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  • Anyone familiar with the work of Robert W. Beckwith

    Hi all, been tinkering around with some of the methods/designs/configurations getting around for a while now...Peter Linderman onnce gave me some great schematics and data relating to the Lakhovsky M O and the Gray Motor on the condition i never used commercially and always gave him credit...i have honoured that the commitment and dedication of the likes of Peter,Eric,Aaron and others...

    now...i was on internet last week doing my thing and i came across what appears to be a rough draft for a patent application... (Superconducting Carbon 12 Atomic Strings and Methods of Manufacture of Cables Containing Parallel Strings)

    what is interesting...well thing immediately stood out was the difference in the "draft" and the final filed application...

    that is all i will say at moment until i have dialogue with Aaron and or others...


    "This patent application is a continuation in part of application 11/073,156 filed on March 5, 2005 which was a continuation in part of application 10/983,380 filed on Nov 8, 2004, all with no change in title.


    The electric utility industry is currently using superconductors which require expensive cryogenic cooling.

    An overall look at efficiencies of electric power systems in the United States leads to estimates that 10 to 20 percent of prime mover input energy is consumed in electrical losses before it is received by users of electric energy.
    At 10 cents per kilowatt hour this computes to as much as $50 to $100 billion per year that could possibly be saved by use of loss-less superconductors that require no cryogenic cooling.

    Even more savings will result from the use of loss-less superconductors in end use devices.

    Use of cables of this invention in cities of the future could eliminate the present interconnected electric power network of generation, transmission
    and distribution of electric energy.

    Use of energy per person in such cities may be reduced by a factor of 1000.
    All of this contributes to reduction in global warming.


    1a.A strong electric current flows through the magnum of the Earth more or less on the equatorial plane of the Earth. The current is generated by the rotation of the Earth on its axis through the magnetic field of the Sun.
    The current is modulated at about 8.6 Hz.

    1b.Other currents flow parallel to the axis of the Earth at its equator and in and out of the ionosphere surrounding the Earth.These two currents act together to form the north and south magnetic poles of the Earth.

    Further these two currents form vortices as they flow across each other in the magnum under the surface of the earth.

    These vortices may add to the power of tornados and hurricanes and may
    modulate the magnetic poles of the Earth.

    2.Electro-mechanical resonant channels exists between the rocky underside of the Earth’s crust and the hot plasma of molten rock as it touches the solid rock.The solid rock is a good carrier of mechanical vibration but a poor conductor of electric current.

    The magnum, on the other hand, is an excellent conductor of electricity.

    The resonant channels appear to be complex in their geometry.

    The resonant channels have bandwidths of about 2Hz around a center frequency of about 10 Hz. Electro-mechanical signals from volcanos and earthquakes travel between far distant points with little apparent loss via the channel over which they travel.

    As far as is known by the present inventor, new laws of nature 1a, 1b, and 2 have not been recognized by others.

    The present invention is in part based on these new laws of nature.

    3.Using heavy electric currents a volume of space can be removed from universal space and placed in its own divided space.

    The divided space and its contents can then be made to levitate,teleport or time travel in zero time.

    Law of nature 3 is used by others.

    It is also used in the present invention..."

    He then goes on to say some very interesting stuff indeed...

    From Beckwith Electric Research site -

    "Founded in 2000, Beckwith Electric Research (BER) conducted research at the forefront of present-day engineering, physics and beyond.

    Until its close in 2009, BER was a wholly-owned, not-for-profit division of Beckwith Electric Company. Extension of the principles of engineering into the world of science yields some surprising implications and is the basis of BER."

    Browse the archive of BER online resources below:

    Recommended Reading ( BER | Beckwith Electric Co., Inc. )

    - Tesla: Master of Lightning and Tesla: Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney and Robert Uth.

    - Superconducting Carbon 12 Atomic Strings and Methods of Manufacture of Cables Containing Parallel Strings

    - Engineering Principles Applied from the Atom to the Universe with Transmutation of Nitrogen 14 into Carbon 15 as an Example

    - A Force Model of the Universe and the Role of Neutrinos

    - LTT: Levitation Teleportation & Time Travel

    - Hypothesis: Superatoms, Neutrinos & Extraterrestrials

    - United States Patent: Programmable Apparatus Using Molecular Resonances for Measuring Particles Suspended in Air

    - United States Patent: Neutrino Light to Photon Light Converting Matrix

    further material from CEO -

    "I am honored, and at the same time humbled, as I hold the position of Chief Executive Officer of Beckwith Electric. Let me tell you why I am so proud to lead Beckwith Electric by sharing with you why we are in business.

    First, there are people worldwide in the electric power industry who want to spend hard-earned money on equipment that works. They want to buy it at a reasonable price. They want to receive it sometime before they've forgotten why they wanted it. And if it breaks, they want it fixed quickly with no excuse. QUALITY - PRICE - DELIVERY - SERVICE.

    Second, there's a crew of folks here in Largo, Florida that want to do just that for them.

    There are those in this world who believe that the only way to get ahead is to look out for #1 first. God's Word says - NOT SO! We are to humbly serve others first. We are to treat the other guy like we want to be treated. We're to consider his welfare above our own. None of us meet these goals to perfection, but if these aren't our goals, then we don't meet them at all.

    A business, subject to the Lord, based on these goals cannot fail. God won't let it. In fact, He promises, "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap."

    So, when we regard our customers' needs more highly than our own and act accordingly, then God blesses the business more abundantly than we could ever imagine. If we look out only for #1, that's exactly how many we've got on our side. When we care for others first to the Glory of God, we have all the creation power of the universe on our side. May we at Beckwith Electric always keep this foremost in our minds".


    Thomas R. Beckwith, CEO

    and more -

    "Beckwith Electric, founded in 1967, is a premier provider of innovative and high quality products, technical services and solutions that meet the needs of customers involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power.

    Products Provided

    Beckwith Electric's products include tapchanger, regulator, and capacitor controls, protective relays, custom services and solutions, and equipment for synchronizing and motor bus transfer. Customers include electric utilities, large industrial companies, original equipment manufacturers and owners of alternative sources of energy.

    Markets Served

    Beckwith Electric's products are sold to utilities, large industrial companies, original equipment manufacturers and owners of alternative sources of energy.


    The corporate vision of Beckwith Electric is to be the premier provider of goods, services and solutions to our clients.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Beckwith Electric Co., Inc. is to continue the tradition of providing innovative and high quality products, technical services and solutions that meet the needs of all classes of customers involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power.

    We value the integrity and dedication of our employees and suppliers, and are committed to promoting communication and encouraging the spirit of teamwork.

    Quality Policy

    Beckwith Electric is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. This means meeting established requirements and mutually agreed upon expectations of our customers. We will strive for continuously improved performance in all functional areas using involved employees that are skilled and properly trained.

    For additional company or product information, please browse our website or contact us at (727) 544-2326.

    Technical Papers | Customer Support | Beckwith Electric Co., Inc.

    Patent US20060100108 - Superconducting carbon 12 atomic strings and methods of manufacture of ... - Google Patents

    Patent US20060100107 - Superconducting carbon 12 atomic strings and methods of manufacture of ... - Google Patents

    Superconducting carbon 12 atomic strings and methods of manufacture of cables containing parallel - United States Patent Application 20060247133

    United States Patent Application: 0060247133
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    more on Beckwith Electric...

    Beckwith Electric was incorporated in Illinois on May 8, 1967 by Robert W. Beckwith for the purpose of furnishing equipment and service to the electric utility industry. The first product was the M-0001, a battery transient suppressor, which is still in use today. Research and development continued, and in 1972, the first analog Tapchanger Control, the M-0067 was introduced as a modern replacement for Westinghouse tapchanger controls. Beckwith rapidly outgrew its location near Chicago and the founder began to look for a new and larger home base.

    In 1974, the company moved to and was incorporated in Florida. Robert Beckwith selected a 5-acre site on 62nd Street North in Largo on which a 6,000 square-foot facility was built. Shortly thereafter, in 1977, the company introduced its first generation of synchronizing equipment, a high-speed synch-check relay, the M-0188. The next product in the synchronizing line was the active Syncrocloser Unit, the M-0193, which actually controlled the generator breaker. To complete the line of synchronizing equipment, the M-0194 Generator Control Unit was developed in 1981 to precisely control generator speed and voltage. The three components formed the world’s most precise generator synchronizing system and are still in use today. In 1982, the building was expanded to twice its original size to accommodate the rapidly growing company.

    In 1987, Beckwith Electric purchased a 29,000 square-foot building on 5 acres located across the street at 118th Ave North in Largo, FL. The company was contracted by the Gas Research Institute with a proposal for Beckwith Electric to develop a line of digital, multi-function protection relays. The first relay designated PRIDE (Protection Relay for Intertie protection of Disbursed Energy), model number M-0420 was introduced. After extensive testing and field verification, the first PRIDE production unit shipped on February 14, 1991.

    In October 1992, Beckwith’s main production facility at 118th Ave North was completely destroyed by a tornado that spun from the tail winds of a hurricane. The company quickly recovered by leasing office space and moving salvaged manufacturing equipment to an office nearby on 62nd street. Due to the dedication of employees who worked long hours, the company was able to resume shipping of orders in less than a month. A year later, Beckwith Electric returned to 118th Avenue, and unpacked in a new 50,000 square-foot building.

    Beckwith Electric continued to expand its product line and achieve many firsts for the industry. Some of these include:

    First Digital Tapchanger Control (M-2001) in 1993
    First IPS (Integrated Protection System) relay in 1995
    First of the Autodaptive line (M-2501) in 1998

    In 2000, Beckwith Electric added an additional 7000 square feet of office, lab and manufacturing space to accommodate the growth of these product lines. The company continued to innovate and in 2002, launched a line of wireless communications products.

    In 2007, Beckwith Electric launched the next generation of advanced regulator controls, the M-6200 family, and pole-top capacitor controls, the M-6280 family. These products were designed with visionary features and enhancements that took voltage and VAr management to performance capabilities previously unknown to the electric utilities. Essentially placing a hardened computer with communications capabilities, protocols, and recording capabilities on utility assets in the field, these Smart Grid-ready products are playing a large role in making the utility grid smarter, better operated, and better managed, meeting the standards and guidelines for the future electrical energy system.

    Today, Beckwith Electric Company continues to build leadership in the electric power marketplace. Customers include electric generation and transmission utilities, municipals, co-operatives, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), large industrial companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and owners of alternative sources of energy who are involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power.

    The company continues to be a privately held corporation owned primarily by the Beckwith family. Beckwith is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. Beckwith strives for continual performance improvement in all functional areas of the company’s products, processes, services and community service by utilizing involved employees that are skilled and properly trained. Beckwith Electric is committed to promoting communication and encouraging the spirit of teamwork, and will continue to develop products that serve electric energy providers with cutting-edge functionality… Products defined by you, refined by Beckwith.

    "20060247133-A string of super-dense carbon atoms forms a superconductor unaffected by temperature changes over a wide range. Using molecular beam epitaxy technology, a number of such carbon atomic strings are connected in parallel and encased in a plastic which forms nanotubes around each string having a negatively charged inner surface on each tube formed. The superconducting electrons travel in the cylindrical space between the inside of the nanotubes and the outside of the carbon strings. Cables carrying 20,000 amperes of electric current and withstanding 81,300 pound pull are projected. Strings connect to super-dense diamond plates at the two ends of a cable which plates both carry electric current and carry the pulling force. Superconducting belts excite iron pipes sending sparks into storm clouds for withdrawing energy from the clouds."


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      Superconducting carbon 20060247133

      "A Storm Energy Reducing System (SERS) comprising the following in combination: a) a carbon superconducting belt laid on edge on the ground for carrying large currents, and b) a vertical steel pipe means for sending sparks into storm clouds for withdrawing energy from the clouds .."

      "A string of super-dense carbon atoms forms a superconductor unaffected by temperature changes over a wide range. Using molecular beam epitaxy technology, a number of such carbon atomic strings are connected in parallel and encased in a plastic which forms nanotubes around each string having a negatively charged inner surface on each tube formed. The superconducting electrons travel in the cylindrical space between the inside of the nanotubes and the outside of the carbon strings. Cables carrying 20,000 amperes of electric current and withstanding 81,300 pound pull are projected. Strings connect to super-dense diamond plates at the two ends of a cable which plates both carry electric current and carry the pulling force. Superconducting belts excite iron pipes sending sparks into storm clouds for withdrawing energy from the clouds."

      "Other high current superconducting cables could be located in the lower Atlantic carrying counterclockwise currents to create hurricanes in order to cool the Earth with acceptable inconvenience to shipping. Combinations of these two types of current loops can be studied by expert organization and controlled by those organizations if these ideas are found feasible. The organizations presently controlling carbon superconductor technology may find it desirable to lead in use of the technology by those of us denied access to carbon superconductor manufacturing facilities.

      [0130] FIG. 9 illustrates a Storm Energy Reducing System (SERS) for taking energy out of hurricanes to reduce their destruction. The SERS may also be useful using a number of installation along the equator for dissipating the earth's energy and thus controlling global warming.

      [0131] The SERS consists of a superconducting belt 1000, a 4 inch steel pipe 1001 and a current generator 1002. The superconducting belt shows on pages 21 and 22 of the Reference 1 document describing the CARDINAL MHC ship. The belt is showing coming from a cylindrical container as it forms the plastic body of the Cardinal. The dimensions shown on FIG. 9 are approximate but will be as used in building the Cardinal and her sister ships. Both the belt 1000 and the current generator 1002 will be obtained from Intermarine SpA of Le Spezia Italy.

      [0132] It is believed that when energized under a storm cloud having a magnetic field a continuous spark (not really lightning since there is no leader stroke from the sky) will form from the top of steel pipe 1001 removing energy from the cloud. It seems necessary that the current flow through the belt in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere. It is believed that energy taken from the cloud will be dissipated as heat by the spark itself.

      [0133] A second use for the SERS could be to generate storms at the equator to continually take energy from equatorial regions and balance the Earths' heat loss in a controlled way lasting thousands of years.

      [0134] The following article is taken from a publication by "The New Mexico Facetor" summarizing a speech by Dr. Ralph Dawson: "Program Speaker: Dr. Ralph Dawson, Crystal Grower. By Drs. Scott and Susan Wilson. This is included in the belief that Dr. Dawson and others at his employer, Sandia Laboratories are familiar with carbon superconductors and their manufacture.

      United States Patent Application: 0060247133


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        Superconducting carbon 20060247133 Pt2

        [0135] Dr. Ralph Dawson, who recently retired from Sandia National Laboratories as a crystal grower, spoke to the Guild about basic crystal classes and their unique crystal lattice arrangements. For thirty years, Dr. Dawson grew crystals using a technique known as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Molecular beam epitaxy allows the crystal grower to precisely grow very thin layers of atoms (known as mono-layers) with controlled thickness. This technique permits highly advanced semiconductors structures to be grown, such a Vertical Cavity emitting Lasers (VCELs).

        [0136] The materials that Dr. Dawson works with are mainly III-V compounds. These are binary (2 component) chemical compounds formed from one element taken from the 3rd column of the periodic table, along with one element taken from the 5th column of the periodic table. Hence, the name "three-five compounds". Examples of these types of compounds are Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) and Indium-phosphide (InP). These compounds are of great interest in the manufacturing of semiconductor lasers (your CD player has one). In his introduction, Dr. Dawson described the three degrees of crystallization that a solid material may take: amorphous, polycrystalline, and a single crystal. The differences between these three types are based upon the size of an ordered region within the material.

        [0137] An ordered region is a volume within where the atoms (or molecules) exhibit regular geometric or periodic arrangements. Amorphous material, such as glass, has order only on a length scale of a few atoms (very, very small). In both cases above, the ordered regions vary in size and orientation with respect to each other (rotated or displaced). Single crystal material, mainly what we faceters work with, has a high degree of order over a long range (several millimeters).

        [0138] A single crystal region is called a grain. Adjacent crystal grains are separated by grain boundaries. These grain boundaries effect how well a material conducts electricity, and they may also influence the strength of the material.

        [0139] The periodic arrangement of the atoms in the single crystal is called the "lattice". The 3D lattice is a periodic repetition of atoms. Since the lattice structure has repetitions within, there must be a group of atoms. Since the lattice structure has repetition within, there must be some fundamental unit being repeated across the whole lattice. This fundamental unit is called the unit cell. By stacking unit cells above, below, and next to each other, we can build the full lattice structure to fill any given volume in the crystal.

        [0140] There are seven crystal systems: triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal, cubic, hexagonal, and trigonal. fourteen possible unit cells exist and are known collectively as the Bravis lattices. Two things need to be kept in mind: which crystal system and which unit cell structure.

        [0141] Dr. Dawson explained the symmetry found in as crystal. Since the crystal is formed with repeating unit cells, it logically follows that there will be some symmetry in the arrangement of the crystal lattice.

        [0142] The crystal symmetry can be seen by rotating models of the different crystal lattice structures. for example, if the crystal structure is cubic, then the lattice will look like a box with an atom at each corner of the box. If we hold the box to look only at the front of the box, then we only see four atoms (one at each corner). If we rotate the box to look at one of the other sides, it will .appear exactly the same to us. There is no visible difference in the four sides. This is an example of four-fold symmetry.

        United States Patent Application: 0060247133


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          Honesty and Quality

          Honesty and Quality

          These words are important to me for two reasons. First, they are the basis for my philosophy of business- and it has been very successful both for Beckwith Electric and for our customers. Secondly, honesty and quality define the industry that I chose to be involved in for the rest of my life. While working in the Electronic Lab at G.E. and later at Gulton Industries, I was introduced to most large types of industry. I discovered that each type had a personality and the electric utility industry reminded me of a somewhat conservative gentleman. I had no problem at all in choosing the electric utilities who have constantly proven to me that honesty and quality are appreciated and are, in fact, very saleable commodities.

          We are very much a "do-it-yourself" type company, both in the design and manufacture of products, as well as in customer support. We believe in being our own expert; whether it's accounting, computer programming, literature production, or automatic production and testing. When we couldn't find equipment accurate enough to test our synchronizing relays, we designed an assembly, which is at the forefront of technology, using components from many sources. While we buy many packaged computer programs, we have also learned how to modify them to suit our particular needs. In this way, we become the master, not the computer. This philosophy has two major benefits. We have more control when we do it ourselves, and we can more readily respond to the changing needs of our customers.

          "The needs of the customer" may seem to be an often used and worn out phrase, but our success has proven that keeping this idea as our first priority is a practical way of doing business. In fact, the beginning of many of our products was when a customer asked, "Can you solve this problem for me?" If we couldn't, we told them so. If we could, we knew that the solution would have to solve the real problem, and not be just an updated copy of older techniques.

          By choice, we permit the company to expand only as fast as profits allow, turning down many tempting offers of investment capital. We don't want to lose control of the company we have nurtured, but more importantly, we don't want to lose sight of our first goal- to sell quality products.

          We will not ignore the lessons that the utility industry so graciously taught us.


          Robert W. Beckwith
          Chairman, Board of Directors
          Attached Files


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            Robert W. Beckwith

            November 2, 2009 - Robert W. Beckwith passed away peacefully on Sunday, October 25, 2009. Bob was an honored scientist, inventor, researcher and consultant, with over 50 years as a world leader in the electric power industry and founder of Beckwith Electric Co., Inc., in Largo, Florida.

            Bob is survived by his wife, Evelyn Bortner-Beckwith; two children: Tom Beckwith and Barbara Anderson; three grandchildren: Joshua, Sean, and Tiffany Beckwith; two step-grandchildren: Tommy Sanchez and Gerlid Quinones; two stepchildren: Marty Orosz and Robert Bortner; and two step-grandchildren: Alex and Aaron Orosz.

            July 25, 1919 - October 25, 2009

            Born in Kent Ohio, Bob received his BSEE from Western Reserve University and an MSEE from Syracuse University. He also held professional engineering licenses in New Jersey, New York and Florida, as well as a Life Fellow membership with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers). Bob was a very curious and driven man, who often thought “out of the box”, and had many and varied intellectual and humanitarian interests. He was a Master Mason-3rd Degree, an amateur radio (HAM) operator, an avid artist and art collector. Bob was a philanthropist with numerous contributions to charities, public broadcast stations and the Hopi Indians.

            Bob worked for General Electric Power Line Carrier Section in Schenectady, NY. From 1955 to 1961, he was Manager of Computers and Communications at General Electric Company Electronics Research Laboratory in Syracuse, New York. From 1961 to 1967, he was Manager of Utility Systems at Gulton Industries. In 1967, he founded Beckwith Electric Company in Largo, Florida. In 2000, Mr. Beckwith founded Beckwith Electric Research (BER), a division of Beckwith Electric Co. that conducted research at the forefront of present-day engineering and physics.

            Along with his consulting work, his career achievements included working with US Defense projects during WWII, developing new high frequency transducers for SONAR applications. In addition, he helped develop transmission lines to supply power for the Manhattan Project. He was awarded over 30 patents on various aspects of the utility industry from 1949-2004.

            Bob Beckwith is recognized today for his life-long dedication to the electric power community and his significant scientific contributions and influence on society in general. He will be truly missed by his business associates and family.


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              A Neutrino Powered Battery Charger For Electric Automobiles

              Neutrino light to photon light converting matrix
              US 6891310 B2
              Apparatus for viewing in neutrino light first uses microwaves to create neutrino force differentials on piezoelectric material. The force differentials are used by elements of a matrix to create pixels of a two dimensional picture for use in viewing of underground structures from a satellite. In another form pixels are formed on an LCD display for direct human viewing.

              This is a Continuation-In-Part Patent Application on patent application Ser. No. 09/354,282 entitled DIRECT USES OF NEUTRINO ENERGY filed on Jul. 15, 1999 now abandoned, which in turn claims the priority date of Provisional Patent Application No. 60/093,477, entitled A NEUTRINO POWERED BATTERY CHARGER FOR ELECTRIC AUTOMOBILES, filed on Jul. 20, 1998.
              A NEW LAW OF NATURE

              This patent application is based on acceptance of the following new law of nature:

              Electrical engineers use six dimensions in their every day design of motors and generators. These rules of engineering are given a rigid foundation in Chapter 1 as used in designing AC motors and generators. This is “old hat” to motor and generator design engineers. When applied to the universe and then to neutrinos, surprising theories emerge. To avoid boring repetition the words “We believe” are often omitted in this paper. To physicists studying neutrinos we say “Lets take another look!”
              Chapter 1: The Six Dimensions of Engineering

              Engineers use six orthogonal (all at right angles to each other) dimensions in their daily work with macro sized systems. These consist of three dimensions of space, a fourth one of time, a fifth one of electric fields and a sixth one of magnetic fields. For purposes of this description these dimensions are labeled x, y, z, T, E and H respectively.

              FIG. 1 shows the familiar three dimensions of Euclidean space.

              Time is a dimension familiar to all and is not otherwise illustrated herein. We do believe, however, that time extends from plus to minus infinity, and that the universe has always been here in the past and will always be here in the future. We do not believe the big bang theory is valid.

              We believe that the universe repeatedly bursts into existence and then chaotically crunches back to a small but not infinitely small size. The universe has always been here!

              FIG. 2 illustrates the E (or electric) field with the charge of neutrons at zero, electrons at negative one potential, electron pairs called isoelectroniums at minus two potential, protons at plus one potential and Cooper pairs at plus two potential. The quantum difference between any two items shown in FIG. 2 is one. This implies electric fields of greater potential have a quantum difference in value of one. This is conveniently quantized into the force produced by a single electron.

              The magnetic field B produces forces H well known to the electrical engineer. The elusive magnetic unipole as a magnetic dual of the electron has been sought but so far without result. Nevertheless it is convenient for the theories developed in this article to assume a quantum difference in magnetic field force equal to the force of a single electron but acting at a 90° angle in time. Our engineering theories support the existence of the quantum difference in magnetic fields. The existence of a unipole, as such, may not be required.

              Further we believe there is no lower limit in size for the validity of our six dimensional model and related engineering theorems.
              Chapter 2: A Force Model for the Universe

              We hypothesize a model of the universe with forces explaining effects which are observed and used by engineers and others working in the macro world.

              We hypothesize two fields of force lines emanating from the nucleus of all atoms in the universe. One is termed the “near” force lines and the other the “far” force lines. The polarized near lines from an atom repel other atoms so as to prevent atoms from destructively combining.

              The non-polarized far lines act to pull atoms together with forces that diminish with distances between atoms. The atoms of our bodies are therefore pulled downward by all of the atoms of the Earth giving an effect which we call gravity. We do not believe that gravity otherwise exists. Our engineering theories, therefore, do not support the unified field theory with gravity as one of the fields.

              We hypothesize that force lines carry electromagnetic waves of all frequencies from that of neutrinos through X-rays, light waves, radio waves and to waves of galactic dimensions. Force lines have the quantum spacing provided by the vector sum of the quantum force differences in the electric and magnetic fields.

              The quantum difference in the electric field force is known to be that of a single electron. With natures natural tendency towards symmetry, it is reasonable that the quantum of magnetic field force is also equal to that of one electron. This then gives a measure of the unipole, if indeed there is such a thing.

              Well known theories of electrical engineering tell us that the electric E field force is orthogonal to the magnetic H field force. Far force lines are then separated into quantum tubes of electric field and magnetic field forces. The radius of a tube is the vector sum of the E and H forces. The E and H forces may rotate at frequencies of waves guided in direction by far force line tubes.

              The far force lines form a force model of the universe applicable from objects on Earth upward throughout the entire universe. The universe is filled with a media consisting of far force lines linking all atoms in the universe. Since each atom sources a very large integer-number of far force lines one must think in terms of far force line density in a redefinition of aether (ether). Aether is the most dense inside of a heavy solid and the least dense in deep intergalactic space.

              Science wonders about the composition of dark matter. This may well be outside of the universe with no force lines at all. We cannot see dark matter because it does not exist! Light cannot go there since there are no far force lines for it to follow. All of the lines of force have an outer boundary pulling the universe together, eventually to the next big crunch at the end of our universe.

              But how about electromagnetic fields? There is nothing to keep them from going outside of the universe. How far? Would not their frequency band be from that of neutrinos to that of galactic wavelengths?

              What is the effect of magnetic fields within the universe with periods of a day? A year? A light year? Do these not drive elements of the universe the same way that fields of a motor turns the motor? How do these fields effect the structure of the universe. Are the fields causing continual changes in the universe?

              Clearly the universe can only be modeled by using the four dimensions of x, y, and z of space together with the fourth dimension t of time. The universe can not be modeled as an expanding ball with changes in time assumed to be the same in all of the directions that we look. Again we can not support this overly simplified expanding ball model of present science.

              Do not force lines from Earth to the ends of the universe go in straight lines? Could far force line detectors be used to see the universe as it is today in Earth time?

              Non rotating electric and magnetic fields produce force fields having a direction. How do these directional forces interact with the non-directional force fields between atoms?

              We assume that non rotating electric E field force lines are surrounded by a quantum tube with a radius equal to the force of one electron. We also assume that non rotating magnetic H field force lines are surrounded by a quantum tube with a radius assumed equal to the force of one electron. Since the E field and an H field force line do not exist in a single tube and do not vary in time, the 90° separation in time between E and H obviously does not exist.

              In an experiment with magnetic levitation, magnetic tubes with stationary directional forces upward are mixed with non directional far force tubes between atoms of objects and atoms of the Earth. All of these force tubes are held apart in space by quantum forces. When the number of stationary magnetic force lines exceeds the number of non-directional far force lines, objects of any nature (even live frogs that are surrounded by the magnetic force lines) are levitated!

              Electromagnetic energy from 60 Hz to photons and neutrinos follow force lines which rotate in the E/H fields at the frequency of the waves so as to guide them in the direction of force lines.

              Electric power 60 Hz waves follow three phase power lines in the direction of positive-phase-sequence currents. These currents add to a Poynting's vector which provide a force in the direction of power flow along the lines as required to cause the power to flow in the desired direction.

              The IEEE 100 Authoritative Dictionary of standard terms, seventh edition provides the following useful references:

              1. “positive-phase-sequence symmetrical components (of a unsymmetrical set of polyphase voltages or currents of m phases). The set of symmetrical components that have the first phase sequence. That is, the angular phase lag from the first member of the set to the second, from the first member of the set to the second, from every other member of the set to succeeding one, and from the last member to the first, is equal to the characteristic phase difference, or 2π/m radians. The members of this set will reach their positive maxima uniformly in their designated order. The positive-phase-sequence symmetrical components for a three-phase set of unbalanced sinusoidal voltages (m=3), having the primitive period.
              e a1 =(2)1/2 E a1 cos(wt+α a1 )
              e a1 =(2)1/2 E a1 cos(wt+α a1 −2π/3)
              e a1 =(2)1/2E a1 cos(wt+α a1 −4π/3)
              derived from the equation of symmetrical components of a set of polyphase (alternating) voltages. Since in this case r=1 for every component (of the first harmonic) the third subscript is omitted. Then k is 1 for the 1st sequence and s takes the algebraic values 1, 2, and 3 corresponding to phases a, b, and c. The sequence of maxima occurs in the order a, b, c.”
              2. “If there is a flow of electromagnetic energy into or out of a closed region, the rate of flow of this energy is, at any instant, proportional to the surface integral of the vector product of the electric field strength and the magnetizing force. The vector product is called the Poynting's vector. If the electric field strength is E and the magnetic force is H, then Poynting's vector is given by
              U=E×H and U=E×H/4π
              in rationalized and unrationalized systems, respectively. Poynting's vector is often assumed to be the local surface density of energy flow per unit of time.”

              Patent US20040027031 - Neutrino light to photon light converting matrix - Google Patents


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                has anyone got any comments or thoughts

                has anyone got any comments or thoughts ? not one commment ....mmmm bit difficult to have an conversation with no one interested in this material and this fellow ?


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                  I read through his book Ltt.pdf which is about levitation, teleportation and time travel. Very good read and fascinating info on the real purpose of the Philadelphia experiment. He certainly has a lot of good credentials and I believe he is right about the Philadelphia experiment. Also fascinating was his observation when given a tour of an Osprey class submarine that it had a light on a cabinet reading "Teleportation Mode".

                  Thanks for sharing.
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