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  • SuperLight


    SuperLight is magnetic light; it is magneto–electric radiation. Regular light is electric light or electro–magnetic radiation. There is parity or symmetry the Universe, everything has an equal and opposite mirror–image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and anti matter, the electron and the positron. Why not light?

    Both science and metaphysics have honored this parity law in all things except light. They are wrong. There is parity in light as well !

    I will now explain and give you more detail.

    SuperLight is the unseen force in nature that has been ignored by science but real to the mystics and metaphysicians for thousands of years. It has been given different names by different cultures for thousands of years.

    A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, Tesler's Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Zero Point Energy, etc. Those who have subtle perception know it is real.

    SuperLight was identified scientifically over 100 years ago when James Clerk Maxwell solved his famous wave equation. This occurred shortly after radio was invented by Nikola Tesla, and theoretical physicists tried to find a mathematical model to explain radio waves. When using positive numbers in Maxwell's Equations this explains radio waves and also all forms of electro–magnetic radiation such as light, radio, TV, microwaves, x–rays, etc. What his equation also explains 100 years ago was SuperLight but because it was the solution that comes from the use of negative numbers, "this second solution" was ignored for over 100 years. Remember when you were taught algebra and were told to ignore imaginary numbers (e.g. The square root of –1) because they have no meaning in this world. Well, times have changed and now we have a very valid second solution to Maxwell's equation and it is SuperLight.

    In the mid 70's a scientist, Dr. William Tiller, at Stanford University took another look at Maxwell's equation and asked; "What does this second solution explain when interpreted in our world."{1}
    To understand this second solution, we must first review what the first or positive solution explains. The first solution is as follows: Radio waves leave the antenna and radiate out into space from a point source (the antenna) equally in all directions into space toward infinity traveling at the speed of light. The wave is composed of a large electrical component and a small magnetic component 90 degrees to the electrical component. Thus named, electro–magnetic radiation.

    The second solution describes a particle wave of just the opposite structure. It explains that from infinity traveling toward the point source from all directions radiates SuperLight. This new radiation is composed of a large magnetic component and a small electrical component, thus the name, magneto–electric radiation. When the equations are looked at more closely, one finds that "SuperLight" travels at the speed of light squared ! 1020 meters per second, or 10 billion times faster than light.

    It has a frequency 10 billion times higher, and has a corresponding, shorter wavelength. It therefore has a higher energy density.

    Read more here:
    Dr. John V. Milewski - Presents, The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials.
    Aaron Murakami

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    gravitonics, aether and superlight

    Thanks Aaron,

    I had read about this superlight somewhere on the Internet some time ago.
    I was searching for gravitonics which lead me to this discovery. Certainly something is responsible for gravity and that indeed maybe the flow of superlight, aether, orgone, bioenergy, ... to matter. Which indeed forms matter. And maybe this superlight phenomona is the fundamental energy of creation. It certainly as Tesla pointed out behaves like a fluid or I believe it is a close sibling of what we perceive as water. But this water is the life giving force to the whole universe, instead of giving life to apparent living things (e.g cells, trees, animals, humans).

    I am not sure of the speed of it and how they came to this conclusion because it must be so fast that maybe we can regard it as being infinity?!
    I have no clue of how they could have measured the speed of superlight.

    As a question, I had, have you encountered these free energy pictures, pictures which radiate life force, heat , ... . They claim that these pictures have been developed using the gravitonics science. You can see them on the link below:

    Please tell me what you think.

    Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.


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      this is the kind of science that i have been talking about since i got here.

      my "group" uses the term Hyper-Light, Hyper-Air, and Hyper-Colloidals.
      John Milewski(i have spoken with him on several occasions) is severly limiting himself by the materials he has chosen to use. he is using the same burned lye ORMUS elements that Laurence Gardner and Barry Carter are using. in fact, they work together on some issues.

      there are much easier ways to do what he is doing.


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        Hi Elias,

        This is one of my favorite topics!

        I believe the "superlight" can be and is resisted by the nucleus of an atom. I'll explain more later.

        That picture on that site with the Japanese writings says that is a GRAVITON. I don't necessarily believe there are gravitons but that gravity is an effect of interaction of the aether and the nucleuses of atoms.

        I think there is info about Dr. Hideo Seki in Dr. Hans Nieper's book Revolution...highly recommended book. I'm not very familiar with Milewski.
        Aaron Murakami

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          the earths core is a superconductor. it is a superconductor that consists of a full spectrum of different elements... that is how it attracts ALL known matter. this is gravity-- full spectrum superconductor.


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            Superlight or Water?


            I thought that these verses of the holy Quran maybe relevant to the superlight topic. I mean no religious discussion here. Just to mention two verses from a holy book which is relevant to this topic and to make us ponder a while.

            Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth were closed up, but We have opened them; and We have made of water everything living, will they not then believe? [21-30]

            This verse actually points out two scientific subjects:
            1- The expansion of the universe.
            2- And the creation of EVERYTHING from water. Which is what we term as superlight, aether, orgone, chi, etc, ... .

            How the dominion of the Allmighty God extends on water(superlight) is a mystery.

            And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods-- and His dominion (extends) on the water-- that He might manifest to you, which of you is best in action, and if you say, surely you shall be raised up after death, those who disbelieve would certainly say: This is nothing but clear magic. [11-7]

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            Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.


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              I thought this was a very interesting concept. His description of gravity being a flow of particles makes more sense than an attractive force.
              The only problem I had with it is explaining the dual tides here on earth. The tide between the moon and the earth is easy enough to understand. However, the bulge on the opposite side of the earth shouldn't be there in the face of a full flow of Superlight.
              The only way I could think to explain it was with a lensing effect created by the earth. If the earth acted as a Superlight lens, it could focus the flow from around the moon so it converges on the opposite side of the earth and causes the bulge.
              Another theory is some sort of a Superlight standing wave created between the moon and the earth.
              The wayyyy out theory is that there is another moon, perhaps in another dimension, exactly opposite our moon in orbit and having an effect on the tides. A phantom moon could go far in explaining all the unaccounted for dark matter in the universe.


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                Hello Aaron, let me greatly thank you for being a mighty force on this energetic forums where I came to interact with very like minded persons with great R&D ideas, for example fast moving ufopolitics asymmetric motor thread.
                Now first about Maxwells EM Theory which gives us great insight, especially original theory. Some modifications are now being suggested:
                Light is not EM but oscillating magnetic line
                Communication at speeds x100, x1000 of LIGHT are possible..

                What is Light? Light is Oscillating Magnetic Lines. New Explanation of Light.

                What is Light? Light is Oscillating Magnetic Lines. New Explanation of Light. - YouTube

                KEY: Oscillation of one field (electric/magnetic) in space creates no other field!

                Second about the magnetic light:
                Over a decade the concept magnetic light has intrigued me but there was not anything I could try out, except one strange website which does not exist today but some partial material on the following website: MAGNETIC CURRENT GENERATOR for LIGHT BOX


                The idea that magnetic light travels from infinity to the point of interest is great one. The space itself contains vast or infinite density of energy is available under the right circumstances and therefore for us to take. Great lecture
                Nassim Haramein - Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields. He had inner vision about nature early in life. Great lecture at NEXUS CONFERENCE Australia 2010

                Nassim Haramein - Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields - YouTube

                Nassim at one point in video (00:41:00) says, “We have infinite energy in nature, but media news may say oh what are we going to do, we running out of energy??
                Anyway Aaron, you have created great platform for open source R&D. I will sometime replicate your radiant energy spark plug enhancement of spark time by using just a diode with Peter Lindemann
                Many Thanks
                Warmest regards