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Space energy harvesting theories and observations

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  • Space energy harvesting theories and observations

    I decided to open this thread because as you know I'm a user of this forum for years, and I've been collecting some informations and observations that could be usefull.

    The purpouse of this thread is to discuss and post some observations to better understand how we can harvest energy from the space and convert it to usable power.
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    Space energy rotation

    One of the most intriguing questions I've been performing for years is about space rotations. I've always thought that any form of energy has a rotational pattern. In other words, if you want to produce an energy you'll need to polarize the space using rotations.

    Bearden talks about quaternions, a math system. Well, in quaternions there is something called 'spatial rotations', and I've read some systems that use rotational-signatures of the space.

    To visualize a spatial rotation it can be seen like

    There are some correlations found in the net, one is to Eric Dollard's versor algebra and the other one is related with Dr. Mark Snoswell and his spatial energy rotations.
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      Stochastic electrodynamics and Dr. Ronald Stiffler

      One interesting point also it's about stochastic electrodynamics. I'm not an expert, but I think there are random fluctuations of energy in the space that can be modulated to produce useful electrical energy. I compare that stochastic fluctuations with the white noise.

      Also, there would be interesting to compare all those stochastic phenomena with Dr. Ronald Stiffler 'space energy coherence' theories. There are other authors as well.
      "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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        Law of squares and coherence

        Another interesting point of view would be to analyze that space energy coherence with the 'law of squares'. I saw the first time the LOS (law of squares) from John Searl. It's very fascinating because it was used for several centuries, and it has something strange and special about how nature causes coherence in stochastic (aleatory) phenomena.
        "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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          Longitudinal signature and Rotational signature

          I remember to read somewhere in the net that Paulo Correa (from aetherometry) said once that he had observed that there is a 'specific signature' when energy is created. So it can be observed that any wattage has its own specific siganture and all the signatures can be related one with each other, in other words I mean that they can be described as rotational signatures, longitudinal signatures, or it can be also described using other kind of coordinates.

          Another interesting point would be to understand better how a battery creates those energetic signatures through the redox reaction. A redox reaction seems to be a cause of the energy production. If we know that energy can be described using signatures and patterns, then the redox reaction would describe also a specific energy-related pattern.
          "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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            Lissajous curves, harmonographs and Mark Snoswell

            Another interesting observation that I've seen is a correlation between some different theories.

            In this case there seems to be a correlation with space rotation, Mark Snoswell theories, harmonographs and Lissajous, Quaternion rotations, etc...

            "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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              Howard Johnson magnetic discovery and harmonographs

              There is also another interesting correlation with Snoswell's graphics, harmonographs and Howard Johnson's hidden magnetic geometry.

              This is similar to a harmonograph and it's an observation from Howard Johnson.
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                Cymatics, lissajous and knot theory

                At the same time, a combination of oscillations can describe space rotations.

                If energy has a longitudinal signature, then the longitudinal signature can be represented by a combination of oscillations as you can see in the below picture.
                "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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                  I've been reading that it's possible to represent 3D scenes in an oscilloscope (I don't know if in all models), using a complex oscillatory interference.

                  One of the most interesting things is that it's possible to visualize a harmonograph-like picture. So it would be very interesting if is possible to visualize magnetic 3D field in an oscilloscope and study the hidden internal dynamics of the magnetic field.

                  This picture has been taken from an oscilloscope and it's similar to a toroid or something related with it.
                  "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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                    Hodowanec circuit

                    It would be interesting to build one of the Hodowanec's circuits. I remember a friend of mine that told me some years ago that he built a circuit from Hodowanec, something like a device to hear capacitance or something like that. Using some headphones he was able to hear strange noises that were emitted when moving an object, etc... that in other ways it was not possible to hear.

                    What can happens if you connect those noises to an oscilloscope? What we could see?
                    "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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                      interesting thread !


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                        Originally posted by med.3012 View Post
                        interesting thread !
                        I like that you enjoy this thread and I enjoy yours.

                        I've always thought that electromagnetic energy has some hidden components that have to be understood to better understand how electricity works.
                        "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle


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                          TPU and Steven Mark

                          I don't know if this is true or not, but I read years ago somewhere that Steven Mark's TPU was invented after some strange accidents that Steven or a friend of him witnessed. The accident(s) was about strange tv implosions that caused the death of some people that were near the tv.

                          Steven always asked to himself what could be causing those tv implosion. I also remember that one day Steven was performing some tests and witnessed that magnetometers around the room started to detect some different measurements misteriously. After that, one of his conclussions was that 'there was a combination (pattern) of energies that can excite the space and can invoke huge amounts of energy'. If controlled, they can be used for energy generation.

                          Maybe Steven was refering to space polarization? Maybe there are some hidden oscillatory processes that can polarize space?

                          I think one critical part is about heterodyne oscillations.
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                            Implosion-generation, explosion-dissipation and resonance

                            This maybe could be a very interesting part to study. Well, I learnt a big part of this reading and hearing to Donald Smith. As always, I don't know if this is true or not, but at least it deserves attention to the curious mind.

                            I think that electromagnetism can be seen as a form of dissipative energy. As we know, there are a lot of examples that emitt heat. And heat can be related with 'wasted energy'. As we've heard a lot of times, there is something called 'cold electricity' that doesn't produce heat or produces less.

                            Donald Smith said in several times that the systems he was using wasn't affected to ohm and joules law, because at resonance, the system resistance is zero. He also said that ohms and amperes were related to the rate of waste of energy. So, no ohms and no amperes, no dissipation. I don't understand much about this, but it sounds reasonable. So, from this point it could be thought that amperage manifest when there is a non-resonant condition in the system. Another interesting question would be: if we eliminate amperage from the equation then Volts = Energy?, Energy is wattless (since Volts x Zero Amps = Zero Watts, but it seems to be energy there).

                            When I say 'wattless energy' it comes to my mind the 'reactive power'. As we know, reactive power is a wattless form of energy because the power factor is zero. A lot of us could be thinking at this moment: "Reactive power is not practical because it cannot perform work", but What about Thane Heins. Heins has shown how a special designed transformer can consume real power in the output using reactive power in the input. Interesting right?
                            We can think that the problem is not 100% related on how many watts the load consume. The problem is if wattage is reaching the energy source. In this case, the energy source is being destroyed so in that moment there is a limited amount of time while the power source can draw power (in case that the power source is a battery). If not, the only power draw is the power needed to run the circuit, but not to run the load.

                            Some circuits have demonstrated to cold down when they run. One example was about an electromagnet from a Russian man that was able to cold down while running if a specific pattern was applied. Another similar effect happened with Floyd Sweet. Sweet said in one ocassion that an abrupt cold implossion happened while using his VTA. A more classic example is with a peltier module. In one side the peltier module is absorbing heat (cooling side) and in the other side the plate is emitting heat (dissipation). I also remember some youtube's videos were an user caller NRGfromthevacuum shown a video where he shown that it was possible to produce a 'cold spark'. This cold spark produced ice in the electrodes. And, of course, there was a very characteristic implosion sound. Maybe I've a copy of that video somewhere.

                            Well, I was speaking about heat and cold phenomena because I think it's quite interesting to understand that there is a relation between implosion-cold and explosion-heat, and it seems that heat means energy dissipation and heat is related with non-resonant condition and with electromagnetism. So, we cannot use directly electromagnetism to try to absorb energy from the space because 'we cannot have gains in a system of losses'. Using electromagnetism implies energy dissipation-explosion-heat.

                            Donald Smith explained in one ocassion something very interesting and was about the wave phase relation and the rhytmic movement of particles. He said that electromagnetism is based on real power, so real power voltage and current are on phase and they produce watts. These watts are affected by joules law and ohm's law. That means that it implies that there are losses in the system. Well, when the system has a power factor = 1, that means that voltage and current are on phase and are electrons are spinning in all directions at the same time, causing friction and dissipation.
                            Instead, reactive power has a power factor of zero and first all the electrons spin in one direction and after the electrons spin in the opposite direction at the same time. In reactive power there is not dissipation (watts).

                            A visual example would be the next. Remember the bucking coil that Smith uses as L2 and he learnt from Tesla's work.

                            In resonance, L1 has only voltage because there is not amperage. L2 differentiates the L1 energy into volts and amperes. As you can see in the next picture, volts and amperes rotate in different directions.

                            This can be easily seen in the Corilis effect.

                            EDIT: I've modified the graphics to correct some informations that were incoherent. At the moment, the relation between the informations are coherent.
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                              Observation about magnetism and standing/scalar waves

                              AT&T video (7:15)

                              "A knot cannot be undone, without knowing the way it was made" Aristotle