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A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

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    Originally posted by HuntingRoss View Post
    So for clarity.

    Claim 1. No proof
    Claim 2. No proof

    Good Hunting

    Keep it Clean and Green

    2 Years+ of studying & hard work! I took the best and left! Dude didn't wanted anything to do with the A1Mo-Gen!
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      Originally posted by Midaztouch View Post

      Keep it Clean and Green

      Over 2 Years of studying & hard work! I took the best and left!
      So explain to your readers why you seek to discredit my work with no proof of claim.

      Good Hunting


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        Originally posted by Midaztouch
        YOU came HERE with single commutator (We told you last year not to use it!) with condescending comments. I asked you politely to delete your comments... 3 times!!! That's why you got the Horns, which are the TRUTH about SC! And the Truth ain't spiteful!...

        I try to be a fair person. When I'm wrong, I sincerely apologize to people. But since I'm not in this case, here's your medicine. Enjoy!

        1 + 1 = 2... Not 11

        If you can handle the true, Go ask Raul! Eventhou he is being nice to you because you are the only builder and he's looking for 1 million views. He can't sugar coat the answer for you!

        Go to the other thread, Ross. This thread is the A1Mo-Gen, "Teslas Electromagnetic Reactor"! Your work doesn't belong here!

        I'm doing, is what I'M doing. If someone wants to build, don't ask me! Go 4 it! knock yourself out! It's fun! If you don't want to build... sit back, relax and enjoy the ride... Or go somewhere else, if this ain't for you.

        Keep it Clean and Green

        Thank you for the disruption. I will make a video soon for the 1 commutator.
        So no explanation why you try to discredit my work without proof of claim. That speaks for itself.

        Good Hunting


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          Originally posted by Midaztouch
          1 commutator reduces the off time/ idle time/ relax time/ cold down time of Tesla's motor COILS by 50%. That means that a Tesla motor's coils will over heat 100%+ faster!!!
          What the OP is saying here is my Single Comm Asym/Sym derivative will heat up twice as quickly as his Double Comm Asymm by virtue of the fact that its 'down time' is half compared to his.

          Even IF I accepted that as a truth...the statement carries with it an acceptance that his double comm build WILL heat up...It will take TWICE as long.

          Consider my post which is causing the grief -

          Originally posted by HuntingRoss View Post
          So build #4 of 'my' design was a stator size coil whose bisector was as close to the stator bisector as the geometry of my 12 pole armature allows.

          The results were as follows -

          5v @ 7.0A @ 1785 rpm
          10v @ 10.90A @ 4320 rpm

          The warming of this motor was staggeringly fast and it is the MOST power hungry build I have to date.
          The heat gain in those tests was measured in 2 - 3 minutes. Twice that is 4 - 6 minutes. Heat gain in that context is STAGGERING which ever way you look at it.

          Good Hunting


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            The electric motor mount for the A1Mo-Gen is finished!


            Mr. Hasigawa's Drag Racing competition was canceled due to heavy rain. So, he and his team finally had some free time to make my motor mount. The final adjustments will be made later.

            The Aprilia RS 50 is a true race replica. There were not many sold do to the high price. Racers buy old ones because of it's light weight and it handles just as good or better than a125cc with inexpensive suspension mods. The usual motor upgrade is a big bore 85cc 2stroke.

            We decided not to use welding to the frame because the A1Mo-Gen and electronics can be taken off without damaging the frame. Plus, Mr. Hasigawa is all about preserving Classic bikes and no frame welding made him happy. The Aprilia RS50 is almost a classic now.

            After 3 weeks, it felt good to push my baby home... in the rain.

            Since I was soakin wet, I gave my bike a seriously needed bath. This bike sat uncovered outside for 7yrs rusting! The mileage is 4100! I used Eco-friendly cleaner and it was raining. Put on a little wax and oiled her down. She cleaned up rather nicely!... And she fits perfectly in a 6 person elevator!

            The Aprilia RS50 is starting to look like Tesla's electric motorcycle. Today was a good day!

            Keep it Clean and Green

            Forward progress! This is getting more and MORE fun as I go!!
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              I never cared about electric in the past. I just didn't want to pollute and tried to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible.

              Now I see that some people are truely crazy about this OU stuff. But why!?
              Shouldn't every logical builder and person strive for it? It just makes sence to!

              All I wanted to do is build an electric motorcycle that I could afford. Now I'm in the middle of it all... Interesting
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                A1Mo-Gen: How the 4 independent isolated brush pairs work with independent coils/circuits


                Keep it Clean and Green
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                  This is the moment when I said, "This thing looks like a Reactor!"

                  This pic was when I first started, my first clue over 2yrs ago. I was adjusting the hight of the brush housing. That's why it was on it's side. With all those wires coming out of it.

                  Keep it Clean and Green

                  Still waiting for the "instock" parts! Sent and angry complaint email and asked for a discount. Got the quick runaround response and no discount.
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                    Smog Rant!

                    Today sucks!

                    The smog is out of control! Today has to be a record. I have bad asthma and can't stop coughing, spitting and my eyes burn. Its kicking my butt x10. We have to sit indoors with TWO air purifiers just so I can breathe normal. Today is the second day of spring like weather. Yesterday was beautiful! We have the Spring Fashion Fair; pretty Japanese ladies wearing Yukatas, radio stations playing live on the street, food stands, ect ... Then boom! The worst smog, ruining the party or just a reminder that we are messing up the planet... It's the weekend!!!

                    This is why I never gave up on this project. I pray that the A1Mo-Gen works well enough. We need some serious changes. The oil industry dropped the price on purpose to drown out the electric cars. Lowered oil prices give people a false sence of security. Leading to their pockets getting fatter and the public keeps on polluting our beautiful planet... with a standing applause.

                    What's stopping people for using electric EVs?! Education, expensive motors, super expensive batteries and poor leadership/the same "Parrot" regurgitating the same AC motor info on every EV forum, "You must use an AC motor!" Most of the EVs forms are OEM based, always trying to sell you something or tell you must use this high priced... You must have max efficiency.. Use $$$$$ in batteries, ect. For exapmle, I went to the DIYElectric car forum. There were a few who made the most noise and didn't want to hear or see a new electric motor in an EV. Those clowns ain't leaders, just lip service and drama! Or the clowns here, "I can bla bla bla..." Shut up clowns and just F-N help!

                    From statistics, most people are trying thier best to "get by". We need an army of cheap cars like the Elio converted to cheap electic vehicles! I don't care what country parts come from as long as they are safe and do what they are supposed to do. It's pollution stopping power.

                    I don't care what you say. Most people are feeling a $10,000 electric car! If not, you got too much money and sould buy a few $10,000 electric cars for some people that need some help. (God will bless you for your kindness) Think about it, how many people can by a $120,000 New Tesla. Never mind $500,000 Renovo electric car! Selfish BS!!! If I made an electric car, the name would be FREEDOM "4EV1" a base car. Nothing fancy! I don't know about you but I could care less about a self driving car. There are too many hackers for self driving drones on the street... Hell, I have to many problems with my smart phone!

                    You can close your eyes and thank the older generation for all of our troubles or say "This is a fight that we all must work together to win!"

                    Keep it Clean and Green

                    Today is the next day. Woke up to crystal clear skies.. . I guess yesterday was just a reminder that I have a lot more work to do.
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                      What I've notice is that the sparking becomes a lot stronger when more voltage is add to the A1Mo-Gen.

                      12vthere is N0 sparking.

                      24v there are glints of sparking, no matter how much/many adjustments.

                      36v the sparking is manageable with A LOT of adjustments. The vibrations and RPMs were a little scary when I tried to make adjustments on straight 36v... (This motor will jerk In your hands if you make a big adjustment too fast)

                      48v the sparking is not to my liking at three brushes.(I changed them out to new ones also. Same sparking) Plus, I'm afraid to make any adjustments at the RPMs speed and shaking!!! I would have to have the A1Mo-Gen strapped down and wear protective equipment before I would attempt to make any adjustments on straight 48v... Safety first!

                      *I did all of the adjustments at 24v in my closet hallway in the dark at night. Look & Listen for the best timing.

                      Keep in mind that my build is not balanced, the coils aren't varnished/epoxied/glued in and the fiberglass hedges can side in and out.

                      For my next build, Im thinking that I should increase the torque and keep the voltage under 48v.
                      *Current A1Mo-Gen, I used 23 turns of 18awg per coil but, there was plenty of room for more turns.

                      I think that independent adjustable brushes would fix the sparking issues.

                      keep it Clean and Green
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                        Back and feeling relaxed & refreshed from vacation... And look what FINALLY arrived today, after 7 weeks...
                        The electric motor sprocket and 24v main contactor!

                        Went to the motorcycle shop with the sprocket. Ordered a DID Gold Motorcycle Chain and a cheap but nice HJC hjh048 Red helmet(Got the color I liked and it was the last one in my size at the discounted price.)

                        Will order some 12v lead batteries tomorrow... Then I can try some testing with the complete controller system when they arrive.

                        Keep it Clean and Green
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                          Ran a quick test.

                          New batteries = 26.2v after full charge

                          Beginning RPMs = 3650

                          20mins warming up run

                          Last RPMs check = 4000

                          Batteries after 15mins rest = 25.6

                          Case was very warm to the touch.
                          Could hold my fingers on the coils directly for more than 10 seconds.
                          The front plate, where milling was done to fit a larger bearing, was hot.

                          Keep it Clean and Green

                          Only ask questions, if you are CURRENTLY in the process of building an A1MoGen
                          or have built an asymmetric motor
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                            Did a solid 30 minute run this morning.

                            Batteries start 26.2v

                            Motor start 3785rpms

                            Motor "Warm Up" in 5 mins 4000rpms


                            End of 30 mins


                            Case could Hold my hand on it for 6 seconds
                            Wires coils with finger 4 seconds
                            This motor is NOT balance... Vibrations

                            Batteries after 15mins rest 25.1volts

                            Keep it Clean and Green

                            Must go ALL the way across 2 towns by bike to buy tools and parts for the controller. Need to exercise anyway! LOL
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                              Getting the most from the A1MoGen: Tesla's Gift, "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

                              Singular coils and extra brushes are good but more is need to complete the equation.

                              Only look at 8 magnets in the pic below as a visual (For some reason, I like the idea of huge motor with many rotor poles, 3 north magnets on the outer with a large air gap between the north magnets ...inner 3 magnets south)

                              We talked about dual magnets on the main page briefly a while back but I saw dual magnets/inner & outer magnets on the Gemini project's homepage years ago first. Read through their homepage. It all makes common sense for the Top & Bottom magnets to me. GEMINI ELECTRIC MOTOR
                              It's mentioned that dual magnets act as a "choke" for amps during heavy load. "It improves efficiency."

                              Keep it Clean and Green
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                                Don't take No for an answer in an e-mail.

                                Today, I loaded up my bicycle and peddled 2 hours to the electric motor company. No appointment, no phone call, no email, no nothing.... just showed up! with the A1MoGen, a 12V battery and jumper cables. Told the secretary I needed my motor checked on the DC power supply, then connected the motor up in the main hallway entrance.... Then got a cup of cold green tea and waited.

                                And of course, the head engineer still wanted nothing to do with the A1MoGen but God was on my side. The CEO of Sales came out and was wondering why a motor was spinning in his main lobby...ENTRANCE Front Doors
                                He called the engineering department. Their actions said they really didn't want to do it but they ran the A1MoGen on the DC power supply... The head engineer didn't even come to watch.

                                The A1MoGen worked fine on a DC Power Supply. After I review the vid, I will put it up soon.

                                Keep it Clean and Green
                                Midaz "The Negotiator"

                                Stopped at the beach to take a picture for my Adventure documentary.
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