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  • Can't argue with anything you said. It is all true. But that amp meter SEEMS TO BE set up for 60 htz, and does NOT give an accurate measurement no matter what. There HAVE been videos that I have received that show the input to the drive motor. This video just didn't happen to include that information. He doesn't have a scope, and he lives far from me. Like all the way across the country.

    If the machine was in my shop, I could do those tests, if I hadn't loaned out my oscilloscope. But it is not, so I can't. The guys are back at it on my machine and when they have it working the way we want, I will travel to Sacramento and shoot some video that includes inputs and outputs. My board, which they have, has a volt meter and amp meter to measure the voltage and amperage produced by each coil PAIR, so that I could see the differences between coil pairs in case one of them had a problem, which turned out to be one of the problems with my friends machine, which we were able to solve by isolating coil pairs. When I have a video to post, I'll be back, otherwise I have other projects to work on.
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