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  • Yes, you can tell if a coil is in all of the way by sticking an empty spool in a hole and then judge whether the spacer is half cocked or out further than it should be.

    On rectification, here is an example of what's on the market. Notice all of the caps for HF system is 20amp
    A couple of these will handle 1.5 amps 250v @2200uf = $6 bucks each, poor boys can't afford it.
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    • Simple rectification facts. Caps can adjust your voltage output for a given number of amps on the load.


      • Originally posted by Turion View Post

        As to MY setup...
        In the experiments I have done over the years, I have seen the differences between open voltage and voltage across the load, and I know THESE coils produced 260V AC open voltage and between 120-130V AC across the load on the OLD machine. All I can figure is that I need to file on the cores more to get them all the way into the holes they fit in. I didn't realize it was going to hurt quite so much to file these.

        Regards Mr Dave
        From your comment that your previous machine gave you more voltage in the coils, you know in what conditions and configuration you used previously, there are things that I will mention and you already know them and you know them, the magnetism of the magnet, the approach of the core and the magnet , you change to other magnets.

        His old machine gave him very good results, and it didn't matter if it worked for about 10 minutes or 15 minutes, it gave him the voltage, the rotor didn't brake, he made the motor consume less with the neutralization magnets.

        He commented that his old machine, the problem it presented was the adjustment of the neutralization magnets, in my machine I also had that problem, the magnets vibrated, until I adjusted it and held it well and it improved.

        His interest in improving things made him make his new prototype, okay, one can think and suggest some things, I wonder if he would have made the new machine the same as the old one, but with the support material used in this new machine .

        Your new machine has more magnets, it is supposed to turn at rpm, etc, you have a good project, you have advanced a lot, you have documented a lot, it showed that the coil does not hold the rotor, that you can also reduce the consumption of the drive motor.

        Your generation proposal will be studied by those who are interested in new things, and it will be improved, every prototype is subject to study and improvement, and in particular I consider it so, and as you comment Mr. Dave, since you show your equipment working He leaves it to those who want to continue improving it.

        I always appreciate your contributions.


        • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

          This comment has been taken out of context by you who is a unable to count. 100watt bulbs x 6 but in the end will be much more. Still you don't know what is being said here so it would be best if you sit and listen.

          The meters clearly read under 500watts and over 400watts. Are you scared bro...? Scared it's gonna work before the job is done? Are you shakin in your boots bro..?

          Relax, hold your tongue from flapping and see how it's done. 95v X 4400ma =? I'll learn ya dern ya. Stop interrupting class. The answer is 418w you get a D-

          This is not 60hz, this it 1100hz. Do you know the difference? No, you think it doesn't matter because you don\t know what you are talking about
          BLMer, you just keep on spreading more of the koolaid. I am sure you had some to drink yourself as well. This whole 60Hz versus 1100Hz makes no difference. An incandescent resistance is a resistance, independent of frequency. If you think a bulb has a dependence on frequency, then it is is not a resistive bulb; it has to have some inductance or capacitance. This is not the case for a regular incandescent bulb. Maybe a halogen bulb might be a little frequency dependent, but most likely very small and insignificant amount. Especially when you are talking about frequencies below a few kHz.

          So wake up and take the red pill BroMickeyMouse. WAKE UP!

          And telling me to sit and listen?? How many pages/posts of your nonsense have we been sitting through here? At some point someone has to point out the TRUTH to you.

          And even your excuse that you are saying oh 6x the power because there will be 6 coil sets, that is total speculation. Even at 6 coil sets, that is 6x64W = 384W out, while still having the 500W input power and not even talking about the fact that the input power will most likely increase with additional coil sets.

          Again, Bromey, go take a LONG walk in your backyard.

          Let Dave do his job. And if he gets his machine to work, hats off to him. YOU will absolutely get ZERO credit for that with all the nonsense you are spreading on this thread. Where is YOUR working machine?! Isn't that the excuse you usually use against everyone else on here? Well apply it to yourself in this case as well. You haven't shown anything that works as you claim it should.


          • The problems with the old clunker machine were rotor wobble because the diameter of the shaft was too small and the all-thread too soft to stand up to the torque of the magnets. Also the adjustment of the opposition magnets was too sloppy due to a design fault, and they couldn’t be precise and remain so.

            As for what I am seeing with these coils on THIS machine, you guys can argue about frequency all you want. If the coil isn’t putting out enough to blow out a 100 watt bulb, it ain’t worth crap to me. I was hoping for around the 300 watts per coil pair the old machine put out. I was pretty sure the new coil material wouldn’t put out as much, but my hope was that doubling the number of magnets would make up for that. But I also considered that core saturation is possible, and adding more magnets might not help, but I thought since they were arranged N/S it might not even be an issue.

            I will figure this out sooner or later. We are going to take the two coils I have been using back to Sacramento and put them in the old machine to confirm output while I mess with two different coils.

            My guys were supposed to come out today but one of them is sick, so I am on my own. Still filing away…

            “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
            —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


            • It is a shame you can't pound those new cores into place. Nickel is hard to grind. To bad a true test was never made. Seems like your gap is 3/16". Dern shame you can't see the gap. Smack it with a baby sludge?
              Go see-ment man
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              • Originally posted by pmgriphone View Post
                Where is YOUR working machine?! Isn't that the excuse you usually use against everyone else .....
                Mine works like I said it would. You gettin scared bro...?


                • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

                  Mine works like I said it would. You gettin scared bro...?

                  Show me in your video where you are measuring more output power than input power. Show me a looped machine? You don't have it LIAR BLMONKEY. All you show in your video is reduced input amperage under load. Same thing as Thane shows you 1000s of times. Yet no power measurements, no looping, no nothing, zilch, nada.
                  Nowhere do you measure how much power is going in and how much power is coming out. Indeed "you are a bunch of liers" applies beautifully to yourself

                  Can you just simply shut up for once MICKEYMOUSE? Repeating the same lie time after time is not going to turn it into truth.
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                  • Originally posted by pmgriphone View Post

                    LIAR BLMONKEY.

                    "you are a bunch of liers"

                    Can you just simply shut up for once MICKEYMOUSE?
                    Try this one

                    Take it easy bro.... U scared?

                    Show us what you are building
                    plus give your real name scaredy-cat

           are you gone yet?

                    BTW freq and resistance have math that you should study. hope this helps?

                    this one shows a generator coil speeding up the drive motor at full dead short amps. try that sometime
                    with a conventional generator, it would stall the drive motor. Or don't you know that? I guess not

                    Seriously you seem scared. But for those schooled in the art I am running 1100hz and using 170 ft strands in series. At the 6th series connection is a null point on this coil

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                    • Some serious learnin, here boy learn a new trickgood boy

                      Amazing things PDi CEO Thane's made

                      I invented and patented the ReGenX Generator and Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration innovation that reverses electric vehicle regenerative braking and recharges an electric vehicles batteries while accelerating the electric vehicle - thus allowing electric vehicles to recharge themselves as they drive.

                      When applied in electricity generation the ReGenX Generator reduces the input energy required in generating electricity by more than 80% because it does not produce Generator Armature Reaction.



                      • An Almonte company is in the works of having many laws of physics reexamined and potentially rewritten after inventing new technology that will have a dramatic impact on the future of electric vehicles (EV) and energy generation.

                        “Over the past 15 years our company has been developing and is now commercializing a new innovation that allows electric vehicles to recharge themselves as they drive,” said Thane Heins, the president and CEO of Potential Difference Inc., a clean-tech research and development company that was created in Almonte in 2005.

                        Twelve years ago Heins set out on a quest to investigate methods to mitigate generator armature reaction by 10 per cent. Generator armature reaction is the formal engineering term known as regenerative braking in an EV.

                        “I wanted to eliminate the need to power vehicles using fossil fuels,” Heins said. “Once when I was pumping gas into my car all those years ago I had a literal vision that I was pumping the blood of innocent soldiers and civilians who have been caught up in oil conflicts in the Middle East,” he said. “I couldn’t deal with that and that’s when I decided I had to at least try to do something about it.”

                        Along with being a skilled inventor, Heins also has a tremendous love for anything creative and original such as visual art, cooking and philosophy. He owned a restaurant in Arnprior for close to a decade and spent periods of his life selling his artwork professionally.

                        In 2005 Heins made a scientific discovery now referred to as regenerative acceleration. Regenerative acceleration reverses the traditional method of charging an EV while braking, called regenerative braking. Regenerative acceleration gives the EV a third mode of recharging its batteries.

                        “It can still be plugged in and can still use regenerative braking, but now it can also recharge itself as it drives,” Heins explained. “Now the range of the EV can be increased significantly and the requirement to plug-in and recharge is reduced.”

                        After this discovery, Heins began development of the ReGenX generator coil — this is part that requires a re-examination and rewriting of many of the fundamental laws of physics.

                        “It took us many years to figure out what we had actually done and if the scientific breakthrough could have any commercial benefit or real world use,” Heins said.

                        The coil configuration in the ReGenX generator uses the magnetic field energy created in the generator to charge the vehicle’s batteries while also accelerating the vehicle at the same time, something professionals in the field of physics and electrical engineering had thought was impossible.

                        “Turns out it is not impossible because we’ve proven it can be done under university supervised lab conditions,” said Heins. Rewriting the laws of physics is something easier said than done. “The scientific community has a difficult time looking back at theories like Lenz’s Law and Newton’s Third Law and saying, ‘Okay, maybe these are wrong or maybe these aren’t fully true any longer’,” Heins said.

                        The ReGenX innovation proves that magnetic field energy is being created, which blatantly challenges Lenz’s Law and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

                        “The full scope of the rewrite of the laws of physics extends beyond just the laws of electromagnetism but to the foundation of modern physics itself,” Heins said. “They are like dominoes; when one falls, they all fall.”

                        The ReGenX coil is currently at McMaster University undergoing rigorous testing and evaluation with the results pending this month.

                        After years of skepticism from academics and engineers, Potential Difference Inc.’s ReGenX innovation is finally on the brink of a huge scientific breakthrough.

                        “We’re in the process of correcting mistakes made more than 100 years ago,” Heins said.

                        In April, Heins and Potential Difference plan to relocate the ReGenX innovation to the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology to integrate the innovation into an EV with road testing to follow.

                        Heins said this new technology is important to planet Earth right now because it could eventually eliminate the pollution caused by gas powered vehicles altogether. It also reduces greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuels by up to 80 per cent and reduces global warming.

                        “Eighty per cent of the cost of generating energy is due to generator armature reaction, so when it’s eliminated, eight per cent of the cost of generating electricity is reduced too. That’s good news for everybody,” he said.

                        The next step is to have the patents for the ReGenX innovation secured at United States and Canadian patent offices. Global licensing of the technology is already underway.

                        There’s an exciting road ahead, pun intended.


                        • By the way, when you look at what the Variac is outputting to the motor, it is 70V AC at 4.5 amps. (315 watts)
                          But that is what converts to 96 volts DC at 4.5 amps (432 watts) going to the motor.

                          So is the motor consuming 315 watts or 432 watts? Because I am only "putting in" 315 watts.

                          It's all just smoke and mirrors. All that matters is IN vs OUT
                          “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
                          —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


                          • Originally posted by Turion View Post
                            By the way, when you look at what the Variac is outputting to the motor, it is 70V AC at 4.5 amps. (315 watts)
                            But that is what converts to 96 volts DC at 4.5 amps (432 watts) going to the motor.

                            So is the motor consuming 315 watts or 432 watts? Because I am only "putting in" 315 watts.

                            It's all just smoke and mirrors. All that matters is IN vs OUT
                            That sir is a good question. 1100hz is some good AC, i mean 60hz. Yes120w unaccounted for. Now you are getting it

                            The DC is the number you want. put a cap on it and watch your mouth drop. there is much to learn, in fact you can raise and lower your DC volts using more caps. The motor with be in less of a conflict and more efficient using smooth DC, what it was designed for

                            Thanks for the important facts

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                            • For the green class. This young teacher explains why unfiltered DC reads wrong go to min 25, I like him, he sounds like Dave. He calls DC ripple and unreadable. min 31 shows Turion's rectifier, also min 46 for more caps test

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                              • Compressed version (calling the brush up crew)