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Modified Led filament bulb Oscillator Lamp

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  • Modified Led filament bulb Oscillator Lamp

    Hi folks, just picked up these filament led bulbs and i noticed the circuitry inside is not allowing my secondary oscillators to power it.
    So i opened it up by using lighter to heat metal screw base and that loosened the glue.
    I will remove the circuitry and power the bulb directly with a self oscillator with secondary coil.
    It should be a very efficient lamp.
    I'll post updates as i just started working on it.
    I'm anticipating well over 200 lumens per watt using the high frequency oscillator.
    Comments welcome.
    peace love light

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    Hi folks, here is a pic with the gutted filament led bulb being powered by a previous oscillator lamp i had built, it uses 3.7 volts input at around 1.7 watts.
    Though i will test relative output to wall powered one, later tonight when it gets dark, using light sensor from solar yard light.
    I would say as rough estimate so far, it looks at least 75% of full brightness.
    The filaments instantly burn into your eyes, very bright and it lights up a room very well.
    If it is at least 75% of full brightness, that puts it around 199 lumens per watt, we will see what the sensor shows.
    I do have another oscillator circuit i may try it in, that may be even more efficient.
    peace love light
    I forgot to mention, this bulb has no aluminum heatsinks and even after hours of running off standard wall power, gets only luke warm.

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      Hi folks, for anyone interested, the lumens output were close to what my eyes were telling me.
      The lamp shown in the picture is outputting around
      365 lumens at 1.7 watts input or 3.75 volts at .45 amps,
      for 215 lumens per watt.
      I tried the filament bulb in another secondary oscillator circuit i had in a camping lantern, which now uses a gutted cree bulb.
      Using the gutted feit filament bulb outputted around
      371 lumens at 1.5 watts input or 3.75 volts at .4 amps,
      for 247 lumens per watt.

      So the camping light oscillator circuit i built some time ago is using less power to do about the same light output.
      Keep in mind, the filament led bulb when powered from AC wall power is rated at 125 lumens per watt.
      So the efficiency improvement is very nice indeed.
      Comments and any questions are much appreciated.
      peace love light
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        hi mate, well done
        i always follow your posts but im sure like a lot of people don't always reply.
        i see you made a few posts with no responce so i just want to let you know to keep it up, keep posting and shearing. im sure a lot of people are reading even if there are no replys
        can you add the camping light circuit diagram and the other you mentioned that may be more efficient?


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          Hi gav, the light shown in pic is using a joule thief with secondary, wound on ferrite tv flyback core.
          The camping light may be a little more efficient because of the winding ratios and base resistor value in combination.
          Secondary is 30awg. magnet wire.
          Primary is 24awg. magnet wire on top of secondary.
          Here is basic circuit for both.

          peace love light

          Here is what's inside lamp

          and a better view of what circuit looks like from camping lantern mod., though the capacitor is not used with filament led bulb.

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