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What did the ancients know about energy?

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  • What did the ancients know about energy?

    What did the ancients know about energy?

    The Pyramid Code - High Leve Technology

    Anyone interested in energy devices will find this documentary to be quite interesting and thought provoking. If you are interested or curious about telluric current or energy from the ground you should watch this.



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    I have this entire series on disk,
    it is one of my favorites
    quite amazing information in there


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      i think it depend on what you call energy... ;o)


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        What I found most interesting in this documentary are the construction details of the pyramid at Giza.

        The underlying stone aquifer.
        The subterranean water tunnels with shafts to expose them to sunlight.
        The interior stones of electrically conductive dolomitic limestone.
        The amazingly tight fitting exterior stones of non-conductive limestone.
        Interior passageways lined with marble. Or was it granite?

        Is that pyramid a simple charge funnel?

        Here is a theory of function for you. The same as the documentary but with a few additions.
        1. To begin with, there is the potential difference of anywhere between 60 and 500 volts per meter of elevation anywhere on earth.
        2. The pyramid gathers earth current (ions or electrons) over a very large base area.
        3. The missing top cap provided the high elevation output terminal, drawing the earth current up through the interior of conductive stone by potential difference.
        4. The exterior stone is an insulator to prevent the charge from dissipating into the atmosphere as it rises through the interior stone.
        5. The shape of the pyramid is a functional method of concentrating the density of the ions or electrons by decreasing the cross section with altitude. More charge per cubic meter.

        If the story of Siemens and his improvised Leyden jar is true, the pyramid, stripped of its insulation and top cap, is still working. Although just barely.

        If this theory is even close to accurate, the ancient Egyptians had free energy.
        Powerful, clean, abundant, nearly inexhaustible, free energy.



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          The Pyramids are from along time ago.
          Tesla's only 12 decades


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            Video no longer available via YouTube

            The first web site link below has extensive work on the Great Pyramid as a machine - not a tomb - which makes sense considering the amount of work that went into it.

            There are lots of sites that will show you how to make a hydraulic ram pump. It pumps water uphill using only the water pressure of a flowing water source and the water hammer effect of suddenly closing an open water valve. And the cool thing is, it only has 2 very simple moving parts. Of course, if you had a flowing water source you could also place a generator or water wheel in it.

            Interesting read though. It got me to thinking of Tesla's circuit interrupters (quenched spark gaps and others) and building immense voltages, i.e. pumping electricity "uphill".

            Great Pyramid Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump

            BTW, I think the King's chamber was lined with granite, not marble. Granite contains a lot of quartz which is a piezoelectric material. Pound it with sound waves and it will generate electricity. You'll also notice how noisy a hydraulic ram pump is if you watch some of the videos. And sound, in air or a fluid like water, is a "longitudinal wave".



            Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump



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              At the turn of the year, I wrote to John Cadman and remarked on the similarity in operation of the Pyramid hammer effect and Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower where Tesla pulsed the earth.

              John replied that at the time of contructing the website it hadn't been considered, in the intervening years he now thinks there is a definite link.

              In effect the pulsing at Giza would most likely have harmonic results with all other pyramids around the world that are tuned to it.

              Happy Hunting



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                2-stroke engine rely on a muffler pipe to send sound waves back to scavenge the lost gas out the pipe. it sends sound waves down then back up. making on a 2-stroke dirt bike, a powerband.