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    New papers from India:

    Microcontroller Based Performance Study Platform For Two Stage Mechanical Oscillator

    Design and Fabrication of Hand Water Pump Operated By a Pendulum


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      New pendulum pump replica from some Indian university


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        It is obvious that is Milkovic's two-stage oscillator and it seems they closed the loop...?!

        Pendulum-Gravity Motor in India


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          Originally posted by VEMIRC View Post
          New pendulum pump replica from some Indian university

          The energy imparted to the system by each push of the hand will exceed the energy needed to raise the water a foot or two.


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            This is a great breakthrough. I have played with one of these pendulum-levers enough to know that there is definitely an energy gain. Closing the loop is very difficult. I was using a rotary solenoid powered pendulum, but retrieving feedback electricity from such slow moving mechanism proved to be beyond my simple means at the time. Also, a stepper motor would probably have been a better choice, for electrical reasons.

            The closed loop video doesn't show enough detail to get an idea of how it is being accomplished, but clearly the designer is a very clever individual.
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              New papers from India


              Design and Fabrication of Hand Water Pump with a Pendulum


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                this can be practically used for this pendulum oscillator


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                  Inventory of the Veljko Milkovic 2 stage oscillator an efficient mechanical gravity assisted pendulum power device.


                  The correct positioned mechanical parts allows a momentary condition,
                  the gravity deceases gradually as pendulum swings up causing dip in potential. Instrumentation (fish scale) load cell data acquisition log.
                  Getting the pendulum started has an initial force expenditure that becomes negligible when driven continuously (child on a swing).
                  Also a hammer jolt is delivered thru the metal from the anvil is* beneficial in opposite directions allows undamped pendulum swing.
                  Conventional observation shows that at the ends of the swing the pendulum is lightest and conversely the pendulum is heaviest at center.
                  As the pendulum gets heavier the cantilever increases lifting the massive lever and while metal relaxes on the other end.

                  As feasibility goes. Contending with political and financial control, large scale would be slow acceptance more favorable for non energy application.
                  Cost seems good considering how many solar panels it would take to give cost effective equivalent power.
                  because government/energy denying permission to construct and operate large large, a mid sized (400 lb ?) 2 stage Milkovic in the garage makes sense.
                  A large scale pendulum was built and tested however it was only a single stage pendulum.
                  The video comments: It;s time to return to gravity assisted power. Gov and energy corporations willing ?

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                    to gain visual reinforcement of the motion starting with the pendulum.
                    in the video notice the direction of the hand.


                    The Milkovic anvil pulse may have similar relationship to constructive interference.
                    The frequency beat of the anvil having very slight difference in rate.

                    The mechanical drive of the pendulum derives its impulse from a catenary curve
                    applied to the pendulum arc at a slightly faster beat.
                    Approximate rotational drive mechanism rotated ccw 90 degrees:
                    507 Mechanical Movements, 374
                    Sketchup software can scale a catenary for correct dimensions of a roller cam assembly.
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                      Veljko Milkovic's two-stage oscillator with flexible (elastic) pendulum surpasses all rotary devices and is the only free energy machines that has been practically used worldwide.

                      There is a 1,000$ cash award for a counter-argument that the pendulum oscillations are more efficient than any rotations.

                      There are already the useful machines, bearing the name of Veljko Milkovic, in offer on, a global retail e-platform.

                      There is also a new fast pendulum model in the current development demonstrating much better performances.

                      The sustainable future is bright!

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                        As I was told years ago, sometimes you have to give up your teaching to see the real truths in front of you. When I proved one of the laws of Phys. to 4 students of it was not true, they looked in disbelief. I then told them that it would be bad for their career it they kept looking. They did anyhow. I said, just keep it for future reference and never say anything to your professors or you will catch hell in the end. Hope they did.


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                          NEW VIDEO BY VELJKO MILKOVIC

                          Veljko Milkovic demonstrates his latest achievements in the field of two-stage oscillator development presenting a new improved model with an elastic (flexible) pendulum and elastic (flexible) lever which is far more efficient than the previous oscillator versions.
                          This fast and superior model has been significantly improved with elastic oscillations that give a better result with both the pendulum and the lever. The work is still underway on further technical improvements.

                          This advanced technology is being investigated on all continents. There are now over 500 companies from
                          Southeast Asia that are producing, developing and practically applying the machines based on the principle of Veljko Milkovic’s two-stage oscillator.

                          New Fast and Improved Two-Stage Oscillator (VIDEO)

                          * English subtitles available in the video player settings *


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                            NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO BY VELJKO MILKOVIC

                            How to Make a Two-Stage Oscillator More Efficient

                            * English subtitles available in the video player settings *


                            Veljko Milkovic demonstrates ways how to make a two-stage oscillator model more efficient.

                            Based on all independent scientific papers published so far, as well as videos of replicas of the two-stage mechanical oscillator that can be found on the Internet, it is noted that all these mechanisms are constructed using steel ball bearings.
                            These steel ball bearings are a hidden brake, which is harmful during operation because it reduces the inertia and thus the efficiency of the entire device (this is a harmful phenomenon in the case of oscillations, but not in the case of rotations as well). Therefore, it is recommended to all researchers and engineers around the world to use ceramic ball bearings and an elastic (flexible) pendulum to obtain significantly less friction.

                            According to their characteristics, ceramic ball bearings have a lower coefficient of friction. In addition, ceramic balls are lighter than steel balls, resulting in less inertia which further improves their efficiency. Adequate selection of ball bearings can significantly increase the efficiency of the oscillator in terms of the duration of oscillations during laboratory or practical tests. This improvement is achieved precisely by reducing friction and inertia, which results in a longer duration of oscillations, thus greater efficiency and lower energy consumption for their maintenance (e.g. in case of maintaining the pendulum oscillation).
                            Ball bearings are eliminated in the elastic (flexible) pendulum design, therefore less energy is lost in ball inertia and friction, resulting in even greater efficiency.

                            The two-stage mechanical oscillator and its practical application have been studied all over the world in university centers, institutes and by enthusiasts for 20 years; with 2 doctoral theses (Ph.D. dissertations) published so far [the third one in the final stage], 39 scientific research papers, 5 university graduate theses, 5 papers from different scientific conferences, as well as 10 other papers related to this invention.