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A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

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  • A1Mo-Gen: Tesla's Gift "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

    Singular Independent Overlapping Coils and extra brush sets will give you OU & Self Runner!?

    Sometimes, what your looking for is right in front of your face. Tesla's Gift, "The Electromagnetic Reactor"

    I know your thinking, "Midaz, what the hell are you talking about!? Prove it!". Walk with me and I will try my best to explain... I have been studing Asymmetric Motors for 2 years with the group, a rollercoster adventure. I been through all of the ups and downs, successes and failures with them. I have reviewed and compare the test results from all of the builders several times about 500 hrs worth! I'm up to date!! I've gotten to the point were I can look at an Asymmetric motor design and tell you how to get the maximum performance, maximum energy and maximum magnetic efficiency!!! The Singular Coils and extra brushes give all of that at one time during load! The magic is in the simplicity of these motors. They are unconventional motors but, in the end, they are simple DC motors. For you Newbies, I started from a newbie too. I had never taken an electic motor apart, let alone knew what AGW meant!LOL

    Preparing to build an electric motorcycle got me started. I didn't like the motors I could afford after searching and collecting info. While searching, I found these motors. I was intrigued and a new hobby is always good.

    We have done the N/S motors. Those motors roared to life with lead batteries!(high amps though).. A team member and I sent an N/S motor to Imperial. They tested it and the test was a failure.(it could have been connected wrong. I didn't send the diagrams. My bad!) So, I sweet talked for my N/S motor to get tested here in Japan. It was sparking like hell! The head engineer rudely asked me to leave. Both motors failed on a DC power supply.

    Back to the drawing board! Next, the north wind was introduced. The RPMs were sky high and It sounded as smooth as silk. Razzle dazzle! ... Some testing was done by a great builder. He concluded that the torque was weak. I agreed with him because the max magnetic coil density was near 0 torque! Also, there wasn't much room to adjust the timing. To me, the north group winds was a waste of magnetic energy.

    Next, now is the north pair winds. It's a lot better than the group winds. Close, but I thought I knew a better way, than the north pair wind. I don't believe I'm wrong but, if I'm wrong, I will abandon my parts on the street curb!

    I had trouble explaining my concept in the past months. I read that whole thread 3 times and skipped around it for hundreds of hours reviewing(did anyone say OCD) I tried many times but I couldn't find the right words but I know I was on the right track!

    I have my conclusion but it wasn't appreciated or I had some mistakes or they are too busy with a ton of other projects or a miscommunication. I want to discuss my conclusion from the main page. The main page has a wealth of valuble information. That should not be disturbed by me. I will try to be as factual as possible. I will retrieve my posts, then post them here. When I write a post, I usually edit it a lot. Check the edited date, refresh your page and reread sometimes because I might not be done refining my thoughts.

    *I may leave extra thoughts in orange*

    Asymmetric Singular Coil Motor & Generator = A1 Mo-Gen

    A = Asymmetric
    1 = Singular Coil
    Mo = Motor
    Gen = Generator
    *A1 Mo-Gen*

    I believe Tesla's gift was an "Electromagnetic Reactor"

    My conclusion is that J Morgan & Edison hid it, right in front of our faces!!! In Every DC Motor, brushed and brushless, 4 stators and up!!

    Keep it Clean and Green

    I don't have CAD or test equipment. Help would be appreciated.
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    Introduction of the independent singular coils

    I invited DADHAV to our group because I got tired of the runaround. I needed a big boy to set thing straight. And he did his thing! (I like the way John does his testing. So professional!)... After I said I can't admit that the 5 poles Asymetric are weaker to him. I said, "There's still some meat on this bone!")... I went on the mission! It took me weeks to find the right wording. Thank God! Now I had what I needed to proceed forward.

    You know that small things can be overlooked but I was looking for bread crumbs!

    Keep it Clean and Green
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      Independent Singular Uni-Polar Coils could be the key for success!

      Originally posted by sampojo View Post
      Yo Midaz,

      Sounds pretty interesting as I have my Baldor 20-pole waiting to go. Ufo once proposed I wind it like a radio-shack 5-pole... I'd be up for it if it is supposed to be better than the overlapping unipolar designs.
      Sampojo, UFO & Team

      Look at the 5 pole image post #7288.(ITS ABOVE #2) When one asymmetric commutator segment is winded with a singular coil that wraps around 2 poles(*2poles coil is the same size as the magnet). There is a lot more space per slot to concentrate on the single coil's magnetic strength; more turns. The 5pole motors could be winded with overlapping independent singular coils... 2 poles per asymmetric comm segment/coil...

      The single input coil's magnetic field in a small motor is allowed to travel through the motor to the opposing steel lanminations then directed to the opposing magnet. The single north coil uses, both the north and south magnets/stators simultaneously for torque & RPMs. The factory settings for input and output are perfectly set for max magnetic strength timing for the 5pole motors... Deflection of the coil's south end magnetic field against the left & right leg steel laminations, on the 5pole, is the place where everything could go wrong. (Then we would have lukewarm test results)

      Magnificence of 3 is NOT 100% accurate. It's the Magnificence of 2 (Magnets/stators) & "SINGULAR" Coils!!! The North and South magnets/stators are in perfect Harmony with the independent singular coil... The Chapter should read, "The Magnificence of the 3pole Uni-polar Asymmetric Motor"

      Examples 1,2,& 3:
      1.) Commutator Segment = 5
      Singular North Coil = Wind is wrapped around 2poles(*same size as the magnet)
      Singular North Coil = 5
      Coils overlapping
      Use the factory input settings

      2.) 5pole 360; motor brush input =1, + idle time =1.5, + gen brush output =1, + idle time =1.5... (1 + 1.5 + 1 +1.5) = 5
      *Idle time keeps the motor cooler for higher voltage...

      3.) 16 turns on a single coil -vs- 8 turns; coil1 +8 turns; coil2 = 16 turns total. The single coils magnetic strength is stronger than the two coils combined. *Added bonus is that the magnetic vortex of the single coil is clear and flows freely.

      From the images of 2 stators(5 pole and up) & 4 stators. Do the north pairs & north group windings HINDER the full magnetic potential/torque performance of Asymmetric Unipolar Machines?... For the 2 stator/magnet motors, the only way to find out is wind the 5pole with Independent Singular Unipolar coils. The results from the 5pole would let us know if we are headed in the right direction for bigger 2 stator builds.

      Keep it Clean and Green

      #Wish I had access to test equipment & CAD software
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        Let the magnetic vortexes assist "The Electron Highway"!

        The Electron flow is the highway(input). The magnetic vortexes can be ON or OFF ramps! (*Gen brushes are OFF ramps) & (extra brush sets can be ON or OFF ramps but is best for OFF)

        Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
        Hello my friend Midaz, Hello to All,

        Ok,Midaz, after we exchange some mails, I think I've got your idea and points.

        This concept will work, no doubt about that, and I believe you are right about concentrating the magnetic field within a single coil will 'compact' (let me say it this way) the strength in lesser poles and will not split coils in two. This splitting deviates the bisector angle,or it becomes two bisectors...either one, and yes, it will weaken it somehow. I was going by flux transfer at common shared coils from one to the other...

        I like to try this in a Radio Shack first...and see what it does.

        If I got it right, the CAD Diagram should look like below:


        The only thing that must be done for it to be timed properly, would be to move for a short angle the brushes towards the rotation 5 to 10 degrees in order to avoid bisector engagement between stators and coil being fired.

        Either move the brushes...or rotate both commutators to proper angle (counter to rotation) when assembling rotor, then have brushes at exact alignment to stators center.

        So, yeah, let's give it a try friend...we never know, we are all experimenting here....and this is a 'Democracy' here in the Open Source spirit...

        I like the simplicity of this configuration...and like I said...You are right, it makes sense...You may have seen what I have missed prior when dissecting the three poles and starting to walk into the All North concept.

        For comparison purposes I will wind the RS Motor this way with the same number of turns and gauge, as I did when I made the video where N-S Pairs versus All North Pairs was made, differentiating from the all N Pairs that I would try to fit the two coils total turns into just one coil and two poles.

        I will try to "squeeze" this new project in front of my BIG pile of pending work...

        Regards Friend


        Thank you for helping me. I'm sorry that I was using the wrong wording before. Your CAD is spot on!

        For my design you must use one or two wire gauges thicker than previously used or the amps will be too low for my liking..

        After testing the 5pole, you must tear down the Bosch 20 pole motor. It has to be rebuilt using the Independant Unipolar Singular Coils! Then you will be able to adjust the gen brushes like you did before.
        It's the A1 MO-GEN!!!

        Keep it Clean and Green
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          Thank God for your conversation with UFO. It helped me to find some words I needed to express my thoughts.
          I was looking at the new drawing of the wind that you and Midaz are proposing and this looks like you are winding it to be in repulsion mode, As in the R/S wind. Is this correct? It looks as if both coil 1 and coil 2 are receiving energy from the brushes with coil 1 bisector slightly off the bisector of the north stator and both being North poles in opposition to each other. But I noticed that you have reoriented your brushes and they are positioned differently than either of the R/S or all north embodiments. In the R/S embodiment the brushes are located in a line drawn across the separations between the N + S pole stators and in the all north embodiment the brushes are located in the position of the original embodiment. Here the brushes seem to be rotated cw about 15 degrees or so from the original embodiment. I have about 25 degrees of adjustment built in to both embodiments, these are actually goldmine 5 coil motors not R/S
          Yes, the 5pole is on repulsion. The 5pole is just a proof of concept build.

          I have noticed a significant increase in power in all of the winds when both of these coils are fed power in opposition to the polarity of the magnet
          I mentioned this a while back. Remember, idle time keeps the motor cool. The more idle time the better. The bigger motors should benefit from this the most.

          I recently broke one of the coils on my all north wind testing it to destruction in a test involving pulsing the cold electricity coil and using a 1000uf 120 volt capacitor to pump up the voltage from a 12 volt battery. I found that when I pulsed it leaving the duty cycle at about 20% the cap would pump up to almost 200 volts in a few seconds and then I had a switch that would allow the cap to empty the voltage into the all north motor as a load. Well this is obviously too much voltage and too much amperage for the design of this little motor but surprisingly it did not self destruct as I thought it would. In my mind I thought that it could not possibly handle the amperage and voltage that I was putting to it. It screamed in protest as the bushings handled the rpm load without getting too hot! Then it started running rough and I pulled it back apart. Expecting to see welded brushes and commutator I was quite surprised. No pitting no burning on either of the brushes or commutator. The roughness was from one of the wires breaking close to where it was connected to the commutator.
          I'm glad you ran this test. It clears up some of my suspicions! Using the Independent Singular Coils will produce insane torque & USABLE rpm's without overheating! Since we are using 2 poles per independant coils, the rpms should be less than the pair winds that uses 3 poles total for the 5pole motors.

          When 4 Stator motors are wind with the independent singular coils, the gen brushes have to be adjustable to find maximum magnetic field coil lines. The field coil lines are like a strange loop shape because of the singular coils magnetic field interaction with the south and north magnets/stators. We are going to get some great power from the 4 or more stator motor-generators.

          The Imperial brushes are fixed and would need some skill to modify brush assemblies. The 20pole Bosch motor that UFO has can be adjusted.

          Keep it Clean and Green
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            This is for the Imperial guys. I have Good News, Good News and More Good News!

            1st Good News.... We're finally here!

            2nd Good News... The maximum amount coils we can collect energy from while driving is 10 coils!

            Well, let's get into it. It time to start setting the build parameters for the Imperials. Since we don't have 6 brush sets, we have to work with what we have, the standard 4 brush set.

            1.) Stator covers about 5 poles. The singular coils must be the same size as the stator. That means we will be winding 5poles for a north coil.
            2.) Coils overlapping
            3.) Starting Coils' bisectors have to be 5-10 passed the stators' bisectors... That's what's recommend by UFO
            4.) I like the wire gauge to 19awg..... Kogs, you are really good at this. Can you you double check for us.
            5.) UFO, if you would be so kind, we will need some CADs
            6.) Brushes will be factor settings for uniformity results... *Later you can build adjustable brushes

            *Team members that have built the Imperial in the past, this is a standard build. One direction coil, next coil, one direction coil, next coil... Newbies, it a simple DC Motor.. Dana, the Newbies are going to need my chief

            Team, let's get fired up & ready to kick some _ss!

            Keep it Clean and Green

            i was trying to rally the troops. After this post, UFO and I had and uneasy exchange. Frankly, I was offended and pissed off! The thread was dead after November. DADHAV was right about the torque, he shut everything down with his facts that I agreed with them. I know It was dead because I was on the thread looking for an "IN to get some validation. Most of the time, no visitors let alone members. After I fou something. I thought UFO would be excited again, now that we have something. Wrong!... UFO has a new generator that he said is the holy grail for physics, asymetric motor was the back seat. Ok, fine but least glance at my idea instead of ignoring me, as usual. I told him that he is the leader and should back me up. The told me I don't build anything and he's busy and he didn't like my attude. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO TELL PEOPLE TO BUILD THE IMPERIAL... ON MY THREAD!" ...Excuse me!? ... Ok, Time to do my thing! That's why I started this thread.

            He has the 20 group wind that fits the testing parameters. It's ready for testing and he has a testing lab. I don't give a _hit about torque. I care about the test results only. ... It's a simple test.

            The worst part is, after I wind the A1 Mo-Gen. I don't have any test equipment to test it. You have to get the results from him on the main page. Or hopefully one of you guys with a small 4stator motor can do a quick build. And check some easy points

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              I've been helping and learning here, DAILY, for over 2yrs now. Through all of the ups and downs! Everything I know about DC motors, has come from the brilliant minds on energetic forum but mostly from our group! I've gotten to the point were I can look at an Asymmetric Motor design and know how to get the maximum performance out of it!

              This is a simple DC Motor! I think it's fantastic! I know Asymetric Motors from all of the tests, successes and failures!.... Below are simple facts, that everyone here can except as facts without disputes. It's the difference between an average high schooler jumping -vs- an Olympic gold-medalist jumping.

              You starting this thread was and is a Great Honor for Nikola Tesla and HIS work!


              My question is, Why would you want a High RPM motor without the torque under mechanical load

              Group winds: High RPMs & lowest torque(max magnetic density is near near the 0 zero torque zone

              Pair winds: High RPMs & medium torque(max magnetic density is spread out between N stator & half of the S Stator
              UFO was very upset with the two above statements. I wasn't trying to discredit him. It was just my observation compared to the Singular Coil wind.. So, I put my money where my mouth is. Time to blow the dust off of my Imperial and build the A1 Mo-Gen

              Singular winds: Lower RPMs & highest torque(max magnetic density is concentrated on the Stator Bisector


              TORQUE: Singular winds -VS- Pair winds

              1.). 16 turns each; magnet strength @ 18agw

              Single coil= 16 turns
              Pair coil= Two coils with 8 turns each

              The SINGULAR coil's magnetic strength is a lot stronger than the PAIR coils combined. I think it was around 35% stronger!
              *I lost the magnetic torque calulator page but search for yourself and do the math

              2.). North Coils in the motor
              Parameters: stator's length covers 5 poles = coil covers 5 poles.... timing of coil's bisector and stator's bisector = 5 Past the stators bisector
              Motor section: N stator length is 5 poles + 0 torque zone is 2 poles + S stator length is 5 poles

              Singular coil has 16 turns of 18agw @ 5 past the bisector of the North stator...
              4 pole Repulsion force + 1 pole zero torque zone. Nice tight concentration in repultion torque zone! Powerful & maximum magnetic efficiency!

              Pair coil wind has two coils. The beginning pair coil has 8 turns of 18agw @ 5 past the bisector of the North stator....
              4 poles Repulsion force + 2 poles zero torque zone + 3 poles attraction force.
              (*This is the ideal setting for pair winds from what I have gathered from past posts and images)... The torque is spread out through the zero torque zone & the weak end of attraction.

              As you can see, the Torque from the Singular Coil is far SUPERIOR!! 40% MORE?!

              Next part is Torque = RPMs

              Keep it Clean and Green
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                The Imperial A1 Mo-Gen

                Is good sense/science!?

                Imperial A1 Mo-Gen with "2 Extra brush sets"
                Rule #1 the Singular Coils [I][U] MUST BE THE SAME SIZE AS THE STATOR!

                Rule #2 The bisector of first Singular North Coils "The Timing" must be 5 - 10 passed the stator bisector.

                Rule #3 (2 Stator motors) The 2 first beginning coils must be 180 from each other.
                (4 Stator motors) The 2 first beginning coils must be 180 from each other.
                The starting coils are important for rotor balance... Smoothness

                28 singular North overlapping coils
                2 North stators & 2 South stator
                2 brush sets set 180 apart at North stator
                2 brush sets set 180 apart at South stator

                *Important*Important* Must add "2 Extra brush sets"!*
                A.) 2 commutator segments are connected by one coil. 56 commutator segments divided by 2 = 28 "joined-commutator" segments for 28 coils. A brush is the same width as one "joined-commutator" segment.

                B.) The Imperial "2 Extra brush sets" must be the width of 2 "joined-commutator" segments. One of the "Extra brush sets" can excite a maximum of 3 Singular Coils at once.

                C.) The "Extra brush sets" must be set, around 2 "joined-commutator" segments before the North stator brush sets.

                D.) The "2 Extra brush sets" output wire cable must be connected directly to the North brush sets' input wire cable(series connection)

                The South stator brushes are used as inputs to create a South on South repulsion.

                When the motor rotates counterclockwise(CCW). The "2 Extra brush sets" will start to collect energy from a maximum of 6 Singular Coils. The output connected directly to the North input brush sets.

                The 2 North Stator Inputs create a North on North repulsion.

                Three redundancy stopping!
                1.) Emergency Stop button!!!!!! Safety first

                2.) Mechanical clutch system. Humans in charge!

                3.) The battery pack will be the "everyday usage". The A1 Mo-Gen runs on a Ultra capacitor bank. My favorite: Maxwell Technologies 75 Volt Power Modules Ultracapacitors Application Specific Modules
                The ultra caps have enough watts to stop the A1 Mo-Gen when you reverse the South input to North.

                Keep it Clean and Green
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                  Originally posted by Midaztouch
                  Some you guys might not realize this but, this motor is an UFO Engineering Team EXCLUSIVE by Midaz!!!! This is what we do! It been hard work to make this look easy! You can't get this information nowhere on the planet except for! Big shout out to Aaron for keep this site open!

                  Keep it Clean and Green

                  UPDATE: The A1 Mo-Gen is 50% complete. Waiting for my 18awg to arrive. It should be 100% by next Wednesday if my wire arrives by this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

                  I do think it is appropriate that I AM the first to leave a comment on this thread....did you know;

                  there exists a motor today (not a 50% promise) that can rotate a disc 4000 times its own size ... is that efficient?
                  (to give you can example of this far ranging effect...if we take the sun's diameter 834,000 miles and multiply by 4000, it will take us out to the orbit of Neptune.... )

                  to get this disk to change directions effortlessly (oscillate?) you simply use low vs. high light frequencies

                  this light mill motor is for real sir, you ignore ideas that in fact work and have gone beyond the theoretical stage.

                  these are ideas which can be found to be working on smaller scales called nano, and nano is the future, if there is one.

                  good luck, but IF you ignore what is being accomplished on the nano scale, you are clearly in violation of AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

                  keep it green
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                    Originally posted by Raphael37 View Post
                    there exists a motor today (not a 50% promise) that can rotate a disc 4000 times its own size ... is that efficient ...............
                    I really would like you to demonstrate how this is done in your own thread.


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                      Yes, it's fitting!LOL.. I'm building a motorcycle, not moving planets, yet! Can you give me a little more time, sir! Hahaha

                      Thank you kindly for gracing my thread... All jokes aside, give me you factual opinion on the A1 Mo-Gen's Design.

                      @ Masterblaster...agreed! lol

                      Keep it Clean and Green
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                        Ordred a programable controller set for the A1 Mo-Gen today!
                        Controller, contactor, shunt, plugs, digital tachometer, thumb throttle & waterproofing. The Kelly controller is rated for 300amps 1min burst and 120amps continuous, 24-72volts. This is way more than I need but the A1 Mo-Gen can be used with 4inputs max. Also, it gives me the option to use thicker wire gauge and shorter wire length later.


                        Please take a look and tell me what you think. Your opinion is valuable. I'm trying to eliminate my mistakes.

                        Keep it Clean and Green
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                          The A1Mo-Gen is finished. Rotor weight is 8.3kg. This was a quick build. I need to get a feel for this wind. I learned how to get more performance. I will wind it again when needed. For now it will go into my motorcycle and Cruise around town after some quick tests

                          Had to prove some points about my ideas, FIRST!
                          But I had a good idea on what needed to be done for future motors.


                          Keep it Clean and Green
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                            Hello midas

                            Just wanted to say, nice job winding, looks superb.
                            Hope your testing goes great.


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                              Originally posted by machinealive View Post
                              Hello midas

                              Just wanted to say, nice job winding, looks superb.
                              Hope your testing goes great.
                              Hey Machine

                              Long time no see. It's alot easier to wind like this. It will spin and it will have torque. So the bike will move. From a handmade motor that I built, I will be happy with that.

                              With all of that copper, the torque should be strong. I'm hoping I can get away with using ONE extra large deep cycle 12v lead battery for my 50cc bike.

                              50cc bikes can only go 45mph in Japan but 0-45...anything goes! Lol

                              Hey, did you look at the controller choice I made. I need some advice.

                              Keep it Clean and Green
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