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Tesla's Special Tri-Metal Generator

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  • Could Bedini's version of Tesla's switching circuit be the core interface of TTSG?

    Could Bedini's version of Tesla's switching circuit be the core interface of his special generator? ; replacing William Lyne's description (from 33rd Parallel interview) of the reciprocating piston of the Nazi Electro-U-Boats?

    Energy from the Vacuum, series - Disc 38, parts 1 & 2 - Tesla Switch


    • Could electrostatic batteries replace electrolytic batteries in Tesla switch circuit?

      Ronald Brandt's vaporizing transistors.

      Could electrostatic batteries replace electrolytic batteries in a Tesla switching circuit?

      Could this be the purpose of an electrostatic field within the context of Tesla's Special Tri-Metal Generator? Not the Hutchison Effect, but a different kind of battery. Not an electrolytic battery, but an electrostatic battery filled with ions of a different sort: gaseous ions flushed out with compressed air - like the Richard Hackenberger version of the EV Gray motor or the Nazi electro-u-boat - rather than fluidic ions of a normal type of battery? This may explain Bedini's extensive use of batteries in many of his circuit designs? Replaceable - not with capacitors, but - with electrostatic fields surrounding an air mass? It's a possibility.


      • Barbosa and Leal Captor, Nathan Stubblefield's Earth Battery, Tesla 3Metal Generator.

        Barbosa and Leal Captor, Nathan Stubblefield's Earth Battery, EV Gray Motor and Tesla's Tri-Metal Generator analogues.

        The stability of the electrostatic reserve surrounding our circuitries is relevant for serving as a voltage reference for adding a gainful benefit since electrostatics can be very fragile by comparison to electromagnetics. Thus, do I like to stretch nomenclature a bit by referring to this as another form of battery since a battery acts as a reserve unlike a capacitor which functions more like the backboard to bounce bank shots off of through a basketball hoop - no reserve to speak of, in other words, by comparison to a battery.

        Whether or not the Hutchison Effect has anything additional to do with this? I don't know...

        Barbosa & Leal device Captor Energy in 20W out 400W

        COP - Coefficient of Performance = ~300:1 aka EV Gray motor or Nathan Stubblefield's Earth Battery.
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        • Electrostatic, or capacitant voltage, collection from the Earth - not amperes.

          Electrostatic, or capacitant voltage, collection from the Earth - not amperes.

          I'm no electrician, so I'm going to describe it as I see it....
          The Barbosa and Leal device is creating a dipole between its input and Earth ground in a manner which does not kill the maintenance of its dipole since the two are only loosely coupled and the Earth's capacitance for contributing a voltage reference of its own is indeterminably larger by comparison to the battery/inverter setup of Clarence's replication described on a thread at ...


          • The power - utility - company's lie is fueled by our own incompetent misunderstanding

            The power - utility - company's lie {that we need to be billed at all} is fueled by our own incompetent misunderstanding.

            Amperage is what we use; voltage is what we need. To be billed for watt-hours ignores what we actually need: volts! Since the Barbosa and Leal device exhibits an indeterminable capacitance for voltage within our Earth, then it stands to reason that we are not being billed properly. For if we were to be billed in an honest manner, than we would only be billed for what we actually need: volts! Which of course, we can't be billed for exclusive of amps lest we first suffer a black out and become impossible to be billed at all. Which makes the current scheme of billing us for watt-hours an outright lie hidden in plain sight.

            Our use of amps depletes our manmade source for volts, but who said we should cater to the status quo of not making use of Nature's voltage? No one. Just as I thought. We're not asking smart questions of ourselves. Until now...
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            • Transposing Mark McKay's analysis of the EV Gray motor chassis to Barbosa and Leal.

              Transposing Mark McKay's analysis of the chassis of the EV Gray motor over to Barbosa & Leal Captor.

     - Google Drive

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              • Thanks for trying...

                Originally posted by String Theory
                Theory :

                Extracting Energy Using Helix Coil +
                Ferrite Ring Magnet (Iron/Carbon).

                Copper Wire = Positive Polarity
                Aluminium Wire = Negative Polarity

                Outcome Of Experiment Was No Energy.

                I will have to rethink my theories !!

                Sincerly - Kai Anders Wold
                I'm still clueless after two years of groping.


                • Speed of rotation regardless of which method is used to spin the disk?

                  Originally posted by String Theory
                  Hi Vinyasi :

                  Here is a link to info from the book Aliens From Pentagon :

                  Pentagon Aliens - 08

                  It contain info about tesla meters and copper , aluminium and iron :

                  The Tesla electric meter has weak magnets, which Tesla said was necessary so the magnetic fields could be reversed and alternated. The meter wouldn’t work if it had very strong, completely polarized magnets. There are two basic ways the Tesla ‘meter’ can be used as a generator, as far as I can tell:

                  1. Mechanical: The disk may be rotated in the weak permanent magnet field, by a small motor connected to the shaft of the aluminum disk, generating an electric current in the disk. The current rises until sufficient to cancel the magnetic field, which it then reverses, as the current in the disk collapses and reverses, due to the reversed magnetic field, and the system begins to oscillate. An alternating output current is induced in the windings of the two sets of pole-pieces which are above and below the gap in which the disk rotates.

                  2. Electromagnetic: With this method, the current is run parallel through the windings of the pole pieces of two separate meters, creating a magnetic flux which alternately passes through the disk, and into the lower pole pieces, creating a current at right angles in the disk, which creates a thrust which rotates the disk in the weak magnetic field of the permanent magnets. When the current in the disk is sufficient to cancel the weak permanent magnetic fields, the disk stops, then “vibrates” (“snores”), as it rapidly and alternately reflects and transmits both the current and the magnetic fields, producing an output alternating current in the pole piece windings.

                  According to Mr. Dort, aluminum is the best “reflector”, copper the “most active” (electronically conductive), and iron the “magnetic core material”.

                  Sincerly - Kai Anders Wold
                  So, it's all a question of speed of rotation regardless of which method is used to spin the disk?

                  It took a few readings of your post for me to think that I understood what you're saying if I assume the Searle Effect? Not the magnetic explanation of his effect described by Searle himself presently on his website/s, but the earlier version described by Joseph Cater in his book, The Awesome Life Force, in quoting Searle's earlier description that spin speed alone gathered enough electrostatic force to overcome gravity and self-accelerate his aluminum disks set into motion by a simple gas fired engine.

                  Which implies that removal of the braking magnet (the permanent C-shaped magnet whose north and south poles surround a spot on the aluminum disk) could fulfill the disk's purpose described in my copy of the "Meterman's Handbook" edition from 1912? That is, to self-accelerate to an infinite spin rate once set into initial motion at some minimal rate of spin? And thus have unimpeded opportunity for the generation of power within the context of an electromechanical watt-hour meter?


                  • Describing my schematic redraw of attempting to replicate the B&L Electron Captor.

                    Describing my schematic redraw of attempting to replicate the Electron Captor of Barbosa and Leal using Eric Dollard's Analog Computer in LMD (Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric) mode (in which he bench tests a transmission line) to serve as my circuit's archetype and using my body (at least) in the initial stages of development.

           -- An attempt to understand how to replicate the Earth Electron Captor of Barbosa and Leal -- a playlist on YouTube.
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                    • Earth ground is common ground of Barbosa and Leal's Earth Captor.

                      It is possible to supplement our understanding of Barbosa and Leal's technology by substituting a Hollow Earth in place of an Earth ground series of grounding rods in order to give weight to William Lyne's quote of Tesla's Special Generator, from his book "Pentagon Aliens": "for every 200 pounds of iron added to Tesla's Special Generator, one horsepower output is increased". By making the Earth ground into a ferromagnetizable toroid – serving as an Earth-based common ground, it becomes more obvious that this invention of Barbosa and Leal could possibly be the only way to resolve the mystery surrounding Tesla's Tri-Metal Special Generator and his 1931 Pierce-Arrow demonstration as well.

                      Tesla 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 41

                      In other words, the hull of the Nazi's Electro-U-Boat and the very heavy chassis of Tesla's demonstration involving a 1931 luxury car (made by Pierce-Arrow) may have both served as common ground in place of Barbosa and Leal's series of Earth-based grounding rods making possible their retrofit with Tesla's Special Generator.

                      Earth ground is common ground of Barbosa and Leal's Earth Captor.
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                      • Attempt at Applying B&L to my EV, v.25-Jan-2017

                        The purpose of the interleaved capacitors is to get them to phase lock their charge and discharge cycles. This is very powerful. I learned it developing my application of Eric Dollard's analog computer in Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric mode applied to Leon Ernest Eeman's biocircuit with fantastic results. Of course, the successful replication of B&L by Clarence is used to reference any modifications...

                        Attached Files
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                        • Analysis of Tesla's Special Generator via Martin, Newman & Lyne

                          Thomas Martin attended a lecture and demonstration in 1893 in which Tesla presents his Special Generator. This is the same device described in chapter 8 of William Lyne's book, Pentagon Aliens. Lyne cites Martin. Archive dot org has a few copies of Martin's book. The last chapter, ch. 63, in a journalistic style, describes Mr. Martin's impressions of that demonstration along with a few diagrams. But information is missing, particularly a more detailed and accurate piston dynamics graphic as well as a wiring diagram. So, in these videos, I propose to answer those two questions using the reed within wind instruments to exemplify the action of the piston. Then, I use a couple pages out of Joseph Newman's Energy Machine (~600 pages book), edition eight, to speculate on Tesla's wiring diagram. PDFs and animated GIFs are included.

                          The Inventions, Researches And Writings Of Nikola Tesla, Transcription and Commentary of Chapter LXIII - The Tesla Mechanical and Electrical Oscillators : Thomas Commerford Martin : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
                          The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman, 8th Edition - Selected Excerpts : Joseph Newman,Thomas Commerford Martin,Vinyasi : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
                          The Energy Machine Of Joseph Newman, Chapter Four : Joseph Newman : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
                          Lines of Force - YouTube
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                          • Tesla's Special Generator may be Buildable and Worth it

                            Tesla's Special, Tri-Metal Generator may be highly efficient due to its combined use of both kinetic and EM forces. If only EM forces are used in a circuit, then efficiency takes a down turn.

                            Eric has said that the use of caps and coils can produce the anomaly of the appearance of more out than in, but only beginning with a minimum output of 500 kva analogous to the operation of the power grid's substations.

                            Yet, the body can spontaneously combust at electrical levels far less! Probably due to the combined use of both EM and chemical forces.

                            Tesla's Special Generator fits this criteria due to its combined use of compressed air and electromagnetics.

                   - YouTube video
                   - YouTube video
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                              • Thanks for the link...

                                Good to know.