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    2 new patents of Veljko Milkovic!

    Mechanical hammer with a pendulum and permanent magnets
    RS 1420 U1 - MP-2014/0036

    Oscillating mechanism with a two-arm lever and pendulum bob hanging on the elastic tapes
    RS 1421 U1 - MP-2014/0037


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      New video of Veljko Milkovic!

      Oscillations more efficient than rotations

      (English & German subtitles available)


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        Video: new replica from India!

        pendulum water pump mechanical project
        by Karthick Robo (India)

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          2 Stage Mechanical Oscillator

          We discussed the 2-Stage Mechanical Oscillator at the conference - I'll have a short video of that for you all soon.
          Aaron Murakami

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            ...some Indian student project on Milkovic's pendulum pump.


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              New video of Veljko Milkovic

              Pendulum slow motion
              Slow motion video of maintaining the pendulum motion by hand


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                New video of Veljko Milkovic

                MILKOVIC PENDULUM - two-stage oscillator with a flexible pendulum drive


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                  Veljko Milkovic 2 Stage Mechanical Oscillator

                  VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM

                  Veljko Milkovicís mechanical amplifier known as a 2-Stage Mechanical Oscillator is one of the simplest true overunity machines that most people can build. Using some very clever innovations in pendulum mechanics, it allows gravitational potential to contribute to real mechanical work.

                  At the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Veljko Milkovicís team was kind enough to provide a video presentation, which is a compilation of much of his work relating to this machine as well as other pendulum concepts.

                  This machine is not theoretical Ė it works and is being used not just as an experimental device, but as a water pump in low income areas. It allows more water pumping work to be done than the operator has to input into the pendulum themselves. Again, demonstrating simply that gravity is a source of energy contrary to the mainstream belief.
                  Wait until you see the demonstration in the video with the flashlights!

                  The Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center has produced a couple books highlighting some of their research in these areas.

                  The first is called Basic Principles of Overunity Electromagnetic Machines by by Jovan Marjanovic, M.Sc.

                  The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and to teach people what is over unity and how it works. The reader will learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets.

                  The second books relating to gravity power is Gravitational Machines by Veljko Milkovic.

                  This is the story of the discoveries, which have been hidden from us for a long time, and were dismissed as science-fiction, until nowadays when breakthrough inventions are receiving awards, appraisals and objective criticism, but also dogmatic a priori attacks.

                  Perhaps it is time to change the perspective since new ideas and materials brought about breakthroughs in gravitational machines which are fully functional and can be used for various purposes.

                  The aim of this book is to present as many facts as possible, which will lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

                  Get a copy here: Gravitational Machines

                  You can see the video here:



                  Learn more about Veljko Milkovicís work at his website:
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                  Aaron Murakami

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                    Are the gravitational waves the cause of ultra efficiency of the two-stage oscillator?


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                      Itís interesting how easy they start these big pendulums and keep it moving
                      Öand these effects would be much better with the ceramic bearings and flexible (elastic) pendulums.





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                        Brief Visit to Veljko Milkovic RC (by Gianni Tee)


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                          Originally posted by wrtner View Post
                          There are numerous Veljko Milkovic threads. For instance:


                          Why start yet another one?
                          Paradigm Shift (locked)

                          On July 4, we discussed the following:

                          Reproduced from

                          One comment:

                          If you can use gravitational energy continuously, you are effectively tapping into the essence of the Universe. The entire universe has masses of different sizes. They attract each other. We, the Earth, the Sun are all attracted by other bodies from all sides. We are effectively immersed in a sea of gravitational forces. We are being pulled from all sides. If the pull on one side is greater, the force can do work or provide energy.

                          What you are claiming is that the Milkovic 2SO can already use such energy. Please justify...

                          The key concept is that the pendulum can be 99% efficient. If we examine the seesaw action carefully, we will see that the weight is lifted twice with every push. The lifting occurs when the pendulum bob is at the lowest position. At that position, the velocity is highest. That also means the centrifugal force is greatest. The lifting of the weight is due to the weight of the pendulum bob plus the centrifugal force at that instant. The pendulum must be swinging with a large amplitude to have a large enough centrifugal force component to lift the weight.

                          So long as the pendulum is swinging with such a magnitude, the seesaw action will remain.

                          A normal lever can maintain a swinging/seesaw or oscillation action for some time if it is perfectly balanced. However, a true seesaw action can be maintained forever if the forces on the two arms are appropriately varied. In a playground, that appropriate action is achieved by the persons leaning or rocking their bodies.

                          In the Milkovic 2O, that appropriate action is achieved by the swinging of the pendulum.

                          The seesaw action of the lever can be made to do work such as creating a loud noise, crashing nuts or pumping water. Energy must be used to do such work. The question is - where does the energy come from? The non-observing layman or even scientist will automatically answer: "It comes from pushing the pendulum!"

                          The observing scientist will say: "The amplitude of the swing of the pendulum is hardly affected if the high centrifugal force motion is maintained." In the RHead100 video 5, slight finger motion can lift the 74 pound weight twice to a total height approximately (or more) the distance of the finger push.

                          If the output energy (banging, crushing or pumping) does not come entirely from the finger push, can there be other explanation?

                          A plausible explanation not violating any laws of Physics is that the extra energy comes from gravity. The Milkovic 2SO leads-out or brings-in gravitational energy.


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                            I do not take the result of 12 times overunity seriously.

                            In the case of lead-out energy, there is often no direct relationship between the Input Energy by the user to the amount of energy lead-out or brought-in from the environment.

                            Any brought-in amount will increase the efficiency of the device.