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    I thought to start a discussion about Rick's Self Runner motor.

    I was personally wondering why the coil makes 2000v pulses?

    I was thinking of the interleaved N and S magnetic poles which create a sharp magnetic gradient when rotating and which in return results in these pulses to charge the battery.

    Has anyone got any idea about this?
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    self running

    I tried this setup and got the input batt to climb as I have had the input battery climbing in the past with other variations.

    I didn't get 2000v but I know one thing from my personal observations. It seems to damage the input battery. If it is just radiant spikes, it will kill the battery. There needs to be some current to put it in charging mode.

    Also, the battery doesn't work well powering/charging/powering/charging, etc...

    It needs to do one or the other. The lead ion movement needs to get going in one directly for charging over a long enough time. Getting it to do that while it is running screw up the battery. My observation.

    I have tried other variations putting it to cap connected to input battery, etc... there may be other variations that work better than others.
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      please help

      Hello people, I tried replicating the self runner
      my only problem is getting the recovery pulse to charge the battery, It's weird... I see the spark and the collapsing field can light up neon bulbs very bright, and when touching the rods you can feel the sting, but the energy is just bypassing the battery and not charging it.
      I connected in parallel another diode bridge and connected to it a neon bulb and a small dc motor in series, the bulb will shine very hard but the motor's not moving, it's reactive to it and also to the battery, not sure how to use it to charge the battery, maybe conditioning must happen first? please help anyone??