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    • Start with toy experiments and then move to more impractical toy tests.

      8 years ago back to 1970 I have scoured for any device. Here is me wasting time


      • ...........................................
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        • Here is an attraction motor done right. It has the "S" rotor. Experiment with the real thing.


          • Another attraction lenz free engine done radially. A regular motor geometry can not collect all the the used power back to source. A solenoid motor should, yet I have no video proof, Mostly claims that their engine is under unity. Bob Teal made these and patented them calling them OverUnity devices

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            • Lindemann Attraction motor 800%

              This short video demonstrates the motor I am working on in my spare time, I have been having technical issues with the motor running at low rpm and torque and I am trying to get it to drive a 6000kVA Single Phase Alternator via a chain and sprocket. Commutation is accomplished by a high switching speed inductive proximity sensor mounted on an adjustable plastic overhead gantry which then send a signal to a high speed Solid State Relay, thus switching the coil on and off in a precise fashion. Current rpm is around 450rpm and torque is negligible and is drawing around 120W at 60V. The dual 60V SLA Batteries are working the same way as Peter Lindemann's original circuit in Electric Motor Secrets. Where one battery is used to power the motor whilst the other one charges off recovered coil flyback energy. If any one can offer advise on how to improve performance that would be off immeasurable help. Thanks in advance Best regards Sean

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                • TRICK MOTOR

                  Lidmotor finally got a looped motor using the Bob Teal attraction solenoid taught by Lindemann. See his other video's for the simple circuits. This has been done since the 1970's

                  The collective are slow learners. 50 year old design that gives the average Joe all the answers.



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                  • The year 2022 Jan.

                    Zero BEMF motor as taught by Dr. Lindemann This is a company who builds them. Attraction motor generator. This means that we have a simple pathway using iron nickel cores in a geometry that allows a minimum COP of 3-4. On a scale of 120v the normally lost 90v of BEMF is collected to a second recovery source. While only 30v is normally being use to create the kinetics this design can stop lenz and redirect the usually lost power. This means you need this geometry plus the circuit to drive and collect at the same time. @ any speed. All speeds render a similar result. Many generator designs only work at 1 speed.
                    While the video shows us a prototype keep in mind many geometrical layouts for practical application are possible and may be proprietary.

                    This video demonstrates a working model of a Peter Lindemann style rotary attraction motor. This type of motor is over 100% efficient as it does not suffer from the negative effects of back-EMF.

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                        A small close-knit team of like-minded engineers draw on a background in automotive, mechanical & electrical/electronic engineering, which results in us having a unique and innovative perspective to redefine transportation for today and for the future. TRIAD’s team has the brains the know how the technology and the feasibility to build an entirely new market segment. Our expertise and passion set the bar to the highest standards. For this reason, TRIAD truly claims a new category of electric bike drive system technology.

                        Three years ago, a complimentary team was assembled, ranging in specialties from engineering to electronics, and from sales to marketing. A melting pot of expertise in automotive, electrical, public transportation and consumer product development has been put into our vehicles in this period of time.

                        The diversity in backgrounds finds its roots in England. The result is a disruptive approach towards development, production, marketing and distribution, which lets TRIAD stand for true innovation.


                        • Power Cube 6000



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                          • TRIAD Labs is the R&D department of TRIAD Limited and serves as a dedicated engineering laboratory based in Liverpool, UK.

                            In 2019 TRIAD-Labs commenced construction of the Power Cube 6000 prototype – an advanced technology fuelless generator that is a self-sustaining combination of a specialist electric motor and alternator. 2020 saw us premiere the Power Cube 6000, as an exciting dive into the world of high quality fuelless technology. In 2021 we introduced the Micro-Reactor concept, the world’s first infinite electric bike battery, a universal water bottle mounted unit that can power an electric bike indefinitely.

                            We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and in a short space of time.

                            So what happens next? The answer is inspired by you, our customers, because our next innovation will happen with you in mind. For us ‘done’ will never be ‘done’ – we’re always excited to start on the next project, never resting on our previous achievements. Welcome to ‘Evolution Through Innovation’. Welcome to TRIAD.

                            This first prototype will produce 6000W of AC power, which means that you can power all household devices using all 4 of the 13A 240V outlets. A must have item if a blackout occurs or when you need energy on the go, this portable fuelless generator will be your faithful companion. Featuring 7x fast-charging USB ports, 2x 12V Car Sockets, plus 4x 240V wall outlets or 4x 120V wall outlets (UK or Intl).

                            10 Year warranty

                            This device circumvents Lenz-Law and seemingly defies mainstream physics. We are not 100% sure where this excess energy comes from all we know is it works.

                            By negating the back-EMF generated by the motor, this stops the WAR going on inside the machine and as a result the efficiency of the machine can be increased to allow for greater than 100% efficiencies.

                            By studying both mainstream physics and non-conventional physics we have developed a magnetic attraction motor which does not use opposing magnets to generate torque but instead uses magnetic attraction of high permeability soft iron.

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                            • Lindemann's attraction motor generator evolution


                              The TRIAD Power Cube is a game-changer in the world of generators! Its zero back-EMF technology allows for unimaginable efficiencies to be obtained.

                              At TRIAD we are continuously striving towards the development of breakthrough and disrupting technologies, this is at the heart of what we do. We call it ‘Evolution Through Innovation’ and it keeps us focused on the future whilst standing on the shoulders of giants from the past.

                              Since launching our company in June 2018 we have been investing in the Research & Development of breakthrough technologies. The main products we are developing currently are the A-Series fuelless Generators; which includes: Power Cube 6000, Micro-Reactor & A-Series 50kW Industrial Generator.

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                              • None of these devices are currently for sale. I contacted the company and they are taking "pre-orders." In my experience, a company that takes "pre-orders" is sometimes undercapitalized and does not have the capital from investors to enable them to bring their product successfully to market. I let them know that when a generator or the TRIAD FatMax Bafang Ultra 2200W+ Fat eBike is in stock and available for purchase, they are a phone call away from a sale, if they can provide details on the "range" of the bike between charges. They make no claims that I can find that it is unlimited range. We shall see what happens.
                                “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
                                —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist