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  • NONE of these circuits (except MAYBE the last one) are OU. They will give you extended run times. Until you incorporate a source of ENERGY GENERATION into the system, that is the best you will get. The last circuit shows the motor turning a generator. I have never wired anything the way it is wired in the last circuit, so I have no idea what the results would be, but all the components needed are there. ALL I showed as a "One battery circuit" is below, and it was just to show a simple electrical loop. It is NOT OU. It was simply shared to show that electricity can be run in a circle back to the source. The output of the boost module needs to be such that the voltage hitting the battery is two volts over its standing voltage. Results are ENTIRELY dependent on the efficiency of the boost module. Adding a rotor to that motor with a couple of Lenz free generator coils would certainly improve results, since in the circuit I show below there is NO SOURCE of energy generation. It wasn't shared as an OU circuit. But if a rotor and coils ARE added, their output needs to be rectified, bucked down, and run THROUGH a load back to the primary battery, hitting the battery at two volts over standing voltage. That would be the simplest Mechanical COP>1 system I know of that would actually work. Its would depend on the TYPE of motor used (pulse motor) the coils wound, and the efficiency of the buck and boost modules.

    Electrical loop.png

    “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
    —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


    • Originally posted by Turion View Post

      Adding a rotor to that motor with a couple of Lenz free generator coils would certainly improve results

      This has a Thane generator

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      • This is my 3 battery hat


        • This guy is book smart too. I have posted part 1 up until now. See part 2 five requirements

          COP 1.5

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          • The GOAL is to build a circuit that runs the load on the positives so you can not only generate power, but RECOVER some of the power you used. The circuit below was designed so that you run off one capacitor (battery) while filling the opposite capacitor (battery)with power, which allows THAT circuit to run and fill the capacitor on the PRIMARY circuit. Once it is up and running, each side supplies the opposing circuit with power. The key is that RECOVERED power + generated power from EACH CIRCUIT must exceed the power actually expended to run each PULSE motor.

            We like Matt's simple motor for this because of the pulses it sends to the second capacitor (battery) combination. When trying to build a device that produces some excess power while running off a battery, you are beating your head against a wall to some extent. A battery takes MUCH more to charge back up than the power you have taken out of it. If you have doubts of that, charge a battery to full, attach a kilowatt meter to it and run it down. Then attach the kilowatt meter to the wall and run your battery charger to charge the battery back up. Want to guess how may times the energy it takes to overcome the battery resistance to charge to actually charge that battery back up? The schematic I have shown allows you to run "over the top" of the batteries. You are really only running on battery power to get started IF your generator is producing adequate power.

            I have been working on a solid state version of this for a while now, which is why working on the generator holds so little interest for me.

            As to the generator... three small rotors will be here on the 18th so I can test my original magnets, the 3/4 x 3/4 magnets and 3/4 x 1" magnets to compare power output and it will give me an idea of what to do with my machine as we move forward.

            And as for the "toy" circuit that you don't like bro, I have a new rotor on the way for that one with some generator coils so I can build something actually worth talking about.

            Also, Bob French has a working replication of the Matt "simple motor", and he says he is happier with it than with ANY motor he has EVER built, which would be most of the things on the internet with the exception of the Lindemann attraction motor. We're having larger versions of that motor built with aluminum rotors, high speed bearings, and some larger magnets.

            So lots of things in progress.


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            “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
            —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


            • I guess all these old motor has inspired Bob F. The zero motor must have been a dead end so he is hard up for a scooter motor that burns brushes and over heats at 1.5amp

              How did you all like "The 3Bat-Hat"? It's for batty circuit builders that never seem to produce.


              • People say I'm bats for this latest design


                • You just don't pay attention. You read what you want to read instead of what is actually written. The Zero force motor works great. The MODIFIED Zero Force Motor that we called the Superpole motor ALSO works great. But each has LIMITATIONS. When you are working to achieve a specific goal, you use the tool that best achieves your goal.

                  Matt's "simple motor" is NOT the "Matt modified razor scooter motor." They are two far, far different things. Each was built for a specific purpose. And the "simple motor" was designed to produce large amounts of magnetic flux which means large amounts of CEMF. The large amounts of flux are used to create EXTREME torque, while the CEMF, along with the coil collapse, is channeled to produce OUTPUT POWER. I believe more output power than the Lindemann attraction motor because the Lindemann motor HAS NO CEMF and all you can recover is the coil collapse.

                  I don't need a Bat-Hat. My circuits produce.
                  “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
                  —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


                  • Hey Dave I thought you were sound asleep, keep the evolution going on modified zero's and super-zero's that no one has ever seen or heard of. My bat-hat is more tangible evidence than heresy, you can see my Bat-hat.

                    The mod motor burns out brushes, that was the one flaw pointed out by the inventor so go ahead build it instead. COP 1 was what the inventor said, not 8.6. Now what was your point?

                    You have mod mtr #2? That's special but again no actual record just somebody said?

                    BTW//All those circuits I posted from 2018 were approved by you at the time. I still have the basic boosters and inverters hooked up. I need to go thru a pile of converters to see which one works as a motor and a generator.

                    So the circuit is 99.9% so 95% of all the generated can be sent back to the run batt 2v higher and 80% goes to batt 3. That's enough and then some.

                    Did bye get it working?

                    Dave you need to show something. Isolated or non-isolated converters? You probably don't know, you burnt up 30 converters and then found a good one right? Anyway.
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                    • No, I don't "need" to do anything. I will continue to work on what I want to work on and show what I choose to show.
                      No, there is no "mod mtr # 2" The simple motor cannot be built from a razor scooter motor.
                      You say I approved all those circuits. What did I approve them FOR? None of them are OU circuits, so I certainly didn't approve them for THAT. Yes, they are circuits that will run loads between the positives...right up until the battery runs out of juice. You have to have a source of energy production in your circuits and WELL as recovering energy by running between the positives, otherwise you cannot make up for losses in the circuit You will NEVER recover all you put into a circuit.

                      At the time we were working on the simple motor we SHOWED examples. I built a couple and posted videos of them running. Matt posted an entire pdf on how to build the simple motor. NO, it isn't the pdf that someone else created that shows how to modify the razor scooter motor. Those videos are so old they were taken on the first iPhone I ever had, and I don't know if they even exist anywhere. I Don't have a simple motor up and running right now. As I said, I am working on the solid state version of the circuit I showed. No moving parts or motor necessary. A picture of Bob's simple motor is attached. It has an even number of coils. Half of them are aligned with rotor magnets and half are aligned halfway between the rotor magnets. Two phase. There MUST be a rotor on both ends of the coil for it to generate as claimed. And it MUST be two phase. Because each coil is fired as a motor coil when "contained" between two rotor magnets, the path for flux away from the coil is cut off and all that additional energy is collected in the coil. Look at it this way; you get a push from a magnet on EACH end of the coil for an input of the SAME amount of electricity. And because the flux path is cut off by the magnets, you get greater power output. This delivers a LOT of torque for limited power input, and a LOT of energy to be harvested. It is the circuit that is important, and it must fire through a set of points, which is why I showed how to use points as a reed switch. Two phases, two sets of points. One set for going from battery one to battery two, and one set for going from battery two back to battery one, as in the schematic I showed. Only in the schematic I show it as two separate motors to keep from confusing people. It is MATT'S circuit, not mine, and not anybody else's that I know of, and I didn't draw the specific firing/charging circuit into the schematic. If nobody is going to build it they don't need specifics anyway. Those that want to build it can email me and I will send them the whole pdf. You do NOT go both ways at the same time. 4 coils gets you about a 1/2 HP motor that keeps its own batteries charged. BARELY keeps its own batteries charged. No extra energy whatsoever. So make good use of the shaft energy of the motor, or you have a loser on your hands. What you do with it is up to you. About 2,000 rpm. This is why Bob and I are building larger ones. It would be nice to have a power source that is NOT solid state. If you want to see a large one running, you can always wait until they are done, or build your own. I don't need to see one to know it works, I built it years ago. Bob needed to build a small one to be convinced. He is. It is always better to run on A and charge B Then run on C and charge D Then run on B and charge A Then run on D and charge C, unless you include capacitors in the mix and try to just go over the top of the batteries and not run off the batteries at all. Maybe with Lithium Iron you can charge and then discharge with no problem as long as it's not at the same time. I don't know. Haven't experimented with them.
                      Simple Motor.jpeg
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                      “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
                      —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


                      • Originally posted by Turion View Post
                        No, I don't "need" to do anything

                        At the time we were working on the simple motor we SHOWED examples.

                        This is why Bob and I are building larger ones. It would be nice to have a power source that is NOT solid state.

                        You can always wait until they are done. I don't need to see one to know it works, I
                        I have listened and followed you over 10 years and this is the first I have ever heard of it. There are no pictures or video's. My Bat-Hat is still out in the open. Good luck soon you'll be 70 years old and next comes 80. You started at 50 years when you retired. It will be 20 years coming up. Next time I see your channel, will it all be erased again and again?

                        All I remember seeing was one video (before it was erased) of several thousand dollars of huge boat trolling batteries connected to a teeny tiny scooter motor that you claimed was modified. The video showed the run battery dropping and the charge bank was 5X larger and they were going from 12.10v to 12.17v for an increase of .07v.

                        This is what you called over the top.

                        I am sure it all works, I just never saw a working prototype for any of it and no one else has to my knowledge. No lenz free generator, no 3 battery gen and no mod simple whatever.

                        Till then it's back to the drawing board where I hung my Bat-Hat.
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                        • How does it feel? Your MO not mineor ignore entire statements, questions? Just having fun? I see in another way.

                          Originally posted by Turion View Post
                          You just don't pay attention. You read what you want to read instead of what is actually written.

                          EV GRAY WAS MURDERED

                          The truth about Ed Gray is that he died in April 1993 in a trailer in Riverside, California where he lived with his girlfriend Dorothy. About 2AM, Ed was home alone when something happened and he was later found dead. The police told her he had a heart attack. Our contact, being a close friend of Ed, was called by Dorothy after the body had been removed by the Riverside police. Although the police said it was a heart attack, our contact noticed a blood stain about 3-5″ in diameter on the carpet where Ed’s body had lain until Dorothy discovered it.

                          Ed was ‘healthy as a horse’ despite being a big guy, though he did have a smokers hack because he smoked one cigarette after another, but he had no history of heart problems to our contacts knowledge. When our contact asked the policeman why there was a blood stain where Ed had apparently fallen, the policeman said he ‘probably’ struck his head on a counter and blood came from his mouth. When our contact questioned the detective at the police stationhouse, he was told Gray was very paranoid because he had bilked many investors out of large sums of money and so was always afraid someone would come after him. The detective said a drunken woman had mistook Ed’s trailer for her own and it was she who pounded on the door at 2AM which scared Ed so badly that he had a heart attack and died.

                          Yet a 3rd story given by another policemen was that Ed opened the door at 2AM and this drunk woman shot Ed thinking it was her philandering husband.

                          Our contact says this is a ‘load of crap’, confirming that Gray was a big burly man with no history of any heart condition, that he chain smoked and had a smokers hack, but nothing else, was strong as a horse and afraid of nothing. Since he died alone, by law there had to be an autopsy, yet when our contact tried to get a copy of that autopsy report as a public record, no record could be found that one had been done. It is possible that one was not ordered, however, on further investigation, our contact says he found no records that an Ed Gray ever lived in Riverside, Van Nuys or in Council, Idaho, all have disappeared.

                          The story is very fascinating and our contact told us two other principles who were deeply involved with Ed Gray had also died under mysterious circumstances and that it was after Ed’s death when all the mystery started and the motors disappeared.

                          continue here


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                          • Who murdered / poisoned Stan M?

                            Or Joe cell?


                            • Who killed the water car? duh


                              • Who killed the Joe Cell?

                                "They knew where my kids worked, the times they are at work; also my wife's working hours, my grandkids' school, etc. They knew everything.

                                "The driver said that if I did not stop working on this (he then opened up the left side of his jacket and showed his weapon that was holstered) that there would be other consequences.

                                "He also stated that he wanted me to post that I was no longer working in this field and to destroy all my work, i.e. Cells, Drawings, Lab Journals, everything!
                                "They knew where my kids worked, the times they are tated that he wanted me to post that I Cwcas no longer workiny work, i.e. Cells, Drawings, Lab Journals, everything!
                                Continue reading here