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  • Orgonne

    Im starting this thread for orgonne type devices. these can include any form of generator, accumulator, HHG, cloudbuster or any other realated device.

    i personally have only built HHG's. it is my understanding that a quartz crystal is not a diode for orgonne but actually a focal point for directing it. a diode would mean only one direction, but if you have a DT quartz(double terminated), either end can face the direction you want.

    AND, just like our new studies of negative energy, as POR (positive orgonne) goes in one direction, DOR (detrimental orgonne or NOR- negative orgonne) travels in the opposite direction. there must always be something to take the place of what has been moved, Yin/Yang

    i believe that the issues with an accumulator is that they attract BOTH at the same time. these conclusions are NOT based on my own experiemnts but only through my research and conversations with Don and Carol Croft. (through email)

    i have always thought that skyscrapers would be a type of orgone generator. you have a metallic frame with organic material inside. whoever resides in the top floors (the most wealthy) will feel the greatest effects. and those on the lowest floors and basement will accumulate the DOR and always have the negative lifestyle.

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    Hi Bryan,
    When I said that quartz crystal works like a diode, then I meant it more like a metaphor. And I agree with what you posted above I also have built a HHG and even a cloudbuster. To test if there is anything different near the HHG, I puta a bowl of water on top of the HHG and put all this in the fridge. The interesting fact is that the water, that was frozen on top of a HHG had some kind of "spikes" in it. Heres a picture of the spikes in the ice:
    And heres some pictures with water frozen without the HHG influence:
    No spikes in the second samples
    The spikes are simply extended bubbles that are forming on the bowl surface when the water is poured in. When the water starts to freeze, it freezes form all outer sides simultaneously and slowly take the little bubbles away from the bowl surface, leaving only a long thin hole representing the path of the bubble. This does not appear or appears in a very small amount when the HHG is not near the water
    It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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      holy socks batman!! that is pretty cool... (no pun intended!)
      i never tried any experiments like that with mine, but i did get results with clouds just with the HHG, small holes only.

      i also got results with the rapid eye movements on chemtrails, that worked but i got a terrible headache afterwards.


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        i also got results with the rapid eye movements on chemtrails, that worked but i got a terrible headache afterwards.
        Can you tell me more about this rapid eye movement? I have never heard about this
        It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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          hmm, it has been about 5 years. i found a reference to it on the website.

          esentially they say that different parts of the body emmit orgone, eyes, finger tips etc. if you stare at a chemtrail or small cloud and move your eyes back and forth rapidly across the cloud, it will begin to dissipate. you have to focus your intention at the same time, but i did manage to get it to work. there is way to much effort involved to make it a practical application, but it is interesting and fun as well.


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            Sounds really interesting
            My experiments with my cloudbuster showed, that there is definetly something unusual happening around this thing called cloudbuster. Basicly its a very large HHG with pipes attached and a double terminated crystal inside each pipe. It is said, that pipes have a property of sucking orgone from that location where it is pointed to. It sucks all the orgone, no matter good or bad. So the theory is that these pipes suck the orgone from clouds (the orgone is the thing, that keeps water molecules in the cloud together) thus dissipating the cloud. The orgone accumulates into the metal shaving/epoxy resin mix. The epoxy resin is shrinkink when it hardens and so adds pressure to the crystal. We all know what happens when a quartz crystal is suddenly shocked by a great pressure (hit), it produces an electric spark, just like in the lighters. In an orgone accumulator, the resin pressure slowly activates the crystal and releases some of the interesting properties of the crystal Once I stood by the cloudbuster and searched for some clouds, that had a course right above my cloudbuster. When the cloud reached the spot in the sky where the pipes point, the cloud suddenly became more transperent till it disapeared at all Also an odd thing I noticed when I planted a pumpkin about 30 metres appart form the cloudbuster. When it grew larger, its leaves were alot larger on the cloudbuster side, seemed that the plant was reaching towards the cloudbuster
            It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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              ice pattern


              Very interesting results with the ice freezing pattern!

              I met Don Croft when he came through my town about 4-5 years ago. Very interesting...but not sure what to think back then.

              Anyway, did you follow HHG plans on the website posted before here?
              Aaron Murakami

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                Hi Aaron,
                I followed the plans I saw in some youtube videos.
                for example this one:
                YouTube - How to make an Orgonite Orgone HHG
                The info in the orgonite website suggests the same directions as in the video
                It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                  i remember that video, unfortunately it came out after i had built mine. his video would have prevented quite a few hours of trial and error.