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A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

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  • Well, I wanted to share my plan for the Full Version of the A1MoGen before moving day. Now you know what my vision was, with the singular coils and extra/wider brushes. I was hoping to get modified brushes and brush plates from Imperial, which would have been the easiest way, but it is what it is.

    Moving day is next week, flight to Tokyo 2:30 min, train 2hrs then walk 10 mins to the new house. After unpacking, I will have to find a shop that will let me use some tools. I wish I could have built the Full version but I will have to work with what I already have.

    For people that have the Imperial frame kit, it has 4 stator magnets. That means that the single commutator design will work just fine, just not as flexible as the dual comms. If you choose this option you can modify your brush plate by putting on the 4 extra brush units. This will give you a max of 8 phase coils(16 coils) to drive the load compared to 8 coils from the past builds.

    Living back in Tokyo, all the major electric motor players and events are within a 3hr train ride. I will link up with some players and maybe find a connection to get the brushes I want.

    Anyway my fellow nerds, have a wonderful summer. As I always say....
    Keep it Clean & Green!

    Best of luck

    Ps. Think of the brushes as "Many Pulsers"(50%) for the Full Version of the A1MoGen.
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    • Potential energy

      Potential energy...

      In the past, I should have used "potential energy consumption". Key word "consumption"

      Increasing the overall "amps" population throughout the complete motor. Maintaining the higher rpm's associated with DC motors while increasing the torque... Without the motor smoking/burning up. Electric drag racing motor for wattage per kg

      I thought about how electricity takes the path of least resistance.
      1.)one power source
      2.) three coils
      3.) three magnets strengths(weak, medium, strong)

      If one power source is feeding three coils at the same time and each coil has a different magnets/stator pressure(weak,medium and strong)...
      Will the magnets effect how the three coils are populated with AMPS or will the AMPS population be the same???

      Keep it Clean & Green
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