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  • MadMack resurfaces

    Been over 3 years since MadMack posted on this forum. Although I did not participate when this thread was active, I did watch it and always wondered about this guy. I stumbled across him on overunity dotcom yesterday.
    I wonder if there is a deeper connection between MadMack and IEC.

    You decide.

    But from the beginning, I felt MadMack had gotten stuck on his development and was fishing the membership here for a solution.

    Notice that UfoPolitics, nor anybody else, has shown a working magnet motor. Maybe this Earth Engine? I'm not holding my breath.




    • Magnetic engine principles are everywhere on the web. Flux splitting
      and other ideas. Those who have perfected their engines date back
      as far as the 50's and are not likely to hand over the data for free.

      Also just because an engines runs not stop, proving science has missed
      the boat in text book form, does not make every design practical. Cost
      effectiveness is another consideration.

      Anyone one having a design capable of threatening the fossil fuels models
      are deemed a national security issue. An offer they cannot refuse is
      potentially the next step to eliminate the opposition.

      10 million is cheap compared to the trillions brought in year after year.


      • Good point, there are so many rotating magnet motors on the
        web with no real pulling power, they just go round. Like that V-Gate
        it can't take much loading in most cases and is one of the best ones out
        there. Well the V-Gate splits the flux and dominates on youtube.

        Tesla had the right idea when he changed the standard motor coils out
        that dog down a motor for coils that use the right timing to assist the
        rotor. There has got to be a way to implement split flux principles that
        offer plenty of excess power.

        Like the SEG there is much to learn about shielding with copper, poly
        spacers, aluminum, not so much just to contain the magnetic energy
        but redirect and store it. As soon as you push on a magnetic field it
        moves over trying to find a place to jump so why not capture and
        redirect if possible? Mad mack said shielding was key and we have
        devoted almost no time to it.

        There should be a benefit for any motor just using the "Y" elements idea.
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        • All permanent magnet motor.

          You need a very large 7.5 inch (255 mm ) dameter round ceramic magnet to start making the motor. Next you need a 8 mm diameter non magnetic shaft placed dead center in a vertical fixed position. About 12 inches long.

          Now you need a very thin wood 7.5 inch diameter disk. A 7.5 inch record with center plug will do. A Hole of 8 mm is drilled in the center. A 5 1/2 inch circle is drawn next on the disk top. A centering tube that has a 8 mm hole through it is glued onto the center of the disk so it is free to rotate without wobble on the 8 mm diameter shaft coming out of the ceramic magnet disk.

          Now we come to the important part. You will need four 45 degree wooden or aluminum angles and bond them securely to the 5 1/2 inch drawn circle so the angle ends will be centered on the drawn line. Now you need 4 grade N52 large block magnets and epoxy them one at a time on top of the 45 degree angles insuring that each one sets up first otherwise you will find magnet hopping.

          The polarity of the magnets on the 45 degree angle must all be the same as the polarity of the ceramic magnet they face. This is extremely important!!!

          Now when the wood or record disk is placed onto the ceramic magnet shaft it will rise up/float and should rotate also because of the magnet angle displacement.

          If you get your disk to rotate then suspend a 1000 ohm or more coil with a one inch cener hole in it over the rotating disk magnet tops. The one inch hole should have a 3/4 inch N52 grade sphere magnet inside it so it's free to spin side to side. Connect 3 volt led lamps in parrall to the coil leads and watch the light show.

          I am into this right now and working on the disk magnets presently.
          My biggest hope is the disk will spin. This below photo is my newest. I am steady improving this as I go along. You need to be certain that the 4 disk magnets are centered directly over the most powerful
          Area of the large ceramic magnet. A 5 1/2 inch or 5 inch circle drawn over that area is where the 4 disk magnets are centered apart from each other. Check out that area out on your ceramic ring magnet first before you do anything. Might vary from my ceramic magnet.

          Open for thoughts on this.

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          • Hi Tom

            Not sure I can visualize the layout, can you draw a picture for us?
            I hope it does what you want. Keep me and the group posted on how
            it all turns out. Maybe if you have it near laid out we could see a video
            instead, whatever works best for you.


            • Progress

              Any word from Mac on his NEW setup?
              “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
              —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


              • Hi Dave,

                If you want some info that might help you build a working magnet motor. Check out my video in the open discussion thread.

                If you have any questions just email me and we can discuss them. I don't discuss projects on this forum anymore.

                Take care,
                Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone. This means YOU especially BroMikey.


                • Here is one for you Mack

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                  • Hey people... I come across on the following page, a copy of an article from an old , deceased now kelynet website ... Seems to be a very simple design of Robert calloway magnetic motor successful replicated by somebody ... is not given any schematic but are explained in detail ... because of language barrier ,was dificult to me to understand clearly some details.... I post the link here ,maybe somebody will understand better the explanations given in that design :


                    • Some time I also started to try different configurations for the magnet motor, but in the end I was with the retention and neutralization of the fields, in YouTube video a person almost achieved the perfect movement but almost at the end and when starting the route again of the rotor ran into the magnetic lock,
                      Well I said this person almost succeeds, but what happens if you put a bedini coil that from the closing push at the beginning of the tour, so it would have its almost magnet motor with a small help of a coil, the magnets in repulsion would give a good torque to the rotation of the rotor, and the coil would give the thrust to pass the magnetic lock, based on this idea I will work


                        Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone. This means YOU especially BroMikey.





                          • Hello again to everyone!!

                            I just wanted to revive this Thread for a simple reason...Reference.
                            Mad Mack gave Us all (and for FREE) a Fact...and I will quote below the essential part am referring to, on his first post here:

                            This is a pure magnet motor without electrical coils. It seems that everyone claims you can not have a pure magnet motor because you can not get past the sticky point. Well, you can, and it is relatively easy to do. All you have to do is set up your magnets for a net 0 magnetic pull. That means for every set of magnets that are in attraction you simply provide a set that is in repulsion. Think about that, as one rotor / stator magnet set is attracting each other, there is another set that are repelling each other. The two forces cancel each other. How simple.
                            Above is an essential characteristic of ALL Magnets (No matter size, shape or strength) that will always prevail as a fact.


                            Magnetic Force CAN BE NEUTRALIZED TO A PERFECT ZERO FORCE!!!

                            The process is very HARD, as the Accuracy must be of a Swedish Watchmaker, working for ROLEX.

                            The Setup can NOT BE BASED ON A FLIMSY, WEEK, LIGHT MODEL!!

                            The Setup must be SOLID AS A ROCK, STURDY, NO PLAY, NO WABBLING!!

                            And once we have the Model Setup, we must provide a way, mechanically, to ADJUST the GAP in micromillimeters and LOCK IT once we get the best results!!

                            A simple model would be JUST TWO SETS OF MAGNETS, (no complicated lots of magnets at first)...Two sets of Magnets referring to ONE ATTRACT and ONE REPULSE,

                            Attract-Repulse MUST be SET EXACTLY at 180º apart.

                            The Rotor shaft must be SOLID, no play, no lift of rotor.

                            The Two Interactions will cancel to zero force at all approaching-leaving angles whenever moving rotor passing by both sets at 180º...and this is AMAZING!!

                            NO FORCE VECTORS FORMULAES in actual Academia will be able to explain such phenomena!!

                            And the MAIN POINT that by just TURNING OFF this NEUTRALIZATION ON JUST ONE SIDE of the Two Interactions (Attract or Repulse) AT THE PRECISE ANGLE...we get a HUGE ROTATION FORCE AND ACCELERATION is developed for 160-170 degrees...and so, before it reaches the "LOCK POINT"...We TURN BACK ON NEUTRALIZATION...and just like a "MIRACLE" ROTOR will keep going PASSED THE LOCKING POINT!!!

                            This is EXACTLY the MAIN PRINCIPLE of the LULING MAGNET MOTOR..."NEUTRALIZATION OF THE MAGNETIC FIELDS FORCES"....He found this "Phenomena" since 1954...and finally in 1966 He built a VERY SOLID AND STRONG MAGNET MOTOR PROTOTYPE...

                            Unfortunately, like always happens in these cases...He died "suddenly" before putting this technology on the market...

                            Regards to All


                            Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                            • Here is the same video (starts at 1:54) with CC Subtitles (You must activate CC it in your YouTube Settings)
                              Previous video has also CC in English, but done by Google Translator and very bad, misleading and confusing.

                              He explains that He uses Interaction Generating Rotating Force as Attraction, to then "Neutralizing" it before the "Sticky Point" in order that Rotor could continue the spin with not reduced speed nor acceleration until process repeats again...
                              Clearly Luling uses Two Rotor Poles at 180º apart on each MODULE, and so this Motor has FOUR MODULES.
                              Also We can clearly see the very heavy duty built "RAMP" (surrounding the stator square magnet) which moves towards rotor and back in a very short travel.

                              He also explains Neutralization occurs TWICE in every RPM (Motor develops 290 RPM's and 580 Neutralizations) ...obviously if He has Two Poles at 180º in Rotor...
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                              Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


                              • ...And finally...

                                People, if We can NEUTRALIZE MAGNETS to an exact ZERO FORCE and so be able to Turn it ON and OFF by a simple UNBALANCING of this Neutralization like a SWITCH...It just takes DESIGN and BUILD to make a Prototype which could be done in so many forms...

                                It could use Attract or Repulse for Propulsion as the other interaction is the "Switching" or Unbalancing of Neutralization.

                                I am building a simple one...with video, first of the Neutralization process...Then the design of the mechanical switch...And am using Repulse as the Propulsion and Attract as the Switch...Since the Attract does the Switch Turn back On "Automatically" by realigning back to Neutralization Gap with just the assisting of a returning spring...

                                But it also could be done using the Attract for propulsion, and Repulse for Switching (like Luling says)...then the Turn On Neutralization would be done almost "Automatically" (by just releasing the Gap Retainers) automatically...then pulling back the Repulse magnet to Neutral gap assisted by a Return Spring of same force.


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                                Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci