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Barbosa and Leal Devices - Info and Replication Details

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    Some Barbosa and Leal Patents - translated into English

    Here is a website that has some of the relevant Barbosa and Leal patents translated into English:
    Rex Research: Nilson BARBOSA / Cleriston LEAL - Earth Energy Generator - Patents
    Nilson BARBOSA, et al. -- Earth Energy Generator -- 4 patents

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    More Details From Clarence On His Barbosa and Leal Setup

    This is another post from Clarence with more details on his Barbosa and Leal build:


    thanks RAMSET! I have attached the HOW, WHY, AND METHOD information I spoke of. please remind the members that there in no need for experimentation with this unit. if they will just look at the latest photo I have attached and do just like what they see it will work without a hitch. I use what you see everyday at different intervals to power my fridge or microwave or kitchen appliances or shop vac, etc.,etc.,etc. when i am thru and leave the house I turn it off to limit the usage on the components. they have 2 year warranty but I intend to be using then a long time. today I was using it for a little over 4 hours and all the time the charger kept the battery at a constant 13.0 volts. the charger as you can see IS powered by the output of the Captor . what does that tell you. I also attached the 00 post which gives A mega amount of vital information.

    I would like for all members to know that this device will simply NOT work with out the needed ground rod set up. It just wont!
    another thing to keep in mind is that this unit is not cheap to build. I would estimate that about 2000.00 went into mine possibly more.
    also the location that the member is in will determine how well the unit performs and how many ground rods he will need. that's also a lot of physical work to be done.

    Clarence's attachments for this post are attached:
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    started a topic Barbosa and Leal Devices - Info and Replication Details

    Barbosa and Leal Devices - Info and Replication Details

    This thread is created for the discussion of Barbosa and Leal replications.

    Clarence has recently made such a replication which he is currently testing, and Clarence wants to post details of his replication to this forum which other people can use if they want to try a replication.

    I am including Clarence's first post on his Barbosa and Leal based device to this post, along with the photos of his setup which Clarence included in his post.


    Clarence wrote:
    B&L device - my build - their specs - self runner

    Hello @ ALL,

    got tired of all the back and forth almost a year ago I believe so I guit posting.
    then shortly thereafter I heard of the brazillian B&L device and got ahold of their patent info and decided to build it for my own use. I saw there was a thread on so I joined there to see what was happening. to make a long story short I knew how to build their unit AND DID! no one else could or did! much to my annoyance the members repeatedly kept stomping on my face and NOT believing any thing I had done or showed photos of. same old forum back and fort BS. my name is just a DIRTY WORD to the majority of the members so I just took my success and left and quit posting.

    attached is some photos of my unit that works. hope you like it.
    if not just another OH WELL to me. you can go and do the same as me. all my posts and photos are still there if you go back thru the pages!

    See attached photos of Clarence's test setup:
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