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What happened to Dr. Ronald Stiffler?

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  • What happened to Dr. Ronald Stiffler?

    I know he had a channel on youtube some years ago and it seems that his channel doesn't exist.

    He is still interested in electronics or what happened to him? all the information I find is from some years ago.
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    He mentioned something about internet collection of information is too invasive.

    The last video I can find dated August 2013


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      Quantum Energy Reciever QER

      There has been a new video posted by Dr. Ronald Stiffler

      The caption reads:
      The combination of SEC and other Theories resulting in QTW or Quantum Translational Waves and the QER or Quantum Energy Receiver.


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        Anyone catch the name of the Dr he referred to near the end of the video for further research?

        edit: Never mind... found it... Dr. Wilhelm Reich
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          Originally posted by mikrovolt View Post
          There has been a new video posted by Dr. Ronald Stiffler

          The caption reads:
          The combination of SEC and other Theories resulting in QTW or Quantum Translational Waves and the QER or Quantum Energy Receiver.
          Hi Mikrovolt,
          In the clip, I sort of heard Dr. Stiffler saying that "there is a copper plate in the center, with two plates inside...." as being the central construction of the receiver.
          So does the receiver be constructed as the following? Nine button Neo magnets at the left side, a copper plate, then two small copper sheets( of unknown shape and placement manner), another copper plate, sandwiching the small copper sheets, then another nine Neo magnets, and then, a big steel washer sticked to the right side of the magnet column.
          Is this the way the receiver is constructed?



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            He made a take apart video 8/4/15
            caption reads:
            The circuit contains NO energy sources, no batteries, no gimmicks.

            My guess is a thin copper sheet 1.5 x 1 inches fitting 6oz baby food jar.
            The center copper sandwiched with dielectric (packing tape) and two
            aluminum plates outer with 18 Neodymium Magnets 7mm x 3mm Round.
            shrink rap. a large washer, diodes, connecting to center and aluminum .
            Estimate cost $10. He said it would scale up for more current.

            Again just a guess on these parts, but would'nt take much to change it around so it works.
            He is working on top of a plastic cutting board. Meter is showing hand capacitance.
            Pretty cool, may become popular like joule thief unique fun useful.

            Because it meets some important criterea: it is a basic building block of recieving energy,
            has no moving parts, it is simple, sustainable, scaleable and self charging.
            For these reasons It can only get better.
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              Wilhelm Reich is the individual he mentions.
              Orgonics Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulators and Products

              Concerning his machine:
              Reich also found that it is very important to only use iron-based metals such as carbon steel wool or galvanized steel sheet. The human hemoglobin (blood) molecule is composed of carbon and iron, and carbon steel(iron) is therefore more compatible with charging human and mammalian blood. Other metals, such as aluminum or copper can create an orgone charge, but they appear unhealthy for humans and animals and should not be used.

              FACTS from the video
              100 microfarad 200 volt cap
              4 of the 1N4148 diodes
              Scalable for current output but not for votage output
              9 magnets on each side
              copper plate, aluminum plate and two plates inside
              If you blow up a still of the video you can see a copper plate next to the aluminum plate with a layer of clear plastic or clear tape in between

              This leaves one plate unknown. There can be NO center plate if one plate is aluminum and one plate is copper and there are two plates in the middle as he stated in the video. Please add to the FACTS, not guesses. Let's guess on our own and come HERE with facts.
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              —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


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                He explicitly told us what it isn't ( battery, RF ) but nothing about what it is other than a quantum structure.

                Giving the possibility of Casimir or dissociation operating in the UHF, Microwave and above.

                The 4148's would be hard pressed to deal with those frequencies but it's possible something would still come through.

                It's built like an EH or dipole operating in the Ghz range.


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                  In third video posted on 8/5/15

                  The caption reads:
                  Some things to watch out for if you try to replicate this as some have. As stated in the video I have not called for replications as I have not released full detail on this device. Full detail will not be released until certain legal issues are worked out, bare with me on this.

                  Video discusses some details:
                  For those who have the schematic or those who looked at Wilhelm Reich's work will know what is in there (the plates)
                  or can form an idea. The action is located between the magnets (where innermost left and right magnets contact the plates) (in the higher density flux path).
                  Increasing the plate size by itself is not enough increasing the magnet size or arrangement may have conflicting attractive forces requiring spacers.
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                    The QER (Quantum Energy Receiver) appears to be a further development of Stiffler's earlier work with what at that time he called the TMB - (Thermal Magnetic Battery).



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                      Some were having difficulty with the slow TMB link so I've converted it to a PDF file:
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                        Keep In Mind :
                        that there is no light,
                        there are no magnets or gravity,
                        Ken Wheeler
                        and (Theoria Apophasis)



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                          Thanks Tak22 We need to try Sn (Tin) also the schematic. We try to learn
                          where ever we can.
                          To the post; My feelings on the videos are that Dr. Stiffler would like us to hold off for a while
                          as his copyright or patent rights may be uncertain or some legal aspect would allow or is needed.
                          He says bare with him that means he will pick this up soon with everyone who shows
                          common courtesy and is polite (unlike a few on the forum) probably on his own thread
                          somewhere. He wants a level of control about QER and anything Stiffler.
                          In my opinion it has to be on his terms. No one has done anything wrong.
                          We just need to be bare with him and let him handle this. Otherwise
                          we will be left out of the loop, that might prevent someone from learning
                          I think there's more so let's don't pss him off. I learned a great deal from him.

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