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Veljko Milkovic' Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - main news & discussion thread

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  • Veljko Milkovic' Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - main news & discussion thread

    We are opening this new thread to be a place where all news and updates will be shared for the


    Veljko Milkovic - official presentation

    VEMIRC Pendulum Lab
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    Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center
    December 2014 - News

    1. Energy Turning-Point -- New article by Veljko Milkovic

    By observing living beings, it is not hard to notice that almost all movement is oscillatory. Just as the wind swings branches, many other plants bend under the force of the wind, thanks to their elasticity. The birds fly by flapping their wings; fish are similar as they oscillate their fins and tail. When discussing the movements of people and land animals, one can also talk about oscillatory movement. A similar situation can be found when observing internal organs. It is probably not by chance that such rational achievements exist in all living beings...

    2. Dry Friction and the Milkovic Effect -- New scientific phenomena

    Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc, defined the occurrence of the Milkovic Effect in his new paper and thus gave the scientific support for Veljko Milkovic's thesis that the oscillations of the pendulum are more efficient than rotations.

    The goal of this paper is to exclude dry friction as a cause of the increased duration of oscillation of a pendulum when compared to the rotation of a wheel, starting after the initiation of their movement and waiting until the movement is stopped by itself. Since this phenomenon was discovered by Veljko Milkovic, an inventor and a member of the academy of inventors of Serbia (SAIN),the author has chosen to name it the Milkovic Effect. The opinion of the author is that this phenomenon is complementary to the Aspden Effect, which will be further discussed in this paper, along with other inertial anomalies known to the author.

    3. Laboratory proof of the superiority of the flexible pendulum versus the electric motor

    Laboratory measuring which proves the oscillation of a flexible pendulum to be a hundred times longer than the rotation of an asynchronous motor.
    Measurement performed by Prof. Slobodan Milovancev, Ph.D., Faculty of Technical Sciences, University in Novi Sad, Serbia, June 04, 2014.

    4. Support of the Academy of Sciences for further research

    Academy of Sciences, Cultures and Arts of Vojvodina (ANKUV), as one of the most relevant scientific institution in Serbia which gathers the leading university professors and scientists, gave the official scientific support and recommendation for further scientific research of a very efficient pump with a pendulum.

    Academy of Sciences, Cultures and Arts of Vojvodina
    Prof. Lidija Cveticanin, Ph.D., Academician Prof. Milorad Miloradov. Ph.D.

    Opinion on the Model of a Two-Stage Pendulum Driving a Pump


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      Some replica work from Russia based on the Milkovic pendulum


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        Veljko Milkovic's Pendulum Pump replica by Milos Regeljac from Despotovo, Serbia

        This technical testing was successful in proving that there has been water pressure needed for the irrigation in agriculture.
        Designed pump with a pendulum draws water from a well with a depth of 6 meters and throws water at a height of over 6 meters
        what makes the height difference of more than 12 meters.

        In this way the objective that is being sought in irrigation has been achieved.
        Further work on system automation is currently being done.

        Location: Despotovo, Serbia
        Date: December 2014


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          There are numerous Veljko Milkovic threads. For instance:

          Why start yet another one?


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            New pendulum pump replica from India:

            Pendulam Operated Water Pump


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              Milkovic Pendulum replica

              Milkovic Pendulum replica by Konstantin Ivanov

              Attempt to manufacture a "pendulum Milkovicha" from scrap parts and check the possibility of converting vibrational motions crossbar
              in rotation (followed by loading on the generator). Primary mayatnik- Dumbbell 3 kg, set top cargo bike frames- 3 kg.



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                The efforts in your last two posts are complete failures. Why post them?


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                  Originally posted by wrtner View Post
                  The efforts in your last two posts are complete failures. Why post them?
                  Depends on what you learn from them as to whether or not they are failure. Did they work? No... Then don't do it that way. Lesson learned complete success. Just because someone was humble enough to share their failure.



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                    Magnetic-Gravitational Hybrid

                    Since the oscillations are proven to be more efficient than rotations, a Magnetic-Gravitational Hybrid is under development.
                    Lately, it becomes more and more actual and is being developed as know-how.

                    From the book "Gravitational Machines" (2013) by Veljko Milkovic:

                    A design with pendulum and permanent magnets enables higher energy density.
                    One such example was published in 2001, and new versions are currently being developed, as well as know-how.



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                      Pendulum Gravity Team from India

                      Student project: Veljko Milkovic's Pendulum Pump (replica)

                      Video #1: Gravity Energy Machines
                      This project is made by Harshil Padia, Amey Patel, Jatan Desai and Vinay Sawant who are the students of Shri. Bhaghubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This is their last year Diploma Project. This video is intended to show their work from last 2 years. They are still working on this project...

                      Video #2: Gravity Energy Machines

                      Official Facebook Page of Gravity Team
                      Page is all about the project we are doing called GRAVITY ENERGY MACHINE
                      Our Present Project is all about "THE PENDULUM PUMP". It's made with the objective to reduce the efforts of farmers to draw water using hand pumps. This project is basically an attachment to conventional hand pumps which reduces the efforts required to draw water. This is achieved using double oscillating mechanism which gets advantage of gravity and inertia of its own pendulum to draw water. Mission in to make a device that efficiently utilizes the energy available from gravity.


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                        It is interesting to be recalled and noticed that the collision of the ball and cart itself, in this Veljko Milkovic’s demonstration of the pendulum cart, does not dissipate the huge energy.

                        Newton’s cradle is the right proof for this.



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                          New replica & public demonstration of the two-stage oscillator by Peter Salocher

                          Kraftverstärker und Solarkocher
                          Peter Salocher zeigt einen vollkommen mechanischen Kraftverstärker und eine energiesparende Solarkochkiste. Ausführliche Selbstbauanleitung auf Wasser statt Sprit: Der Film mit Bauanleitung zur DryCell - Wasser statt Sprit


                          (English & German subtitles available)


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                            Scientists and researchers around the world write about the two-stage oscillator

                            Only in the last two months, three books that describe the invention of Veljko Milkovic were published

                            Scientific papers and articles by Veljko Milkovic - Veljko Milkovic, researcher and inventor - Official presentation
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                              Vladimir Mikael, another author writing about the two-stage oscillator

                              global healing - vladimir mikael - love planet Earth