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  • Reminds me of bizzy.

    There is a thread here with his mo-gen



    • Motor Generator Flywheel

      Secret windings and magnets inside.

      New for 2018 Free Energy Generator 100% Self Runing By
      Eng Noman Shah Afridi



      • Industrial Motor Generator 100% self running.

        Gravity Wheels, arms and gearing.




        • Motor genny


          • DIY Genny



            • Free energy motor generator flywheel. No proof, just say it.



              • For sale motor generator flywheel



                • Solving the issue of cogging to produce excess energy has been
                  dealt with for decades. Old news.



                  • All free energy Motor Generator designs require reduced cogging
                    and some form of switching to increase efficiency and recover the
                    coil collapse energy.

                    See also my other threads


                    Splitting the positive



                    • Book of Serge Rakarsky "The secret of the flywheel or how to build a generator without fuel"

                      The material is in Russian, in PDF format, with an Excel spreadsheet application with forms for calculation

                      In the book, a lot of information is a technical plan. Description and analysis of various devices. Examples of calculations. Information on the method I developed for calculating the device with a flywheel on the basis of the two coefficients derived by me, as well as the index of the ratio. The calculations were tested on the Australian Chuck Campbell system, the result was a 100% coincidence.
                      For the preliminary calculation, it is sufficient to use the multi-pass, calculated table, in which the calculation algorithm is already laid. After obtaining satisfactory results, it remains to design and make the device. You can calculate the calculation for the standard motor, generator and flywheel. The material shows an example as in patents of similar constructions, the results are brought to the zero position. The design of the Turkish engineers for 200 kW is disassembled, conditions are determined on which the design can work with the declared output power from the generator.

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                      • The key to running motors and or motor generators or generators to
                        get OVERUNITY is
                        #1 magnetic cancellation
                        #2 coils that help speed up the rotor while delivery real power just
                        as coils generate real power today but instead slow the rotor down.


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                        • Many claim more out than in for many many years without any
                          documented numbers, just say it and if anyone challenged them
                          they have a liberal snowflake meltdown. I love a good built rig.

                          Some people are researchers, some folks are inventors, some guys
                          are mechanics, others are salesmen. The gifts are not all the same
                          so be kind hearted and ignore the people who feel they are better
                          than you and don't want free speech.

                          This man has done more than promise a demo. Other than him and
                          John B. I have not found a real setup so well documented of a motor
                          generator that runs on a 9v battery. That Joe guy used 100, 9v
                          batteries but that was never documented.

                          The rest of the people are fearful who have a working machine.



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                          • Top Secret of the Flywheel - Calculate your Free Energy generator.

                            FES - Flywheel calculation


                            • Hello Rakarskiy

                              Can you point to a Youtube video of a true flywheel generator that
                              is not a hoax?

                              Thanks for you hard work. Looking forward to the new info.

                              Best regards


                              • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
                                Hello Rakarskiy

                                Can you point to a Youtube video of a true flywheel generator that
                                is not a hoax?

                                Thanks for you hard work. Looking forward to the new info.

                                Best regards
                                Everyone has a choice! He can spend on his own research, in this matter. Perhaps, just try again with the Campbell installation. Unexpectedly, this requires investment. The question is, are they effective for the beginner. I believe that Campbell, his flywheel specially made, under the power of the engine of one horsepower, for the demonstration. If you ever dealt with such a size and weight. In the system there is a line, the rotation of the flywheel, when it can fluctuate. It is this moment that the system calculates. I'll check out my system of calculation on the parameters of Campbell's installation, I got a coincidence, it turns out that we were looking for the same thing.
                                Everyone has a choice!
                                Doubt - choosing or moving forward is also an option.

                                Different designs, you can give them an explanation.
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