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  • I am posting this very important video for 2021. Secret inside high level information is hard at first to understand yet after 13 years most of the old dogs are learning new tricks. BEMF is fiction. EMF or BEMF explained. In essence the so called BEMF flipped on it's head to assist the process. Complimentary positive work. Sooner or later you will have to assimilate this information. Don't blame me for your inability to grasp these ideas. Ride your hobby horse convincing everyone how you should take Thane's place because you invented this years ago. Ride those coat-tails boys, funny guys.

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    • Joule heating ignored is no excuse for the law of these systems, old or new. Accounting is relevant to proper modelling of engineered devices. Students are told we will get to that later and teachers never give a correct response or have time to come back to the many unanswered questions that clearly show totally contradictory evidence and that science is flawed. The books need to be rewritten. In order to do that we have to first have an intelligent discussion with qualifying individuals who can make honest judgements based on real test results.

      Shirt tail riding is weak, think for yourselves Teacher told me is a bad excuse. See Thane Heins discourse with the Ottawa University big shot puppets who put Thane Heins out or cast out, book bag and all. To bad for them, huh? Yeah. Don't be down of them as they are compromised upon taking these positions. Basically intellectual dishonest people in all forms of Govt. especially higher learning. Dumb down folks don't see the war.

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      • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
        To all the hangers on/ skeptic losers. INFINITE RANGE The God particle is here. Watch here and weep as always. Tough eaten crow, isn't it?

        Road test is a must or put some load on the wheels.

        You can see the battery voltage slowly dropping in this video. Watch when he changes the scale to more accurate (tenths of voltage) and you can see the last digit slowly go down from 67.0 to 66.6. So much for perpetual motion... he is charging the battery with 10amps, but doesn't measure how much current the motor is consuming. Bet you more than 10amps.


        • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
          Conclusion and component breakdown.65-75v X 5.3 amps free ride.= several hundred watts available. No rider yet, this is so the tiny batteries don't over charge. 6-8 coils you could have 1000 watt free rider. Everybody else? "wannabe's" ride those coat-tails boyssee you all on the next lap. Thane is a winner.

          Battery voltage dropped from 72.3V at start of test to 70.3V at end of test. No perpetual motion.


          • What the potential investors say.



            • You guys are silly boys. Thane lives for this form of cowardice. People sitting on the sidelines with no name attacking with a one liner sentence. Thane has given a large portion of his time to explaining all of his systems and "you poor boys" use one liners. Take out some real time to go over the material then you can make a better judgement.

              I know how to make an automobile, does that mean I can produce a Camaro all by myself? Now I can pour an engine block and punch holes with a big mill then I could make fenders and everything right?

              In general I would have to say people are stupid. So Sorry, you guys are also dishonest on top of it.This is clear after all of the information, as simple as it is has been given you. You have opened your mouths and the other foot goes in.

              You line them all up and these top engineers are all puzzies. Finding honest men who are not gay at University level is getting harder as well. Save your cowardly threats for the fearful like yourselves.

              People who write messages of Thane being shot have another agenda.
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              • Originally posted by pmgriphone View Post

                Battery voltage dropped from 72.3V at start of test to 70.3V at end of test. No perpetual motion.
                Actually I think you could be right but the one voltage I saw was the 66.5v @ 5.3 a going back to the battery for over 10 minutes. This is an under load voltages and for these tiny batteries is nearly full. Not bad for a half baked rig made out of a rotor with a few coils. With one more coil added to this setup (that does not require input to generate) he would roast those batteries.

                You people don't seem to understand that you are dealing with experts. I can spot a plant or a decoy fast, someone like yourselves who have little to no formal training of the subject matter. GMO engineers do not quality.


                • Hillcrest have bent over backwards to helpThane commercialise RegenX but Thane won't have a bar of it. This is not my personal view, I'm only reporting that, as of today, it looks as if Hillcrest have given up on him. As far as I'm concerned I'm very disappointed that after all it's not going to bear fruit.


                  • Originally posted by Quantum_well View Post
                    Hillcrest have bent over backwards to helpThane commercialise RegenX but Thane won't have a bar of it. This is not my personal view, I'm only reporting that, as of today, it looks as if Hillcrest have given up on him. As far as I'm concerned I'm very disappointed that after all it's not going to bear fruit.

                    Dude you are not thinking clear again. Hillcrest oil is in Vancouver British Columbia. They will buy up the innovation and bury it. And if that does not work they will send an offer he can't refuse.

                    Do you even hear yourself? Hillcrest is not your friend. of course big oil wants what is good for all mankind? Is that it? Think man.

                    I've seen how the big money mafia contacts their subjects, first they fund you just enough to get you started and you never get the amount needed to finish any of these models. After the big money come sniffing around they find out how to make it work then coop the inventor. Big Oil is connected to the whole industry. Just like the medical field everything is controlled by a few people.



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                    • You obviously haven't read the brochure.



                      • I do not trust Big Oil mafia's, they will lie cheat and steal just like the devil himself. But this is only my humble opinion sometimes not so humble. I saw what the Pentagon did to one insider who had an invention to run cars on other gases. They contacted him, gave him 1 or 2 workers with a tiny bit of money and once the devices were almost ready to be connected to engines, they offered him 1 million dollars. Said they could use the innovation on the tanks or Humvee. When they saw how it worked they figured they could clean up leaving the inventor waiting for payments of $10,000 until further notice. That is who these people are.

                        They also have access to high level technology the average person does not even think about and can poison a person or whatever they want. That is the way it really is. I have prayed for Thane and any of you devils so as even think about hurting that man you will go down fast.
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                        • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

                          With one more coil added to this setup (that does not require input to generate) he would roast those batteries.
                          He won't. If he could, he would have long done it and taken that bike on the road and driven it for eternity. That's the easiest way to convince investors that his thing is real.

                          The coils that he is using have inductance and capacitance at the same time. They are basically a big energy reservoir. This reservoir is charged up from the prime mover due to the magnets spinning by the coil-capacitor, storing that energy in the coil-capacitance combo per 1/2*C*V^2 for the capacitance and 1/2*L*I^2 for the inductance. It's a resonant LC circuit, even when the coil is open. The capacitance is between the coil windings.

                          Then when the magnet hits top dead center at a certain minimum speed (resonance) and he shorts the coil-capacitor combo, the current flowing in the coil-capacitor combo will assist the prime mover and speed it up. This will cause less drag on the prime mover and thus less energy, but at the same time the coil-capacitor combo that has now been depleted will be recharged.also again by the magnets.

                          So even though you see a speed-up of the prime mover, you don't see an increase in energy consumption. It will be about the same, little less, little more maybe depending on friction losses that are proportional to speed and I^2*R losses of the coil-capacitor combo that are proprotional to coil resistance.

                          However, there is no additional energy created out of nothing. The prime mover originally charged the coil-capacitor combo and will keep doing so, temporary storing the energy, then releasing it at top-dead center and then re-charging the coil-capacitor combo again. It's an oscillating system. That's why it only happens above certain RPM speed of the rotor.

                          This is why it is so important that he measures the energy used by the scooter without his generator present, and then with the generator bolted on. He will immediately see that for the second case, the primer mover will require more energy as it will need to charge the coil-capacitance combo.

                          Two things Hanes can do to prove his perpetual mobile:

                          1. Take the bike on the road and show he can drive it forever (e.g. 2x the number of miles that the scooter would do without his generator bolted onto the driveshaft).
                          2. If he can't drive it forever, there can still be use in his invention if he can prove that he can drive the bike longer with his generator on it versus the bike with his generator disconnected from the drive shaft. This would not be a perpetual mobile, but simply a more efficient system than the bike by itself.
                          3. He can simply measure the total current from the battery (not just the charging current that he always shows). He needs to look at the sum of charge current (+) and prime motor current (-). If he can show that charge current is larger than prime motor current (total current +) , bingo, he has his perpetual mobile.


                          • Investor's opinion.



                            • Thane seems to be under some kind of delusion that he's got something worth while. Thane also knows only too well that the technicians at a leading generator manufacturer would humiliate him. That has got to be the reason he won't cooperate with the investors. It reminds me of Joe Newman, Joe had a gigantic machine running a pump and using a huge number of small cells just like a Tesla car. Although that pump sloshed some water about it wasn't doing any what you could call "real work".
                              Thane's would be investor I'm sure is genuine. Although the investor is in oil it's small, some 200 bpd, nothing like GM streetcar. There doesn't appear to be any future in what Thane is doing, it all seems rather sad.


                              • Old Joe could do it! Alas, I think he died.