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A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

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  • Midaztouch
    Introduction of the independent singular coils

    I invited DADHAV to our group because I got tired of the runaround. I needed a big boy to set thing straight. And he did his thing! (I like the way John does his testing. So professional!)... After I said I can't admit that the 5 poles Asymetric are weaker to him. I said, "There's still some meat on this bone!")... I went on the mission! It took me weeks to find the right wording. Thank God! Now I had what I needed to proceed forward.

    You know that small things can be overlooked but I was looking for bread crumbs!

    Keep it Clean and Green
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  • A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

    Singular Independent Overlapping Coils and extra brush sets will give you OU & Self Runner!?

    Sometimes, what your looking for is right in front of your face. Tesla's Gift, "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

    I know your thinking, "Midaz, what the hell are you talking about!? Prove it!". Walk with me and I will try my best to explain... I have been studing Asymmetric Motors for 2 years with the group, a rollercoster adventure. I been through all of the ups and downs, successes and failures with them. I have reviewed and compare the test results from all of the builders several times about 500 hrs worth! I'm up to date!! I've gotten to the point were I can look at an Asymmetric motor design and tell you how to get the maximum performance, maximum energy and maximum magnetic efficiency!!! The Singular Coils and extra brushes give all of that at one time during load! The magic is in the simplicity of these motors. They are unconventional motors but, in the end, they are simple DC motors. For you Newbies, I started from a newbie too. I had never taken an electic motor apart, let alone knew what AGW meant!LOL

    Preparing to build an electric motorcycle got me started. I didn't like the motors I could afford after searching and collecting info. While searching, I found these motors. I was intrigued and a new hobby is always good.

    We have done the N/S motors. Those motors roared to life with lead batteries!(high amps though).. A team member and I sent an N/S motor to Imperial. They tested it and the test was a failure.(it could have been connected wrong. I didn't send the diagrams. My bad!) So, I sweet talked for my N/S motor to get tested here in Japan. It was sparking like hell! The head engineer rudely asked me to leave. Both motors failed on a DC power supply.

    Back to the drawing board! Next, the north wind was introduced. The RPMs were sky high and It sounded as smooth as silk. Razzle dazzle! ... Some testing was done by a great builder. He concluded that the torque was weak. I agreed with him because the max magnetic coil density was near 0 torque! Also, there wasn't much room to adjust the timing. To me, the north group winds was a waste of magnetic energy.

    Next, now is the north pair winds. It's a lot better than the group winds. Close, but I thought I knew a better way, than the north pair wind. I don't believe I'm wrong but, if I'm wrong, I will abandon my parts on the street curb!

    I had trouble explaining my concept in the past months. I read that whole thread 3 times and skipped around it for hundreds of hours reviewing(did anyone say OCD) I tried many times but I couldn't find the right words but I know I was on the right track!

    I have my conclusion but it wasn't appreciated or I had some mistakes or they are too busy with a ton of other projects or a miscommunication. I want to discuss my conclusion from the main page. The main page has a wealth of valuble information. That should not be disturbed by me. I will try to be as factual as possible. I will retrieve my posts, then post them here. When I write a post, I usually edit it a lot. Check the edited date, refresh your page and reread sometimes because I might not be done refining my thoughts.

    *I may leave extra thoughts in orange*

    Asymmetric Singular Coil Motor & Generator = A1 Mo-Gen

    A = Asymmetric
    1 = Singular Coil
    Mo = Motor
    Gen = Generator
    *A1 Mo-Gen*

    I believe Tesla's gift was an "Electromagnetic Reactor"

    My conclusion is that J Morgan & Edison hid it, right in front of our faces!!! In Every DC Motor, brushed and brushless, 4 stators and up!!

    Keep it Clean and Green

    I don't have CAD or test equipment. Help would be appreciated.
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