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  • Hi SkyWatcher!
    A flywheel is first of all a storage device (capacitor) of mechanical (kinetic) energy. In constant load mode, its use is controversial. This is similar to the electrical circuit, between the light bulb and the battery, put a capacitor and wait for a miracle. There must be a pulse in the mechanical circuit. Then the flywheel works, organized by analogy with an electric ballast capacitor after the diode bridge AC/DC. The task is to organize the drawdown of the rotational speed of the flywheel, in the minimum range. From this it follows that in the kinetic chain there must be an impulse. You can organize it only in the generator.
    All modern traditional generators are designed with the condition of smoothing the incoming torque. For a system with a flywheel, it is necessary to change the mode of the generator to a pulsed one and a pulse will appear in the circuit. The presence of the impulse described by Campbell, he had a belt between the motor and the flywheel had jolts, and the motor constantly changed two modes: load - idling.
    At the same time, the accumulated energy by the flywheel will greatly exceed the one needed for the pulse rotation of the generator. Also, the speed of rotation of the flywheel should be in the area where its angular momentum has a plus sign. This is dangerous because usually these are critical areas for destruction.

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    • Motor Generator Flywheel



      • Here is an interesting theme "Eternal Lantern" No mechanics, the battery is charging and the LEDs are still on.

        Repeatability, the highest on one of the Russian forums.

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        • Online Demonstration of fuel-free Magnetic Motor Generator in Italy

          Online Demonstration of fuel-free Magnetic Motor Generator in Italy
          The Italian company d'ambros FRANCO di D'AMBROS RENZO plans to conduct a three-day online broadcast of the fuel-free generator motor with an output power of 7.5 kW, based on the magnetic motor of the Turkish engineer inventor Muammer Yulduz.
          The test provides for continuous operation of the HMSB engine for 3 days (72 hours).

          To guarantee the utmost clarity and honesty of the test and in order not to have any dispute on the measurements, the test will consist in in the heating of a water boiler of 1,000 liters. This storage, at 65°C will release the water with a well defined thermal jumper.
          To read the produced energy, a calories counter to measure the water delivery, the inlet and the outlet temperatures will be connected in order to calculate the produced kW. In addition to the calories counter, a water counter will be also installed so as to have a comparison measure.
          Two electric counters, designed to measure the actual kW produced/consumed, will be installed between the power supply from the HMSB Motor and the electric heaters of the storage tank.
          All the data will be collected and stored with a data logger and interfaced with a computer for subsequent analysis.


          • Online Demonstration of fuel-free Magnetic Motor Generator in Italy

            [VIDEO]watch?v=ikP6n0YYG-A[/VIDEO] [VIDEO]watch?v=3yf6GyamSKw[/VIDEO]
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            • Great video's of a power source that is now forsale.


              • Oops

                From the internet feed copied a few minutes ago:

                HMSB reports that the engine broke after 6 hours and 45 minutes without load, in agreement with GAIA and the D'Ambros company will carry out a new test at the D'Ambros site on August 3 -4 and 5 and the entry will free for companies, designers, investors, and the last day even for private individuals, all of which always through registration.

                HMSB apologizes for the incident and will refund the tickets to people who have not seen the engine running.

                Please excuse us again about the HMSB incident
                Oh well. Maybe next month.



                • Originally posted by bistander View Post

                  Oh well. Maybe next month.

                  Don't hold your breath, people are just people not machines like
                  the car companies are machines. I worked on the assembly line.

                  Dad took me to where the liquid metal mix is poured into sand molds, we both
                  worked there for a time, he is expired now. The line workers use a lathe
                  of all version specific flavors, the mechanics finish replace stuff at the end.

                  During this build upholstering, head liners, steering gear, hvac dash
                  and electronic panel framework, engine, muffler, trans, rear end, shall
                  I go on?

                  The difference here is we are all just one man working all by himself
                  with very little encouraging help, no one sends money to pay our
                  bills, mow the grass, fix the car while others work full time at their

                  Each of us is all alone busy doing the things everyone must do without
                  any reservation, just regular guys and still our type of people innovate
                  new breakthrough devices that change the world often beaten out of the
                  profits after giving all.

                  We enjoy it, this is our gift.

                  So if you are waiting to hear back fast on progress let me ask you
                  how quickly can you build a Go-kart single handedly?Something small
                  like that, not a car. Oh and still make it to work by 6am.

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                  • Present this system is not as simple as it combines several multidisciplinary theories,
                    starting from the theory of the “GYROSCOPE” to the classical physics including such a series of sciences, like Physics, Mathematics, Rational Mechanics, Mechanical, Geodesy, Geophysics Electro Technology, Magnetism and etc.. Based on these concepts it focused effort of experiments and studies carried out by our team of Engineers Developer Technical Experts to build different machines to produce clean, renewable energy.
                    Among the many attempts made of possible solutions for the production of clean
                    and renewable electricity, only one of them has given great results and
                    also astounding because it is currently the only technology in the world with a worldwide Patent which can give as the first result an electric power of about 300 kwh



                    • This month july 2019

                      Motor Generator

                      Generator running on 100% hydrogen HHO


                      In this video I demonstrate my 4400 watt generator running on HHO Hydrogen only.
                      The Gasoline has been shut off, and the generator continues to run for
                      about an hour. Please keep in mind that the generator was already
                      running for about 35 mins prior with the gas off, but my phone battery
                      died while i was taping so i switched cameras so this is the second
                      camera video.
                      I show a drill running as well while as a load.

                      The power consumption is about 500 Watts to run the 4400 watt

                      The battery you see on the floor is for the electric start, and as you
                      can see part way though the video it decided to unhook itself and the
                      generator was rolling away a bit.

                      I believe the generator shut off due to the over heating of the
                      circulation pump, as it was extremely hot to the touch.

                      More tests to come, and I will remove the gas tank for future

                      Looks good so far

                      Please dont attempt to replicate this unless you have tons of
                      experience in working with hydrogen, as it is highly explosive.



                      • Roll's thrusters



                        • Zero Cogging permanent Magnet generators


                          HOME BUILT ZERO COGGING

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                          • Perpetual Magnetic Generator



                            • A real inventor with a real demo plus updates.
                              This is how you show a working prototype.

                              Thane's stuff is going public at the factory also.

                              [VIDEO] hTseb4LLr&t=0s&index=11&app=desktop[/VIDEO]
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                              • History of DC motor generators

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