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  • Post limit rejection

    Hi Aaron

    The same thing is happening to me again where I can post a few words
    2 times and then the machine treats me like spam. Then after 1 hour
    I can come back to the site but can not post.

    This is my third hour. Or third try and the thread is ALUM CONVERSION

    I could post here all day but not there
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    Thank Aaron

    The ALUM CONVERSION thread works for me now
    and I was able to post the rest of my statement
    from last night.

    Thank you for all of your hard work.



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      Hi Aaron

      I am having a post limit rejection status in the thread

      ReGenX and ReGenXtra, I can post a few characters and then
      I can not get back to the website.

      thanks again for your hard work.


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        Hello Group members

        Some time ago I made this thread for a place to share with
        Aaron problems I was having in posting. This past difficulty
        came when I started a new thread and began posting points
        1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and these were points of discussion out of
        a patent. But when I got to #9 the ENERGETIC FORUM
        machine language scripts did not like it. I would again
        post the 9th point and the #9 would make my screen
        go completely blank and I could not return to the website
        for several hours.

        I would go back to post the 9th point every 5 hours and the same
        thing would occur so i started another thread to see what I was
        doing wrong. Little by little I figured out that if I left out
        the number 9 the forum continued normally.

        Later I typed in the number 9 like this (NINE) it worked

        This message is for Aaron who has worked very hard over the
        years and done an excellent job all the way around on website

        I thank you
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