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Using a car to generate emergency electricity

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    Originally posted by ElectricMick View Post
    A load of these gennies are designed for a drum and belt arrangement
    If the car were to be jacked up higher than usual
    then the gen-head could be underneath it, with a
    belt running between them. The gen-head could be
    on a timber resting on the ground at one end and
    supported at the other end by the drum/belt. Tension
    could be adjusted by weighting this timber.



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      Colorado floods.

      Disastrous floods in Colorado.

      These horrific events remind me of this thread. I wonder if
      anyone knows anybody who works for a genny head manufacturer
      or distributor who would donate units to development work.


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        Originally posted by wrtner View Post
        Disastrous floods in Colorado.

        These horrific events remind me of this thread
        And now it is the Phillipines and China. Of course, it will not be lost on you smart folks that China is a leading world supplier of ideal generator heads. It will take little to dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s of this proposal.
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          ...and its the Phillipines again

          Originally posted by ElectricMick View Post
          And now it is the Phillipines and China.
          ...and now its the Phillipines all over again.

          Devastation is bad enough but so many more have no electricity while there are cars on streets and generator heads in warehouses.

          Engineers in the Phillipines should benefit by finishing this project off and putting it to work a.s.a.p.

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            One method to connect the wheels to the genset might be like a dyno or Clean Air drive through, with 2 long pipes & the wheels are resting on top.
            This removes any problem with differential or connecting to wheels.
            a belt joining both pipes with the genset, the pipes will turn much faster than the wheels. I'm sure with a long lever " 2*4 " the pipes can cam up to lift the wheels off the ground a couple inches, or screw jack them closer together.

            One other thing that you might need is heat & a car produces lots.
            There was a man that took the rad out of his vehical & ran big hoses through the window of his house with the rad inside the house. the rad fan moved the heat around inside.

            do you think fire hose would handle the temp ?

            Regards Peter


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              Seems to me

              you don't NEED firehose; just use radiator hose; its MADE for it; if you need/want large diameter, use radiator hose, smaller diameter use heater hose.Jim


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                it also occurs to me

                the people in the Phillipines, (for instance) aren't dieing and getting sick due to a lack of electricity; its lack of food and POTABLE water. Since you've got this thing using a motor to generate electricity, and, as pointed out, such a motor is going to generate a lot of heat, how about considering incorporating a water purifier. In almost ALL of these disasters, potable water is a big problem. Post Katrina, or the Phillipines; they are surrounded by water, its all over the place. But, the 'municiple' water has been 'polluted' by sewage, petroleum fuels, dead bodies, etc.
                And so, (in many cases) people drink the 'bad water' and get sick. Anyway, just a thought,....Jim


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                  Originally posted by dutchdivco View Post
                  the people in the Phillipines, (for instance) aren't dieing and getting sick due to a lack of electricity; its lack of food and POTABLE water.
                  There is a fallacy here.

                  What you say is true of those worst affected.

                  However, when these events happen, there are almost always a large number of people who are virtually unaffected - except that their local power grid has been knocked out. Transformers have blown up, as can be clearly seen in a Hurricane Sandy video.

                  What happens in a hospital, overloaded with casualties, if they have no back up genny or it can't handle the needed power level?

                  Cars can generate 50KW, with careful organisation, enough for a street of homes.

                  The principle could be extended to trucks.


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                    It's happening again.

                    Thousands flooded in England but tens of thousands affected by loss of electricity. We can't help with the water but can we finish off a project together to provide electricity?

                    Torrential rain, high winds and floods cause transport chaos and power cuts | Environment |

                    "Heavy rain across western parts of UK to cause even more flooding as violent
                    storms leave 80000 properties without power".
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                      Ive been having a think and it is tricky finding the gennies. the americans sell them - north star - but it will be a fortune to get one or two shipped to the UK. who makes them here (in the UK)?
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                        As u said a while ago, wrtner, its back in the news again in Carlyle. Terrible flooding but the situation made so much worse by major power cuts to people who are not even in flood zone.

                        Storm Desmond: Fallen tree, power cuts and no trains - Northumberland Gazette

                        We should try to get this project off the ground even if it is not what this board is really about..


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                          Hurricane Matthew is causing devastation to huge numbers of people but a lack of power should be avoidable.

                          Can we not get this idea off the ground?

                          Hurricane Matthew hits Florida leaving 340,000 without power on first impact | Daily Mail Online


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                            News has come through that Gaza is short of electricity. If they can find an old knackered car with an adequately good engine, and fuel (possibly with an HHO booster care of Chapter 10), then all they need is a genny head and some control circuitry. I suspect that one of the big manufacturers might give them one - Meccalte, Northern Star?.
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                              There may be seriously damaged or burnt out cars there. Nevertheless, the chances of the engine working are pretty good. They may well need new hoses, engine mounting blocks, HT cables, distributor rotor arm, maybe new distributor. Carburettor will need checking out and a new air filter. Possibly plugs. The nuisance will be taking the engine out of its frame and giving it a nice new one. - and of course a genny head, around 40HP.
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                                I should have mentioned that the Gaza Geeks are fund raising on Indiegogo. Here is the link for those who might like to contribute:


                                Their main site is here: