This is much higher (although still very cold) than the near absolute zero temperature needed for superconducting requiring liquid helium, which is far more expensive than liquid nitrogen. BM also claims he has bought some G2-HTS wire. It is obvious to me and I suspect to member Iamnuts that BM has no clue so we are calling him on it. That's all.


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  • wantomake
    Originally posted by bistander View Post
    You still have not answered the question of why you think the silver, copper and Teflon wire you bought qualifies as a G2 HTS.

    Thanks for the references. Quite a lot happening at 77K.
    I missed something, what is 77K ? I missed the reference to this term or site.

    Thanks for your help,

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  • bistander

    You still have not answered the question of why you think the silver, copper and Teflon wire you bought qualifies as a G2 HTS.

    Thanks for the references. Quite a lot happening at 77K.

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  • BroMikey
    You are an insulting person and far from fully
    informed. You are an intelligent clown. To engage
    conversation with you only shows that you love to
    pick a fight, to show your buttox.

    I am sure you are not after peace or tranquility in any
    way shape or form. You will get the same in return, boy.

    I can not answer any of your questions because I am
    waiting for the rest of your pack members to chime in
    to pet your insulting aspirations.

    You have shown a track record of continued harassment
    and have offered nothing, answered nothing, proven nothing
    have no experiments, no device, only elevated mental rants
    out into who knows where.

    For the sake of others who may want to engage in discussion
    in a sane format I address you as the person you project.

    Adolescent. I wouldn't mind speaking to a younger man who
    shows respect. With respect to the facts you are addressing
    I would have to say that a superconductor is a conductor
    such as a copper wire that has been improved in it's ability
    to conduct.

    Yes many definitions of what a superconductor are continually
    evolving with each new process but unless you are going to
    experiment your comment can only be speculation.

    Many forms of energy exist beyond what JOHNNIE is taught in
    schools so for instance a conductor such as a copper wire
    coated with tin will improved the coppers ability to conduct
    ENERGY not electricity and in essence qualifies as a

    The latest forms and processes will be obsolete in a short time
    and are therefore only a small picture of what constitutes a

    Whether or not I understand all of the intricate details of
    the latest processes at 77k are irrelevant. This does not
    get the REGENX built.

    The basic definition is to improve a conductors ability to
    pass energy at a lowered resistance as compared to a solid
    piece of plain materials.

    3D printing may offer some new forms and list will continue.

    I am not going to ignore you completely, just most of what
    you say is not worth reading or thinking on. You are a hateful
    person who does not like himself and for this I will hope that
    better days will come for you.

    Show some respect and you will command respect, this is how
    it works. If your father had raised you instead of your mother
    you would know this. You are a perfect example of emotional
    conflict and feel it is your RIGHT to attack all of those whom
    you do not care about.

    This is very sad, not just for us but for you.

    I had originally questioned I AM NUTS about why he pointed
    out this figure and I am not surprised YOU chimed in when he
    Talks because you did that before. It is my belief that you are TOO>

    I will answer you to correct your poor manners but how can you
    expect others to, seeing your constant barrage of bologna and answer
    you? Nobody likes that.

    Yeah I get it look at this motor Class is not out yet.

    HTS Coils - Custom Products - HTS-110 Ltd.

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  • bistander

    Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
    Originally posted by bistander View Post
    Do you ever read what you post?
    No I have not read ALL of the material, DID YOU?
    Not all but I did read post #33; the one from which I lifted your quote which I used in post #55, the one to which you just replied. After I pointed that out to you and asked you a question here:
    Originally posted by bistander View Post
    It was your quote from this very page, 8 weeks ago. Ask yourself these questions.

    And why in the world do you think silver coated copper is a superconductor?
    I get no reply from you but notice you instead join discussion on another thread and suggest G2 HTS to thedude, here:
    Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
    WOW great progress DUDE
    Ultra fast diodes?

    G2 HTS wire?
    You still don't get it, do you? HTS stands for High Temperature Superconductor. High Temperature is relative. In this case it is relative to absolute zero. Or 4K to be more accurate. The temperature for LTS. K stands for Kelvin. 4K = -269C = 452F below zero (not counting wind chill). This requires liquid helium. Nitrogen boils at 77K and can be used in its liquid state for G2 HTS. That is -196C. I was about to mention this when another member beat me to it with post #50 here:
    Originally posted by Iamnuts View Post
    Nice to see Thane's working at 77k.
    If Thane was really working at 77K, please share your source.

    I guess you never did bother to read what you apparently copied and pasted (without noting the actual source) in your post #33 which appears to be a decent description of HTS. The diagram you posted in #48 (without credit to source) shows silver plated copper outer layers. This material is not the superconducting material but used for other reasons to stabilize and protect the micrometer thick film of HTS. Afterall if it is a zero resistance material, how thick does it need to be to conduct enormous current? But take note that your copper/silver wire is not HTS.
    Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
    Here is what I have done. I bought some silver plated wire
    also teflon insulation of solid copper that qualifies as G2 HTS wire.

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  • bistander
    Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

    I can tell you this, "YOUR HONOR" that superconductor
    processing has evolved beyond the history you read, since 1987.


    Can you be more specific? Do you have a source for a 1987
    design for these special conductors?
    It was your quote from this very page, 8 weeks ago. Ask yourself these questions.

    And why in the world do you think silver coated copper is a superconductor? And what does Teflon insulation have to do with it?
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