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Flow of Radiant Energy?

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  • Flow of Radiant Energy?

    Hello everyone

    I have recently found and joined this wonderful forum, and after about 2 to 3 months of research I want to express here my gratitude towards ALL of the people which gave me insight into this wonderful Tesla Technology especially Peter Lindemann and John Bedini.

    I wanted to post this stuff in the Radiant Energy thread but I thought that it might be better to open a new thread to discuss how this Radiant energy flows and comes in the circuit.

    Well I was a bit confused about this Radiant Energy or ZPE of whatever you call it. I am quite convinced that we are living in a sea of energy which also acts like a liquid or like a gas, but I don't understand where it flows or how it flows. Some like Bearden for example calls it negative energy, but how does it flow, does it flow backwards? from the load to the source? or does this mean that only it behaves differently. Or maybe this means that this energy is the primary cause for everything and other matter and positive energies are a product of it. Does the term Negative Energy Equal the Aether?

    Lack of consistent terminology made me progress slowly into understanding these zero point principles. I think that we must make clear where this energy comes from and how it flows. Does it flow beside the the normal amperes in every circuit or does it burst ONLY in the switch closure. So if it is in the switch closure does it flow through the circuit or fire away like sparks or lightening? Or can we make it run along the circuit?

    The last questions regarding this radiant energy is related to the Bedini stuff.
    I have been convinced that Bedini's Systems behave differently but after very much investigation and reading it seems that there is little consistency in explaining the place of the Radiant Effect. I mean in what part of the circuit is this produced? I have done experiments that verify just switching a coil in a system increases the amount of charge in it thus I know that the energy of the collapsed field is from the aether. But Bedini talks about the importance of the magnets. Do the magnets deliver any aetheric energy to the system? There is another explanation which talks about the effect happening inside the battery.

    You see that there are at least three explanations of where the radiant is triggered.

    1- From the wheel magnets.
    2- From the Magnetic collapse of the coil.
    3- Happens inside the battery (cold boiling).

    I have concluded myself that maybe the all three are happening at the same time when the device is working. Because if it is happening inside the battery then IMPEDANCE MATCHING does not make sense. So we must match the impedance of the coil with the battery to maximize the Radiant transfer or Radiant Trigger? I have experimented with coils with high impedances and they do not charge batteries although creatingg impulses about 400-500v.

    So if we charge a capacitor and blow it to the battery we do not need impedance matching do we? Because the battery is fed with the capacitor and does not get the energy from the coil directly. A confusion also arises. Are these particles aetheric, which can be stored in a capacitor?! I mean is this charge sitting on the capacitor different from conventional charges or is that normal charge being blown to the battery to make the radiant effect happen in the battery? Some talk about the total separation of the radiant circuit and the conventional circuit to trigger the event a necessity. Is this correct? I mean does a normal DC/DC converter produce radiant energy? (Charge Pump)

    Sorry about so many questions I presented but I did not find CONSISTENT explanation about where the radiant effect happens? Where is it brought to the circuit? some say that there is a skin effect and the aetheric particles flow over the skin of the wire but I didn't quite understand what they meant by this because I already knew that electrons flow along the skin of a wire.

    I think that the answer to these questions should be made clear if we want better expansions of these inventions.

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    Hi Elias and welcome to the forum.

    The short answer is:

    The aether is the virtual photon potential fluxing in vacuum space and it is very symmetrical in nature. Not random but chaotic. + and - virtual charges.

    A battery is a dipole that breaks the symmetry causing the potential to move asymmetrically...high moves to one terminal and low moves to the other.

    Hook a bulb to a battery..that closes the loop.

    Positive photon potential moves from + terminal OVER the wires to the - terminal.

    Anti-photon time reversed negative potential moves from - terminal OVER wires TOWARDS + terminal on battery.

    The + potential flowing... 10 to the -13th power (estimated) gets intercepted into the copper atoms of the wire. Electrons in 3rd electron orbit (if you even believe in electrons) are attracted towards + terminal.

    The photon potentials in both directions are moving almost at light speed and electrons are moving a few inches per hour.
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      Radiant Energy = Time-reversed flow?

      Well I didn't know that these 'electrons' move at a speed of few inches per hour.
      Well maybe I asked my questions a bit sparsely I want to summarize them as these ones:

      Well you said that there is a positive and negative photon flow over the wires. Is this the radiant energy we are talking about? What role does negative energy play in here. Are the the photons and anti-photons together?

      I have concluded that capturing these photonic potential flows over the circuit and bringing it into the circuit occurs at the switch closure is what we term as Radiant Energy from the environment and it is much purer energy which constitutes cooling and it is quite natural as it is the primary energy we are dealing with.

      Bearden talks about the impedance and he says that the more Impedance negative energy sees the more it pours into the circuit, but I don't get that what does this have to do with Impedance matching?

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        When I read Beardens book, I got a little lost in the physics, quantum physics, quantum field mechanics etc..

        Really, one does not need to know how the sun burns hydrogen to understand seasons and how to grow your food, nor how to use a solar panel to generate electricity.

        I understand how it is a potential difference thats creating an electric charge, and that the same field is responsible for negative energy, or radiant energy. However that still doesn't tell me how to use it. I'm not trying to be facetious, only trying to make a point, for the common man to understand how to use it, you got to get to the point and not drown this in high science.

        Abrupt pulse starts and stops... Thats all you need to know. They trigger the negative energy event by creating high voltage pulses with abrupt starts and stops. It utilizes the 1 to 1 coil to create high voltage spikes in the charging circuit. You can also use any source that will create high voltage in a capacitor and discharge that with abrupt pulses as well to create the negative energy. Anything with a high potential voltage can be designed to create an event to utilize negative energy. Negative energy acts in the opposite manner of positive energy, so where there are loses in positive (normal electricity) there seem to be gains in negative energy. Anything that can hold a charge becomes a negative resistor, IE capacitor or battery.A closed loop system (IE a system where the common or ground is always closed) dissipates the negative energy as soon as it's created and must be avoided.

        Those, as far as I understand it, are the very basics of how to use radiant energy. I may be wrong on some of the points, many people here have a better hands on understanding of the concept than I do. I still feel I have enough of a grasp of the concept to use it.

        There may be other things that the magnets or magnetic fields can be used to tweak a system for higher gains, but as far as I understand it the abrupt pulses are the primary thing creating the negative energy.
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          virtual fluxing - get me some

          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
          The aether is the virtual photon potential fluxing in vacuum space...

          The photon potentials...


          Can you tell me what a Photon is and how one is to observe it ?

          Can you describe what is Potential Fluxing ?

          Can you define a Photon Potential ?

          Thank you,

          Schpankme Verimuch


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            your definition?

            What are your definitions? Then, maybe we can compare notes...
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