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    I've been looking into possible rife machines for my niece (22month old) and brother-in-law. From what I ve read and heard the BCX 211 and BCX 411 are the most legitimite. My fear is who to order from and who makes them. I would hate to forkout so much money ($2500) for a fake machine any advice would be helpful.
    The BCX is the one recommended by John Bedini and I think John knows what he is talking about. But There are a lot of scam artists out there and I don't want to risk the health of my family. Again any help in finding a legitimate dealer or a center that offers this treatment.

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    Hm, are you planning to use this machine for healing or just testing?

    If you are planning to use it for healing, I would not put all my eggs into one basket, as they say. Instead research possible other ways of correcting the problem and what people who have gone through them had to say as well.

    This machine could potentially work but then again you could build your own square wave generator and use that, too (check out the Beck Protocol for example of a square wave generator you can wear with you).

    I see that BCX-411 is tube based which sparks my interest because I read somewhere that using a tube in the output is better because it closer matches the human skin impedance.

    Either way the price seems to be pretty steep for something you could potentially build yourself (or find a friend who will for you if you are not savvy).
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      I think Henrii from this forum is making this devices. Contact him over PM.
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        Hi Skyavy if you download the PDF for an end to all disease by Aubrey Scoon from this page there is a reasonably easy rife machine construct at the end of the article you might like to consider The End To All Disease?
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