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Showcase of FEP & The Unity Generator : +200% over-unity and climbing!

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  • Showcase of FEP & The Unity Generator : +200% over-unity and climbing!

    I hereby would like to present the Unity Generator and the Free Energy Party.

    The Unity Generator is an energy multiplier / QMoGen with a PMDC motor driving a 10KW PMAC generator.
    Developed by the Unity Corporation and crowdfunded with the help of the Free Energy Party.

    I am not the inventor nor the initiator of the FEP [Free Energy Party].
    I am one of the admins of the party and a fellow free energy enthusiast.

    If allowed I will use the following posts to introduce all to the Free Energy Party and its unique platform to securely bring out technology's to the public through Underground Manufacturing.

    Now back to the generator!

    We showcased the generator [after a small introduction of the FEP] running for the first time without a LOAD, demonstrating overunity.

    We showcased the generator running on load showing the following measurements.

    Transcript of video
    IN : from mains to AC > DC PSU
    2.6A @ 110V
    2.3A @ 110V
    Total 4.9 Amps @ 110V = 539W
    Used power PMDC Motor
    1.3A @ 39.6V = 51.48 watts
    OUT from Generator to Capacitors
    7,4A @ 123.5v AC = 913.9W
    7,5A @ 123.4v AC = 925.5W
    Total = 1839.40W AC
    3500% overunity on raw design!
    51.48W DC IN to PMDC Motor > 1839.40W PMAC Generator
    = 35 x more energy out than in!
    Load on the capacitors
    1.Tile-saw dryload 120v @ 4.6A = 550W
    2.200w lamp
    3.100w lamp
    4.100W lamp
    5.Saw using 115v @ 4A dryload = 460W
    Total load from capacitors = 1310W

    We did another running test outside in the light.

    We know the importance of running tests by an independent test lab and are at the moment in agreements with one.

    I am not fully known about the inner workings of the device but all used components are shared in detail on the Unity Corporation facebook site as this is a crowdfunded funded project.

    Theory behind The Unity Generator.
    Karl Palsness' Theory

    From a interview with Karl Palsness, who is an expert on Tesla technology.
    He has also heard of several cases like this, all independent from one another.
    "I know exactly what you're talking about. I've done a lot of work in that area. That's amazing. I've heard this from so many people now, that this works.
    "From what has been observed, you're playing with the phasing angles between the motor and the generator, and when the phasing angles are out of phase, you're getting into what is called 'power factor'. When you get the power factor right, the current and voltage are out of phase, and when you get them meshed up enough, it actually self-runs and produces excess energy.
    "This theory is based on magnetic flux. Permanent magnets or electromagnets such as in a generator or a motor, under certain conditions, give overunity (OU) behavior. But there's more to it than that, from what I've seen myself in overunity devices. It is all about geometry of the system. How and where a permanent magnet gets it's energy, is still a very big mystery to science. Excess energy can appear in electromagnets, as well.
    "I've seen this effect on generators. When you have a generator that's turning too big of a load, and you have big enough breakers to handle the current, the currents go way up. Imagine if you have 500 Volts at 1 Amp; you have 500 Watts. Or you can have 500 Amps with one Volt; and you have 500 Watts. So when you get huge amps and low voltages in between the phasing angles, the current and magnetic fields are so collapsing and rising, and the phase angles are 'wrong', I believe that the magnetic field is coupling with, I'd have to say the word: 'The Vacuum'. In other words, it's coupling with an unknown -- whatever makes the permanent magnet work. We truly don't understand the science of that. There are a lot of theories, but no proof yet. Permanent magnets are still one of those unknowns, as to why it does what it does. And that's the same thing with electromagnets. There are a lot of unknowns.
    "So when we kept playing with the power factors and phase angles, I believe there is overunity. I've seen it so many times now, with so many different people, that if I had the money, I would go out and buy the parts to do the testing in this area myself.
    "Remember that guy [...confidential / U.S....]. He's doing the same thing. He has a small motor turning a big generator, and it's out of phase, and the power factor is out. There's a guy in South Africa that's doing the same thing. He's got a motor connected to a bigger generator, and it's doing the same thing. There's a guy in South America, (the blind guy from welding) (Force Multiplier System). He had a motor turning a generator, via shaky gear connection. That's doing the same thing.
    "There are a lot of people claiming this. It's getting to the point that there are so many people claiming it, that are unrelated to one another, that I'd have to say that it holds a lot of potential.
    "And I have a theory behind it. I actually wrote a whole chapter on that in my book about the science of how to do it in a much more elegant method than they are doing it now, based on what they are doing right now. The problem is, I don't have the funds to do it. That book is my research journal, and I don't have plans at the current time on publishing it my notes as you work every day. I've got a lot of time and money into that. If what they are doing indeed works, I believe it can take it to the next level and make it a much better product and bring it to market. At the current time, I don't want to give that idea out, as it is still just an unproven theory of a way that might work. I'd like to bring it to fruition in the future if I can prove it works."

    We would also like to introduce our Indian team, making great progress in India with their OZZOG gravity generator.

    Contact details

    Presentation of OZZOG generator.

    OzzoG lighting Ganesh Pandal.
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    The Free Energy Party

    The Free Energy Party [US, UK, Canada, Croatia, The Netherlands, The Phillipines and India]

    Who we are , what we do, what we stand for :

    In the annals of recorded history there has never been a political platform that uplifted free energy and cures for diseases.

    If you read the posts in this forum, you will understand why they go hand in hand.

    Now enters The Free Energy Party, ushering in a new era, a golden renaissance, and a paradigm shift toward life more abundant.
    This answer, with your help, is manifesting now through The Free Energy Party.

    We are often asked can we get rid of money?
    Each transition in society needs to not represent such a jerk and a shock that the public will not allow it, or that it has to be imposed by force.
    If you tell everyone you are taking their money, you can not be elected.
    Is the pulling back of the money supply what caused the Great Depression? Yes!

    That 1% keep robbing all of our money and there is actually not enough money amongst the 99% to allow abundance and free exchange.
    There were two presidents in history that simply broke all the rules and issued money amongst the people to stimulate the economy because there was an actual shortage of money to allow people to trade.
    To get The Free Energy Party into the Whitehouse, the dramatic changes to our society will come, not by administrative, or authoritarian changes, but by redefining the money.
    The Greed and hoarding of the 1% is akin to the last stages of a game of Monopoly.
    However, if we change the rules, we are suddenly playing a different game.

    Free Energy resists, if not precludes monopoly.

    There are many types of free energy and there will, no doubt, be many devices competing with each other.
    This will be great because each of them will free us from being controlled by Greed, giving us autonomy.

    Moreover, they will redefine the money and force it to be reinvested into people markets, flowing the money back from the 1% to the 99%.

    After this stage of history, we will be open to new and more adventurous answers like all barter communities based upon abundance rather than scarcity, and community rather than authoritarianism.

    For now let us bring in life and life more abundant with Free Energy, Cures for diseases and Organic agriculture.
    Let us throw monopoly control out of government.
    Let us usher in a new golden era with no hunger, no war over oil and no scarcity!

    For a hundred years thousands and thousands of people declared they were going to launch manufacturing of free energy devices, but the monopolies stop them because they do not know about underground manufacturing and how to structure it
    For a hundred years many people have continued to demonstrate and invent free energy devices but have not understood how to circumvent the monopolies control of the market place.
    There is a reason that the term "underground manufacturing" does not exist anywhere in the world in a Google search.
    The FEP needs a demonstrator to protect the tech and educate the mainstream and this needs to be coordinated with underground manufacturing and distribution under very strict contract agreements. Free Energy is not just an opportunity to get rich or famous, and good intentions alone will not save the world.
    Good intentions alone have paved the road to hell.
    Too many who want fame or money do not realize they would accomplish way more fame and way more money cooperating with the first political party in history with a free energy platform changing the expectations of Government and of all the people on the earth with a plan that can not be stopped.

    Open Sourcing is a term that originally pertaining to software.
    The FEP defends Open Sourcing but is aware that people knowing how to share software with the click of a mouse is a far cry from being able to machine or assemble and build a sophisticated generator.
    While the energy is a free source, we must imagine that the builders need to get paid or it will not get built by home builders who are less and less willing to gamble any old set of plans is worth spending 10,000 to build as was done with the QEG.
    We need manufacturing but monopolies are practicing "Restraint of Trade" and illegally keeping world improvement technology off of the market.
    Since the Hippie days "Get Off the Grid types" have been growing organic tomatoes the Open Source knowledge of growing tomatoes has not stopped Monsanto.
    We desperately need Underground Manufacturing to change this situation. The FEP is bringing it.

    Get in contact with us at :
    Free Energy Party
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